Will Liam and Hope Ever Get Back Together?

hope and liam

“Hope & Liam: Can they be happy?”

The answer to the title is an unequivocal yes, at least for me.

I mean, do we even have to debate on that? Liam and Hope are practically what soap operas are!  They are the lifeblood of these shows: a pair of star-crossed lovers who are continually separated by a gazillion factors. I don’t even buy these other people trying to get in their way. They will be together again, no matter what.

Of course, in the world of soap operas, the question of when they will be back together is rather tricky to answer, especially when there are some events on these shows that just happen in a snap, while there are others that just get buried in the sands of time. While there are other characters that get older by 20 years after just one season, there are those that just go unresolved.

Of course, for Liam and Hope fans, the latter option is unacceptable, and as a fan (there, I admitted it), their storyline is one that will not be forgotten, unless, say, we get confirmation that the world ends by December and TV execs have decreed for all soaps to end. Other than that, we shall see Liam and Hope back in each other’s arms.

I can see a couple of factors blocking this reunification, and I dare say temporarily blocking it.  No way will they be successful in permanently separating Liam and Hope. Unless the producers want mass riots of B&B fans, which I doubt a lot.

Temporary block no.1: Steffy Forrester

The mention of her name (no make that the sight) of her name gives me the creeps.  The conniving, ruthless, and oh-so-beautiful daughter of Ridge Forrester is just bent on destroying the Liam and Hope love team. From a blood clot to staging a make-out session with his supposed-to-be ex-husband Liam, Stacie (or sorry, Steffy) will just not stop until… I don’t know. I don’t even know if she really loves Liam, or what her purpose with him is. Does she really love him? Does she just have the hots for him? Does she just want anything Hope has (so Oliver storyline)? I think it’s the combination of everything, but I just really hope she’ll be gone in the picture of Liam-Hope ASAP. Besides, she is backed by her equally evil father. Of course, she will not give up without a fight, but… whatever. Thinking about her just drains my energy.

Temporary block no. 2: Hope herself

Well, it seems that Hope just is not ready to forgive Liam. Or is she? Last week’s episode of her smiling and crying while looking at her ‘wedding’ pictures in Italy seems indicative that she will always love Liam. But with Steffy’s orchestrations, I really hope she comes to her senses and puts up a fight for her man.

I could only hope Hope (pun intended) snatches Liam back from Steffy soon. I am so over Ms. Forrester and her seemingly endless good luck when it comes to Liam.


  1. candy says:

    Please make them a couple….and leave them alone…they are soo good together

  2. Amy says:

    I sure hope not,that ship has sailed..I kind of wanted to see him and Steffy together… I also don’t want to see a love triangle between Liam, Steffy and Hope!!! It was enough with the Ridge and his two woman..

    • Marie says:

      Him and Steffy have been together, REMEMBER Steffy stole hiim from Hope to begin with…THAT ship has sailed and STEFFY needs to stay out of their relationship. And Liam NEEDS to grow some damn balls and cut ALL ties with Steffy, they dont even need to be friends. He really loves Hope and Steffy should have enough dignity and self respect to not want a man that was in love with anpther woman and has told her he is in love with Hope!

      • Maggie Murray says:

        totally agree with you I sit and say come on Liam be a man and tell Steffy no more, so sick of her sticky her nose in this she is just like daddy and for Taylor to back her great doc she is, she is disgusting also!!!

    • pat beaulieu says:

      im with you maggie . hope is to much of a baby i love steffy . beside i think it is time the other side win all hope family girls have won .

  3. tami aguilar says:

    NO, Hope needs to grow up and realize that Liam is a man. She tries to lead him around like a little puppy. Steffy and Liam are a better pair, and have real passion between the two of them. Steffy has grown, and that is in part, due to Liam. Hope needs to mature herself, before she goes after any man. Lest we not forget, when she was hooked on pills, and nuts, Liam quickly forgave her. And the wholtruth between them is not out yet. Remember he tore up the anullment papers, and Brooke told him never to tell her

    • Elizabeth Lamphier Edgington says:

      Steffy & Liam = STEAMY! Hopes Future, over!

