Wonder Woman – A Possible Development

When the news broke out and Wonder Woman was announced to keep her divine origins in the 2017 film, many have said (myself included) that it would be too much of a similarity with Thor if this origin would be explained in some way. Lynda Carter touched herself the subject for a bit, although in a different manner, by saying that the character should remain truthful (although it wasn’t particularly specific about what).

Nonetheless, now we are almost certain that this divine origin of Wonder Woman will not be explained, at least in the first film. As it seems, some scoops say that we are in for quite a surprise, a surprise which would make the comparison with Thor futile.

The scoop says that the first part of the 2017 film will take place entirely on Paradise Island, although a twist will be introduced. It appears that the island is torn between two factions which are struggling for power, something which isn’t to appealing (for me, personally). After all, the reason why the Amazonians broke themselves from the world of Man was in order to distance themselves from the man’s petty ways and petty wars.

As a little side note, we will see a lot of fighting in this first part of the film, which leads me to believe that Zack Snyder will also have something to say in the first Wonder Woman film. And, if you can remember 300 (and you certainly can), you know that it wasn’t much substance to that movie. It was a visual feast, but that’s about all.

Moving on, the fighting is put to hold by the arrival of Man – who won’t be Steve Trevor, which will introduce another twist: the film takes place in the ‘20’s, which would make Wonder Woman (from this point of view) comparable to Captain America: The First Avengers.

Keeping these in mind (and taken with a pinch of salt, obviously), there are some questions to be asked.

And the first one came from Lynda Carter a while ago, who disagreed of the way superheroines are seen by the public. Very bluntly said, the superheroines (the way they are depicted in the comics) seem to be just sexual objects (even if super-powered), with their role diminished every time a male superhero was nearby. A good example would be the first time Wonder Woman appeared in the Justice Society, when all the men went to fight the Nazis while she stayed home to check the mails – quite the super-secretary, right?

If indeed the movie will play out the way it was said above, then we might have a problem, since the Amazonians, no matter how good fighters they are, would still be depicted as, well, how the men of 300 were.

In other words, not just the canon would be changed in a way, but also the purpose of the whole Wonder Woman symbol. It would mean murder for the feminist movement to which the character subscribed.

Also, keeping in mind the fact that Marvel will release a year later its own superheroine movie, we might see the DC and Warner Bros production trying hard to win the audiences – and by this I mean too hard. Which will, most likely, mean nothing good for a possible franchise.

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