Why I Love Sami And EJ!

sami and ej

“A Tender Moment”

 On May 30, 2006, I gasped when EJ Wells opened his apartment door clad only in a towel to come face-to-face with Samantha Brady. As an avid Salem watcher, I knew I was in for a ride. Since that fateful day, EJ and Sami have had ups and downs to equal that of any roller coaster and I have been riding with them.

No matter what, I love Sami and EJ and I am not alone. A recent poll of those who watch Days of our Lives reveals that more than 75 percent of viewers want Sami and EJ to be together.

EJ has repeatedly declared that Sami is the love of his life and when he just looks at her, either from across the room or up close and personal, I know he means it. His adoration and depth of his love are apparent.

When EJ asked Sami to marry him in July 2010 he said the words, “I’ve always loved you… I can’t fully describe the place you hold in my heart…let me love you.” I knew then that no one could ever take the place of EJ and Sami in my heart and that I will always love them together. No matter who else they might be temporarily with, the love they have for each other is the only love that is real.

They are soul mates. They accept one another unconditionally–most of the time. They are alike in so many ways. Both are capable of pretty devious acts but they make each other better.

A few years ago, EJ helped Sami work on her resume. He emphasized her assets with the look of love in his eyes and my own heart melted. When Sami recently told EJ, who is being framed for murder, that he is not alone and she believes in him, I was as happy as EJ to hear Sami say those words.

It is true that they have treated each other poorly in the past. It was disappointing that EJ forced Sami to have sex with him in exchange for helping her save Lucas’ life. I was also disappointed that EJ arranged for their daughter to be kidnapped so Sami would turn to him for help and solace. But then, Sami shot EJ in the head while he was sleeping so I call them even.

Their incredible ability to forgive each other for the most heinous wrongs is another thing to love about EJ and Sami. EJ has forgiven Sami for both times she did not tell him she was pregnant. He forgave her for shooting him. Sami has forgiven EJ for the forced sex situation and for arranging the kidnapping of their child. While they are not so generous with forgiving other people who they believe have wronged them, they always forgive each other.

The actors, James Scott and Alison Sweeney, have incredible chemistry. As one fan said, EJ and Sami “are connected body and soul, they bring an undeniable spark and energy to each other and to the show.”


  1. Chloe says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!! Sami and EJ have such a scorching chemistry between them, it’s amazing. Lucas is just a whiner and incredibly annoying. I was so disappointed when he came back and Sami took him back. He annoyed me the last time he was on the show, and the time before that.

    • Kirsten says:

      Yeah, I thought maybe this time Lucas came back he would have grown up and not been so whiney! I am glad I am not the only one. With his looks I would hope he would have better acting skills…Little Tom Cruise, but no! I love Sammy and EJ together. SMOKEN!

  2. tina hackney says:

    I love days of our lives i have been watching now for over 20 years i have watched sammie grow up and yes i love sammie and i love her with EJ

    • Pat Arnold says:

      Can somone PLEASE tell me Did Days of our Life go off air ? I have not seen them on the Soap TV from Friday July27 !!! I love this show What happened to my Favorite Soap, And yes Ej and Sammi Should be together..

  3. jay says:

    Sami and EJ rock

  4. Nancy Vee says:

    The show has been pre-emted because of the Olympics, it will return on Aug. 13th.

  5. Fran says:

    Days will start up again August 3rd due to the Olympics…
    I am tired of E.J. And Sammi’s off and on again relationship! I have a feeling that it is going to be on again real soon!!

  6. Debbie says:

    Don’t like EJ I ve been watching since Sammie and Lucas were teens. They belong together.

  7. amber says:

    I absolutely LOVE EJ and Sami together.. I did like Rafe at first, and they were a good couple, but the chemistry wasnt there. I though maybe that Id like sami and lucus, cut that was a no too. Sami and EJ does have this great chemistry and attraction to one another. Now that Stephano is “out of the way” and nicole is with whoever else.. they should be together. It would make johnny and sydney happy and will finally likes EJ and Im sure ally wouldnt mind. I do however, not want Sami and Lucus to end on bad terms.

  8. Carolyne Coleman says:

    I think sami and EJ are just a like and I’ve watch for a very long time always rec. at 1:00. EJ has let the best woman go Nicole would do anything for him….

  9. Judy Lake says:

    Oh….I miss “Day’s of Our Lives”….I’m anxious to see what’s going on.Love,love,love !!

  10. Judy Lake says:

    Have u ever thought Stephano is somehow coming back? It was just one of his tricks. Don’t know how he’d come back since we all saw him at the funeral….But…It’s Stephano,anything is possible with him.What do u think ????????

  11. martha says:

    I love says I watch days no for 21. Years here in south africa!!!and I. Love it!!!!

  12. clarissa price says:

    i complacently agree!!!!!! i love them together they are the best part of the show. they are the only reason i watch it at all…. those to a beautiful together… hot steamy and yes soul mates…

  13. Deb says:

    James Scott (EJ from Days) would make a perfect Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey!

  14. Christy says:

    Rafe is better for Sammy! One he is totally hot, two he made her a better person, three he loved her and the kids. Why did he have to get involved with Carrie?

