Will Jason Morgan Be the Same Without Steve Burton?

Steve Burton as Jason Morgan

“Steve Burton as Jason Morgan”

Bad News?  Unless you  have been living under a rock or in a cave without TV, you know that Steve Burton is ending his 21 year stint as Jason Morgan on “General Hospital”.  A lot of you may remember the scare of Mr. Burton not renewing his contract in the early 2000s.  This time, it’s confirmed that he will not be seen in his sexy, smoldering, bad boy ways on the program anymore.

But wait!  What will happen to the never-ending paternity issue of Sam and Jason’s son?  Will Franco be any different with a new actor playing Jason?  Steve Burton has perfected the portrayal of a troubled but irresistibly sexy troublemaker.  Most ladies would just love to take care of him.  It will be difficult to find another actor to fill Mr. Burton’s fine shoes.

Soap operas are notorious for recasting even the most popular characters in the show.  In Jason Morgan’s case expect it to be no different.  If I had my say on who should be the next Jason Morgan, here are the candidates:

Zen Gesner

Not a stranger to the world of soap operas, Zen was a mainstay on “All My Children” from 1997 to 1999 playing Braden Lavery.  He has since starred in many movies.  With the trend of movie actors returning to the small screen (e.g. Julianne Moore, James Franco), it would be a welcome sight to see Mr. Gesner in soaps once again.  He would definitely have an advantage with audience familiarity.  However, his disadvantage lies with his former role, which was an out-an-out bad boy.  TV viewers may not easily warm up to Gesner if they keep remembering his former soap role.  Jason Morgan is just one bad boy you wouldn’t kick out of bed, while Braden Lavery was just plain scary.

Jason Lewis

A fixture in the television world, he has done roles in “Sex in the City”, “CSI“, and “Brothers and Sisters”.  He can be a great addition to “General Hospital”, but I have reservations about his capacity to portray a rather shady character.  He appears too wholesome to play Jason Morgan.  Additionally, he’s just too beautiful to play a criminal element.  His TV experience has been on primetime, so I don’t know if soap fans will easily warm up to him.

Austen Peck

A soap mainstay, he has been around the block with roles on “Days of our Lives”, “As the World Turns”, and “One Life to Live”.  This is one prime candidate, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he will be in the running for a Jason Morgan recast.

Cameron Mathison

Another soap fixture, Cameron Mathison should be a frontrunner for Jason  Morgan.  However, I think he may be too husky for the role.  I’ve always pictured Jason to be a bit more compact, blame it on Steve Burton.

Why recast?

Somehow, I find myself on this side of the debate.  I just cannot see any other actor portraying Jason Morgan better than Steve Burton.


  1. Victoria says:

    Is this true? I will just stop watching GH, he and Sonny and Carley are the only reason I watch anyway. I hope this is not true, is it his decision?

    • kathi says:

      Ilove Jason too we will have to try and get use to someone new look how many Carly`s we have been through but we got use to this last one didn`t we?

      • Debbie says:

        Nothing or nobody can replace Jason (Steve). Like she said Jason and Sonny are the reasons for watching General Hospital. I can see that many people agree with us. We may have gotten use to Carli changes but that doesn’t mean we like her any more. Its never the same when they replace a character . We may go along with it just to watch Jason. Now with him gone, General Hospital will probably be gone from my television too. Sorry, that’s the way it is.

        • Barbara says:

          I agree with you Debbie! Will miss seeing Steve(Jason) and he will be hard to replace!!

          • Jen K says:

            I miss Steve already and I really hope they don’t replace him, replacements are just cheesy. I still like the original Carly. Now AJ (not the original) is back and I don’t like that either. Replacing Steve is like trying to replace Luke, it just won’t work.

          • barb says:

            it is not going to be the same if you get a new Jason does not matter how much he tries there’s only one Jason I would like him to please come back. I have watched him since he first came on

        • jane grove says:

          i really cant bare the fact,of him leaving..i have been watching the show over 30 years…i just love jason…noone will ever replace him…he really makes the show..and i love the fact he is an ohio state fan…him and sam r my favorite…show wont be the same without him…i will still watch it,but i will fill as if part of my life is missing

          • Terri says:

            I’m with you Jane, it won’t be the same. I too Love Jason (Steve) wish that he would NOT Leave, give the man what ever he wants, don’t let him go!

          • Delorese Davis says:

            I doesn’t matter we just need a Jason

        • monique says:

          Yep the show mines well be done as well no one wants jason to leave and no one wants a new jason they should just make it the last part of the show as in when he leaves the show is done it’s been its final episode no more GH show period that what should happen is jason leaves

        • mary jane rasmussen-obrien says:

          i agree no one can replace Jason but i wish him and his family the best

        • Heidi says:

          I think Laura Wright plays Carly even better than the previous actress. The thing is that there is a certain element of danger, finesse, arrogance, darkness and charisma that Steve Burton brings to Jason. I don’t think it’s always impossible for another actor to come in and successfully take over a character, but in the case of Jason Morgan, it just can’t be done. We’ll miss you, Steve Burton!

        • Lisa Kirkman says:

          I will probably still try to watch but I feel like a lot of other people will feel the same way. And General Hospital will be gone like so other many soaps. I would really hate to see that happen. Because I have been watching it every since I was about 4 or 5 and watched it with my mom.

          • Melanie Cofer says:

            I agree with you, Lisa. I too, have been watching since I was about 5yrs old with my mom. I don’t even remember the last Carly. I had gotten so used to this one. But Jason is a different story…h. He has done this part for 21 yrs…I didn’t even realize it had been that long. They would have to find someone who is as buff as Steve, good-looking but not a pretty-boy, sweet & caring personality but scary when he pulls out that Desert Eagle…Even if they decide to put an end to GH, they should find someone to replace him, just to finish out the story…so he can find out that Daniel is really his so he and Sam can be reunited to raised their son together. Steve thought it was time to move on. He wants to raise his kids away from LA. Can’t say I blame him. I wish him well. I am still watching GH though!

        • Brookster says:

          Not if he was a good actor and was similar…..Christian Vega wish I could remember his real name, oh its David Fumero, from One Life to Live could play him very well, he is of simialr build, easy on the eyes, good actor, is very action orientated….he could do it…..your right every one would complain, but only at first if he was good. The role of Jason is leaving a big hole in the show….people still talk about Laura….and they will do the same with Jason….its not the same and I don’t watch as much as I used to. Bummmmmmer….

      • Donna says:

        We have gotten use to the many Carlys but none of them had as much time invested in their roles like Jason. I don’t think I could ever get use to having someone else play the part. When someone has played a part as long as Steve Burton has played Jason no one can ever take their place.

        • Fran says:

          I’m sorry to see Steve leave I’ve watching GH for many years. But he must do what is best for him and his family. This is just a job for him and he wants to be with his family Show biz is not easy job.

      • KATHY BURNHAM says:


        • Delorese Davis says:

          It doesn’t matter we just need a person like Jason we will get adjusted to him, what about the baby that he doesn’t know.

      • Brookster says:

        Not if he was a good actor and was similar…..Christian Vega wish I could remember his real name, from One Life to Live could play him very well, he is of simialr build, easy on the eyes, good actor, is very action orientated….he could do it…..your right every on would complain, but only at first if he was good. The role of Jason is leaving a big hole in the show….people still talk about Laura….and they will do the same with Jason….its not the same and I don’t watch as much as I used to. Bummmmmmer….

    • Foreverxx says:

      Yea it’s true but don’t stop watching cuz the actor is leaving we still got sonny and Carly and if ppl stop watching they are going to cancel gh next year!! He will stop filming this month so he will probably leave sometime in October it was his choice apparently he always wanted to move to Tennessee and he has some other big opportunities or something so he wants to fulfill his dream. Read it on a website a few weeks ago

      • Debbie says:

        No one can replace him.

        Yes, DON’T STOP watching even if he’s gone. We have to save our last soap on ABC. Also, if you tape or DVR it to watch later, DON’T Fast Forward through the commercials, it will negate the ratings of people watching.

        • Anne says:

          Does fast forwarding really negate the ratings of people watching??!! I have been doing that for the longest time! I don’t know what I’d do if they ever cancelled GH – been watching for 31 years!! It will definitely take time to get used to a new Jason, but like someone else said, there have been a few Carly’s and I always thought I’d never like the new one, but ended up loving each one!

        • Delorese Davis says:

          Just bring a Jason, the story not that good without Jason, please replace Jason.

          • Brookster says:

            Not if he was a good actor and was similar…..Christian Vega wish I could remember his real name, I remember its David Fumero, from One Life to Live could play him very well, he is of simialr build, easy on the eyes, good actor, is very action orientated….he could do it…..your right every on would complain, but only at first if he was good. The role of Jason is leaving a big hole in the show….people still talk about Laura….and they will do the same with Jason….its not the same and I don’t watch as much as I used to. Bummmmmmer….

