You Know Nothing, Jon Snow!

I pre-ordered GoT Season 2, so I got it yesterday.  Even though I’ve been watching both seasons on HBO On Demand, I am excited to see all the added features.  I am especially interested in the fate of our Jon Snow.

In looking for pictures of Jon online, I came across this one with him on the Iron Throne and thought, how wonderful!  Wouldn’t it be just like GRRM to twist the story to the point where Jon Snow, bastard son of Ned Stark who was beheaded for treason, would become Ruler of the 7 Kingdoms.  How delightful!  I would say okay, Catelyn, put that in your pipe and smoke it!  Witch!!

But, I am getting way ahead of myself.  At the end of  Season 2, our beloved Jon Snow is beyond the Wall captured by Mance Rayder and his army.  Of course, this would have never happened if Jon had killed Ygritte like he said he was going to.  He had a soft spot for her and she worked it to her advantage.  All that teasing and talking; she made him dizzy in the head.  However, it worked both ways because Ygritte did her best to keep Jon alive until he was to meet Mance.  Her cohorts wanted to kill him straight away, but she insisted that Mance would want to meet the bastard son of Ned Stark and the man who killed Qhorin Halfhand.

Ygritte is like no one else Jon has ever known. She’s outspoken and fearless.  She has no filter.  Once it’s in  her head, it’s out her mouth.  I think Jon finds this shocking and exciting at the same time.  He’s been brought up with restrictions; one being of Winterfell and his father the Lord of, and another being a bastard.   Jon’s not been able to fully express himself for fear of being judged.  The specter of Catelyn always leering at him made him self-conscious and unsure of himself.  So, we don’t really know what he’s capable of.  Truth be known, Jon’s doesn’t know himself.  Now that he’s made a name of sorts for himself at the Wall, he is probably starting to sense his leadership qualities.  Also, Lord Jeor Mormont, Commander of the Night’s Watch, made it plain that he is grooming him for command.  He went as far as to having his son, Jorah’s, sword redesigned for Jon with the pommel changed to a wolf replacing the bear.  He looks to Jon as a son.  All this is heading toward Jon Snow being no ordinary bastard and I think GRRM has great plans for him; at least I hope he does.  It remains to be seen, but I feel very much that Jon will figure strongly in the upcoming season(s).

As to Jon being captured and now being on Mance Rayder’s turf, I am curious to see how his relationship with Mance will pan out.  Mance was a Watcher on the Wall as Jon was.  He took the Black,  but he defected.  What could have made a man like Mance do such a thing?  Not only did Mance defect, he became the King Beyond the Wall.  I think Jon will have these questions in mind and will set out to find the answers, provided he doesn’t get himself killed in the interim.  Jon doesn’t have much of a filter either.

I don’t know what will happen with Jon and Ygritte, but I think there’s enough tension there on both sides to create a romantic relationship.  Jon should take a walk on the Wildling side!  Come on George R.R., give Jon a little action!  Then, Jon Snow, maybe you’ll know something!


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