What ‘School Violence’ In Mayberry Looked Like

I am 52 years old and can remember a kinder, gentler, easier going era, where people didn’t take guns into an elementary school and murder innocent children.  As I watched the news coverage of the Connecticut tragedy, I couldn’t help but think of the town of Mayberry.

You know how when you are being too idealistic in your thinking and someone will say, “This isn’t Mayberry.”  Well why not Mayberry?

Think of the worst thing to happen at school in Mayberry…Miss Crump had to hit Earnest T. Bass on his hands with a ruler because he wouldn’t stop talking in class.  That was about as violent as it got, and if I remember right, Ernest T. liked the pain because it reminded him of the corporal punishment his mother used to give him.

There was also very little bullying at school in Mayberry.  The closest thing there was to a “gang” in the Mayberry school was when Andy helped Opie and his friends form the Mayberry Minutemen club to learn history.  Barney was an honorary member of that club even though he had some trouble reciting the Emancipation Proclamation.

Now, gun control has become the hot topic since the Connecticut tragedy.  Of course Mayberry had its own “gun control” measures.  They had a sheriff that didn’t even carry a gun and deputy that carried only one bullet that he kept in his shirt pocket.  Even Asa the security guard at the Mayberry bank carried an outdated gun that always fell apart…much to the disappointment of Barney.

Plus, how many times did Barney deputize the likes of Floyd, Otis and Gomer…without ever a bullet being fired by the new guys?  About as close as it came was when Gomer accidently dropped the Christmas bulbs off the jail roof and the bad guys thought they he had a machine gun.  In fact, Opie’s slingshot did more damage than the guns ever did on the show!  Poor little bird!

The next time someone tells you “this isn’t Mayberry,” you tell them maybe it should be!


  1. Neka Giles says:

    Very beautifully put. Mayberry is a perfect example that we should all live by. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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