Walking Dead Smack Down: Rick vs. The Gov!

So it looks like the 2nd half of season 3 is going to boil down to a showdown between our favorite former sheriff, Rick Grimes and Andrea’s latest psycho boyfriend, The Governor.  I thought it might be fun to take a look at the two of them, side by side and  see how they match up.

The Manpower Factor:

Clearly, The Governor has an advantage here. Right? After all, he’s got more people in Woodberry than Rick has in the prison. Of course, some of the people in the town were kids. His #1 go to guy Ol’ Merle is gone. And how loyal are those people to the Governor after what happened on Sunday? That seems like an open question. Of course Rick has far fewer people. He seems to have chased Tyrese and his group away. And Rick’s #1 asset was Daryl who just walked off with Stumpy. However, I’m guessing that Daryl will be back. However, in terms of overall manpower, it seems pretty clear.

Advantage: The Governor.

The Tactical Factor:

On the one hand, defending a non moving target like the prison is going to be hard. However, it is a prison. It’s got big, thick walls. Of course, some of those walls have holes in them. On the other hand, The Governor has some pretty big guns. They took them from those soldiers they killed. What they should have done is gotten the solders to join them. See, Rick was a cop. He knows tactics. He’ll know where to put people to defend the place. I keep thinking of that moment in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. “His pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking.” 

Advantage: Rick.

The Really Big Butterfly Net Factor:

Let’s face it; neither of our fearless leaders is playing with a full deck. On the one hand, we’ve got Rick. Rick is losing it and who can blame him? He had to kill his best friend Shane because Shane felt he was better prepared to stick up for his family and the group. (And in the case of Lori, ah… never mind.) Then Rick loses his wife when Lori gives birth to the baby who just really might’ve been the love child of said best friend. (Hey, that’s what friends are for.) The Governor on the other hand was certainly a few eggs short of a dozen. Little Walker Penny? A wall full of tanks with Biter Heads in it that he seemed to just sit at watch at night like most guys watch football. (Minus the yelling at the TV.) So in the end both of them are missing that one final screw, but let’s think about this. When Michonne killed Penny, what was One Eye’s initial reaction? He curled up on the floor and cried. What happened with Rick? He went into the bowels of the prison and started taking out walkers left and right.

Advantage: Rick

And last but not least,

The Andrea Factor:

Right not, Andrea is with the Governor. (And looked what happened to her last BoyToy!) But will that last? I have a hard time seeing her turning against the survivors she spent so much time with. She might hold a grudge because they left her behind, but would she hold that against Carl? Or Beth? Certainly not Michonne. So the way I see it, in the end, she’ll end up being on Rick’s side. She’ll do what she can to protect that group. Her group. Assuming I’m right, considering we’re talking about Andrea, that can mean only one thing:

Advantage: The Governor.

So? How do you see them matching up? Or more importantly, if you were there whose side would you rather be on?

By Vincent Morrone.

See my website: VincentMorrone.com Author of the coming E-book Vision of Shadows.



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