What We Know About Y&R

Jack-Abbott-Phyllis-Summers-the-young-and-the-restlessThe original working title of the show was “The Innocent Years”

The show debuted in March 1973

“The Young and the Restless” replaced “Where the Heart Is” which had been cancelled

It was originally a 30 minute program and then went on to 1 hour

The Young and the Restless is sometimes referred to at Y&R

Jeanne Cooper has been with the show since 6 months after its start in 1973 as Katherine Chancellor

When Jeanne Cooper decided to have a face lift, rather that replacing her for a period of time they wrote the face lift into the show

Nikki and Victor met at the Bayou

Julia was Victor’s first wife.  She moved to Genoa City in 1980

Before she married Victor,Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series

Nikki was married to Kevin Bancroft

Cole Howard fathered Victoria Newman’s daughter Eve

After leaving the orphanage Christian Miller  changed his name to Victor Newman

At Newman Ranch Abby Carlton was riding the horse named Starfire when she was injured

Katherine Chancellor uses a Royal Albert china pattern “Heirloom” on the show

Diane Jenkins started the fire in the Abbott’s pool house herself and was almost killed

Veleka Gray played two different characters in 1983.  She was Patti’s psychiatrist Dr. Sharon Reaves and the hotel manicurist Ruby.

Malcolm Winters was Lily Winters biological father

Diane Jenkins and Jack Abbot were never  married

The marriage of Leanna Randolph to Victor was not legal

The longest rivalry on any US soap opera is the feud between Jill Foster Abbott and Katherine Chancellor

William J. Bell and his wife Lee Phillip Bell were the co-creators of the Young and the Restless.  Additionally, they were co-creators of the Bold and the Beautiful

The theme song for the show “Nadia’s Theme” was originally titled “Cotton’s Dream”.  The  music was played for the 1976 Summer Olympics performance of gymnast Nadia Comaneci of Romania

Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series

The show was the first soap opera in the U.S. shown in HDTV

Cal Ripkin, Baltimore Oriole’s Iron man,  is said to be a big fan of the show

The Young and the Restless enjoys popularity  all around the world including Canada, France, Turkey, Romania, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, South Africa, Italy, the Middle East, Belgium, Australia, Greece, India, Israel, Switzerland, and New Zealand

The Young and the Restless has been acclaimed for its stories dealing with a wide variety of social issues

Currently it is the highest rated day time drama on US TV

The series has been nominated over 300 times for Daytime Emmys and has won 111 including 7 Daytime

Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series


  1. CAROL says:

    I love this show have watched from the beginning, when I was working I taped and will always play catch up when I had time. I hope they never take off the air. They have did away with so many of the soaps hope it doesnt happen to this one. Tell them all I love all there characters.

  2. wendy morgan says:

    Love The Young and Restless.Have watched it since the beginning,When the Brooks Family and Snapper were there.

  3. ann granville says:

    Love the Young and the Restless, , been watching it since the beginning . Love the theme music. Please don’t even remove this soap. Love it

  4. Janet Lampe says:

    I have been a YnR fan since i was 18 and i’m now 61.i would be lost with out my YnR fix everyday

  5. Jeannie says:

    I also love this show. I’ve watched it off and on for many years even when I worked. Now that I’m retired, I watch every episode. What have they done with the actress who plays Ashley? I thought she was just “away” but I accidentally saw her on another daytime soap that happened to be on when I walked through the room! Also, why do they say Abby has been cut? Didn’t I just see her recently? They also need to finish the story line they started when Victor was in LA fighting the evil “bosses” who were exploiting the workers. They just let him walk away. Com’on writers. You need to finish that little story! I agree with many others who say the sudden change of personality in Sharon is just too unbelievable. I HATE that helpless/wishy-washy bit she always plays but it suits her better than the evil twist they’ve tried to give her.

  6. angel bower says:

    I love y & r watch it faithfully…its set to record daily and so i watch it EVERY evening when i can enjoy it
    ..keep up the good fight MRS.C

  7. angel bower says:

    Keep up the good goghy MRS. C

  8. angel bower says:

    Keep up the good fighti meant

  9. Sharron says:

    I like Adam with Chelsie I don’t like Sharon never have
    put her back with Nick. Adam and Chelsie make a good couple. It is time to make Adam a little more human just still a little bad.

  10. Jeneen says:

    I love the Y&R I feel like they are my family.

  11. Susan P says:

    I will miss Mrs.C so much.Please rest in Peace always Ms.Cooper. Love you xoxo

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