Why I Loved Angelique Bouchard!

I was already attracted to the horror genre as a young child in the mid ’80s, so you can imagine my joy when I discovered reruns of the classic television series “Dark Shadows.” The shows were timed perfectly so that I could watch them after school, and my parents were glad that I was finally showing an interest in something that wasn’t gory.

I fell into the story line about half way through the series, but I became obsessed with finding out everything that there was to know about the world of “Dark Shadows.” Because there was no such thing as the Internet back then, I had to rely on the occasional retrospective magazine article and old “Dark Shadows” novels that I found at flea markets and garage sales.

As I began to piece together the full story line, I developed a fascination with the character of Angelique Bouchard Collins. If not for her, the entire plot of the show would not have existed, and even as a child I quickly picked up on the importance of the character.

It did not matter that there were often long stretches during which Angelique would not appear. Her defining action of turning Barnabas into a vampire because he spurned her was always a major aspect of the show, regardless of whether or not her character was being discussed.

Thanks to the release of the series on VHS, I was finally able to sit down and watch every episode during the mid ’90s. At this point I had just reached the legal age of adulthood, and I found myself even more enthralled by the series now that I could more fully understand some of the nuances of each character.

After having been spurned myself by a love interest, I was able to appreciate where Angelique was coming from. She may not have gone after Barnabas in the purest of ways, but her love for him was very real to her, and she could not stand the thought of living without him. These themes resonated very strongly with the 18-year-old woman who I was at that time, and Angelique became one of my favorite characters.

As the episodes were again released, this time on DVD, I began to collect them and watched them at different stages in my life. Now that I have reached my mid ’30s, I relate to the moment of anguish that Angelique experienced when she realized what her anger had done to the love of her life.

She was doomed to carry that knowledge forever, whether she was appearing as a ghost or as Cassandra Blair, and this was the defining point of her character. She may not have always acted in a manner that made it obvious that she suffered from what she did, but her actions are clearly the result of balancing her feelings of shame with her natural instincts for self-preservation and the creation of chaos. For this reason alone, Angelique is a compelling character, and I enjoy every moment that she is on the screen.


  1. Rob Stackley says:

    Maureen MCormick was my first love; Lara parker was my second. 30 years later, I too found a video store that carried every VHS volume and i fell in love with her all over again. (They still do, by the way – Valve Video on Ogden Ave. in Berwyn!) My most profound memory of Angelique is not her captivating eyes or her enchanting smile…no, it is the reaction of the women with whom I watch “Dark Shadows”, all of whom share the same thought: “Oh my God, I love Angelique…and I SO WISH I had her powers…Barnabas got off lucky with her, if it was ME…” I try to tread softly around these women. Angelique…the Scarlett O’Hara of the 60′s!

  2. Virginia Moon says:

    I have watched Darke shadows since I was 8 years old that’s 40 years, but I believe you are mistaken about the Angelique character she is more like Ashton from the North and the South movie or Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. She did not care that her employer Joeset was in love with Barnabas and that Barnabas was in love with her, she just wanted the power of the Collin Wood family name as in the beginning she was a mere hand maiden who fell for Barnabas good looks and money. However Angelique was a powerful character in that she was one of the sexiest Divas of that time period. But like Glen Close if she could not have Barnabas no one could. She used her black magic to cast spells on several people during the time period to get what she wanted. including the prisoner out on work release BEN who was working for Roger Collins. Yes a magnificent actress but an evil diva all the same. My favorite was Maggie Evans and Victoria Winters they were the real victims and the heroins in this series. I loved the series also when Quentin was in it, who was also a victim of Angelic. Quentin and Barnabas is like Jake and Edwards of Twilight the wolf man and the vampire but fantastically handsome and gentlemanly yet both has the darker secret to them that they try to control.

    • Donna says:

      I watched Dark Shadows also from the very first episode and have the entire series on vcr and most on dvd, But you sre mistaken about Angelique. Rob S, is correct – Barnabus had an affair with Angelique before he was engaged to Josette. Then when he found out Josette was interested in him he dumped Angelique. You know what they say about a woman scorned. I had absolutely no sympathy for Barnabus only for those who loved him and suffered. And if you remember Angelique saved Barnabus and ended up losing her own life and then Barnabus realized he loved her all along.