      • CaliOkieBoi says:

        Well, We are getting

        Well, We are getting Sean Kaanan back!!! AKA the oriiginal Adult, Aj Quertermaine back, hoping that even tho they ARE Cousins in real life, I do NOT want Him to replace Jason!!! What I would LOVE to have Genie Francis back on “GH!!!” As much as Edward and Lila LOVED Laura; I would serouly Love when Edward’s will is read, that He left EQUAL shares to Laura, Aj, Tracey, and Micheal!!!
        Frank V. would be missing a Golden opportunity to assist in toppling “Y&R” by putting Genie on contract… And Laura, Aj, Tracey, and Michael ALL fighting for control of ELQ would be so totaaly AWESOME!!!


        • CaliOkieBoi says:

          We have had FOUR Carly’s, 5 of You count teen Carly, Who slept with Reese’s Dad…
          Personally, Sarah Joy Brown was MY Favorite, but I also grew to like Tamara ane LW… Totally LOVED Jennifer Bransfod too, especially during Carly’s breakdown!!!

    • alice says:

      Noone can replace Jason. He is one of a kind.

      • Gayle says:

        No-one can replace Jason. Yet I must say I have been watching GH for as long as it has been on. To lose the last of my soap operas will be a great lost. I watched AMC and OLTL and GH and I am a veteran fan. We survived several Kendalls and Carlys. I believe we can survive a Jason

    • Mary Alice says:

      I’m devastated!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the biggest reasons I watch GH!!!!!!!! I agree with Debbie & Alice, noone can replace Jason!!!!! Don’t even try!!

      • robin says:

        i have been watching general hospital for way to many years to keep track of along with my mom whom first got me hooked onto it, when i first read that steve burton was leaving his role as the sexy,cool jason, i am so bummed out by this sad ,sad news,there is not ever going to played by him again, i don,t think anyone can play jason morgan as well as steve burton has for the past 21 yrs, so i hope he don,t go off the show because i know alot of his fans will hate to see him go including this one, but if he does leave i don,t think the role shouldn,t to go to anyone else but the orginal jason morgan ,aka steve burton & thanks for the many many yrs of letting us watch you play jason morgan,, you will be badly missed steve burton

        • Jennifer Brown says:

          Jason cannot be replaced! Hope GH goes off the air soon all the good characters are leaving OLT. Is taking over STUPID WRITERS!

    • vicif says:

      i read in soap opera digest that he did renew for another year at least. i think they’re going to use the actor that years ago played the original a.j.

    • Tammy Burgess says:

      I’m with you, if Steve Burton leaves General Hospital I will never watch it again…..I love Jason Morgan and it won’t be the same without Steve Burton.

    • jo says:

      i must be living under that rock, have not heard anything about jason/steve leaving. what is going to happen,?
      the soaps are not the same, so much about organized crime, and the kids, annoying sad to see him go. perhaps he will have a change of heart.

    • Teresa Hicks says:

      I feel the same as everyone else, without Steve as Jason , GH will not worth watching, I love john Jackson but Steve is what Made GH worth watching after the love story of Luke and Laura ended . so I expect the GH rating’s will drop a lot without Steve there! :-(

      • KELLY says:

        I CAN’T BELIEVE HE IS LEAVHNG! I’m so sad! Won’t be watching anymore..Won’t be the same without him!

        • Carol says:

          Please Steve don’t leave GH. Nobody else can play your part like you can. But I doin’t want you to die on the show either. And they still haven’t had Grandpa Quartermaine’s funeral yet. I am so sorry he passed.

      • dgerard says:

        I feel the same as everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 without Steve as Jason , GH will not worth watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve is what Made GH worth watching after the love story of Luke and Laura ended . so I expect the GH rating’s will drop a lot without Steve there! He never got to have a family on the show and now that he finally does hes leaving. He will make a dad but you didn’t give him a chance.. Offer him more money to stay…. I just love watching him and Sonny.. They are great actors and they take you into the GH life… And Carly will be lost with out him and Sam has been through enough. Watching Johnny and Kate, Anna and her come back dead husband is just boring.. Hello I agree i think the rating will go down….

        • Lucy says:

          Sorry, but I need to tell the truth….my truth.!!! GH is unwise in not paying Steve to stay. Better to get rid of the now aging, not hot and boring Sonny who plays a mean loud mouth who insists his own way or else. Steve has heart. Bad move GH

    • PJ says:

      I have to say, GH will hardly be worth watching withou Steve, my beloved Jason! He is irreplacable! I agree with Victoria. Him, Sonny and Carly have legendary chemistry. How will they ever pull this off. Not even with OLTLs cast of Todd, Star, John McBain and the occasional Téa Delgado and Blair will this be a successful transition, especially with Steve character and “Sam” up in the air. I am truly reconsidering removing GH from my already Oh-So-Limited Soap Viewing! This is just sad. I think it’s the beginning of the end!

    • Phyllis says:

      I don’t see General Hospital without Steve Burton playing Jason.. I have been watching GH since the beginning. So instead of replacing him, just have him killed off. Then there is no question about it. And John can verify that the baby is Jason’s & Sam’s. She will have something to live for in the baby and make Elizabeth more jealous.
      Steve had said about a year ago that he and his wife were moving to another state and area. Also that he was not renewing his contract.

      • Justine says:

        I agree with you. I don’t want to see Steve Burton leave ( I do wish him and his family the best), but if he has to go, then KILL HIM OFF!!! I know many have been replaced, but he is irreplacable. That would be like trying to replace Luke, it just wouldn’t work. Going to hate to see him go, I wish they had waiting until after Edward’s funeral (not going to happen now) :(
        Or, don’t kill him off, just don’t find his body, don’t replace him and leave that door open for him to return. I am a Jasam fan, and everytime they can be happy ( at least for a little while), something happens. I don’t think they have ever had more than 2 days of happiness, so sad. Should have found out about the paternity first and had a few months of happiness before FRANCO somehow returned. You will be greatly missed, but I wont quit watching GH. I couldn’t bare to lose my last soap.

    • marietta says:

      lst you blew it when you took off all my children and one life to live and put on stupid Ricki lake…..awful show….if you made 2 1/2 hour shows it would have worked… and now jason and elizabeth changing dna results…….abc has screwed up royally…..now jason make him stay……….and bounce ricki,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just saying

    • Betty says:

      Maybe he’s leaving because he got sick of whiney, man starved Elizabeth always chasing him, listening in on his & Sam’s conversations, etc. I wish Elizabeth would leave……I don’t think anyone would miss her.

    • Jackie says:

      Yes Steve Burton is leaving GH. He and his wife bought a ranch in Tennessee. I hate to see him go but everyone needs a change in their lives. I will miss him big time. I think Cameron Mathison would be an ideal replacement. I wish Steve and his family all the very best in their new venture in life.

    • shana says:

      I can not see ANYONE but Steve being Jason, it just would not fit. Even tho they recast Lucky they were, ha ha, lucky in their choice, but not with Jason. Steve is too engraved in Jason for us to accept another person. He’s done a good job, and he’ll be missed, but personally, I’d like to see the show go somewhere else beside mob stories, as in a little more love in the afternoon.

    • Cathy says:

      They cant replace him it would never be the same.

    • Tammy Clark says:

      i to think ryan lavery would be the perfect replacement.Unfortunately they are bringing the old A.J. back (sorry only know him by his screen name) but in nooooo way does he compare to Jason. The ultimate decission would be not to replace Jason cuz come on nobody comes close to being Jason except Steve. As to answer your question it is his decission to leave! After 21 years on GH he has decided to move to the country to be with his family and he deserves it !!! He will definately be missed and always loved but he deserves this for him and his family ! We wish him a happy life of love and relaxation ! >>>> GH PLEASE HEAR OUR CRY FOR CAMERON MATHISON TO REPLACE JASON IF YOU MUST REPLACE STEVE !!! YOU WOULDN’T LOSE ANY FANS AND WOULD PROBABLY GAIN A FEW MORE !!!! STEVE WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU !!!!!

    • Bobbie Mabe says:

      i love Steve Burton,i just can’t even imagine someone else playing this role,he has and always will be JASON,he is so sexy and has that bad boy look about him but is also so sweet you just want to jump into his arms,I don’t know who there are going to get to portray a new JASON but it will be very hard to replace Steve Burton as JASON,I hope he knows how many female hearts will be breaking by leaving the show,I understand him leaving being on a soap for 21 years is a long time,But i just don’t see anyone being able to replace him,if they do wwhich i hope is only because I don’t want to be left hanging with JASON and SAM just getting back together again with DANNY so I hope it will be someone who can really fill Steves shoes.I will surely miss you STEVE (JASON) BURTON.

    • Debbie says:

      I really hate that Jason’s leaving but I’m happy that he has so many good things in his life. He will always be “JASON” and there’s nobody that will ever be JASON but I think I’d rather see his role continue for lots of reason. he doesn’t know Danny’s his, him & Sam just got back together, it would be too cruel to take yet another person that Monica loves away from her and because I think he’s the only one who has the resources to expose DUKE!! I’ve been a fan for over 30 years and I’ll always be true to the real JASON, besides it will make it easier if he wants to come back!!

