Why Will Horton Deserves to be a Father

Now that the truth is (finally!) out regarding Gabi’s baby, and its biological parents, it’s time for Will Horton to step up to the plate as the rightful father of Gabi’s baby, especially given Nick’s cold attitude toward Will for being the man he is.  This writer feel that William Horton has a lot of potential, both as a man, and as a father.  And now that he’s figured out the man he’s supposed to be, it’s now the perfect time to stand up and honor his commitment to his own child.

Will has grown up watching his mother go from one man to another, while also watching his father battle addiction, not to mention his own fair share of emotional burnouts with women.  Frankly, as I stated in a past blog, it’s no wonder Will has had issues in the romance department—not because of his choice of lifestyle, but more so because of the role models he’s had to grow up with.

There are only a select few people in Will’s life who he can look to in order to understand what true love is all about, and I think his ideal of love is definitely tainted because he never had the settled-down foundation of home, family and love that he so deserved by his own parents.

Will deserves the chance to show his child what love is all about.  This milestone should be his moment to step out from the Horton/Brady shadows and prove to himself, his child and those around him that even though he is the man he is, it shouldn’t stop him (or anyone) from loving others.  Will has been by Gabi’s side since she first told him the news, and while many men would run off if their teenage fling told them they were expecting, William got up to the plate and was ready to be by Gabi’s side.

I don’t see any way for Will to be happy on the sidelines watching while someone else claims his child, or gets to watch her grow.  Sadly, the only obstacle in Will’s way seems to be his cousin, Nick, which I frankly am appalled with. Nick needs to realize that even though he plans to marry Gabi and help her raise her baby, it is STILL Will’s biological child, and Nick should be the better man, put his differences aside towards Will, and let Will play an active role in his own child’s life. Will, Gabi and Nick need to work together to ensure that the baby girl that is coming into the world soon will grow up within a family that, even though different, will love her unconditionally and help her find her place in the world.


  1. Alma Holmes says:


  2. Vivian says:

    Nick is acting like a homophobic jerk. He has no right to this child. Will needs to stick to his guns and not allow his child to be raised by a bigot. Gabi is also acting like a bigot by allowing Nick to do this to Will. I want Will and Sonny to raise this child.

    • Cher says:

      Yes, I do to…

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      • Jenn says:

        I agree too! Neither one (Nick and Gabi) should be raising this little girl! Nick and Gabi have lied and schemed to keep Will away from being a part of his daughter’s life Nick is a bigot, and Will’s cousin! I would love to see Will fight for custody,WIN, and raise her with the one he truly loves, Sonny.

    • Now, that’s a great idea ~ Will & Sonny could be great parents if and when they get their issues settled. Nick is really scaring me these days; much more so than before he wound up in prison!!!

    • dlbr says:

      I kinda wish Rafe & Sami could raise the child. Too bad they’re pushing Sami to EJ. Boooooo!

    • Unprose says:

      I am afraid that Nick, seeing what the baby means to Will, and not being able to do much about Will’s father taking the fall and going to jail for Will those years ago, may feel so threatened that he actually causes Gabi to lose the baby (…if I can’t be her daddy than nobody can” type of thinking.) Will would make an excellent father, if he is permitted to….

      I am seeing so much stupid in the behavior of these characters lately — Brady, Nicole, Marlena .. but if Sami and EJ can come to honest terms with one another this time around– hey, I’m all for that!

    • carol higdon says:

      Get Nick out of The Days of they’re lives and Let Will and Gabi. Raise they’re. baby

  3. Cheryl says:

    I have watched this soap for many years. I think Will would be an excellent father and for whatever reason Gabi has lost her sense of free will and lets Nick make all of her choices now, co-parenting is possible. I think on a broader scale we need to wonder why Nick is such a homophobic jerk. I think that maybe while he was in prison he had a forced encounter with possibly other inmates and due to this he is homophobic and thinks he has to be “a man” and be the perfect husband, dad, and man to prove to himself that his manhood wasn’t taken away! I think this is why he makes the sneering comments to Will about Will’s sexuality. Before prison Nick wasn’t mean or prejudiced, he may have been a bit crazy but got along with his family. Could make for a great story plot down the road!

    • skyangl55 says:

      Gabbi is just plain stupid,even though Nick chooses to tell her only what he thinks she wants to hear she should open her mouth before they get married,He calls all the shots now,Imagine how spineless she’s gonna be after the wedding,those two are doomed and I couldn’t be happier !!!

  4. Liz Hill says:

    One, I don’t believe in promoting gays and or lesbions. It’s against the Bible and now to make Will the father of Gabi’s baby.. Good for y’all. Maybe he’ll realize he’s not GAY.. just saying. I love the show, but don’t agree with that topic.

    • Doug Bizzle says:

      I hear ya Liz, my wife got me watching this show about 10 years ago and we watch it everyevening. But now we are thinking about not watching it anymore because the are promoting gays and YES, the bible speaks against it! I dont think the producers realize how many christians watch the show. Maybe if all of us that do watch it, stop watching it, it will go off the air! We are going to give them a few more weeks to stop the gay thing on the show or they will definately lose us as viewers!

    • deb f says:

      Doesn’t the bible also speak against adultry, murder, stealing, lying, just to name a few

  5. will is willing give up hes rights on hes child for sonny to be with sonny but will should stick to hes guns to fight for has rights he has rights to hes child will and sonny desrve to raise this baby together and nick and gabie in prison

  6. barb says:

    The people who are against the gay relationship on Days because it is frowned upon in the Bible? Well so is adultry. You all dont seem to have a problem with Sami laying on the couch in her bra grabbing at EJ’s zipper with the csmera zooming in on that or BradyKristen scenes in bed….isnt that like thr skunk calling the kettle black?

  7. dlbr says:

    Nick is obviously going to try to force Will to give up his rights, by bringing up his father taking the rap for Will. I would think that if Nick really was as reformed as he claimed to be (when he got out of prison), he would have more compassion for Will.

  8. linda taylor says:

    he needs to be in his little girl’s life with out anybody in his way

  9. dlbr says:

    As for the gay story line….I am uncomfortable with the kissing and making out scenes. I just DVR past them. Not interested.

  10. Jennifer says:

    The bible also speaks against adultery but I’m sure you didn’t stop watching the show when that was happening. Grow up!

  11. kitty isley says:

    Slow down guys….this is just a soap opera.

  12. heather dawson says:

    I have been watching this show for decades and feel its good that the writers are exploring a GAY relationship and keeping the viewers up with the times. Whether, ppl like it or not, GLB relationships are happening these days and some of our children maybe involved in them someday. Personally, I have a teenage daughter and if she were, I am NOT going to critisize her or make her feel bad for what makes her happy, its called loving unconditionally. I wish they would get rid of Kristin and Nick. Leave Gabi and Will alone to raise their child and if he and Sonny can reconsile that’s great.

  13. Emily says:

    Everything that happens on a soap is “against the bible.” How about the premarital adulterous sex that is the core of every single story line? Hypocrite.

  14. Jennifer says:

    If they are going to keep promoting this “GAY” shit, it doesn’t need to be on Daytime TV!! Will & Sonny does NOT need to raise that baby!! All you liberals out there that think “Christans” need to conform to the changes in this world! SHAME ON YOU!! You are the “bigots”!!

    • michele says:

      We are bigots? Shame on you. If you don’t like the way the show is going stop watching. I am no christian but time have changed and there is no need to stay in the stone ages. Homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time. Get with the program or leave.
      Am I comfortable seeing them make out no but I’m not going to complain. I am all for gay relationship it’s whatever make the person happy not you 100% of the time. You are not the sun and we do not revolve around you.
      It makes me sick to think that there are people out there who can not accept people for who they are and feel that they should hide who they are because people like you don’t like it.
      Get over it and get over yourself. Do you really think “God” wants all this hatred? I mean it’s not very “Christian like” now is it?

  15. Jeanette says:

    those going on and on about the Bible are being Hypocrites here. I have no problem with what you see as right and wrong. Its your right to like or dislike what ever you want to, but PLEASE stop throwing the bible into this. The bible has ALOT more in it about whats wrong and right. If you believe in the bible so much don’t pick and choose parts of it to dislike something.

    This show and well most shows now a days in no way follow the right in the bible. Cheating, lying, stealing, not honoring thy mother and father, etc. A soap in no way has ever followed the bible. Demons, bringing people back from the dead, cheating, lying, scheming, blackmailing (sometime even their own family), sex out of wedlock, murder, and so on.

    Like I said its your right to be for or against something. The ONLY person we all have to answer too will be the good Lord on judgement day. Its not my place to judge anyone for the choices they make.

  16. If Will signs that paper I’m not watching any longer,,, Will is going to make a great Father,,,, Gabie needs to wake up and smell the Roses as to what Nick is doing,,, Where’s Wills grandfather he could help Will with the Legal aspect,,,,, EJ just stands there and says nothing,,,,,, whats with that,,,, Will is the Father let him be one,,,,,,

  17. I personally think the whole Nick thing is awful. Please quit this story line and get back to Gabi and Will being happy. If you have to send Nick back to prison. I think his obsession has switched from Melanie to Gabi. He has his sick obsessive behavior back and I quite frankly can’t stand it.

  18. Mark Clymer says:

    To the writer of this “article” – how can you be so clueless? Being gay is not a “choice of lifestyle”! It’s 2013 – wake up! To the homophobes and hypocrites, whether you “agree” or not LGBT people exist in this world and Days will not be getting rid of the Gay Thing any time soon. The producers of this show are treating this gay couple exactly the same as opposite sex couples; they love and are loved!

