Walt vs. Hank Is Coming!

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The thing that interested me about this interview was the fact that yes, Walt and Hank will have their final showdown. Hank is going to be learning, finally, that Heisenberg is in fact, his brother-in-law.

As a fan, I kind of have mixed feelings about this, obviously we need to have the show resolve this issue as it has been a big part of the storyline through four seasons.

I guess I just don’t want to see this end. It is been such a great source of tension through the four seasons, what is going to happen when Hank finds out?

I’ve been thinking about this and they could definitely go a few crazy ways. With the new villains that were introduced last week I could see Hank and Walt teaming up to protect the family against this new group of adversaries.

I can also picture a scenario where at the urging of Marie, who has some underlying demons herself, where Hank actively becomes a partner in the drug business. He has after all, become a bit disillusioned with the DEA after the fiasco in New Mexico.

I’m also wondering if it will be Mike that leads Hank to finally find out about Heisenberg. Now that he is on Mike’s trail I can’t imagine him letting go and not eventually following him back to Hank. The other thing is, of course a few seasons ago Hank became very aware of Jesse. So all that would have to happen would be a surveillance on Mike leading to meet up with either Jesse or Walt.

Of course, the Hank conflict could go a completely different direction where Hank and Walt have a final battle that closes out the series. The foreshadowing scene in the beginning of last week’s episode showed Walt, sometime in the future, purchasing weapons which would lead you to believe he was preparing for some kind of final showdown, and that showdown could very well be with Hank.

Whatever happens between Hank and Walt it figures to be a great final season on what has been an amazing show, one that many people are saying is one of the best dramas in the history of television. The drama this final season reminds me of the final season of the Sopranos, many fans were disappointed with the ending of that show. I hope we can count on the Breaking Bad writers to give us a satisfying resolution and not leave us hanging with Journey playing in the background.


“A Final Showdown?”


  1. vince Marra says:

    I think when Hank finds out it will be like a nuclear bomb going off in his head at first but once he snaps out of it , it will be all business and no way will he team up with them i think he will tell walt its over, and for the sake of the family he tells walt the only way to save him , jesse ,and mikeis if they work with him to take down the new villains and in hanks mind transfixing his Heisinberg complex on to them…….

  2. HUGO says:

    Things always go wrong in the drug business, it’s a maligned business any way you look at it, back stabbers, meth heads, greed, paranoia, you name it, I think is pretty logical to predict that it will be Jessie or Skyler who blow the whistle on the whole thing, Skyler is afraid and falling apart by the day, Jessie is just retarded, addicted and unpredictable he could do any number of stupid things that will simply get everybody blown away, what ever it is I’m very eager to savor every moment of it.

  3. Lisa says:

    I have full faith in the writers to do justice to the series as it comes to a close. It’s been a long time since I’ve come across such brilliance in story and character development. BREAKING BAD is a diamond in the rough.

  4. Burt Lancaster says:

    I’ve always thought Hank would be embarrassed that Walter was operating right under his nose for so long. Hank had so matter of factly dismissed Walt, but will he break bad and join him or stay the course and bust him? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Walt try to kill him especially since Walter Jr practically idolizes Hank. Someone is going to attempt to rat Walt out, my guess is Skyler since she’s acting so scared lately. But it would be interesting to see Walt have Mike go after Hank…

  5. omg i thnk they should keep the show going :) )

  6. Larry Tebo says:

    I’ve never known of a drama that makes me get so TENSE just watching it. Been with BB since episode one, and am simultaneously dreading and looking forward to the final episode. Whatever happens, I’m gonna need a tranquilizer that night.

  7. Mary Furlong says:

    The DEA fiasco was in El Paso. dude. AND Vince Gilligan has already told us that he is taking Walter as low as he can go. And Hugo, I do not think you are really seeing Jessie, especially you saying he is retarded. Watch again y’all.

  8. Perry says:

    There are two things that the writers have missed the boat on. First, Jesse is a crank smoking meth-head and still has no problem sitting and talking with Walt, or carrying out the daunting and ‘patience required’ task of making Meth for three days straight. Yeah he could stay up, but he would be like the scatterbrained Zombies in his house when he was giving away Meth. Writers, you want some info? Make Jesse more screwed up! He would not be the fresh faced, level headed, happy go lucky dude we see. Now, if Walt is going to have it out with someone, it has to be with everyone. The wheels have to come off the bus, because that is reality. People do evolve into evil, like Walt has, but there is no going back!

  9. shulgidude says:

    OMG hasnt anyone here seen the transition of jesse in all this . He isnt the tweeked out loser he once was. he has made significant strides in his life, he is clean now for one which is an amazing feat for anyone who was ever plagued with an addiction like meth. he also keeps alone so as not to endanger anyone he loves, he learned a very rare and dangerous lesson with jane. Jesse is more and more becoming the voice of reason between mike and walt. I think jesse wants to continue as much as walt, but i feel that he has some morals that walt doesnt maionly because he has been to the bottom, where as walt never made it there. Jesse knows what its like to be without a place to live, without food, without a friend in the world that will help. To pick yourself back up from that is no easy task and most people never recover.

  10. Joe Zop says:

    OK. Hank knows Walter is Heisenberg. What now? lots of people in play a ton of money, Time for the Face to Face, Hanks in a spot, his career is over, We know Walter in one year from this revaluation is under an assumed name living on the East-cost. He pulled the Trigger on the buy out that Saul gave him the number for.. But things fallowed him to the new place and his kids and wife got killed. Now hes back to settle it all, Nothing for him to live for or to loss… He goes after everyone it get crazy. I think some how Jessie will end up being the only person standing when the dust clears.. My head spins trying to think of stories that could come from this, Glade I ant the writer…… Jz

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