Walker: 45 Minutes of Escapism

While Walker, Texas Ranger has become a cult-TV series with many followers, there are still some people that call it anti-climactic, dull, and even poorly written and acted. But I don’t believe that the creators of this series wanted to make, for example, another Twin Peaks. I believe they had something else in mind.

Whenever I revisit my favorite episodes from this series, I am not looking after the regular procedural drama I can find in other 50 television series. I grew old and weary of seeing such serious scenarios, with such brutal crimes, unraveling and being solved in one single episode, week after week. I am looking for something else in Walker, Texas Ranger.

I am looking for, at times, the extended shots in which Walker doesn’t shy away from a fist fight with a dangerous and violent offender. I am looking for the roundhouse kick which made Chuck Norris famous. I want to be entertained, but at a lighter pace. We already live in a world where all sorts of horrifying murders happen, and I don’t want to see them on television too.

Walker is like a knight in shining armor that feels good when saving the damsel in distress (so to speak). Walker feels right at home when he has to deal with the scourge of the world. That is why he seems a little at sea at times, in normal situations such as answering a phone or talking to a friend. But that doesn’t bother me, because I am not in it for the Oscar-worthy acting. I am in it for the fun of it.

At times, Walker, Texas Ranger is completely unbelievable, and the best example in here is the fight with the bear. But at the same time it never loses its point: to provide us, the viewers, with 45 minutes of escapism, while also presenting us with greater Truths.

I believe that Walker, Texas Ranger was never meant to be the calculating type of hero, the slick detective that searches for hidden clues and such. If you want to look at this series from this point of view, then you will most definitely be disappointed.

However, if you just grab some popcorn and a soda and just sit back waiting for Chuck Norris to save the day, then you are in for an entertaining evening.

I believe that the success of the series wasn’t coming from the seriousness of the show. We have plenty of that in our lives anyway. I believe that the show was so successful because it helped us feel a bit lighter.

I believe that Walker, Texas Ranger will never fade away precisely because of that. And, if at some point the fans will be fewer and fewer, a simple roundhouse kick will suffice to bring us back together.

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