  3. Patti Harvey says:

    Gr8 article!! Was a big fan of this show as well as a kid and so were all my friends. LOVED Angelique and to this day no one has nailed that role any better than Lara Parker. I got an autographed 8X10 directly from her in the mail and signed. Lara Parker is the nicest actress you’ll ever write to and to this day I call still hear that signature sinister laughter of hers when I do something ‘bad.’ Nice to see this on Facebook today and the tour on memory lane, thank you.

    • Jaime Lynn says:

      I have met Lara Parker several times at the Dark Shadowa festivals. She is the best and my favorite character. I have a framed 8×10 autographed picture i got from her personally. I love that picture will cherish it forever. Terry Crawford (Beth) is also a very wonderful person. I got a huge hug from her, she is a doll!

  4. Jose Ocasio says:

    She was my favorite charcter next to Barnabas!

  5. maryh3 says:

    People watch soap operas for the passion, drama, excitement, romance, and the intense emotions, stories and situations that our mere mortal lives lack, and which we do not dare pursue. It was the character of Angelique, played so perfectly by Parker that gave Dark Shadows that intensity, passion and spice like no other character could. A bad girl harboring an obsessive, possessive love created a fantastic, passionate dynamic character that Parker somehow made believable and mesmerized the audience. When she came on the screen, we all held our breaths, for you never knew what she would do. She always acted out of passion, never logic. The writers were wise in giving her a weakness, a vulnerability to win the love of the intensely passionate, romantic but tragic, Byronic hero of Barnabas. Their emotional and dramatic love-hate relationship created intensity and passion which we could enjoy vicariously from a safe distance and made all the other soap operas look boring in comparison. Without Angelique, Dark Shadows would have been just another soap opera.

  6. Frank Holmes says:

    I too adored Angelique as a child, running home after kindergarten & 1st grade to see her. As I’ve aged, I have become even more amourous and I really appreciate every facet of Lara Parker’s characterization…eyes, laugh, voice & great acting abilities. Lara Parker personified the role of Angelique to perfection, it’s really ashame that her wonderful interpretation was not realized in the 2012 film. Lara Parkers’ Angelique will forever be “DARK SHADOWS” to me.

  7. Annette says:

    Angelique Bouchard was one of the great villainesses of all time, but hardly a heroine. She was more Alex Forrest of Fatal Attraction long before there was a Fatal Attraction. Her bitter jealousy and obsession for a man who wasn’t even hers (Barnabas was already in love with Josette when he had his fling with Angelique) wrecked havoc on everyone. People died, Barnabas was cursed with an existence as one of the undead and anyone who loved him was doomed to die.

  8. Silverwolf says:

    Yea I had a crush on Angelique since I first saw her on TV when I was 8 years old in 1967. I was smitten with her alluring eyes, high cheekbones and overall raw sexiness. I thought I had seen “pretty” blondes in the street walking home from school. But even at that early age I knew a babe, a fox, when I saw one. All other blondes were “dogs” compared to her.

  9. Gail says:

    Yes Angelique is my ultimate favorite and her being so beautiful is a plus.But without Angelique there would be no storyline.There would be no Dark Shadows at all.Thank Lara Parker you are truly an amazing actress.I was 11 yrs old when I first started to watch the show.I was told by the Nun is school is was not a good thing to watch and to stop watching it.I was totally confused.I love Barnabas LOL

  10. Terry Shackelford says:

    I love Angelique! She was so beautiful…..and still is. I was 10 years old and would home to watch her and Barnabas (Jonathan Frid, whom I adored) fight each other with nasty words. And then, Barnabas was going to marry Josette, I couldn’t believe it! Angelique loves you and you said you loved her too. But, at the very end, he admitted that he DID love her…..more than anything……then she DIED! Oh well, at least he told her. Barnabas and Angelique.

  11. Beth says:

    For the record I am a 45 year old woman. As a young child I had 3 TV crushes Lara Parker was the first and longest lasting. The second was Kathryn Leigh Scott, and the third was Miyoshi Umeki (mrs livingston on eddies father). Something about Lara’s portrayal of Angelique just got to me. The longing for love when she was forbidden to, those gorgeous eyes, her strong willed approach to everything, and of course her voice. I was just looking at a current picture of her and she is still yummy. Barnabas truly was a total cad when it came to her, and I honestly never blamed her for being as hurt and pissed as she was with him. Long Live Angelique.. P.S. Santa.. I’ve been a very good witch this year.. could you maybe drop her off here?