    • Lesa says:

      General Hospital is the best soap, I’ve been watching it since 1977.. Jason (Steve Burton) is one of the original actors left on the show… I totally understand all of the fans being upset that the real Jason is leaving, but also understand the reason that Steve has decided to leave the soap opera… Good Luck Steve in life… Steve Burton has made the show very interesting and is a great actor, I love Jasons role and hope it continue’s with another great actor, GH just wouldn’t be the same without a Jason.. Look at the different Carley’s, Lucky’s. Mr. Q’s, AJ’s, and etc…, the show must go on, we will just have to adjust. I LOVE GH, and best wishes STEVE…

    • Victoria says:

      I just do not like where these new writers are going with General Hospital. I was told that the old writers left and they hired the writers who used to wright for One Life To Live, and look what happened to that show. These writers are fixed on raising the dead, and the old story lines of years ago. To bring back A.J., why, who wants to see this again, a Leopard, never changes his spots. And to loose Jason, what a loss. I will still watch I am sure, since I found out he left on his own, but I sure miss him. Let’s get rid of Duke and Fazan, bring Robin home and let her and Patrick and Emma live happy for awhile. Move on, new stuff, Please.

    • Karen says:

      I think it is sad that Steve Burton left, but I think the Jason character is to important to the show, to not find a new Jason. I wish Steve the best.

    • OLIVIA says:


  2. Barb says:

    There can never be somone else playing Jason It wold be the same if hey put someone else in Sonny’s place. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try harder to get Steve to stay GH wont be the same.

  3. wanda hurt says:

    NOOOOOOOO this is all wrong just when he and Sam are going to have their baby?

    So how will they replace him with another it just will not be the same and this is probably over money, right? Well this is just not acceptable and I hope his fans will start to proclaim it…..

  4. No it wont. Steve Burton is JASON MORGAN and no one can replace him. I am so sad to hear that he is really leaving this time. Hopefully after a few years off he will decide to come back. And Steve all your fans will be here waiting for that day with open arms.. Good Luck to you. We love you and you will truly be missed!!!!

    • Bessie Hollie says:

      Please Jason Morgan, Please stay on GH. You are the one I like best of all the men stars of GH. You are the reson I watch GH. The show is not GH without you. I will miss you and I will probably never watch GH again if you leave. I know you are probably wanting some time off, take a couple of weeks and come back. Please.

  5. paula ballard says:

    Why is he leaving??? show will not be the same without him

    • Foreverxx says:

      He always wanted to move to move to Tennessee and he has some other good opportunities or something that’s why, the producers and writers didn’t want him to but they can’t stop him

    • Darla says:

      He said he was leaving because he wanted a change. His house in LA has already sold an he has bought a home in Tennessee an his family has already moved there. So there is no way he is changing his mind an staying. I will miss him so very much. I watched him grow up into an incredible man. I am very worried that GH will never be the same an will be cancelled.

  6. Teresa Hicks says:

    As mush as I love Steve , I wish they would just send Jason off to find Sam’s baby and then Steve would return with Sam’s baby in hand before GH goes off the air, If GH remains on the air, I think Cameron Mathison would make a good Jason, we could warm up too, He’s a great actor and we loved him in AMC . I’ve been watching GH from the beginning and if they kill off Jason , I really will not watch it anymore.

    • Debby Caroccia says:

      I disagree with Cameron he was great on AMC ,but I do not see him as Jason…Noone can compare with Steve Burton!! I don’t think he should be held back from living his life, and I wish him the best !! I will miss him so much been watching for 43yrs.

  7. Beth Embry says:

    General Hospital will not be the same without Steve Burton.. And no one can take his place as the bad boy.. He has his own sex appeal and bad boy manner.. General Hospital you should have made it worth his while to STAY.. GH will never be the same without him.. Just as he and Sam are about to make you guys Break it.. They never got a chance with you writters.. Sonny and Carly had a million chances. Oh my I hope GH isnt on its way off the air I have watched for 30 years now but NO JASON!!!! COME ON GET IT GOING>>> I can write the script…

    • Debbie says:

      I agree. General Hospital’s story line is lacking character and excitement. Come on writers put some spice in there.

      Jason will surely be missed by alot of us women. He is our fantasy, great looking, sexy as hell bad boy. I will definitely miss seeing him on the show. His sexy arms, well-built chest and body send me into another world.

      We always knew that Jason would take care of any situation. Anyone had a problem, Jason could resolve it for them. I love his sincerity. He has the looks to play the part of a hard-nose, sincere, front man but then a soft side when he makes love and even kisses. Great actor. I hope he’s the same in real life (Lucky wife!!!)

      Good luck, Steve with your new life. I hope you’re happy with your decision. Many of us women are not!!!

  8. Sandra Dean says:

    This may very well be the end to my watching GH!! I put up with a lot of cast changes over the years and have stayed Loyal.. If Mr Burton no longer wishes to stay, then do us All a favor and do NOT replace him!! NO ONE could replace him as Jason… find someway in your bag of tricks to write him out, but for the love of GH PLEASE do not try to replace him!!!

    • frances williamson says:

      i agree, no one can replace steve burton, he made jason great, dont try to replace him, maybe you could have everone think he is dead so the show can go on but leave a opening in case he ever wants to come back, good luck to steve and family, have enjoyed watching you all these years

  9. april says:

    I’m so sad to see him go! I love him as Jason Morgan and I can’t think of anyone who can replace him. But definitely NOT Cameron Mathison. Going to be interesting to see how the new guy is accepted among fans.

    • Sue Martinelli says:

      I disagree. If they replace Steve with anyone, I hope it is Cameron Mathison. If you remeber his role on AMC, when he first began, he was a bit of a shady character. I think he could pull off the roll just fine if we give him a chance. Just let Jason go away for awhile and come back, don’t let it be a one show change. I wish Steve would stay, but I wish him well.

  10. Teresa says:

    There will be no one able to fill the shoes of Jason Morgan. You need to find some one who can be as loving yet hard ass as Jason. Some one who will be a good candidate for Sam. I understand Steve wanting to spend time with his family. Family is very important.

  11. marge stone says:

    No one can replace Steve Burton as Jason. I so wanted him and Sam back together and find their baby. Now crazy Heather is going to be tahing care of Sam’s baby. So not happy with this new story line

  12. Margie says:

    I wish that there was a way to have Steve return to film the show like once every two weeks, keeping him on the set, but able to be with his family in their new life in Tennessee. Though I wish him the best, like the rest of us, he is a mainstay for the show and I hope and pray that they do not kill him off. I am tired of their killing off main characters – it is so short sighted. Let them move off and maybe later bring on a replacement or bring them back. I like what they did with Robin – I have a great way to bring back Georgie, Alan, Emily and so many others – let whoever finds Robin, find that they have been held there all these years also. And they can be mad for no one coming to rescue them sooner! Win – Win for everyone, including all the fans!!

  13. Cindy S says:

    My pick if the role is recast would be Austen Peck

  14. Mary says:

    I hate to see Steve Burton ( Jason) go he has been on the show for so long, I don’t know if anyone could play Jason It will be hard to fill his shoes . Will miss Jason. I wish Steve Burton the best in his new life.

    • Pamela Eboli says:

      I hate to see Steve Burton leave. It is going to be very hard to replace him. I have been watching GH for over 30 years . I wish Steve and his family the best and hope that maybe he will come back in the near future.

  15. Milly Valdez says:

    I have watched GH since the very beginning…if Steve Burton leaves i will no longer watch it. Steve is the best thing on GH next Sonny. Steve (Jason) and Sam need to find their baby together…not some other actor replacing Steve Burton.
    To Steve…please don’t leave you make the show!

  16. Nancy Daves says:

    Okay, first have to say”OMG!!!! I hate that Steve is leaving again. Every-time we get close to him Liz getting together he leaves is there a clue there?
    I just can’t see him being recast but it is a soap. Gee, who could take his place? “NOBODY>>>>>. Okay then maybe someone from All My children since we have people from One Life to Live. How about David Hayward, or Zack? I think both could be bad guys. Although having David as a doctor would be great.

  17. Sue says:

    I have been watching GH for 35 years, the first Jason is now on supernatural and then they hired Steve, I have grown to love him, the show will not be the same the old AJ is coming back as someone else, I think they should hire someone that looks close to Steve, not someone that has dark hair and totally differant..Good luck Steve, you will be missed.

  18. Laura says:

    Such a TERRIBLE LOSS!!! Steve Burton makes Jason who he is. There is no other Jason out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he has to leave, I wish him the best. However I do hope he’ll be in some more movies. He was AWESOME in “THE LAST CASTLE”!

