What’s an EJAMI fan to do?

From the very beginning, EJAMI have lit up our screens with their out of this world chemistry.  The couple inspired die-hard fans who have put up with a lot of crap thrown our way over the years since that fateful day when Sami knocked on EJ’s door and he opened it in that towel. We have stuck by our couple through thick and thin, cheering when they were good, and complaining loudly when they weren’t.  We’ve been thrown bones here and there to keep us tuned in, while other fan bases have been given the whole feast, time and time again.

We have tuned out in droves when times were bad, causing the ratings to slump into an “all time low”, only to tune back in, when we were given positive EJAMI spoilers; bringing the ratings to such a high spike that there was no denying the numbers of EJAMI fans out there.  We have put together videos showing how many people are out there who want EJAMI, we have sent postcards and letters.  We have inundated the powers that be with phone calls and petitions.

Still, every time we think we are going to really have our turn, something happens just when it’s really starting to look good for us, and some interloper is thrown in… or BACK in, to the mix…. Most of the time, said interloper bores us out of our minds, and we tune back out in droves; taking the ratings with us.

We have now been given Corday’s word that they are giving EJAMI “lock, stock and barrel”.  I am both excited and nervous.  I’ve been burned by Corday’s empty promises where EJAMI is concerned so many times now, that I’m afraid to believe it.  Rafe, Lucas and Nicole need to be taken out of EJAMI’s storyline and given something else; with someone else… somewhere else.  If they can’t find a purpose for the character outside of being in the middle of EJAMI’s love story, get rid of the character for crying out loud.  NONE of the fan bases are happy with the status quo right now, where we are all being thrown bones at the same time.  I realize the thought process behind this is to not make any one fan base so mad that they tune out…. But the reality is that we are ALL fed up and are ready to jump ship.

Something has to be done, and fast.  It’s time to take a chance on EJAMI and really give them the chance to really be happy in love and in a real relationship; living in the same house as a family as man and wife.  Know this… EJAMI fans are tired of being jerked around.  If something isn’t done soon, a lot of us are ready to just give up on Days of our lives… Myself included.


By Faith Loveright


  1. Jackie Marley says:

    Amen….We all want Sami and EJ to get together …..It is about time!!!!

  2. Tami M says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!!! If they fail on giving EJAMI a real chance this time I am through with Days.

  3. carol says:

    It about time some said what all have been saying on other broads. There is not one s/l that interesting right now. I tune into see if the current s/l are going somewhere. I am enjoying the fact that Sami is currently not in any real relationship but seem more focus on just get along. This always open doors for her to see what is right for her. Hopefully Sami and EJ will find there way there. Rafe bores me to tears. He was best with Carrie. Lucas has gone totally MIA. Bring on Autumn and let him have a really s/l. Maybe the biggest things to the powers that be, is don’t tape so far out. WE have to wait mts for a bad s/l to work threw. GH is only about 6 weeks out so they actually see what the s/l are doing are then readjust. Also they try to use the whole cast and old character in a rotating basic to build a whole show s/l. Not just a bunch on non connected s/l’s. The best was Nicole, the worst was her baby died. Really a whole mt and then you never buried the baby??? You don’t go down PPD to explain some of her behavior. Oh now I hear your thinking of bring said baby back. Really, she held the baby , there were creditable ppl there like Maxine when she had it.

  4. bARBARA says:

    Get rid of Lucas, Nicole, and right now….Kristen. I personally cant stand the actress or the character. What happened to Stefano?? Someone needs to give Chad a good swift kick in the a–. Dont put him and Abagain together…..yuk!

  5. Alma C says:

    I agree with everyone. I am a huge EJAMI fan and only watch for them. Right now I do feel like we are getting teased about the EJAMI storyline. I want to see some action! Not just promises. Maybe Rafe and Nicole can hook up because they both realize that EJAMI is the real deal. I mean Nicole understands Daniel only loves Jennifer and is backing away.

  6. Alisha C says:

    I agree with everyone… I am a huge EJAMI fan love from day one I only watch the show because of them.. I happen to see that Chloe is back, I like to see Daniel and Chloe back together.. Rafe and Nicole should hook up.. and John and Kristen should sparks

  7. sandy says:

    kudos to Faith L! Could NOT have said it better!! Writers =are you listenining / reading????

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