  12. Gail says:

    Angelique is so beautiful and her eyes are compelling.I love her because she will not under any cirumstances tolerate anyone being disrespectful or betray her.If only we all put incantations on people who have betrayed us,what a world it would be

  13. Gail says:

    I watched Dark Shadows because at that time we did not have VCR’s.I watched because My Aunt told me to watch it and to tell her about it because she had to go to work.My entire family on both sides love Dark Shadows.I really love the show and it is one of my all time best shows,ever.I collected magazines and clippings of the show.I still have them.I was so upset when the show was canceled how could they do this? My cousin and I watched the show faithfully I never missed the episode even in the summer when I was in the pool.I get out of the pool and I would have to see the show regardless.Time stood still LOL.I did go to a Dark Shadows fair in NYC,on my birthday.It was kind of quirky but loved it just the same.I loved when Angelique was in control and I did not like when the warlock,Nicholos Blair would try to control her.No No this can not be.Angelique must be the one in control.She’s the best.Sadly I never met Jonathan Frid..all of them are amazing actors and actress’ who put Hollywood to shame.They did it live ..where those celebrities do it in how many takes? The cast is the best!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I think it is important to separate out the three incarnations of Angelique in order to develop sympathy for the character.

    The Original Angelique’s actions were less egregious than her Film and Revival counterparts. The Revival Angelique and Film Angelique were textbook definition evil and murdered people. Film Angelique murdered Barnabas’ parents and directly caused Josette, through a spell, to walk off the cliff at Widow’s Hill.

    Revival Angelique was a murderer as well and caused Jeremiah’s death in the duel so that Josette would hate Barnabas’ forever and IRC, she caused the deaths of Josette and Sarah directly.

    Original Angelique sought only to hurt Barnabas. Her spells indirectly caused a lot of deaths but Josette, Jeremiah, Sarah, Naomi, and everyone else who died within weeks and days of each other during Victoria’s return to the past were caused by reactions to her spells. Barnabas challenged Jeremiah to a duel and shot and killed him. Angelique had not cast a spell on the bullet as she did in the Revival. Josette accidentally fell to her death off of Widow’s Hill while fleeing Barnabas in terror. Grant you Angelique had a hand in that because she showed Josette a terrifying vision of herself and Barnabas’ vampire bride but running wildly through the forest in tears and terror and mistaking the cliffside for terra firma was not Angelique’s goal.

    In fact, almost all of Angelique’s spells came back to bite her. When Jeremiah died, his ghost would not let her alone. Barnabas killed her as a direct result of her curse on him. She attempted murder on Sarah twice. She might have loved Barnabas but she forgot a central fact of her time period: she was servant. It did not matter WHAT Barnabas might have said to her in the heat of passion, he had no previous intention of marrying her, Josette or not. Angelique was attempting, boldly, to rise above her station in that time period and just didn’t get it when Barnabas would rather have married the virginal and high born Josette rather than her lowly ladies’ maid.
    The fact that Angelique had to still serve the woman who stole Barnabas’ heart, I am sure, did not help matters at all and Angelique, despite her powers, went about it all wrong like a true lovesick heroine.

    It’s easy to forgive Original Angelique of her crimes but not her Film and Revival counterparts. In fact, Film Angelique should have given up that torch decades earlier when she gain fortune and fame over the Collins family by destroying their fishing and canning business and practically running the town of the Collinsport.

  15. Darker Shadows says:

    Most guys would not have done what Barnabas did. They would have kept both Josette and Angelique on the side.

    The entire Dark Shadows series would have, thus, fizzled out around episode 210 after Liz admitted she’d “killed” her husband Pauil Stoddard, Jason ran away with a last minute robbery of some sort in the Old House and Liz’s brother admitted to Burke that he’d framed him to go to jail.

  16. Darker Shadows says:

    In other words, Dark Shadows taught me that it would be healthier not to “do the right thing” and decide between two women who loved me. It would only make one of them overly angry.

    And I’m not joking. Barnabas was my hero but I learned what not to do from him.

    And, as proof that I benefitted from the lesson, I’m not a member of the undead now. ;)

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