Under the Knife

Everyone wants to look their best!  People spend tons of money on going to the salon, cutting and coloring their hair, manicures and pedicures.  Woman smear makeup on their faces (myself included) to jazz up their appearance and make them feel beautiful!

Others go a more drastic route and diet, or workout to achieve a certain look or body image.  And of course there is perhaps the most drastic approach and actually go “under the knife” so to speak to become what and who they really want to be!

So of course it’s no surprise that Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia all wanted to look their best as well!  I am reminded of all the times Blanche is seen in her bedroom applying her makeup and carefully plucking her eye brows.  The time Dorothy referred to her abundant makeup supplies, “she has more colors than Benjamin Moore paints.”  One of the funniest times the girls were discussing their “looks” was when Dorothy suggested Blanche bend over and look in a mirror but to take a sedative first.  Only when lying on your back, you look like you just had a facelift!

But for many, many people and celebrities, makeup and tweezing is just not enough!  Dolly Parton is famous for her…uh…fuller figure that she achieved through plastic/cosmetic surgery.  Cher, even Sophia mentioned Cher and her many, many surgeries in the episode that Rose had to have triple bypass surgery.  “No one looks good after surgery.”  “Try telling that to Cher” quipped Sophia!  For many years, people have been having cosmetic surgery to shape, enhance, build up, make smaller, tweak, tuck and pull!

In season two, after going to a college reunion, Blanche is devastated that the hands of time had seemingly stood still for everyone in her sorority but herself.  She decides to have major cosmetic surgery and change her entire appearance!  She planned on having her eyes, nose, chin, cheeks, the works done.  The main reason she did not go through with it was because the plastic surgeon had asked her out on a date!  Deciding that if HE wanted to date her, then her looks must have been good enough!

During season four, Blanche, again, thinks about cosmetic surgery when she feels that her breasts are too small and wants to get larger ones!  My favorite line from that episode is when Sophia walks into the room and hollers, “…why are there 17 sets of hooters on the table”!  She never fails to crack me up!  Blanche again decides against the surgery when Sophia’s friend Lillian is in need of finding a better quality nursing home.  Lillian’s health and care is more important to Blanche and the girls than have bigger “hooters”!

In reality, Rue McClanahan was in favor of cosmetic surgery saying that “that she thinks women and men should get plastic surgery, even going as far as to state “I think dogs should get plastic surgery.” according to a report from contactmusic.com.  Beloved Betty White for years denied the fact that she had ever had any work done, only to come out and admit in one of her books that she did indeed have work done on her eyes.  I am not 100% certain about Bea Arthur, I did read once that she did have a facelift after losing about 30 pounds.  But I do know that her character Maude was one of the first characters to receive a facelift on TV which makeup artists created using tape and makeup!

Last but not least, the one and only Estelle Getty reportedly had a facelift between the first and second season, which sent makeup artists into a tizzy due to the fact that they had enough trouble making her look old enough to be Dorothy’s mother!

Whether we’re talking Bea, Betty, Rue and Estelle OR Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia, these woman just amaze me!


  1. Joy says:

    You need to be more through in your research. Dolly Parton did not have a breast augmentation. She was born that way and received a breast reduction surgery due to back problems.

  2. Pamela says:

    Great article! I never really thought about the role that plastic surgery played in the series/scripts!

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