      • Marie says:

        I agree Liam and Hope need to be together and ALL others (Rick, Steffy and Bill) STAY out of it! Liam has told them all that he loves Hope and wants to be with her…JUST please let them be happy. Send Steffy on a trip and let her meet her a man that dont want to be with someone else :)

      • Denise says:

        steamy doesn’t always work thru the years

    • Maggie Murray says:

      Hope needs to know the truth about what selfish Rick is pulling, he is obnoxious as hell, I certainly DO NOT want hope with Thomas, he just rubs me the wrong way, Mr. Goody two shoes to me!!!

  4. kellie says:

    you forgot one other thing that keeps getting in Hope and Liam’s way……Dollar Bill Spencer! Bill needs to learn to step aside and let Liam do what makes him happy! I hope that Katie spills the beans about Bill and what he did in Italy to keep these two apart! Hope and Liam belong together!

    • tami aguilar says:

      what does that matter. He didnt force Liam to grab Steffy, and want to run away with her. If Liam really wanted Hope then he would have taken the time to grieve, but he did not. And how is Ridge so evil??? And did you not notice Oliver stroll in the office the other day. Hope needs to go back to him, as she told him that he was the only man she would ever really love. Dollar Bill is as pushy as Brooke is. That woman is insane for pushing her daughter into Liams bed before she was ready. Of course she and Ridge and Taylor for so long. I will miss Ron Moss, even though I think he was a hypocritical whimp, where the women in his life were concerned

  5. Paula says:

    Geez, I certainly hope not. I have never, since the beginning, liked them together. I always wanted Liam with Steffy. I think that the personalities of Steffy and Liam are much better matched, as are their goals, etc. I am not sure who Hope is suited for, but in my opinion it has never been Liam.

    • Tammy says:

      I totally agree I love Liam and Steffy together and I hope they stay together forever…they are good together and keep us smiling and laughing…so I hope that Hope and him never get back together cause it is obvious that he is really in love with Steffy…

  6. Barbara says:

    Steffy,Bill,her mom they all need to get a life and leave Hope and Liam alone

    • Maggie Murray says:

      OH so true they shld all leave on a very long trip and poor Katie, a lot of her problems is not just the baby it is BILL they shld turn his butt in BUT I think Deacon is going to take care of him, oh ya

  7. TERRI GRAHAM says:

    If daddy Bill had stayed out of Liams and hope biz thay wood have been marryed by now and as for Steffy getting in to Liams and hopes biz i think she needs to go back to klef in italy were she had no right beening when hope ask she should have sad no Steffy and doller Bill had no biz getting invalvd and as for Ricks liys he told got his friend into it i hope his friend tells Hope befor littal S— Steffy dose any more dameg GOOD LUCK TO HOPE AND LIAM

    • tami aguilar says:

      No use arguing now, because Hope told him NO, and Liam is starting to move on. Steffy is good for him, where Hope is only good for Hope

    • Blcklase says:

      Thank you Thank you Thank you Pleassssssseeeee let Hope find out what her “so loving brother did to her and Liam…..Pleazzzzzzeeeee…….”

  8. pamela phipps says:

    God i wish steffy would go find a man of her own must she be like her mother for petes sake !!!

  9. rocky says:

    I am so sick of this stupid thing with Hope, Liam & Steffy–almost want to quit watching as how long can they drag out for–so stupid & fed up with this Hope gal-she is a such a weak link–Liam & Steffy would be better together–just do something & get on with it already…they are so boring as is & day after day of this stupid petty crap

  10. cristy says:

    I agree. Let steffy win liam away from hope and he and steffy be the happy couple. They make the better couple as far as likes, goals etc. Hope said no to liam and liam should move on with steffy. Liam doesn’t need to put up with hope putting herself 1st all the time. Steffy puts liam and his feelings 1st. Steffy has been his friend the whole time and has allowed liam to choose. Let liam be with steffy!

