Tyler Perry’s Top 3 Movies, In My Opinion

For some reason Tyler Perry movies didn’t really attract me until recently.  Although I’ve heard good things about Perry’s movies for some time, it wasn’t until two years ago that I watched one of them on the big screen. I was curious how he would adapt Ntozake Shange’s play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf to the big screen. I actually liked it. Then, I realized that maybe, it was the marketing of his movies as made especially for the black community that made me feel excluded, or maybe his inclusion in a majority of his movies turned me off. (I find myself not really excited with the idea of actors directing their own movies). But thanks to For Colored Girls, I found a new appreciation for his movies. I did watch all of his previous work, and although I can’t say I’ve converted into a total Tyler Perry fan, I did discover some favorites.

So, without further ado, here are my top three Tyler Perry movies and why:

#3: For Colored Girls (2010)

This play turned movie is perhaps Perry’s most ambitious and polarizing work. I happen to be on the side of those who like it. For one, the talented group including Loretta Devine, Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Kerry Washington, Macy Grey, and Thandie Newton just brings the material to another level. Far from being perfect or bringing justice to Shange’s play, I  think just bringing the spotlight to the plight of black women is both powerful and relevant.

#2: The Family That Preys (2008)

Yes, it can be cheesy and overly melodramatic, but something about this movie made me respond. It’s a movie everybody relates to, black or white, rich or poor. The problems the characters face in the movie are just so real. Alfre Woodward and Kathy Bates get to show their acting prowess, as expected.

And my top favorite: I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009)

Although a bit mechanical, I think this Tyler Perry movie is his best yet. A nightclub singer, April, becomes the mom of some troubled kids whose house has been ransacked by wayward teenagers. With an immigrant down on his luck and their grandma Madea, the kids and April form a rather quirky family unit that eventually deals with life’s hard blows. The superb performances of Taraji P. Henson as the alcoholic aunt and Adam Rodriguez as Sandino, the brooding immigrant who establishes a great connection with the kids lift, the movie from being just another sappy comedy to an inspirational piece.


  1. Kim says:

    I have always been a Tyler Perry fan. He had me with Diary of a Mad Black Woman…
    When I watch the movies or the stage production (if lucky) I have learned to always watch for the second story line that is going on… The IS a moral to all stories…
    This last movie seemed to miss the mark A REALISTIC lesson for me.
    Madea could have been my grandmother, she carried a 44 in her purse and those who knew her knew she could use it…. These women are priceless!!!!
    Come back to the basic lessons so we can all relate!!!!

    • I agree, Diary of a mad black woman set the precedence in what not to accept in a realtionship, and how there are good black men waiting for us to give them a chance to love us.

    • Cynthia Joseph says:

      I agree with you that Tyler Perry hits home for many African Americans. We live a different way, we love a different way, we stand for different morals, we have fought a different fight, and we seek changes in different areas of life. Those who are unable to relate to Tyler Perry movies/plays, are of a different race or they simply refuse to accept their ancestry in my opinion.

  2. Amber mc cue says:

    I believe the first movie i saw of Tyler Perry was “the diary of a mad black woman” i thought it was awesome even my daughter liked it, we love watching his plays as well. I believe everyone can enjoy his work white, black, children, and the elderly. I think just Tyler Perry being whom he is is just intriguing. He stayed focused and dedicated to his dreams and never gave up. He cares about his fans and what they think. One of the biggest number one things he never lost his faith in God.

  3. deeluv says:

    Family reunion, Daddy’ little girls and Madea’s Christmas. Besides Madea, my other favorite is Joe. He had me when he said “girls gone wild, senior edition”.

  4. cynthia says:

    I love all of Tyler Perry plays, some of the movies from the plays were a little different, but my all time favorite is the stage play of Madea Family Reunion, This is when I really fell in love with the work of Tyler Perry. Can’t wait to see Madea get a job. Keep up the fantastic work TP.

  5. Dessie Foxe says:

    I really love the plays more. Especially when he bring every day siturations to life. I always moved more. I prays for you Tyler

  6. Dessie Foxe says:

    I am moved by all of your accomplishments

  7. Dessie Foxe says:

    I really enjoyed the movie Good Deed. Your acting was awesome


  9. Rodney chapman says:

    How can you forget the movie “why did I get married”
    That was a classic. Tyler Perry has really developed into a movie mogul.

  10. TONITA says:


  11. Felicity Ward says:

    God, continue to Bless Tyler Perry Abundantly. Last night I watched “Madea gets a job” Hillariously funny. Such amazing and heartfelt everyday life advice given in the play. The talented actors and music is brilliant. I can’t wait to see what Tyler Perry has coming out next. I have all of the plays movies and book he wrote. I got my family in Cape Town, South Africa, hooked on to Tyler Perry movies. God Bless you Mr. Perry! !

  12. Gelinda Dickerson says:

    Madea is my favorite character, she puts me in the mind of my older family members when it comes to wisdom for the soul/life. She can always tell like it is and always be right on the money. I love all of Tyler Perry’s movies and his cast of wisdom.

  13. Lisa Housley says:

    Love love love TP!!! He is a man above all others! I watch all of his Movies/Plays, buy all the CD’s, watch them over and over!!! I have had a very hard time the last few years with illnesses and I am constantly moved by his works!! I either laugh or cry ….they move me so much!! I could tell you something about each movie that I will remember forever and our family quotes parts of all the movies all the time!!! The new “Good Deeds” movie was absolutely amazing! What a beautiful soul!!! Thanks for letting me take this time to say some words about the person that I really do admire as a individual!!

  14. Stephanie Knupsky says:

    I love all 3 of these movies, however my list would be different:
    3. For Colored Girls
    2. Madea Goes to Jail- The Stage play on DVD
    1. Madea’s Big Happy Family- The Stage play on DVD

    I think Tyler Perry’s plays are so inspirational as well as funny. Madea gets deep on these plays. They have definitely gotten me through some tough periods in my life. That may sound cheesy, but it’s true…

  15. Helen Byfield says:

    I am hugh fan of Tyler Perry I own all the plays and movies that he has made I watch them over and over and get a different message everytime keep up the great work. I hope and pray one day that I can see and meet Tyler Perry before god takes me home. I’m excited can’t wait to get temptation. Super excited!! Hope and patiently waiting for Tyler Perry to bring a live play to Greenville South Carolina. Please come soon Patiently waiting. Your Biggest Fan Ever

  16. Iris says:

    Tyler Perry is an amazing man…Love the way his messages come across in his writing…Deep at times… There is usually a real life situation that people can relate to…Love to watch his movies… They make me think….Can’t wait to see Temptation this weekend… I know i won’t be disappointed……Tyler…Keep up the good work..ur fans love u!!!!!

  17. i love mr tp and i love all of his movies i have never seen any of his play live and i cant wait to see any one of his play since i now live in georgia am fro the caribbean .the first one of his movie i saw was DMBW.and i cry so much bu.t i fall in love with him.mr TP may god bless and keep u

  18. sylvia traywick says:

    I have not seen a bad Tyler Perry movie or play. I love all his work. I recently went to see his new movie Temptation and it had a great message. I would love to see another Why Did I Get Married after the accident and Mike’s illness and just see how everyone came out after that movie. But thumbs up to you Mr. