Where is Walter White Now

Where is Walter White (Bryan Cranston) now after the show ended on September 29, 2013? This critically acclaimed show ran for five seasons on the AMC network. The main character Walter White was a struggling high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He decides to shift gears to provide for his family’s financial future by creating meth. As the show goes, it was produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is critically praised as one of the best shows that aired. Therefore, what happened to the rest of the crew after the final episode, especially to Bryan Cranston?

A bit on Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad

Who is Bryan Lee Cranston? He is an American Actor, voice actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He has accumulated some fame from his role from Breaking Bad. He has starred in films and television shows since 1980. Some of the films include “To Race the Wind,” “Corporate Affairs,” and “The Big Thing.” He has played a few roles in television, such as Airwolf, Loving, Chips, Matlock and Hill Street Blues. He has won the 1999 Breckenridge Festival of Fil, 2000 Valley Film Festival and 2007 Primetime Emmy. Life is far from over for Mr. Cranston, and you shall discover what he has been up too very shortly.

Life after Breaking Bad: What is Bryan Cranston Doing now?

Bryan Cranston is exploring his comedic side. Yep, that is the big step into the wild blue yonder. The actor creates a one-man drama of the MLB Post season; the commercial is scheduled for release September 30, 2014. No matter what life has in store for Mr. Cranston, he will always be ready for the next substantial thing. Are you prepared for the subsequent big thing? You can find out more about Bryan Cranston by searching the web. Stay tuned for more tidbits and info on your favorite stars from Breaking Bad.

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