Who’s Going to Get the Money?

Who can forget that massive pile of money Skyler had stashed in the storage unit?  With the final eight episodes looming, it’s hard not to speculate what might become of it all.  I can think of only a handful of possible scenarios, although the writers could very easily have yet another unforeseeable twist up their sleeves.

If Vince Gilligan and crew decide to go the most obvious route, the DEA will find out about the storage unit once Hank sets his men on Walt’s trail.  After all, it took little effort for them to track down the safe deposit boxes used to pay off Mike’s men, and although Skyler is shrewd when it comes to finances, she might not be able to erase every piece of the paper trail.  Regardless of who ends up arrested or dead, the DEA agents will likely find their venture even more profitable than they could have imagined.

It’s possible that Skyler will find a way to set up the kids with college funds, but unless she has the money stashed under an untraceable false identity (or decides to bury it somewhere far out in the desert before the arrest warrants are issued), it is likely that neither will see a dime of it.  There will be no question as to where Walt found the funds to buy two brand new sports cars, not to mention the money to pay for Hank’s rehabilitation, and as a result, the agents will keep digging until they find all of it.

There’s also always the possibility that Walt will remove as much as he can carry before going on the run.  He does pay a large sum of cash for a small arsenal in “Gliding Over All,” and it’s not entirely impossible that Skyler and the kids end up on the run as well—with their own duffel bags stuffed full of money.  Still, it doesn’t seem likely.

If the writers cannot find a way put the money in Walt Jr. and Holly’s hands, I would like to see them go for the most unexpected of outcomes.  I think it would be as satisfying as it would be twisted to see Walt and Skyler both taken out of the picture—either in police custody or dead—and for the storage unit to go unpaid long enough for it to go to auction.  How ironic would it be to see an uncountable mountain of money unpaid for and some nobody stumbling into instant wealth for a meager few hundred dollars?

What do you think will happen to it?  Where would you have it go if it were up to you?

Leigh M. Lane is a speculative fiction author whose works span from sci-fi to horror.  Her most recent full-length works are The Hidden Valley Horror, Finding Poe, World-Mart, and Myths of Gods.  For more about her work, go to her website at http://www.cerebralwriter.com.


  1. Mark Jackson says:

    Don’t forget we have a Kleptomaniac in the family :)

  2. JustinZode says:

    You’re absolutely wrong on the last count: if it went unpaid for long enough to go to auction, their would be nothing left: without Skyler to come in regularly to spray for silverfish, the wretched many-legged creepy-crawlies would feast upon the pile of bills leaving an empty storage unit. Never forget the silverfish.

  3. Phil Simon says:

    I have two thoughts. Either the Nazis or Declund will find out about it. After all, I doubt that Walt can just “get out” without any repercussions.

    I noticed in the final episode that he only gets caught when he lets his guard down and stops being Heinsenberg.

    Regardless, I can’t wait to find out what happens. Best show on TV. Ever.

    • Alexis Harrington says:

      I agree with you, Phil Simon. In the last episode when Walt decided to just walk away, I didn’t think that was realistic at all. He knows how deeply involved he is and no one is going to let him do that. It was pretty flimsy.

      As for the cash, maybe there will be a fire at the storage facility. I don’t know how indestructible those places are, but paper burns well . . .

  4. Chowhall says:

    Sorry, the storage auction wouldn’t happen. I believe the storage owners usually take a peek inside before they auction it off. What if there’s dead bodies in there, or something illegal?

  5. boxerboy says:

    If you remember last season, Walt hd a visit for his cancer. and somebody had punched the restroom towel dispenser as though they had received bad news… a little forshadowing….my guess is Walt lays down on the pile of money laughing and DIES on top the pile of money

  6. shulgidude says:

    This is a great topic for discussion. I would still like to see that the last episodes are showing how walt cleans up all his ties to everyone and then just lives happily ever after with skyler and the kids. I know this wont happen because you just cant show a bad guy getting away clean on television. The bottom line is that if walt hadnt been making the meth, someone else would have. The addicts would still be getting it from somewhere. So why not have Walt retire and if some people step in his way he can buy them off, or if they wont let him buy them off he might have to dispose of them. Either way he has enough money to shut anyone up right now, even Hank. I do believe that walt will give Jesse more and then make sure his family is provided for no matter what. After all, thats what started it all, was his concern for his family.

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