  19. Kat lee says:

    I’m truly heart broken over Steve Burton leaving. I can picture NO ONE else playing that role. I’m frankly very concerned over Steve leaving on many levels, I wasn’t originally concerned for him when I thought it was just his moving on and wanting to relocate, however when I heard the Ms. Phelps and Mr. Franco were involved, I became concerned for Steve’s career not just the future of GH. Ms. Phelps was to put it nicely “Let Go” from GH and was stopped from hacking it to death with tired and old storylines (Guzman as her henchman) and the bloodletting of characters being fired from the canvas. General Hospital is in the battle of its life right now and with the fan base being so loyal to the boycott for much longer than the powers at be had thought possible; Well I have to wonder what the motive are and what the “project” is thatMs. Phelps and Mr. Franco (who was a huge fan of Jill’s and made know that he was unhappy with her firing.) have lined up to entice the without argument biggest draw to GH Steve Burton away at this most crucial time. I don’t think Ms. Phelps has a loyal bone in her body and the timing of this and the names involved have me concerned not only for GH, but for Steve’s career also. The show and the new regime that has been doing something Jill couldn’t by knocking the stories out of the Park (although very unhappy with the Jasam storyline LOL Mute point at this time) and keeping the rating up can’t be happy with the Actor for leaving; no matter how nice he did it. Sorry for going on. Just musing. There can never be a replacement for Steve Burton as Jason. They are just going to have to recast someone strong enough to make the character his own while gaining audience acceptance. I know Tamara Braun isn’t a very popular name in GH circles for what ever reason never made clear, however she is proof that you can overcome another strong actors take on a character and make your own. Laura Wright has also made Carly her own. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. I wish Steve Burton every success and believe that he is completely sincere, It is the people behind the scenes driving this; that I don’t trust.

    • joyce says:

      i agree with u i will miss jason soooooooooooooooooo very much but canno t blame him for wantint to move on for better lfe with his own family. will always love u jason got luck take care your fan j williams

  20. Edith Contreras says:

    I don’t like that Steve is leaving I have loved him as Jason Morgan but this is the soap opera world and they do change actors characters sometimes I just hope that they kill his character I don’t think GH would be the same without Jason Morgan. Don’t get me wrong I wish he didn’t have to leave but if he is leaving to be more with his family then I could understand and make peace with it just please don’t kill his character.

  21. Edith Contreras says:

    I just hope that they DON’T KILL HIS CHARACTER is what I meant to say.

  22. Samantha says:

    I Love Steve Burton as Jason Morgan! Do not replace HIM! He may come back!!!!!!! Especially not with Cameron Matherson!!

  23. cynthia says:


  24. Janet L. says:

    I just hate the idea that Steve is not going to be Jason on GH anymore. It will not be the same. I have watched GH for over 27 years, and he was a mainstay, like Sonny. I wish him all the best, but it is painful to let him go! Love ya, Jason!!!

  25. charlonia weaver says:

    I just love me some Jason…..He has got that special touch. He is one more sexy thing. I don’t care who you get NO BODY will ever be able to replace Steve Burton.I wish him & his family the best in what ever he does in the future.

  26. Deb Goodwin says:

    I have watched GH for 50 years< and I have witnesed the transformation of Jason from day one. No one can fill his shoes. So sad. I can't be so selfish as not to say "Good Luck " with whatever is coming up in the future. BUT unless I see you die on GH, I will keep my fingers crossed that you will be back.

  27. brenda franklin says:

    Johnny Depp from Donnie Brasco – he’d make the perfect Jason…except for SB of course. We need someone of that caliber…

  28. Carolyn Mclellan says:

    GH will not be the same.. I only continue to watch GH because of Steve Burton playing Jason…the whole Sam and Jason story will not work for me with another character in place ( which I am praying would be resolved before Steve leaves the show now) – Steve you will be missed terribly…..

  29. Carol Giusto says:

    I also am upset about Steve leaving, but we have to look at it this way. He was a young boy when he started, and I remember that day so well. Steve had grown, married and has a child, he want to try other ventures now that he’d older, I wish you Steve and your family all the best on your new venture, and I will miss you.. <3 Carol Giusto

  30. Debbie Altiparmakis says:

    awe I didn’t know Steve Burton was leaving the role of Jason, he has been my favorite actor in the show for many years now and will be deeply missed, I really wish he would change his mind and reconsider, in all honestly Steve Burton has some mighty big shoes to fill and I don’t think there will be any one that can fill them,

  31. Albrecht says:

    If Steve wants to leave – that is his choice – the show needs and should do what ever is best for the show- be that write him off, kill him off, replace him or what ever. Everyone can be replaced if they do so ith the correct person. Carly is a good example of that – they did it right twice and wrong once.

    I wish Steve and his family the best.

  32. Lori says:

    General Hospital wont be the same without Jason (Steve Burton). But I wish him the best!

  33. Julie says:

    No one will ever be able to replace him!

  34. Dolly says:

    Steve Burton has worked a very long time at General Hospital. He has to have worked many many long hours as he is always in the story line. He came to GH as a young guy and now after 20 years he wants to have more time for his family. I appreciate Steve Burton so much. He is a fantastic actor and let us not forget Port Chuck and all the guest appearances. No one will be able to replace him in the role of Jason Morgan. If the just HAVE to put some one in the role, they will have to be very careful and ease up on his personality traits. NO ONE can pull off the Stone Cold like Steve Burton and NO ONE can pull off the personality of Jason. Locating the baby will have …HAVE to change up his personality if they are to re cast him.
    PS love you much Steve Burton and thanks for awesome tv .

  35. I knew Steve Burton was leaving, but I assumed Jason was too. I had no idea they were planning to recast the role. As much as I like Jason and his storylines, especially Jason and Sam, I can’t imagine anyone else playing him. The casting crew has its work cut out for them if they really plan to replace Burton, and not just write Jason out.

  36. Jacque Taylor says:

    If Steve Burton is not going to be Jason Morgan any more they need to write the character out completely. After 21 years, Steve owns that character and I think it would be disrespectful to have someone else come in and try to fill those gigantic shoes he is leaving behind. It’s just not right and I don’t think it would be accepted by the public. I had a hard time accepting the new Kate/Connie (still have problems with that) and Kirstin Storm’s Maxie, but this would be too much. Carly has changed a few times too and I had a hard time with that. I would hate to see Jason Morgan die, but I cannot see anyone else being Jason Morgan other than Steve Burton.

  37. Tracey says:

    Steve Burton is Jason Morgan. I have been watching General hospital for a long time, since I was 13, now I am 38. General Hospital definately won’t be the same without Steve Burton. He will be missed, absolutely.

  38. Deborah Sparrow says:

    PLEASE no Austin Peck!

  39. Tammy says:

    I agree, its not going to be the same without Steve Burton but right now his family is more important. I hope that the writers don’t kill off his character. I think that Thorsten Kaye (ex-Zach Slater AMC) or Vincent Irizarry (ex-David Hayward All My Children) are intriguing names and could definitely play the role. I do NOT like the thought of Cameron Matheson replacing him.

  40. Melissa says:


  41. DEBRA GASKA says:

    he and sam is the biggest reasons i watch this show i will stop watching it

  42. Dawn says:

    Actors come, actors go…yes we all feel safe with steve because we know him. He has a family and family comes first. I, for one, wish him the best. We would welcome himback if he decides to come back. People move all the time. He needs to move with his family. Yes, he will be missed. GOOD LUCK STEVE

  43. Darla Doyal says:

    There is only one person who can pull off playing Jason Morgan and that is Steve Burton,he is hot and sexy,a very good actor,hope they dont kill his character off,maybe he will change his mind,Cameron Mathison,nor Austin Peck,good do the love scences or any thing else,like Steve Burton,it is just the hottest an most sexest guy on daytime tv in my book.

  44. WHY did Steve Burton decide to end his time with GH??? He is the WHOLE show!!! Me & my family actually saw him in person when we were out to eat at a restaurant, and he was so very nice!!! There was a wait in the waiting room, & his wife was there waiting with their daughter, and there he comes in a few min later. He got down on his knee right when he saw his daughter, & she came running over to him and they hugged. Such a genuine, loving guy. Later, when he checked out at the register, we asked him to give us an autograph, & he did and was such a nice guy. Very calm & loving personality. I HATE to see him leave the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. wanda says:

    They will never be able to replace him he belongs to the show!They really have us that did watch all the soaps on this station because they have taken them all away!I dont know why we had to loose ours but I wish they would leave it alone!The show will never be the same!

  46. joe thomas says:

    Sean Kanan is coming in to take jason spot played AJ on here and deacon sharpe on b&b

  47. marla flood says:

    no tell me this is not true he just cant leave. no one can replace steve burton just wouldnt be the same with someone else playing his part. i just cant imagine gh without steve burton

  48. Debbie Jackman says:

    Love Steve Burton, I can’t see anyone replacing him. They change characters all the time. Some are okay some suck. I hate the new Christina, Don’t get me started on Carly. Did anyone notice that Claudia was an earlier Carly, WTF. I will definately miss Steve. I love his character. My grandmother got me started watching GH 25 years ago. It’s the only soap I still watch.

