Writer thoughts on Golden Girls

Marc Cherry was one of the main writers for golden girls in the last three seasons. He worked closely with Jamie Wooten. I have some of his thoughts here. He has constantly thought that Rose was the most difficult character to write He said it was a fine line,” Sometimes the writers could fall through the trap of just making her stupid. In addition, as Betty White has always described it, Rose was not stupid. She was naïve. She had high emotional IQ and always understood emotions and feelings. However, sometimes she did not understand sophisticated subjects. Her take on the world came from a place of confusion, contrary to stupidity.”(Vulture .com)

His favorite character was Blanche. He likes here because she is self-involved vain as well as the fact that she was selfish. Nevertheless, he also likes the fact that she has a good heart. She was able to get away with things that a normal character could not get away with. “

Here is a question that a reporter asked him.

Is Betty White as perfect as she seems?

“I would actually say the answer to that is, she is perfect. I adore her. She is just so great. I had the privilege of getting to know her a bit. People know she has a wicked sense of humor, and that she is super sweet. However, Lord, is she smart? One of the biggest things I took away from the show was what an intelligent woman she is. In addition, one of the reasons she is so nice is that she really knows who she is. So yeah, she is perfect. I do know that Bea Arthur one time said, “Betty will die at work.” In addition, that was not necessarily a compliment, as far as Bea was concerned. Bea wanted to do things other than act. That might be as close to a criticism of Betty that I have heard. I do not necessarily share it. “(vulture.com)

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