  15. Vivivienne Swartz says:

    I am living in South Africa and e are watchimg episodes of about two years back ( I think) EJ is just uncovering the big secret of Nicole and their baby Sydney. I jave been waiting for this moment for weeks. Can’t wait to see how Sammy and him will respond when they discover that Sydney is their child. A reunification is inevitable. Like Rave, but she belongs with EJ.

  16. Christel Trulson says:

    They do belong together plus they have kids together. Can we have more core families and not so many broken ones. Rafe should go with Nicole!! I think they would be great together!!

  17. aprilgutierres says:

    Sami and Ej are everywhere you look Facebook, Twitter, youtube & more!!!!!!! I don’t understand why the show is sinking fast & they won’t use there secret weapon!!!!!! They have a classic love story to tell that 75& of the viewers want to see!!!!!!! I read am article that sais there were five thousand Ejami fans! Mr. Corday LIsten up Buddy there are probably millions!!!!!!!! You are sitting on a pot of gold & if I was you I would take advantage og it!!!!! I dont know how come the focus groups dont tell you the truth. You are wrong about what we want to see! We dont want little teasers here & there, Honestly I dont think the show is going to make itif you dont!!!!!!!!! OI dont care if Tomlin created rafe & he is great. He cant save the show Ejami all the way Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need a writer I am acailable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i think sammie and e j needs to be together they are good together and stay together i hate it when they break up and make up dont anyone staytogether on soaps any more

  19. Grace says:

    Agree!!! Chemistry with the actors really translates well. its exciting to watching Ali and James. Galen puts me to sleep.

  20. Mary says:

    When are TPTB going to get a clue about the ratings Sami and EJ bring?

    They brought them in during their griefsex, they brought them during the cliffhanger.

    Rafe enters the picture and they’re right back down to where they were during the previous 3 years of Safe.

  21. J Skinner says:

    I am always for EJ and Sami, and I have written so many posts about why they should stay together — I have to get the kudos to Sammie, Allison Sweeney, a great actress and how lucky..

  22. Elizabeth Roland says:

    i like sammie with E,J ; they are the better pair; rafe can be double standared; he not only went after sammies sister; he lied and acted like he was sleeping with nicole; her worst enemy; and said he was the babys father; sammie and ej have better chemistry together; plus the kids! make it happen days!

  23. Betty says:

    I love EJ and Sami; always have ever since he appeared at the door wrapped only in a towel! The tango scene is unbelievably sexy! The proposal with EJ in the fishing hat is adorable and heartfelt! I believe they are soul mates and are two peas in a pod who will do whatever it takes to get to their agenda! EJ loves Sami with all of his heart and loves the good, bad and in between! We need Sami to realize that she loves EJ! I only hope that this time around, TPTB at Days realize what a gold mine they have in JS and AS and write them the love story that their fans have wanted for 6 years! GO EJAMI!

  24. Ruth Ellen Hill says:

    Oh for me it has always been EJ and Sami, I love the on again off again relationship, great writers, keep up the good work!!! ♥

  25. annPHILIPS says:

    When will Days end this on again and off again with Sammie and EJ. I wish the writers would let him turn a clean leaf and those two become a model couple on SOAPS

  26. KAY L, says:

    i think Sammy should be with Rafe he is the better man EJ is a crook and always will be he and Nichole belong together they are just alike Sammy is a better person when she is with Rafe and they play the part so well so let them be and mess with someone else

  27. Liza says:

    For me it’s always been Sami & EJ! I have been waiting YEARS for a real love story to develop among this pairing! I hope the writers finally realize they must commit to the story and let EJami do the rest! Their chemistry is off the charts. It’s time to ssh** or get off the pot Days!!! :)

  28. PABWECG says:

    Sami and EJ…of course!

    This is a soap. It’s not about whether one person makes another person “better”, or whether they “deserve” each other. It’s about drama, spark, passion, and fire. And Ejami have that in spades!

  29. Jessica says:

    We have waited years for EJami. Tptb have finally made the decision to go with a REAL EJami storyline! I can’t wait!!

  30. Canuckmom3 says:

    I can’t get enough of EJ and Sami…!! The chemistry between those two is indescribable!! We have been teased and tormented for 6 years…Please put us out of our misery and give us what we want!! EJAMI!!! James and Allie are fantastic together and they ignite the screen!! Thank you!!

  31. Janie Perkins says:

    Sami and EJ are perfect together. They both have such chemistry when around each other that it just explodes with imagination. For Sami and Rafe it is just too comfortable with not near the spice in the relationship and with Lucas as well. Keep Sami and EJ together and keep the heat rolling.

  32. Sue Brauda says:

    I think Sami and EJ
    are a great couple couple!!!
    they complement each other.
    you can feel the love.yet there is fire.
    you never no what to expect next.
    They are a very hot item.that is what people want
    to see.They are great!!!!!!

  33. Donna Booth says:

    EJ and Sami all the way. She is boring with Lucas. Rafe was good for her…once upon a time. EJ is her soal mate. She can be Sami with him. I love when they are together causing trouble around them. They keep me watching the show.

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