Walking Dead Season 3: What We Are Looking Forward To!

walking dead preview

” At a Crossroads”

Two short years ago, fans of the zombie genre rejoiced for the introduction of The Walking Dead. Ever since then it has been hard to look away from one minute of the drama, horror and character development the show brings. With everything that has happened so far, like the deaths some of us didn’t expect or want to happen, and the introduction of new characters; season 3 should have some pretty exciting developments to offer, and certainly more surprises are in store!

Since the end of season 1, one character is definitely in the back of everyone’s mind, knowing that he will return and most likely bring a heap of payback with him. Of course I am talking about good old Merle. Ever since the mortifying scene where his sawed off hand was found by the group when they came to rescue him from the rooftop, his return has been looming. Previews of season 3 have led us to believe his return is right around the corner!

Another character definitely making a stir is the mysterious stranger who rescued Andrea at the end of season 2. Michonne, covered with a dark hood and wielding a katana, swooped in just as Andrea was running out of steam, fighting for her life, after being separated from the group when they abandoned the farm. As fans of the graphic novel series will tell you, Michonne should turn out to be a very serious combat asset to the group. You have to be pretty tough to remove a walker’s arms and lower jaws, then chain them to yourself!

Now that the farm is out of the picture, and Atlanta is a distant memory in the proverbial rear view mirror; the setting for season 3 will be very different than what we have seen so far on the show. In the very final frames of the last episode, we got to see the camera pull back and reveal a large prison just off the road where the group was trying to figure out what the next move was. We can only guess what they will find in the prison, or who they might lose trying to claim the prison for shelter and protection.

Another very significant setting will also be coming into play in season 3, the introduction of the town of Woodbury. Michonne and Andrea are captured and taken to this seemingly safe haven, but my gut feeling says something isn’t right with the charming little town full of survivors. The town seems to be under the control of another new character, The Governor. Some of the previews lead me to speculate that there will be a showdown between Rick’s group and The Governor’s group unfolding at some point.

We still have some plot lines from the two previous seasons that did not completely play out yet that hopefully season 3 will address. Now that Shane is out of the picture thanks to Rick, and disposal of walker Shane thanks to little Carl, what is going to happen with Lori’s pregnancy? How will Merle react to seeing T-Dog still around? Is the blooming relationship with Glenn and Maggie going to work out?
To find out what happens we will have to wait and see what season 3 has in store!


  1. Gena says:

    you know my problem with this show? It’s the long wait and few episodes per season hayzzzzz…

  2. Gayle Mull says:

    Since Dish Satellite took AMC off their programing, how can we find The Walking Dead? Would like to cancel DISH, but not practical at this time:( Guess I’ll have to go visit someone to watch.

  3. spliffsmommy says:

    cant wait for the baby judith squishy..

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