Would Love Change Stefano?

In every soap, a villain has to be a given, because let’s face it, without one, storylines would get boring, romance would soon fall by the wayside, and we’d be left with nothing. In Salem, villains have come and gone, and yet one….always manages to rise from the dead time and time again. If you haven’t realized by now, I’m talking about the Phoenix himself, Salem’s own Stefano Dimera.

Stefano’s had his fair share of women over the course of his years in Salem, and yet, one has to wonder if he’s ever LOVED a woman to the core in a romantic way? He’s had three marriages under his belt-Daphne, Vivian and his latest conquest, Kate, along with many affairs, most prominently noted, Celeste, who gave him his beloved daughter, Lexie. Also to be noted, his obsession with one Dr. Marlena Evans.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, everyone deserves love, no matter how evil, or how good, love simply exists for all to share in. In his three marriages, though I admit not knowing anything about his first, I can honestly say I think he loved Kate for a time. She was bringing out a better side to Stefano, and was making him even likeable by my standards. His marriage to Vivian I remember as nothing more than a game of cat and mouse all based on the idea of extracting revenge on enemies.

His years-long affair with Celeste could demonstrate that Stefano has the capacity to care for a woman in a romantic way, but yet, Stefano today remains a single man. Is it because he just hasn’t found the ONE woman that would completely change his outlook on life (i.e. no longer interested in getting revenge on the next man, living life as a “normal” human?) Whoever she would be, she’d have a huge task in front of her, that’s for sure.

We see love change Stefano a little when it comes to both his children and grandchildren. Though he’ll never win the father-of-the-year award, I think it’s safe to say that Stefano would be first in line to take a bullet if any of his children or grandchildren were to be harmed in any way, shape or form.

It would be nice, in a way, to see a softer side of Stefano’s persona emerge, proving that love could and does, change a person for the better. However, I pray that the woman to move into the position of the next Mrs. Stefano Dimera be a strong character, who won’t take any bs from Stefano, and can give as good as she can take the insults.

Wanted: Older SWF looking to tame one grizzly bear of a man who thinks the world revolves around him, who worships his children (most days) and beyond a shadow of a doubt, his grandchildren; who can put said grizzly bear in his place many times a day, but show him what love is all about. Salary: Priceless. Qualifications: Patience, understanding, the capacity to love even the meanest human alive. Apply at your own risk.


  1. cynthia says:

    is this a job posting as well, for the Stephanoe other half?

  2. Rona says:

    Absolutely not! Stefano is too self absorbed. His whole persona is basically that. His devotion to his family is his strong point. That’s his “love.” Stefano is the head of the family, and he wouldn’t let a woman even make a dent in that. Don’t change his character after all these years. Leave it alone.

  3. Sue Migliori says:

    I am a Days of Our Lives fan for many years. I hope Stefano finds love at last, if only briefly. But I don’t mean to sound politically incorrect, but why did you bring homosexualality into your mix. I am a Christian Catholic, and I am quite frankly offended by this. I understand there are pressures to accept this, and I’m sure the rating reflect your storyline. I have nothing against any homosexual, but engaging in this behavior is an afront to God. He clearly states in the Old Testament and the New Testament, that the practice of a man with man or woman with woman in sexual behavior is an abomination. I must agree with the Lord. Our country seems to have abandoned it’s sense of morality, I believe that people are being desensitized to everything . That what is normal is now considered abnormal. That righteousness has been replaced with devientness. I hate saying goodbye to my old friend “Days”, but I choose not to follow the iniquity of this new day.

    • Kate says:

      I think it is awesome to see that Days is pushing the envelope. It is part of its M.O.

    • Donna S. says:

      I agree with you Sue. I have been a “Days” fan since 1972, and I have written my protest about the gay story line. I say if they need to have it in your face then they should put it on an NBC channel that is meant for that sort of behavior, like the LOGO channel. I don’t like seeing the two in bed together and, I am trying to break the habit of watching it for that reason. I did stop watching when Marlena was demon possessed years ago, and I am working up the will power to stop watching again and not go back this time.

  4. Cynthia Eckman says:

    This will probably sound crazy, but it would be interesting, Caroline Brady. That would mix things up a bit, or you could find another Brady woman like Kayla, or a new Brady woman but it would have to be a Brady.

  5. Linna says:

    Why does it have to be a SWF? Why can’t it be Maxine? She is not afraid of Maxine and I have seen them in a confrontation before. You have a gay storyline, no one has said anything about Cameron and Abby. Unless Maxine is just a little tooo much berry for Stefano and your viewers. Lets liven it up. You got Will and Sonny.

  6. Sharon Hennessey says:

    Show me the dotted line where to sign….I have watched Stefano from day one. When he left Days, I was told he went to B&B, so I followed him there. I was so happy he came back to Days. He does need a strong woman that would go toe to toe with him but a woman that could show him companionship, loyalty, and most of all, love. Southern women (without accent if preferred) know how to keep our men and get what we want all the while making them think it was their idea…..thanks for letting me dream…LOL.

  7. Kat Fischer says:

    To my observation the woman friend that Stefano has now looks like she can take care of herself and looks like she don’t take BS from anyone including Stefano….

  8. Donna S. says:

    It would be nice to see him in love with someone other than himself. On the other hand he might not love being so evil. I would like to see him love and lose a woman to death and really suffer!!

  9. TIC TAC says:

    This is especially for the Days fans. My motivation is to take a trip down memory lane, through-out the history of Stefano DiMera and the characters that are involved with the storylines. Out of respect for the exceptional acting scales of Joseph Mascolo. These are episodes with plenty of action and adventure. Special thanks to NBC, the production crew of Days of our Lives and to YouTube. Cheerz to the past, present and the future of Days!


  10. Jo says:

    Stephano needs to be with Kate there both sadistic narsasist whom we love to hate!!!! Btw Im Catholic I see No prob with them having a Gay Characters I dont Think God does either

  11. Jeannine says:

    We already saw that story line with Victor and Maggie. I think Stephano needs to be with Kate they were by far the best together. Or he need to find a woman like Jennifer to change and Kate is not like that. LOL But it could make for an interesting story after EJ brings Stefino down to his shoe size. He will NEVER have Marlena. Forget that maybe someone NEW. HMMMM

  12. brenda says:

    would be nice to put stephano with caroline. she would be good for him.

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