  49. Michelle Isom says:

    I think ABC wanted Steve to leave so whatever happened, it made him choose to leave, then people will quit watching and they can cancel and put another AWFUL show on like Steve Harvey – GEE – let me ask – is there ANYONE that would rather have that show than All My Children or One LIfe To Live?

  50. cindy massey says:

    He said in an article that they weren’t recasting his role and that he was welcome back , anytime!!!! There will never be another Jason!!!! I also pity the fool that would want to take that spot. Just sayin…..

  51. Michelle says:

    Steve Burton truly is Jason Morgan, and though I will be sad to see him go, it would be horrible for the show if the character were to leave, also. And PLEASE, for the love of every thing holy, DO NOT use Cameron Matheson for the Jason Morgan role!!!! That guy is so annoying and wouldn’t be able to pull off the lovable bad boy at all.

  52. Jenny Foster says:

    NOBODY will ever replace Steve………….EVER !!!!! As much as I really do not like to see him leave, Steve, Maurice, and Tony make this show!!!! I wish he would not leave . He will be very very missed !!! Thank you Mr. Burton for giving us the years you did, I pray you will happy!!! “Memories”………….always of YOU !!!! God bless you .

  53. Rita Gordon says:

    Jason, find your son and then you and Sam walk off into the sunset. Some actors simply can not be replaced when their character has been so successful.
    Steve Burton is one of those Actors. However, just for once, have a bit of a “Happy Ending”.
    Jason finds their son and he and Sam leave to live else- where. PLEASE!

  54. nancy fields says:

    I think Cameron Mathison would be good in the role. He played a shady character in the beginning of AMC. I think he could do the role. I still think no one can do the job Steve B is doing, but they can make the part their own.

  55. Tajean Marston says:

    That’s it I will no longer be a gh viewer. Why would I. Whats gh without the REAL JASON MORGAN

  56. Kathy Austin says:

    The world has gone crazy….To prefer an entertainer to keep his JOB over wishing him and his family well is insane. It is truly an observable fact of how selfish the generations are becoming. I have been a fan of AMC OLTL and GH. for as long as they have been on the air. It is a compliment to the cast members to say that they are going to missed, but it is ludicris to say that they can’t be replaced or that the show will never be watch again.. If that is the case..their is delusion and not loyalty. The writers and producers direct the cast, the actors are just puppets with someone pulling their strings. i hope the leaving was Steve’s choice. I wish him and his family the best life has to offer. Thank you for the many years you touched my life. Be happy in your own. Love you always.

  57. Kim Lucido says:

    Nobody loves Jason more than I do. I am just distraught over the idea of Steven not playing the character of Jason any longer, but writing him off is not a great idea, as much as I love Jason I love his character just as much, so we need those story lines kept on GH. And then hopefully he will return someday. Best wishes to you and your family <3

  58. Pamela Eboli says:

    I am sorry to hear that Steve Burton is leaving GH after being on the show for over 20 years. It is going to be very hard to replace him because he plays the part very well. I wish Steve and his family the best of luck, and I hope that he comes back on the show in the future.

  59. Paula says:

    Without Steve Burton I don’t think I’ll be able to watch General Hospital. You are so right in saying that women want to take care of him. I just can not see anyone else in that role. Curtis Matherson is not the right pick. He is good but he is not Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Sue Martinelli says:

    If I had to choose from the actors suggested it would be Cameron Mathason. He is about the same type. And his character on AMC was a bit of a bad boy when he first appeared on the show.

  61. DeDe says:

    You cannot replace Steve Burton! They’re going to have to kill him off, which I don’t want but if they try to replace him I wont watch anymore! That would have been like trying to replace Susan Lucci! Give me a break!!!!!!!!

  62. Beverl Shofner says:

    Steve well never be replace. There is no one out there to replace him with. With his talent and personalty he is to strong of a person to replace.
    I guess I’ll quite watching because he help make the show.
    God you and Your Family Steve. I hope you have a wonderful life.

  63. DeDe says:

    Pay him alot more money to keep him!

  64. Patricia Dority says:

    Why doesn’t Steve Burton want to play Jason Morgan anymore- I really cannot see another actor playing Jason either?

  65. Lisa says:

    “”Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave without TV, …”

    Come on! Some of us work for a living, tape the show and watch it at night. There was nothing on TV that would suggest Steve was leaving. So NO! Many people do not live under a rock and don’t live in a cave and own TV’s and still had no idea.

  66. Sandra says:

    That is the pits for sure, why in the world would they want to replace Jason ! There is NO one that could fill those shoes, someone is crazy if they even try. If Steve Burton doesn’t want to play Jason anymore then they should kill him off… THEN they can hirer someone to play Sonny’s new head man, but don’t replace Steve. If the reason he is leaving is money then they need to offer him more money to stay. I’m so tired of these people, writters and so on with bring on new people and letting the ones we love they let them go. Don’t you understand that these actors are part of our lives ? I know how silly that must sound but it’s the truth. PLEASE Steve Burton stay with Jason, you need to let Sam and Jason get there baby back and stop scewing around, I’m so tired of your story lines sometimes I could just scream… everything they have been writing about in the show has been done over and over AGAIN… I can even say word for word what the writters have said. I think you need to get new writters, if they can’t come up with something new then they need to be replaced. If Steve Burton leaves I will be leaving also…

  67. Brenda says:

    It would be extremely hard for another actor to take over the role of Jason Morgan. Steve Burton IS Jason Morgan. Cameron Matheson “too husky” for the role-GET REAL!!

  68. jane montague says:

    I have feared this would happen for a long time. To me, the show will not be the same, or i should say, my feelings about the show, will not be the same. For me, Jason is the best thing about the show…. definitely the best thing to look at on the show. Getting AJ back will not help anything. I didnt like him when he was on before. I will probably stop watching GH.

  69. Valerie says:

    What some of you aren’t getting is that it was Steve’s choice to leave the show. HE was ready for a change, it’s something he’s wanted to do for about 7 years and with his contract up this year, he thought it was the perfect time for him too leave. His LA home has already been sold, his family already in Tennessee. There is nothing anybody at GH could do too get him to stay, it was his choice, not theirs.

  70. KATHY SIZEMORE says:

    jason you will truly be miss hope you change your mine but what every you do may god bless you and your famijy

  71. Audra says:

    Steve Burton was a great Jason No one can replace him, He will be missed.

  72. Diane says:

    We have gone thru how many Carley’s? Thats different..You cant replace Steve Burton-no way, no how..I remember years ago he left to do other things but he came back after a few yrs. I am hoping he will do that but I doubt it. I know he wants to move out of LA and I dont blame him. He doesnt want to raise his kids there-I believe he is going to Tennessee. I didnt know they were gonna replace him tho. I thought he was gonna just leave and have his part left open for him in the near future.. Steve Burton is JASON MORGAN!!! God Bless you Steve..Family comes first but GH wont be the same..

  73. Diane says:

    Jason is to good loking to leave the show, he must stay on. U can always put your shoes under my bed anytime.–hahaha! U will be missed!

  74. Mary Yannuzzi says:

    I also Will STOP watching the Show with a NEW Jason NO ONE EVER can replace HIM sorry 2 see him Go – —- ” Here he Come’s to Safe the Day, Jason Morgan’s on his Way” Steve Burton that is ——- Watched General Hospital for over 35 yrs.. if yooz replace him w/ someone else You’ll have 1 Less watcher me!!!!!

  75. Anne says:

    No one can ever fill Steve’s shoes – please don’t replace him – it would be worse – worse than him leaving – which by the way after 27 yrs watching or more – I may now tune off GH – this the worse news I have ever heard since Luke and Laura left – what’s happening – can’t you see why your ratings are sooo low. Come on guys -
    Give the viewers back our GH – Steve Burton is the heart of the show -

  76. Ada Clarke says:

    Steve Burton is irreplaceable. How do you replace someone you’ve watch for 21 years? It’s like Sonny, no one could replace his role either. And together they are like a package deal.

  77. linda pitre says:

    i love looking at general hospital because of jason sonny and carley and sam all of the casts on this show i love please dont let jason leave i am talking about steve burton no one can never replace him i name my grandson after jason morgan he need to stay he make sonny and sonny make jason no one can look good with carley , sam nor elizabeth i love u jason stay so i can keep looking at general hospital

  78. Diane says:

    None of the above can replace Steve-come on now-why cant u send him off and leave the door open for him to return like last time? I know it was his decision but this really sucks..

