Why DOOL Was So Much Better Before

After 47 years the Brady’s and the Horton’s and then some, are still at it. Okay, so this is the longest running T.V. soap, and granted during its heyday the screenplay was to cry for. But nowadays, well Days of Our Lives (DOOL) just seems DULL.


Favorite Plots

Out of all the oldies but goodies the plot that revolved around the rape of Laura (Horton) by Bill (Horton) is still the best! Why? It’s because Mickey Horton is the husband of Laura and the brother of Bill. It’s also because it resulted in Michael and the, oh so riveting plot of his true parentage.

Another favorite plot is the amnesiac Tom Horton Jr. who could have anyone he wanted but then decides to romance his sister. Talk about tragic! And who can forget about the Jack the Ripper inspired Salem strangler plot. I could go on and on about these.


Secret to Success

Okay, for those of you who are clueless as to why the show is so (or was) worth watching it can be summed up in a few words, “The show tackled topics that no other show would dare touch”. And it did so, oh so slow and in an overly dramatized manner that squeezed every emotion out of you. The actors and actresses with the beautiful smiles, well-manicured hands and of course all those, at the time, intense kissing scenes. What can I say, sex sells, and central to most of the storylines is sex and the complications that arise because of it.


Now for My Rants

In my mind the staff thought, “it’s been more than three decades why don’t we just sit back, relax and be safe”. But that is the exact opposite of the secret formula to DOOL! Cases in point are the following:

• Who hired who to make Chloe a prostitute

• Who the hell are Austin & Carrie?

• EJ & Sami sleep together (okay, that was a bit good, I was just shocked)

• Nikki is an alcoholic (and then what?)

• And the Grammy goes to EVERYONE OF THE CHILDREN IS ALIVE! (come on at least kill of 1 or 2)


My Analysis

Generally speaking Days of Our Lives still got some life in it. The problem is the series is taped way in advance that the staff cannot really gauge the audience’s reaction to the existing plot. By the time they realize, “crap this plot isn’t rating!”, they have already shot 10 to 20 episodes. So the viewers have to wait for the plot to close and a new one to emerge….and hopefully this one won’t suck.

What do you think? Am I the only one feeling a bit frustrated?


  1. Theresa Hunter says:

    Yes, I think you are way off base. If you are like myself a life long DOLL viewer, and fan then you know that it is and forever will be the number one watched daytime drama. Why, because we realize that in real life or in drama not everything happens and changes over night. Lots of plots and such brew over time and we as people as a whole do not take change easily so why would a daytime drama try and throw things back to back and different every week or even month at us. We are creatures of habit and even if we do change up it is with reluctance most of the time. I don’t think that throwing different things at a audience all the time gets them anywhere. You say why not make it like it was years ago?
    Well, if that were what they were doing then they wouldn’t have Will coming out of the closet and announcing he is gay, nor would they be showing scenes of him and Sunny going to bed together, they wouldn’t have Eric come back as a priest and have him having dreams about Nicole and beginning to have doubts about his decision to be a priest, they also would never have brought back Christen to try and move in on John only to make Marlana seem to be paranoid and lets say going a bit nuts now would they. As far as the Carrie and Austin being back in Salem I personally think they should have never been brought back to begin with I don’t think either of them can act and just need to go do whatever it was that they were doing before the return.

    Sorry to have gone on about this but I think you are way off base. I have watched DOLL for 41 years and will watch it till the day I die.

  2. Angela Welch says:

    You are correct…………..Day’s is not near as exciting as it was in the 70′s and 80′s…….. beside’s the Bo and Hope thing ( Peter Reckell in these last years was just a little boring to watch, but which really surpirsed me) I liked the Princess Gina…… and Marlana’s episodes of possession and such…………. the 70′s as you mention the Bill, Mickey and all of the Horton’s when they were still young and alive! But I don’t want Day’s to leave the air, I just keep hanging on wishin’ that they would some how bring some excitement back…………

  3. Mary says:

    It is time to take us back to the tension, stress, excitement of the 80s and 90s. The current writers are clueless as to what the fans want. It is time to DUMP these writers and bring in fresh talent that have watched the past years to see the evil of the DiMeras, yes bring Tony back. EJ and Kristen are grating my nerves right now and that is good. I hate what the writers are doing to John and Marlena. It is disgusting to say the least. Bring us back to the love and strong bond between Marlena and Johh. Bring back Shane and Kim (they are loved by so many) and the ISA drama, I am not sure if I want to see Sami with EJ together again. That story line has been done and redone. It is mystery, drama, intrigue and excitement of it being almost impossible to wait for the next day to view the soap . These writers are surely killing “Days” one script at a time.

