We Miss You Don Knotts: 9th Anniversary of His Passing

We Miss You Don Knotts: 9th Anniversary of His Passing

Funny man Jesse Donald Knotts passed away nearly nine years ago. The ninth anniversary is coming up soon and it is a time to remember one of the funniest people on television. Ranked #27 by TV Guide in 1996 as one of the greatest TV stars of All Time. Don Knotts famous role as Barney Fife helped him climb to the top. The Andy Griffith Show earned him five Emmy Awards. His humble start as an entertainer started in the Army, as a ventriloquist. It was not until 1948 where he gained a degree from West Virginia University that he would branch out and into different venues.

Thinking of Don Knotts after 9 years

Don Knotts legacy carries on even after the curtain has fallen. The Andy Griffith Show was a step into the right direction. The shows intention was for Griffith to take the lead comedic role, but after the first episode, Griffith knew that Don should play the comedic role. After Mayberry, Knotts starred in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World,” (1963), “The Incredible Mr. Limpet,” (1964) and many others. Appearing as a representative for Dodge, after making “How to Frame a Fig,” Mr. Knotts continued to work steadily, but it was not until Three’s Company that he had a regular role.

February 24, 2006 Anniversary

The ninth Anniversary is only a few months away. This funny man, that made us laugh, cry and spill milk from our noses will be missed even more. Karen Knotts has followed the funnyman in all straits. This is a good time to steal away a day and watch some old films or even rent old television shows and have a Don Knotts marathon. I know what I am doing on this day. I hope you will join me on February 24 as a tribute to Don Knotts.

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