  79. linda says:

    yes GH will be empty without Steve Burton and he will be missed very much -he has played Jason a very long time -I wish him and his family the best in his new life in tenn. yes it will be hard to replace him and for us all to get use to a new Jason but unfortunely GH needs a Jason cause Jason is involved in a lot of peoples lives on GH -Carly -he is her best friend and her one and only that she can lean on for anything- Sonny-they are like brothers- Michael -Jason is like his 2nd father- Spinelli -they are very close friends/ Spinelli doesnt made a move with out Jason- Sam his wife/ his best friend/his soulmate- Elizebeth -they were teenage sweethearts /very close friends/had a son together/ supported each other thru good and bad times- so they have a lot of history together—he has just gotten closer to Monica again —he needs to be here for the funeral of Edward Q- so as u see we need a Jason cause without him there will be an emptyiness in GH and the people who are in Jasons’ lives –Steve Burton good luck in ur new life -loved you as Jason ur were the best and were great besides very good looking you will be missed very much by all

  80. lisa venegas says:

    they should kill Jason off…I love Steve Burton and there can never be another Jason…Kill him off and if he ever decides to come back then Jason comes back if he never comes back then niether does Jason…you can not replace Steve Burton….NEVER

  81. Tracey says:

    I guess I will stop watching GH, I only watch because of Steve. Looks another soap going down the tubes following the the path of the last two.

    • monique says:

      I AGREE He can’t leave he is also the only reason why I watch GH please lison to the fans and stay on the show

  82. Debbie says:

    Not sure how I feel if Jason should be replaced or written off?? He can never be replaced but I don’t like the thought of him being written off either. Whomever they get to fill his shoes has a BIG JOB ahead of them!! That person has to have a strong personality to put up with the strong comments that will be coming his way. I’m rambling so I should go. I will miss Steve Burton (Jason). My continued viewing days may be limited once Steve is gone; so please choose well!! Until then….

  83. monique says:


  84. faye says:

    no one can take his place give him whathe needs to stay but if he is going let the fans pick who take his place

  85. monique says:

    Steve Burton please please please don’t leave the show you can’t leave the show you are a big part of the show you make the show so good to watch and every thing. You are one of the best actor on the show ,but really you are the only reason why I watch the show / why I watch a sop show . I hope you see these comments and change your mind and desided to stay with the show as jason . It’s the truth you leave and the show goes down the drain and it is no more good to watch at all so you have to stay you just have to stay and can’t leave please .

  86. Randy Michelle says:

    GH is a part of my life and has been for at least 25 years now; In recent years, Jason is the only reason that I still watch. Steve you will be missed by us all. Somehow they have managed to keep you this long. I’m not sure that I can accept another Jason?

  87. Diana Rosario Jiminez says:

    You can’t replace Jason (Steve Burton), that’s like replacing Sonny, Edward (rest in peace), Robin, Luke, Laura, Anna, Scorpio, and all the other very important characters. You just can’t put someone else in their place and expect it to be the same. Carly is a totally different story. She wasn’t an integral part of the show like the one’s mentioned above. Jason, Sonny and Luke are very important characters to the show. There is no replacing their characters. There is no one who could fill anyone of their shoes. I don’t care what person you choose to replace Jason it just wouldn’t be the same. For the good of the soap, I beg of the network (ABC) to please not replace Jason. You would be doing a great disservice to the show and the fans alike. I’ve been watching GH for over 3 decades. Changing Jason would be the end of my commitment to the show. He was probably one of the only reasons why I have continued to watch over the years. No matter the storyline, Jason (Steve Burton) in one way or another has always had a reason to be a part of it, be it a minor part of the particular storyline. So again, I beg of the network (ABC) don’t let Jason (Steve Burton) go.

  88. Really!!!! Who wants another Jason if we can’t have him then why replace him.. I would rather not even have a replacement then and Steve if you read any of these please don’t leave us we all love you.

    • TANYA GEORGE says:

      I totally agree with you, Jackie Watkins. Let him finish out the story find out he is the father of the baby and then kill him off rather than have someone else take over his role…

  89. TANYA GEORGE says:

    I think Jason Lewis is the best next candidate to play Jason Morgan. However, I think that Steve Burton should be enticed to stay as no one can play the part like him…

  90. Jennifer Brown says:

    If they replace Steve Burton with another actor, that will be the demise of GH!

  91. Jacque says:

    I didn’t think I could ever be a fan without Jason (Steve Burton), but I have been thinking. Maybe we aren’t being fair to Steve. He wants to be with his family. What could possibly be wrong with that. I will miss him, there is no doubt about that, but I commend him for thinking of his family first. God Bless you in all you do Steve. I wish you and your family all the best. I don’t think anyone could ever play the part as well as Steve but what about someone off the map? Luke Perry? Somebody outside the soap realm.

  92. valeri lyon says:

    NO you can’t replace STEVE BURTON… no one will ever be able to take his place and play the part of JASON MORGAN..,.. I don’t want to see him killed off but I don’t want to see him replaced either… NO ONE CAN REPLACE STEVE BURTON ever

  93. Theresa Stumper-Walloace says:

    I am 47 years old and started watching with my Mom as early as I can remember a black and white episode with Steve & Audrey Hardy and Nurse Jessie Brewer! There are so many GH memories. Crazy Heather getting Jeff Weber to marry her because she was pregnant with Steven Lars who she sold! I remember skipping my last hour of school for months to watch as Luke & Laura went on the run from Frank Smith. OMG! I had to tell my High School Principle that is why I had skipped 6 hour for months!! I saw the episode where drunken A.J. got into the wreck on the Quartemaine Estate that caused Jason’s brain damage. I watched Jason grow up, Lucky Spencer and yes, our whiny Elizabeth. I thought I would never recover when Stone Cates died from AIDS and watching Alan tell Robin she was HIV positive; Or, when Jagger Cates came and left the show! Oh Antonio was so hot!! For me, there will only be one Jason Morgan, and that is Steve Burton. How many remember watching Jason and Carly have sex in the room above Jake’s?? It will be tough to re-cast Steve. I would rather see Jason, Sam and the baby ride off into the sunset and let Shawn Butler be Sonny’s new enforcer. I Love Sexy John McBain and Todd Mannig coming on. Not to mention the Starr and Michael love story! Come on peeps!! GH will live on Let’s wish Steve well and tune in for what happens next!

  94. shirley says:

    there will be no one to replace steve burton he is jason morgan and he always will but i wish him well, and happiness, and I will miss u as jason morgan..



  96. samantha says:

    Ok so I always said i would never watch if Steve Burton left but I will watch at least for a little bit because of Sam having her baby back! My vote out of the editors picks is Jason Lewis. No one will ever be able to replace Steve but I can settle with him. LOL

  97. Michelle says:

    Just heard the news and I am heart broken! The day (Jason) Steve Burton leave the show, HGTV will take General Hospitals place! I hope we get to see the real Jason find out that’s his baby! If they find someone as good looking as Steve I may come back. I like Sonny, but he’s no Jason! Lol.

  98. Peggy says:

    We will miss you so much Steve Burton. It will not be the same without you. We love you so much and you are General Hospital. I hope you and your family enjoy Tenn. and I do not blame you for getting out of L.A.. No one can replace you on G.H. so I really hope they do not try. I hope they leave it so if you want to come back you can. Enjoy your new lif.

  99. Kathy Jo says:

    Steve you have made GH a wonderful hour of time in the afternoon at my house. Thank you for letting me watch you grow, character wise, and personally. You will always be Jason Morgan in some perspective. Wishing you and your family a very happy life in Tenn. What a wonderful oppurtunity for ya’ll. Best of luck in all you do.

  100. Heidi says:

    I won’t stop watching GH, but I am sad to see Steve go and can’t imagine any one else being able to replace him. He is incomparable….I’m sad that he’s leaving, but happy for he and his family.

  101. kathy mcgaha McGaha says:

    I have been a fan & dedicated G.h watcher since 1975,while people have been replaced many times befor,Jason Morgan/Steve Burton,will always be the only Jason I can concive of.I wish him well in his endevores in life & espicially with his family,G.H. Won’t be the same,but I’ma dedicated fan!

  102. Mary Lopez says:

    Jason Morgan you truly have been so fun to watch all these years on GH. You will be dearly missed.
    Especially your Jason and Sam relationship, it has definitely been a
    a true love story on GH! To many of us, Jason & Sam has been the
    best couple ever on GH, and you will be so terribly missed.
    What will Sam, Sonny and Carly do without Jason? So sad.
    No one can fill your shoes, or play that role except you.
    The fun all began when heart throbbing Jason Morgan met and fell deeply in love with the Sam McCall!
    You, Sam and your baby together and let you three live a loving most wonderful life together before you leave!! That’’s what we’’ve been waiting for now for 9 years!!!

    It’s going to be very hard to watch your finale. Hope it won’t be tragic, I don’t want to remember you as gone forever.

    So, I wish you good luck in your next endeavors, many fans of yours hope that someday you will return to GH, and bring our most beloved Jason Morgan back home.
    Many fan’s tears will be shed. Much love and blessings to you.

  103. Lori says:

    So very sad that you’re leaving Steve!!!!! I wish you the best though in your new pursuits!!!! I’m holding out hope that you will return one day just like so many have done before you. You will be received with wide open arms!!!!! Thank you for making the role of Jason Quartermaine/Morgan so awesome for all these yrs!!!!! You gave us all something to look forward to in the afternoons for a lot of yrs!!!!!

