Who Was Tougher Than Walker Texas Ranger?

walker texas ranger

“Walker Cast”

For his many fans Saturday night TV was the evening they looked forward to all week,  The action packed “Walker, Texas Ranger” came on that night and fans, mostly males young or old, loved to watch it.  Each week brought a seemingly endless supply of crimes for the Rangers, namely Walker,  to solve.

Chuck Norris played Cordell Walker a member of the Texas Rangers based in the Dallas-Fort Worth district.  Walker was of the mind that the ends justified the means when it came to getting information from a suspect.  He was known not to be exactly gentle when tracking down the bad guy or doing an interrogation.  He embraced the code of the old West sheriffs.

Walker was raised by his Native American uncle Ray Firewalker (Floyd Red Crow Waterman) and was a former Vietnam vet and karate expert.  Walker and his uncle shared much of the same value system.

The series was loaded with karate kicks, fist fights, butt kicking and all kinds of martial arts.  Despite all the action, the show was known for its moral values.  The characters  never used any drugs.  They took part in community events and sometimes reached out to the community with the use of martial arts. In spite of  his calm reserved exterior Walker had a heart of gold.

Jimmy Trivette (Clarence Gilyard) was Walker’s partner and best friend.  Jimmy became a Texas Ranger after getting hurt and cut as a football player with the Dallas Cowboys.  He was raised in a poorer neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland.  Football had been his ticket to attend college.

Jimmy and Walker were a good match.  Walker employed more old fashioned methods to apprehend the criminal while Jimmy used technology as his approach.  However, both men were often battered and bruised while doing their work.

An Assistant Tarrant County District Attorney, Alex Cahill (Sheeree J. Wilson) and Walker often worked closely together and  had a mutual attraction.  She was sometimes unhappy if Walker did not come up with timely results to a crime.

The Rangers spend off time relaxing at CD’s Bar and Grill.  This small bar and restaurant, known for its chili, was run by a former co-worker, C. D. Parker.  He had retired and been inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.  Parker still would give Walker advice on cases.

Walker Texas Ranger ran for eight full seasons from 1993 to 2001.  The shows ended with a cliff hanger, which so far has not been solved.  The program has been aired  in reruns and DVD sets have been released of the entire series.  Walker Texas Ranger has gained a cult like following.   It became one of  TVs most popular action series.


  1. Carol mottola says:

    Best show on tv, always my favorite, could watch it over nd. over, never get enough of this show. Chuck Norris is the best! My favorite actor,

    • i watch the renuns which are on monday thru friday for three hours in the afternoon.i would give anything to see them come back for say 11 shows like dalles did and look they got picked up for more in january from what i have read.i have lung cancer and only hope they do it while i am still around.i know mr. norris is a christian so GOD BLESS YOU and keep me in your prayers.

  2. Barbara Stetson says:

    I bought the entire Walker DVD set as a Christmas present to myself last year….I have watched and re-watched the entire set I can’t count how many times…Usually I kick back in bed after I get my mom to bed and watch them…And I will say this “If Chuck Norris were to run for president I would vote for him…He would get this country back in shape.”

  3. carla says:

    I tape all the reruns everyday onto my dvd my favorite is season 7 are there any talks of the show coming back. That would be something great to watch in the evenings besides reality shows

  4. Ckorkows says:

    My favorite show. I grew up watching it with my father and worshiped the ground Walker walked on. I now write fanfictions based off of the last couple of seasons. My racquetball shirt has Walker’s face on it.

  5. I want to be a member of the Texas rangers club please. Please notify me about it.

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