    • TK says:

      Thank you, Mark. I was beginning to think I was the only one that noticed that “choice of lifestyle” garbage. Being LGBT is not a choice, it’s the way the person was born. A person can’t “help” being LGBT anymore than a person can help being born with any physical or mental characteristics that they have.

      Personally I think Days has always gone a bit too far with their lovemaking scenes; we don’t need borderline soft core porn on daytime TV – don’t see too many people complaining about those scenes with the hetro couples. I agree with Nancy’s post – leave it to my imagination. (I don’t know about you, Nancy, but I have a GREAT imagination! LOL)

      The storyline I find disturbing is making Abby being ashamed of being a virgin. Great message to send out to young people: if you’re a virgin and want to wait until marriage to have sex you’re a freak.

      Will & Sonny would make great parents for that baby girl. Send Nick packing and let him take Gabi with him, never liked her anyway, especially after what she pulled on Mel.

  19. Nancy says:

    Come on people, its a soap opera. I don’t like to see so much physical contact between Will and Sonny or any other couple for that matter…leave it to my imagination. What would the show be about if not all the Salem drama, I do think Kristen should meet with an untimely departure, she is just too evil. I have watched this show since before Hope was born…and Julie was a teenager, long long time. I love it and its the only one I watch

  20. Lisa says:

    I think that will should stick to his guns and tell nick that he is involved in this baby’s life forever and to tell him to back off and get a life nick don’t need to be in this baby’s life

  21. Linna says:

    Will should definitely be a part of his daughters life. And I think Will and Sonny would actually make excellent parents, they both have good morals and values. I am not with out sin as God said. so I can not throw any stones!.. And I think that once Nick’s boyfriend gets out of prison as they have been showing him counting down the dates maybe he can straighten Nick out about leaving Will alone.

  22. michele says:

    I just wish this storyline with Nick would end. He’s annoying. He’s nothing to this child and even when/if (we all know DOOL so yes if) Nick and Gabi get married he will still be nothing to this child except a step dad, unless he adopts the baby. He’s nothing more than an annoying little homophob. IDK why they brought him back in the first place. He’s a waste of air time and story.
    And I agree with another comment so is Kristan and she needs to go to..sorry have to add Chloe too. All 3 of them are here for no reason but to waste the hour away. I hate when those 3 story lines are on the same episode.
    Nick needs to get over his obsession he is not the father,. Will is.

  23. Carol says:

    Drama … Nick should’ve slammed Sammy with the no contact/rights order

  24. Kathy Rudi says:

    I agree with Jeanette and Barb about other things that the Bible says that is wrong but, you don’t talk about those bad or wrong things.
    Get rid of Christine & Nick. I still think that Sami and Rafe should get back together, and Will and Sunny together, and Brady and Cloei, I’ll watch always even if it get to a ppint that I don;t like what is going on .

  25. Jenn H. says:

    Of course Will should be the dad, but these writers are making Will out to be such a wus!!!! i have to walk away when he is on. Nick is a bully sure but they need to stop making Will a victim and give him a backbone!!!

  26. linda baird says:

    get read of nick he so under hand doing things behind gabi back i dont think she would like that let will have the baby

  27. Leah Rogers says:

    Give Will a backbone and stand his ground. He needs to be in his baby’s life. Nick needs to have all his crap come out. Kristen and Chloe need to leave the show. Daniel needs to smarten up and see what Chloe is doing. Jennifer needs to become stronger and not so wimpy. Daniel needs to show and believe more in Jennifer. Daniel needs to have his son in his custody for Chloe is not raising him right. As for John he needs to stop all his crap to and get back to loving Marlana like he used to. Where is all the good moral ethics and show of real love for family. Just for a little while.

  28. pam says:

    get rid of Nick. He is getting too big for his pants. Do something with Jennifer & Dan their story line is so stupid. Marlina & John get real. John your so stupid. along with your son. Kristen get off the show. get some new writers. just hat all the story lines that this show is made up of.

  29. susie says:

    you people need to quit with the gay shit it on them if u had a son or daughter that was gay u would have to except it so get over it and as for gabi and nick i hope she dumps him and let her and will and sonny all raise the baby i dont care for gabi but i believe a child should have both parents and get along nick needs to get over himself i am getting tired of watchin it because the stupid ppl they putting back in it to ruin relationships cloe needs to back off and leave jenn and daniel alone sammi needs to be with rafe and kristin and brady need to part and brady and cloe would be ok i dont like her so she could leave the show and damiel and jen raise there baby with visitation for cloe if it keeps going i wont be watching it anymore niether will some in my family

  30. Will will be a great father and Gabby a good mom, Nick needs to go hes NUTS

  31. NICOLE says:

    i think Nick needs to get killed off the show. i hope sami’s plan to butter up stefano works and they kill nick or hurt him PRETTY BAD.

  32. yvonne says:

    yes i do

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