  104. mary says:

    i agree jason was the only reason i watched general hospital there is noone and i repeat noone who can take jason place…..sexy,affectionate, genuine, real best actor ever played his part so good !!!!!!i will miss him so much

  105. Dixie Le says:

    Steve Burton, you are the only reason I started watching GH again, they lost me when Luck & Laura left, And you are going to lose me now also. Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan can never be played by anyone, It would be like try to replace Sonny Corinthos ” Really! Mr. Burton I have watched you grow up on this show. You are a very talented Young Man. The way you showed the emotions, every side of Jason Morgan. Not to mention you are a very Good Looking Young Man! Many wish for your next course of life!
    Many Tears and Many Blessing to you and your family!
    One of many of your older Fans
    Dixie Le

  106. kathy slonaker says:

    ok, i agree. nobody will ever replace steve burton as jason. so instead of recasting the role, leave it open for him to come back. bring in another actor to be sonnys right hand man and make it a long lost cousin of jasons named jeremy who has been in prison for some menial little crime.then if steve wants to come back, jason is still his. (and ours!) just sayin’.

  107. donna hale says:

    jason can never be replaced, please steve don’t go!

  108. Lisa says:

    All I can say is that there is no one out there that could EVER REPLACE Jason Morgan. There is only one Jason Morgan and one Steve Burton. :(

    • Elizabeth Alvarado says:

      Please no Cameron Mathison can’t stand him, Austin Peck, sucks too. No one can replace Steve Burton. Let him fall in the water and go missing. Leave it open for his return if he decides no then bring back a new charater. Let Sam and John work on their chemestry. Love John Mcbain. If you take away Sonny im done. Also when is Victor coming into the picture . Love one life to live charaters.

  109. Regina says:

    I read all this comments really intresting steve leaving GH for his family in TN . I don’t want who anyone replace new Jason the reason that reason jason aka steve the one like his charceters work so hard since many years but im sure someday who jason morgan will come back in the future who knows . I will be missed old jason morgan is wonderful action the best actor ever had but don’t go steve ! I want Steve Burton stay GH for rest his life and unfinished buisness still jason need find about this baby who is the father that his baby . I don’t know without watch being old jason morgan will not on this show ! I like to see old Jason Morgan look good together cute couples with sam aka kelly that i like them roles perfect ! I missed you steve burton always be my fan forever ! I love watch this show GH couldn’t without old Jason Morgan ! it really make me sad to see steve burton leaving GH for reason spend with his family in TN . We love you Steve Burton ! ;-(

  110. Melissa Garlock-mulqueen says:

    Although its sad to see him go I understand his reasoning…Family is important to him and I have a lot of respect for Steve walking away to deal with how he handles his family…His kids are his 1st priority. Gonna miss you Steve he might be gone for awhile but I think he’ll be back someday!!!!!

  111. Janet L. says:

    I am losing a good friend in Steve Burton, as Jason. I have watched him for over 22 yrs. on GH. No one can take his place. If they put in another actor to play Jason, we will have to get used to that person, but Steve Burton will always be “Jason Quartermaine Morgan”! (P.S. Hope Steve Burton does come back to reprise his role as Jason at some point).

  112. Rebecca says:

    I am going to miss Jason/Steve. I am willing to jump in and save him, give blood, CPR, bandaid. Love you Steve and gonna miss you so much. GH will not be the same. To many people dying off the show. Will always love him and can go to ABC to watch reruns of him or tweet him. Much love to him and his family.

  113. Mary says:

    There is no way Austin Peck or Cameron Mathison could fill Steve Burton’s shoes in that part. Neither of them can act, they would ruin that part!

    I am not sure about the other 2 guys mentioned. I really hate to see Steve Burton leave like everyone else, but I would rather they didn’t replace him with either of the 2 I mentioned.

    We will miss SB. Best of luck in the future. :)

  114. Bernadette O'Neil says:

    I think they need to recast the role, GH needs to have a Jason. I think they will too. People did not want Todd recast on OLTL and it turned out fine, and they didn’t want Carly recast and that worked out fine too. No one can play it like him, but he can be recast.

  115. dgerard says:

    This is just so sad and makes me sick…… I just read he wants to move with his family to Tennesse and raise his two girls for his 17 acre of farm land but damn his fans are loosing someone special that has grown to love him like their family.. There is no one that can take his place…. You know with Him around everything is going to be ok… Y can they just have Sam, baby and Him take off on vacation and the Sam come back y he is on a mission or something .. PLZ PLZ don’t kill him off PLZ… leave room for him to come back…. YOu will be truely missed Steve.. plz change your mind… It so cool to know your from Indy Indiana .. Didn’t know they made Indiana guys like youlol..

  116. Tammy Clark says:

    Also dont forget he is still playing with his band PORT CHUCK….dont beg him to stay and it’s not about the writers paying him more,it’s about what he wants and deserves.He dedicated 21 sexy years to GH,to us,his fans.Now it’s his time to spend with his family and play more with his band .He gave us what we wanted for 21 yrs now let him go with dignity.No begging him to stay as much as thats what we would all like,but with well wishes for him and his family !!! God bless you Steve and thank you for 21 fantasticly sexy years….now go be with your family and ENJOY !!! And who knows people maybe one day you will walk into a club or another venue and there in front of your eyes will be PORT CHUCK and Steve singing his heart out !!! Just remember he is happy with his decission and we should all be happy for him (regardless how bad we dont want him to ) WE LOVE YOU STEVE ! GOOD LUCK<BEST WISHES AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !!!!)

  117. Tammy Clark says:

    Also everyone Steve will still be playing with his band PORT CHUCK ! He loves his music,he loves his family,he loves GH an the cast and producers and writers and everyone there . It’s not up to GH to offer him more money or whatever,he gave us 21 sexy years and now he deserves to retire and be with his family…..and who knows you may walk into a club or some other venue and see him playing with his band ….just remember PORT CHUCK and know that Stee and his family are happy and be thankful to him …… Zak would be the perfect replacement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the only one that could pull it off and he is already loved by many !!!!!

  118. Silver Farr says:

    I have to say, that I’m grateful for the past 6+ years of being able to watch SB’s portrayal of Jason. I HAVE been watching for much longer than that (35 years), but these past 6+ years have been especially poignant for me. You see, my youngest son, who bears a striking resemblance to ‘Jason’, was killed in the war in February 2006, and while I’m not so ‘obsessed’ as to lie to myself by imagining a scenario where my son became an actor, it HAS been a small comfort to watch Jack (Stephen) Burton’s portrayal of ‘Jason’ since the death of my son. Now … after today, I will no longer have that small comfort. Not only will General Hospital be losing a beloved ‘anchor’ character, but I will no longer have that small comfort I was given each evening, as I pushed the ‘play’ button on my DVR. Farewell Jason, I’ll miss seeing you ♥

  119. Treysina says:

    Some soap characters just can’t be replaced. As much as I don’t like it, I would rather just see the Jason Morgan character just leave than to be replaced. We’ve had too many years of Steve Burton, and it just wouldn’t look right with someone else trying to fill his shoes, because it’s totally impossible to do. Watching him go from Jason Quartarmaine to the enforcer Jason Morgan has been totally awesome.

  120. Elisa says:

    GH will not be the same without Jason(Steve Burton)…So sorry to hear that he decided to leave the show. I would like to thank Steve for giving me a fast 30 yrs with him on GH. It will be hard not seeing him whenever I am watching. He has so many connections with all the characters on the show. I am going to be watching to see how his friends will be handling it on the show. I hope they do not replace him ..you cannot replace a character like that. There is only 1 Jason Morgan played by Steve Burton. Jason will be missed….I say this because no matter who they get to replace him just will not do for me. I have watched GH since the 70′s not too many originals left on that show. Take care Mr. Steve Burton you will be missed by so many women !!!!

  121. Diane says:

    GH will NEVER EVER be the same without Steve Burton Jason. You will be truly missed.

  122. Jan says:

    I will miss Steve Burton, but I have heard that the actor that played AJ will be coming back as the “new” Jason…… and it looks like its true, he was seen in the last scene on Fridays’ show

  123. pamela says:

    Ok lets be realistic, Jason can be replaced, Steve will be difficult to be replaced. Personally I hope “AJ” is only on for a brief time. I think John will help Sam find “Jason”. Soaps replace characters all the time, Lucky Spencer, Todd Manning both were plyed by other actors.

  124. sherle says:

    Just when cold stone seemed to have feelings and really started to open out with Sam, he is gone…..I don’t think anyone could replace that man, with his body but mostly his blue eyes…..am so sorry to see him leave, but family life is important, I just don’t understand why its taken so long to find Jason’s body, could it be left open for him to return?

  125. Diane says:

    No Jason will not be the same. Guys think about it he has been with General Hospital for years. He is like our family, Can you be replaced by someone else?

  126. Heather Burchett says:

    If Jason is replaced by another actor,I will never watch again!!

