Walker, Texas Ranger – A Matter of Faith

If Walker, Texas Ranger would win an award, Kanye West would hide under his seat.

Of course, you might say that this is the most facile way to begin a piece about a show with Chuck Norris. But at the same time it is also a more casual way of talking about a show that has run for (about) 10 seasons and that has become a cult favorite since the last episode was aired.

And don’t get me wrong, the show tackled with many critical problems of the modern society, such as kidnapping, human trafficking, drugs and so on. However, no matter how dire the situation would be, it was always resolved in the most casual and specific Chuck Norris way. After all, those martial arts chops needed to be put to good use.

But there were also lighter episodes, episodes in which you could see that the darkness doesn’t stand a chance from the first moments the sun sets. There are the episodes in which the fourth wall was broken, episodes such as A Matter of Faith when Trivette asks Walker what he would do if he found $100. Walker swiftly replies, “I’d give it to Kick Drugs out of America.” This is obviously a reference to the KickStart Kids charitable organization founded by none other than Chuck Norris.

You can now realize how much heart was put into this series. And if we are saying that Chuck Norris exists in the Walker, Texas Ranger universe, then we aren’t saying that this is an egomaniacal act of the legendary actor and martial artist. Instead, we can say that this is self-awareness (we are living in a world where even Santa is a bank robber, but it is a world that we can change for the best) combined with self-irony: later on, Walker confesses that he isn’t a fan of Chuck Norris.

Of course, this is just a small sample of A Matter of Faith: bad Santa, gangs stealing the children’s presents, car crashes, a story of vengeance, Walker delivering a baby, and others. And these all happen in a single episode. And all of these subplots are resolved in a single episode.

Chuck Norris is now 74 years old and, from time to time, pops up where you expect him to. Maybe he should return for just one episode to the show that brought him in all our houses: Walker, Texas Ranger and Chuck Norris walk into a bar…

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