Who Will Get the Ricin?

Originally prepared to kill Gus, temporarily suspected to have poisoned Andrea’s son, Brock, and nearly used to get Lydia out of Walt’s way, the ricin capsule has passed through a few different hands and has been the potential death of at least a couple of characters.  Now once again hidden behind the electrical outlet cover in Walt and Skyler’s bedroom, it begs the question: Whom will it end up killing?  With Gus dead, and Mike now also out of the picture, there are only a handful of prospective recipients:


Walt has proven he has no true loyalties, and should Jesse fall out of line or prove to be a threat to the operation, it’s very possible Walt will decide he’s better off dead.  Now that he thinks the capsule is lost, he would make an easy and unsuspecting target.  Granted, Jesse has proven he is smarter than anyone could have imagined at the beginning of the series, but Walt has also proven he has the tact and manipulative skills to deceive just about everyone else in the cast.


As she and Walt grow increasingly distant, she may become a liability as far as Walt is concerned, especially where it comes to their children.  Should he fall back into the meth production business, and should she suspect it, he might decide her usefulness to him has played its course.  She has demonstrated how formidable of an opponent she can be, manipulating their situation just as easily as he has manipulated her, and should she threaten Walt’s standing with Walt Jr. and Holly, it might come at a fatal price.


Hank’s a smart man and likely will not tip his hand until he’s sure of an arrest, but Walt has been a step ahead of him throughout the series and may discover his cover has been blown before Hank is ready to take him down.  While this scenario is unlikely, the dynamics between the two of them being far too compelling to end before the series finale, it is still a distinct possibility.


A more likely scenario, should Walt discover Hank is on his trail, might be for Walt to poison Marie in an attempt to crush Hank into submission.  Hank has shown how easily he can be broken through tragedy, and Walt could very well use that to his advantage.

Walt Jr. or Holly

There is always the possibility that one of the children will happen upon the capsule.  All it would take would be for Skyler to move the nightstand to vacuum and the screw holding the outlet cover to be stripped, and the ricin could end up lost—just waiting to be found by a crawling baby willing to put anything in her mouth or an angry teen willing to experimentally pop an unknown pill in his defiance.

While there are likely other possible victims, the above are the most likely.  What do you think?

Leigh M. Lane is a speculative fiction author whose works span from sci-fi to horror. Her most recent full-length works are The Hidden Valley HorrorFinding PoeWorld-Mart, and Myths of Gods. For more about her work, go to her website at http://www.cerebralwriter.com.


  1. AlexisMH says:

    What if Walt takes the ricin? He’s got a death sentence anyway with his health. Maybe if when discovery of his guilt is a real possibility, he might decide to end it all.

  2. Cynthia Funckes says:

    Someone should get it. If you believe Anton Chekov.

  3. Bridgette333 says:

    I think Walt is saving it for himself. He will use it in case he is on the verge of being busted or the cancer comes back, whichever comes first. He has done a lot of very shadey things since the series has started but he really is the same man he always was and will do whatever it takes for his family to be taken care of. I must have missed it, even though I watched the episodes a few times each, but how did Walt poisin the little boy with the Lily of the Valley he had growing in the flower pot by his pool? Or has that not yet been shown? We are doing quite a bit of time jumping in this last season, I hope I didn’t miss the aswer. If someone else knows please tell me, k?

  4. John says:

    Some how Jesse gets hold of it and gives it to Walt, thereby saving Hank.

  5. Elmira says:

    It’s much easier to undaestrnd when you put it that way!


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