White Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  The bride, the groom, the cake, music, flowers…all the elements coming together to make one perfect, romantic day for a couple of lovers getting ready to take their vows, exchange rings and start a new life together!  What’s not to like about that?

Our golden ladies, Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia sure enjoyed a good wedding!  During all seven seasons of the Golden Girls, there were countless dates, romances and even weddings!  Whether actually “tying the knot” themselves, or celebrating someone else’s nuptials, The Golden Girls seemed to always have someone’s love life on their agendas!

Throughout the course of the show’s seven seasons, there are three weddings that stick out to me the most!  The first one being from the pilot episode itself, when Blanche planned to say “I do” to Harry, who turned out to be a bigot and was actually arrested before Blanche could walk down the aisle!

The next one of course is Sophia’s wedding to Max Weinstock!  Max and Sophia’s late husband Sal used to be best friends and business partners and after Max’s wife passed away, Sophia and Max rekindle an estranged friendship and decide to get married.  Much to Dorothy’s chagrin!  Their wedding was complete with flowers, music and lots of Elvis impersonators as guests!  Very funny episode!

The biggest wedding memory and perhaps most emotional from the entire series was Dorothy’s wedding to Blanche’s uncle, Lucas.  I am talking of course about the series finale!

However, those weren’t the only weddings that the girls planned and attended!  Starting with Season one, AFTER the pilot episode, the next episode titled “Guess Who’s Coming to The Wedding?” is all about Dorothy’s daughter’s wedding to Dennis.  This is also the episode where we meet Stan Zbornak for the very first time.  Dorothy and the girls plan a small but intimate wedding for Kate and Dennis with a reception back that at the house.

In Season 2, Blanche is blindsided when her father, better known as Big Daddy visits and announces that he is getting married again.  Blanche is less than pleased with this prospect, since “Margaret Spencer” is quite a bit younger than her beloved father.  In the end, Blanche gives her blessing and the wedding went on as planned!

Season 3 brings us another marriage ceremony that the girls have a personal interest in when Dorothy’s son Michael shares his plan to marry Lorraine, a woman twice Michael’s age and from a different ethnic background.

Season 4 brings us to Stan’s 3rd marriage when he pops the question to a woman named Katherine.  In Season 5, all four girls attend the wedding of Dorothy’s God-daughter, who happens to be marrying the grandson of a man that ditched Sophia and left her stranded at the alter years and years ago in Sicily.  How many times was Sophia engaged and married???

Season 6 has the episode where Blanche’s homosexual brother Clay declares his intent to marry another man, Doug.  Though we never really saw this ceremony, we do that the two men were indeed registered for wedding gifts!  In the same season, we also see Dorothy and Stan try another attempt to be together and almost tying the knot again to each other.  Although Sophia was against this from the beginning, Dorothy decides she cannot go through with it after Stan asks her sign a pre-nuptial agreement!

All of these weddings don’t even count the number of times, weddings were dreamt of or discussed or reminisced about, planned for or even thought of!  The girls even went into a catering business at one point and were hired to cater a wedding before the bride and groom decide to elope to Las Vegas!

With June, wedding month, just around the corner,  The Golden wedding are you thinking?  Which wedding from the series sticks out in your mind the most?


  1. Jason Mann says:

    Just a correction. You say Harry- in the first episode- was a bigot. I think you mean bigamist. A bigot is a racist, while a bigamist is one who is married to more than one person.

    • GoldenCrystalGirl says:

      Haha! You are correct! And yes I did mean bigamist! Either auto correct was thinking differently than I was that day or I just had a mental lapse… :(

  2. sheribabi says:

    Let’s not foget blanch was gonna tie da knot to da rich man but at last minute had a change of heart. N rose n miles was goin to tie da knot to win a honeymoon prize.

    • GoldenCrystalGirl says:

      Could never forget those! If I had written about all of the times they were going to marry or thought about marriage or planned a wedding or attended a wedding…I’d have an entire book! ;)

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