Who is Rafe???

When he first came on our sets, Rafe was just an FBI agent who wasn’t altogether happy about being given a job below his abilities, in having to “baby sit” Sami.   As his character grew, we learned about how he had no family and grew up in a Catholic Orphanage…  Next thing we know, he has two sisters, a brother and a mother… I was more than a little confused, but I let it go.

Next, we learn that he had a fiance, which he “accidentally” killed in a car accident, just before they could get married… but he refused to talk about it… he STILL hasn’t been completely open with Sami about what happened to Emily… Even after her crazy sister showed up in town, bound and determined to kill Rafe for what he did to her sister.

He comes across as a guy who demands complete open honesty and no secrets from the person he is involved with, but who is unwilling to give it to her… I fail to see how this is in the least bit romantic… but I digress.

Whenever Sami has dared to be true to her self, just like Lucas, Rafe has shown her nothing but disappointment, getting in her face and expecting her to change.  As long as she was pretending to be more like her sister, Rafe was crazy about her.  When she stopped pretending and did something that was more true to her own personality, Rafe got mad…. ending things with Sami…  Moving on, and falling in love with her “perfect” sister.

Rafe was all about Carrie after that… It wasn’t until Carrie DUMPED him, and left town with her husband, that Rafe stopped thinking about her all the time.  When he wasn’t thinking about Carrie, he was too busy helping Sami’s worst enemy lie about another of EJ’s babies, to be bothered with Sami. He was okay with the fact that Sami had moved on with Lucas….  It wasn’t until Sami started looking like she was moving on from Lucas with EJ, that Rafe suddenly decided he couldn’t live without her again.

I personally believe that Rafe has something in his history that we don’t know about… There has to be a reason why he hates EJ more than he cares about Sami… There also has to be a reason why he keeps trying to claim other men’s children as his own… mainly EJ’s.

I don’t know if he has just been poorly written, or what… but I do know this… Rafe needs to be taken out of EJ and Sami’s orbit… for once and for all.  He is a boring character, and only sees to “flurish” when other, bigger actors and actresses are pimping him or propping him up.

The only time I’ve ever been amused by Rafe was with the robo Rafe storyline… and then it was the “evil” Rafe that I liked.  Give him a sugary sweet love story, for all I care… just not with Sami.  She has been through enough in her life, without being with a man who doesn’t really accept her.


By Faith Loveright


  1. JANE LILLY says:


    • Nicky says:

      Thank you..I agree with your comments..Everytime Rafe’s past has been in question h..It has been swept under the carpet..Indeed what happened with Emily? Is he really as innocent as he wants everyone to believe..From day one..I believe he has had another agenda..I don’t understand this obsession with EJ..and claiming his children as his own..Enough is enough..He bores me to death and personally this character has destroyed the essence of who Sami was..although EJ and Sami had a difficult past they had a beautiful beginning..EJ WAS THE FIRST..Yes the FIRST MAN to Love SAMI..completely..This is pairing is unmatched by any other I have every seen on Daytime or Primetime Tv..Time for the Real Sami to choose and choose wisely..only EJ loves her..and their unspoken connection will never cease.

    • melissa says:

      Keep rafe i think him and sami should just go ahead and get back together. A lot of people say my husband looks a lot like him.

    • Sally says:

      I agree keep Rafe.

  2. Luann says:

    I totally disagree. Keep Rafe and get rid of all the Dimera’s especially EJ and Kristin! I think Rafe is truly a good guy. The writers keep going back and forth on his past but he is always a good guy. Unlike EJ who can’t be no matter what he tries!

  3. debdew says:

    I love Rafe…. Don’t like EJ…. and Rafe does have something against EJ… It was EJ’s drug dealings that killed Arrianna…. EJ claims Sammi is the only one for him… He said the same thing about Nikki just last month… lol

  4. Amber Runions says:

    I totally disagree!! I love Sami and Race together!!RAFE IS SO GOOD GUY AND DESERVES happiness far more than EJ I wish the story line would hurry and put Sami and RAFE together! those two are my favorite couple and been watching for 25 years!!!

    • Mary says:

      Rafe deserves a good girl, and that ain’t Sami, it’s Carrie and if Carrie were still in town Rafe would be “Sami who?”

      Rafe only loves Sami when she’s pretending to be Carrie or if she’s with EJ, he didn’t care when she was with Lucas. He’s more about getting everything that’s EJ either wants or has.

  5. Beth says:

    all the above is true but, how many times has EJ taken the kids from Sami.How about all the plots EJ and his father created against Sami’s family. How will Sami feel when Christain ‘s plot hurts Marlena and John,
    not to speak about Brady.Will she still want to be with EJ?

  6. Rosie says:

    I agree I love Rafe He is a better man than EJ I think he is too good for Sami she doesn’t know what she wants or who when she gets someone she doesn’t want him anymore she looks for the other guy. We need another pretty girl for Rafe.

  7. Shelley says:

    I totally agree. I was excited when he was helping Nicole…..kinda was hoping they would hook up. I tatally over him Sami Ej buzz. Starting to get boring like BB

  8. Mary says:

    Below his abilities?

    His quest for a stuffed penguin damn near got them all killed and Hilda DID get killed.

    I think babysitting was above his abilities.

  9. Shawna says:

    Team EJ here!!!! I completely agree with you Faith!

  10. Heather says:

    I completely agree with your blog post. Something doesn’t sit well with me when it comes to Rafe.EJ just wants Sami the way she is. He doesn’t want her to be something she isn’t. Rafe is only interested when EJ is in the picture. Don’t get me wrong….I wouldn’t kick either of them out of bed! BUT, I think EJ is better suited for Sami.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Personally, I love Rafe! I think he’s sweet, and sexy. However, I don’t like him for Sami. She’s not good enough for him. She schemes and lies too much, hurting other people…very narcissistic. She and EJ make the perfect couple….2 scumbags. I’d like to see Rafe with someone sweet, with the character similar to Jennifer’s. He deserves a good woman.

  12. Dianne says:

    I think neither Rafe or EJ should be with Sami. Sami needs a man who will not be a push over for her. She needs to fall very hard for this guy and he needs to kindly ignore the hell out of her. EJ like his sister, Kristen, has caused to much pain to sami”s family for her to ever be with him. Rafe is much to goody-goody for me. SO FIND SAMANTHA A NEW MAN.!!!!

  13. Patty says:

    It is not Rafe’s fault that there are so many controversies in his life regarding growing up, family, etc…he is only the actor(and a good one I must admit) the writers are the ones who come up with the story line

  14. Donna S. says:

    Rafe’s life is sort ot like Johnny’s eye, did it ever really happen???

  15. i believe that faith, is completely correct. rafe’ is so boring and dule. sami and ej belong together and need to be left alone. put rafe’ and nicole together, at lease she will as some spice to the flat latino!

  16. Tammi says:

    I don’t think Rafe is being used to his true potential on the show. I want this love triangle to stop and Sami to end up with EJ. They are like minds. I was thinking that Rafe and Hope would make a nice couple if Bo doesn’t return or else Rafe and Billy. He needs someone that understands his work. Nicole would work well with Eric who will leave the priesthood. Jennifer and Daniel are great together. It would also be nice for Brady to FINALLY have a decent relationship. I miss Madison. They were a good couple. It’s so frustrating to see the same people, same storylines, boring.

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