  4. Linda Brown says:

    In the beging There was some morrals and standards .Now its any thing gos. I am so sick of Stefino,He loves his children but he can disown them in a heart beat.If people think Necole is an acolholic take a look at EJ, All he does is drink and plan his next conquest. And the gay story line is sicking.I wish they would ALL go back in the closet,There are teenagers out there watching this that are already loaded with prblems,Please dont make worse

  5. donna thomas says:

    I have been a faithful fan od DOOL for as long as I can remember watcihng TV !! I must admit that these past months have been MESSED UP , Thank goodness for DVR ! 1st ~I fast forward through ALL scenes of Will and Sonny > not for being gay but to make Will gay !!?? 2nd~Jennifer , I USE to love >> not now, PLEASE do not make her and Daniel a couple !! 3rd~ Nichole belongs with Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4th~As for the Sammy,Rafe and EJ triangle >> love em all 3 so don’t think it matters who Sammy ends up with >> fans will be content ! 5th~~Bring BO BACK >> DOOL is NOT DOOL without him !! 6th ~ Brady and Christin >> PLEASE DON’T !! 7th~ Bringing back more older actors >> is a possitive thing..8th~Rafe and Jennifer > might be good..9th~ Stephano >> gotta admit he does keep things goimg ! 10th ~ I also thing that Abe and Kayla >> would be good together, at least it would be worth trying..11th ~ Having Will and Gabby together and raising their baby > would be far more interesting than leaving as is with Nick..12th~ Need to spice up the roles of Victor >> and as for Maggie > I just don’t know… 13th~ Roman,Kate and Billie > not going anywhere, and need to, do not need for them to leave show !

  6. Karen says:

    Some people are going to hate me, but lose Marlena and John. They are predictable and both are over actors. Bo needs to come back, but for gosh sake, given him and Hope an interesting story line. The Will and Sonny storyline is ok, but it is too graphic for many of the people who are not of the generation that understands or relates to how it is in the world now. Sammy needs Rafe, and they need to find a way to make that work but still have its issues, because lets face it, Sammy is Sammy. I think the Abe and Kayla storyline would be great. Days needs an interracial couple. I also would like to see one of the ‘kids” serve in the military and deal with post traumatic stress, as this is something we have with our soldiers returning from Afghanistan and would be current and relevant. Keep the romance, push the envelope, but do things with taste and understanding for the large age gap and multiple generations watching.

  7. Tammi says:

    I have been a long time Days watcher, too. I am not happy with many of the storylines that are on today. It is a DULL show. There are days when I don’t even watch. There used to be such interesting story lines that I couldn’t wait to watch the show each and every day, but not anymore! No intrigue, suspense, drama, action, etc. There is even very little when it comes to passion anymore, except between the gay couples which is too much PDA for me. You don’t see that anywhere else.

    Kristin is the only “bad” person on the show. Why isn’t Stefano acting on a regular basis? What about the rest of the Dimeras? There needs to be conflict and intrigue and suspense like there used to be on the show.

    Kate is even turning out to be a nice person! Nice people are boring.

    John and Marlena are wasted talent. They have no chemistry and no part on the show. No good storylines.

    Even Bo and Hope were BORING because of not having good storylines.

    The only drama is the love triangles which is getting OLD quickly.

    I hope that Days can survive. Needs major improvement.

  8. sandy says:

    so Hope and Bo are a lost pair? Hope doesn’t seem to care- and how about the beloved child. Ciara? makes no sense….but then it;s a soap!

    Is Eric going to wake up from his attack wit amnesia so he and Nicole can be an item? hope not!

  9. Carol says:

    It’s so boring. The storyline with Daniel and Chloe is the same as the storyline with Brady and that old Kristen. Put chloe with Kristen. How’s that. Let Sonny and Will raise the baby, seriously. There is no warm fuzzies happening on DOOL. Used to be some evil plots and some people in love, now theres nothing to feel good about. Get a grip guys.

  10. kitty isley says:

    Think the show is getting a bit boring….and I’ve only been watching for three years. It confusing to me as it seems that so many people are kin to each other that some might be dating their own relative! Would like to see some new people come to town. Marlena, John, Nick, Kristen & Chloe could leave the show and it would not bother me. Soaps are not suppose to be “real” life but this one is getting a bit far fetched. That’s all…Bye

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