  127. Raina Sikes says:

    Jason is probably the main reason that I watch too. He is so handsome and plays the role perfectly. I have been watching GH since 1979. Like someone early said, that would be like replacing Luke after all of this time. You either see if he comes back or don’t recast him AT ALL. It is a big loss and the role he plays too. I could just imagine how awesome you could make his reappearance. What a surprise that would be and if that is possible then keep the secret a secret and let us be pleasantly surprised. Don’t put it all in the Soap Opera digest and other magazines.
    He was my most favorite person on GH. I really like Carly too. I’d say Sonny would have to come in 3rd. Please don’t change Carly’s again. Anyway I’m sick over Jason being gone. Please get him back.

  128. joyce says:

    Well , I THINK YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT STEVE BURTON.And I for one do not blame him , for wanting to move on and further his career. He has that right to do so . I for one will be looking forward to see him in other movies and tel evision shows. I think he could be great in anything he do. I will miss him as JASON MORGAN. BUT will love him as STEVE BURTON he actor and wish him well. LOVE HIS FAN JOYCE WILLIAMS

  129. sharon says:

    why in the hell did they decide to take jason off, not knowing that he is the father of the baby with sam, it would of been better to wait til the end of the year if anything to take him off, let him know his son and spend time with him.

  130. General Hospital will NOT be the same withOUT Steve!!! But…Let him have a break! If they replace him with a ‘temporary person’…that will leave him alive and able to come back after he realizes he has messed up by leaving!!!! I hope and Pray he will have a nice rest and miss us as much as we will miss him and return when he is ready!!! O:)

  131. Sandra says:

    I can’t believe Steve would leave this show, I for one of millions would like to know WHY he is leaving the show, You people ask all these questons what we think and I think I would really like to know why he is leaving the show… I don’t think Jason should be replaced, NO ONE can fill Steve Burton’s shoes and I don’t know why you would even try. Have Sonny hire someone new, but don’t ever try and fill Steves part.

  132. Karen says:

    I have been watching GH since its inception in the mid-1960s. It came on TV just about when I was getting home from school.

    So I was around when Jason was born. And I’ve seen the various incarnations of Jason when he was infrequently portrayed as a boy.

    That said, Steve Burton did, of course, create the role and is perfect for it. I can’t imagine the soap without Jason or Jason without Steve Burton.

    However, most people got used to the “new” Edward when David Lewis gave up the role. And NO ONE portrayed a character better than David Lewis portrayed Edward Quartermaine.

    People also moved on after other long-standing and/or much-loved characters died. Like Lila Quartermaine, Alan Quartermaine, Steve Hardy, Jesse Brewer (going WAY back), Robert Scorpio, Noah Drake, Rick Webber, Tony Jones, and others.

    One of my all-time favorite characters was Marco Dane, who appeared on both GH and OLTL. To this day, I still wish he would return to the soap.

  133. Anne says:

    Steve is not replaceable – He was the original and should remain so – Franco would be too confusing to see his face as Jason – Steve Burton is in my opinion the only
    person who can portray Jason – if he does not return – I rather see the character
    “dead” than to see anyone else – no one else can fill the shoes of Steve Burton -
    Please bring him back – General Hospital will not be the same without him – at least tie up the loose ends let him return to know he has his son – and reunite with Sam – they can ride out into the sun set together as a family – do not end it this way for Jason – many people will stop watching GH myself included.

    • delorese davis says:

      I think Jason should be recast, eventually we will get use to a new Jason, just like Kristina, Maxie etc. Why leave Sam and the baby without husband and father, it just doesn’t make sense, as much as we love would to have the real Jason back, we will take a replacement.

  134. Deborah says:

    They should have cast the actor they hired to play AJ, cast him as Jason, and cast someone else as AJ returns……..There IS however, only one Steve Burton!

  135. i wish he could come back. To me the story is over all the rest of them do is fight .please Give him more money ,and what ever it takes .Please don”t leave i want watvh any more. Thanks for beind there, But it”s over.General Hospitle is DEAD

  136. suzanne fortushniok says:

    On the subject of Steve Burton- I absolutly say NO other actor will ever fill those shoes. Steve is the only Jason Morgan and I’m all for Steve stretching his wings but come on now, why can’t he compromise . Take his character out of the for front so Steve can do his thing, but shot in advance a few scenes once a month or something like Robins character is doing! BRING STEVE BACK !!!!! Money talks people, but compromise and respect also go along way1

  137. BJ Simons says:

    Steve has been a stable charater on the GH so many people have come and go, mostly dying no happy endings Carley and Jax I thought woul dfinally be a happy marriage on the show, Then Emily dying Georgie etc Laura, the Castdines, Robin leaving for dead but back now. You have to wonder with two of the soaps gone is GH going to be next, I hope not. I hope they can bring a Jason charater back into the show. I like GH but since there has been so many changes and the time changing I dont watch the show as much I also like the show on SoapNet about GH at night it was great. BRING JASON BACK I will also miss edward q

  138. Courtney says:

    I have been a Jason Morgan, Sonny, Carly, Brenda,Robin, Sam Morgan sine the beinginng. I have wanted an episodes since Steve left. There is not replacement for Steve Burton he is Jason Morgan. That is who I grew up watching as Jason Morgan and I won’t execpt anyone as Jason Morgan. There has been to many changes since the one life to live writing team and cast joined the show. I don’t like the new writing team writes for the GH cast.

  139. Lizzie says:

    There are a of a people who can be a good Jason. SBu is going to where t here is nothing but hot men,much hotter than SBu. GH need to take there time and replace him. But that worrying me because the folks RC/FV have hired sucks. In the mean time Y&R have hired 2 more hot guys, and GH can’t find one. ME is just not cutting it anymore.

  140. Shelley Mazoue says:

    Please bring Jason (Steve) back, I just cannot enjoy the show anymore I find myself fast forwarding to the important part and skipping over half the show. We lost All My Children, we shouldn’t have to lose Jason too. Make him a better offer to come back please.

  141. Margie says:

    I am thoroughly upset with Steve Burton for jumping to Young and Restless. I feel that he was evasive and not truthful with his GH fans. I think he should have said that he is unhappy with dark story line, other cast members, etc. But he left us with the wrong impression. I hope that they now DO recast Jason, bring him and sam together and lighten him up some.

  142. Nancy Hasert says:

    Well several times I have said that not many men could portray Jason Morgan , but..there is one.. Jensen Ackles… who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural. He would be perfect for Jason .I have watched GH for over 35 yrs.. some things have made me so mad that I threatened to stop watching,and at one point I did for a short while, that was when Leslie Webber supposedly died. but I got over it..
    Now Steve Burton was great as Jason Morgan I have loved him forever.Does it up set me that he left GH ? Yes a bit, but it’s a job for him ,like you and me sometimes we want to persue other things,as far as Jason and Sam go it needs to be played out, I can’t stand things left in limbo.. I would not have a problem with a recast for Jason , Mathison will always be Ryan to me. He. is not right for the part of Jason, I don’t know if I could get use to seeing Franco play the part..Jensen Ackles has the Jason look as well as the attitude, if you don’t believe me watch Supernatural ..I saw it before Steve Burton ever quit GH.. I also watch Y&R.. So I still get to watch Steve..I wish him the best of luck…I will not stop watching GH because Steve isn’t on there..I hope if there is a recast that they get someone who has the look and attitude that SteveBurton had as Jason Morgan and of course someone that clicks like he and Kelly [Sam}did…

  143. This show is not the same anymore without Steve playing Jason and if you were to recast his roll no one will be able to play that roll better then Jason. I don’t like to watch it anymore. I watched it because of Sam & Jason Love them two. PLEASE BRING STEVE BACK THEN IT WILL BE A BETTER SHOW TO WATCH.

  144. No No No there is not another actor out there that could possibly fill Steve Burtons shoes as Jason, look if ur out there reading and listening mr. burton u should realize how much u r loved and missed i understand u have family n want more time with them but what about ur soap fans family 21 yrs. of great acting n hoping that 1 day u just come walking back to show and lift the hearts of many of ur dedicated fans who laughed with u, cried, took shots with u. n then finally u get ur son n boom shows over, u leave. still hate the fact ur not there, reconsider, ur the greatest n no one can take ur place.. hear me no one. Laura K. from South Philly…2nd Street..Bring back “Jason” Steve Burton” boo-hoo- anybody else..

  145. no one can take his place Jason is one of a kind

  146. Debbie says:

    I believe u guys dont know when u replace people we know it and its never the same

  147. Barbara Simmons says:

    I really don’t think replacing Steve Burton with someone else will not do, as in bringing Todd Starr and John B has different charaters on GH it is a different mindset because we still see them on OLTL…. Please bring Steve back for Olivia not let sonny and her get together wrong just wrong.

  148. Mona Roberts says:

    show will never be the same. it will probly go off the air cause jason and sonny make this show. but steve left to go on another show, he didn’t care about his fans if he did he wouldn’t left the show to start with y&r don’t get use to steve he will leave you.

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