Young Love in Salem

February is supposed to be the month of love with Valentine’s day smacked right in the middle of the calendar to remind both those that are in a relationship, as well as those who aren’t in a relationship, what that day is all about.

On soaps, love plays out in so many different frames, places, and heck, even days (no pun intended!).  One storyline can get dragged on for days, sometimes weeks on end, and then the resolution happens, and life straightens itself out again.  On DOOL, viewers have watched Abby and Cameron, Will and Sonny, and now Nick and Gabi go through the ups and downs of a “normal” relationship, while some of them are making it (Go, Sonny and Will!) others are having issues here.

Abby and Cameron, for instance, started off pretty well, I mean, sure, Abby had her share of troubles, but once a friendship with Cameron turned into the beginning of a relationship, I admit I was hooked..then again, it could also be that Schuyler Yancey (ex-Dr. Cameron Davis) was adorable as anything in my eyes.  But, Abby was proving to be her father’s daughter in true form, and backed herself away from this relationship…probably due to the fear she had of Cameron finding out that she was a Virgin.  Note, Abby, there’s NOTHING wrong with having morals! Mama Jennifer did right by you in this aspect, at least!

Now that Cameron knows the truth about how Abby is waiting until marriage, I really hope this will somehow bring these two together.  Abby, for all she’s gone through, deserves a real chance at happiness.  While at first, I was interested to see how Abby and Chad would pan out, that quickly faded for me when it felt too much like a betrayal against Melanie (even though she’s left Salem).  What can I say, readers, I’m a loyal gal J

Next on my radar, Will and Sonny.  Now, given that I’ve written about them before, I won’t go into much detail.  These two, all judgments aside, have a way of breaking up and yet finding their way back to each other to work things out and try again.  Something every couple in Salem should pay attention to.  I will say this much:  Sonny and Will’s relationship has had some bumps in the road already, and I’m really hoping that Sonny will continue to stand by Will as he deals with Gabi and Nick’s storyline.

Which finally brings me to the last young couple in love—Nick and Gabi.  I feel like Gabi is living behind rose-colored glasses when it comes to Nick.  How can she not see that deep inside, is a man who is trying to cause trouble for his own family members, simply because he does not approve of the person his cousin is?  I fear that, while I first loved this pairing, Gabi will soon come to (hopefully) see the type of man Nick really is.  The rose-colored glasses need to come off, girlfriend! You need to see that this relationship is going to be a dangerous one for you to involve yourself in, especially with a man who wants to be in control like Nick is expressing.  You may not see it now, but in time, you will realize the type of man Nick really is.


  1. i want to see nick and gabbie break up abby and commron together and will and sonny they are soulmates they belong together i love to see them marryed

  2. Kathy Rudi says:

    I agree with you al the way.

  3. Donna S. says:

    I hope that Gabby has matured, I hope that Abbey and Cameron get together, and if I want to see two guys (or women) in the sack together, I will turn the channel to one where that is suppoed to happen!!! I hope that Eric will leave the priesthood and come back for Nicole. I hope that Daniel and Jennifer work things out.

  4. I would like to see Gabi figure out what Nick is really like and leave him. Then have Chad step in to console her and the two of them end up together. He was her first love after all.

  5. Fran Huffer says:

    I agree Becky,hope the writers get rid of that nasty thing called Nick. Goodbye ugly trouble maker! Send Gabi Cameron & let them be happy!

  6. sandy says:

    I can’t stand what Kristen recently did to Father Eric!
    I hope that sick sick woman gets her just desserts!

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