    • crystal says:

      liam and hope belong together .can u see steffy is bring th problem its alabout her liam father is making steffy to come back to him n liam is thinking that is right .liam is not followin his heart . hope is confuse because her bother lied to her if she ever finds out about that what her brother and bill did , as so sorry for steffy but hope and liam is geting back together and dats on the story ends thats why the story is so long because they what liam & hope to get back i beleive that steffy will be with bill at the end of the story

      • Blcklase says:

        So do I……because Katie is not going to stay will Bill for much longer…..he’s lied to her too many times and last of all has caused he to almost lose thier son as well as her life,.

      • Jan says:

        I think Liam needs to grow some backbone and tell Steff to butt out of his life so he n Hope can be together. Instead of him running back to Steffy every time Hope hurts his little feelings.

  11. SanDee says:

    I am so over this wishy washy relationship but what I see happening is Steffi and Liam have their intimate day together then Hope takes him back. Fast forward a month or two and (shocker!) Steffi is pregnant. And the beat goes on and on and on…

  12. Jan says:

    or let Hope be pregnant n win Liam back once n for all.

    • sylvia says:


  13. Debby says:

    Steffy is nothing more than a common whore. She just really is and she is literally stalking Liam. She is always right around the corner every time Liam and Hope have a problem. I think the writers need to stop with this and let Hope and Liam be happy. All the manipulations are so ridiculous from Bill to Rick to Steffy. I think that Steffy would even sleep with her own grandpa.

  14. Cathy says:

    Please, to all is Holy, Please keep Liam and Steffy together! They make a beautiful, sexy, in love now and forever kind of couple! They let their inhibitions run wild with desire, action and adventure in their lives. They are like magnets to each others wants and needs. She is a refreshing change for Liam from the whiny ass little spoiled brat Hope portrays. They compliment each other with their passion and love that knows no boundaries. They conquer, together what the world throws at them, and recognize their strengths and weaknesses and deals with them together. Steffie, or any woman for that matter, cannot ‘steal’ someone from someone else, if that someone else, does not want to be stolen. I would like to see the truth come out, thought, about the night b4 Hope and Liam’s 2nd attempt to be married. And I would like Liam to say ‘oh well, I am with the one I love and that’s it’. Hope will get over it. Not with Thomas. With a new guy the writers will have to bring in to the show. Would be nice to see her with someone who is more of a fit than Liam, or Thomas. Someone who challenges her, who brings out a more sexy and fun side of her. As she is now, I would imagine a blow-up doll would be just as good to be with for a man than she is.

  15. Marsha Rex says:

    I have watched this show for 25 yrs! Please! Can the writers please stop making Steffy a victim in this situation between Hope and Liam? Steffy got involved with Bill and let herself be used in a plot between the two of them to keep Hope and Liam apart! She is as guilty as Bill! Sneeking around and going over to Liam’s house and letting Hope find them Kissing in the car! …That made up wedding between hope and Steffy that was sooo cruel to Hope and Steffy and Bill masterminded that one together! I’m waiting for the real truth to be revealed in this! Liam surely isn’t this blind in this story! He needs to man-up when it comes to his father! Bill couldn’t have Steffy so he’s pawning her off on Liam! Also, Taylor is supposed to be the oh so wise phycologist but can’t see through Steffy’s part in this? This better be a really good ending! I’m soooo waiting!

  16. Diana says:

    Let Liam and Hope be together like it should be and go on to something new. Over a year of this is enough getting boreing!!!!!!!!

  17. joanne says:

    Hope and liam need to stay together i love them being together.

  18. Jenn says:

    I think what is going to happen soon.
    Wyatt is all Mama’s boy.

    Wyatt will fail soon.
    Sooner than later.
    I think
    Steffy is being used as a middle man.
    Trying to destroy the loving

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