Where Would Season-4-Plus-Jesse Have Taken Twaughthammer?

I wanted so much more for Twaughthammer.

Recently, I watched some of the minisodes that featured Jesse Pinkman’s ill-conceived metal/speed metal band. I thought they were predictable. Yes, it’s always nice to see Badger, not only alive but doing his thing with funny throwaway lines and the whole man-baby thing that Matt Jones absolutely crushes.

[The Badger spinoff would last two seasons tops, but it would be worth it for the handful of catch phrase that would capture millennial ennui.]

The timing of the minisodes have Jesse nodding out and clearly dipping into the crystal. Since we’re going all historical fiction-fiction here, that probably is what would’ve and should’ve happened. Jesse would not yet know how to scale the drug and, as we all know, his impulse control is maybe three years off.

Twaughthammer was portrayed as kooky and disheveled, which, again, of course it was. I wanted that. The Jesse-Badger dynamic has that built into it. Jesse is the cool big brother, and Badger is the man-baby little bro. That leads to a constant level of chaos and, every damn time on the show, has led to at least a laugh.

I wanted more for Twaughthammer. I wanted it to have a scintilla of ambition. I’m not talking the Beatles in a Dresden bar for a six-hour gigs every night for three years. I think something a little more along the lines of “The Fabulous Stains.” An intelligible concept. I’m guessing phallic in message and thrumming on stage.

The high end would’ve been Jane’s Addiction. The reality would’ve been a dorkier-than-real-life Limp Bizkit.

But this was Jesse in that time and in that space. He couldn’t see straight. He would spend hours on his voice mail (still a telling and hilarious Pinkman keystone). You saw how he dressed early on. Ridiculous. He was flying in “Cap’n Cook” mode. He was more user than cook. He was closer to the Crystal Palace than “Sauling” his aunt’s house from under his unsuspecting parents.

We saw traces of this stage of Jesse. The night at the strip club, when he dropped thousands of Walter’s life savings on the champagne room. The sloppy romance/cook that led to his fateful meeting with Walter. Of course, the ubiquitous dress code.

Such . . . a . . . different . . . Jesse . . . now.

There are several touchpoints that escalated his growth. Combo’s death shook him. His execution of Gale scarred him. The death of the motorbike kid got him out of the game.

He’s not nodding off behind the drum kit now. He’s even lost the clown gear. (When did his wardrobe go to earth tones? That kind of just happened.)

This Jesse would have Twaughthammer opening for Radiohead.

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