Which Character Would You Bring Back?

The Walking Dead series, in both the graphic novels and the television show, is riddled with death. Some endearing (and some not so endearing) characters have died in horrific ways, and as fans, we must accept the fact that such gruesome and numerous ends come with the territory. However, if you had it your way and could bring one character back from the dead—not as a zombie, but through a plot twist that rendered him or her still among the living, such as Carol’s assumed death and surprising survival—who would it be? Here are a few I’d choose from:


Dale was a kindhearted and generous man, offering his cramped RV as a temporary refuge for several characters in need. He was also highly intuitive and put his own neck on the line in the name of group safety. When Shane grew visibly unstable, for example, it was Dale who made a harrowing attempt to hide all of the firearms from him. Older and wiser than most of the other characters, he served as a mentor figure to many of the people he had taken in.


T-Dog was a brave fighter and a good man. While he made a few mistakes, the worst of them being losing the key to Merle’s handcuffs, he redeemed himself in the third season. He was the only person willing to give the inmates a chance when the group first took over the prison, and although he was wrong about one of them, the rest of the small group proved worthy of a second chance in life. Most importantly, without his self-sacrifice, allowing himself to be eaten alive by a hoard of zombies, Carol would not have survived.


Lori might not have been the most popular character, even despised by some fans, but she was also the counter-balance that kept Rick stable. She was highly emotional and argumentative, but she had her moments of clarity and selflessness. She sacrificed her life for Judith, and she would have done anything to keep Rick and Carl out of harm’s way. I would have liked to have seen her stick around at least long enough to hold her newborn daughter in her arms, and although I think the writers for the television series made her death beautifully dramatic, part of me wishes she could have gone in a similar manner as her death in the graphic novel.

Would you choose from the three above, or would you pick someone else?

Leigh M. Lane is a speculative fiction author whose works span from sci-fi to horror. Her most recent full-length works are The Hidden Valley Horror, Finding Poe, World-Mart, and Myths of Gods. For more about her work, go to her website at http://www.cerebralwriter.com.


  1. Dorothy Rodger says:


  2. Tony Miller says:


  3. Michael says:

    I wouldn’t bring any of the characters back. As disappointing as their ‘deaths’ were, it would be – odd – to bring any of them back. I would like to see the actors come back. Flashbacks or as another character with a different appearance. Even ‘Shane’.

  4. kei b. says:

    I agree with Michael as far as sometimes showing some flashbacks, but no one except MERYL DIXON needs to be “back”. I know that Carl needs to get lost …. I thought we got lucky the season he wandered off on his own at the farm and ran into the Walker stuck in the river. Damn shoe! The walker’s shoe got stuck or whatever and Carl, brattier than ever and just as loathesome as I’ve ever found a child to be – is STILL around for the ….. get rid of him already. C’mon- WHO lets their kid get to be such a little … CREEP (to say the least). To me THAT is the most unreal thing in TWD , LOL …. having lost my own son, I know that sounds bad but I truly believe no one would let their child act like Carl without showing him a lil what the what is ….. if you DO, omg – I feel sorry for you for the rest of your kid’s arrested development, he’ll be your bain of existence for life. Wrong choice of words cuz Carl is “developing” but I hope he develops enough to leave the group n stop wasting minutes of this otherwise good show. Maybe he’ll find another show, although his acting irritates me. I got a bit off track here but had to vent. My Character: MERYL …bring him back (well – now you have). I think everyone who is gone, went at just the right time …. except that brat.

  5. tina brooks says:

    no dont try to bring any of them back how could that happen if they already turned so just keep good plot going forward

  6. Lance Brightwell says:

    This isn’t one of stupid day-time soaps. If you dead,YOUR DEAD. nobody comes back unless they are a walker. But I will remind you. We did not “SEE” Carl shoot Lori.We did not SEE her corpse with a bullet hole in the head. The corpse was not there when Rick got there. That walker could not have ate her entire body.Bones and all.

  7. Sheila Attaway says:

    I think they should bring back T.Dog, They bring people back on da soaps so why not bring them back in the walking dead

  8. i would love to see Dale an Lori come back

  9. Diane Waltz says:

    T-Dog!!!! The others had changed to a point where I could not stand them anymore and actually cheered when they died. T-Dog’s character stayed true right up until he died.

  10. michele says:

    I want lori back,we never did see carl shoot her or her body

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