Virtual Stupidity

Released in 1995 (when Beavis and Butthead were reaching the height of their popularity), Virtual Stupidity is an extension of the show and it could be easily considered one longer episode. Certainly not a game for children (just like the TV series wasn’t either), this game didn’t come with something new in the ever evolving world of the computer adventure games.

It can even be said that it was unoriginal from this point of view. But this wasn’t the aim of the producers, they didn’t want to revolutionize anything. They had a very simple plot, they had two moronic characters, and they had a new medium.

Basically, Beavis and Butthead want to enter a gang (after the gang’s leader threatened them, which is exactly what every intelligent person would do) and so they have to complete some various tasks and explore the fictional town of Highland, Texas. Even the graphics and the way the characters look aren’t improved: they even seem more rudimentary than on the TV.

This was no average adventure game, it can even be considered below the average. In Virtual Stupidity the player’s intelligence isn’t challenged with any kind of difficult tasks, in Virtual Stupidity the skills don’t concern at all building some extraordinary weapon out of a toothbrush.

The game, just like the show, just is. The controls are very simple (the usual point and click) and all you have to do is wonder at how stupid can people get. As said, it is an extension of the show, so there is plenty of satire behind Virtual Stupidity too.

Tasks like interrogating mentally-deranged patients at the jail’s ward or inflating Beavis’s pants with an air-hose at a local gas station don’t mean anything at all. These kinds of actions, accompanied by the usual sexual innuendos, are just meant to make the player laugh.

Obviously, you won’t be able to play it again and have the same amount of fun. But who knows? It is always refreshing to see Virtual Stupidity revealed (yes, that is a pun).

After all, we can’t say that we are getting any smarter as a race. Be stupid, but be cool at the same time (something that the duo always wanted to do): Listen up, dillhole, don’t be alarmed, ‘cuz like Beavis and Butt-head will control the vertical, they will, um, adjust the horizontal. Heh, I said horizontal. Cool.

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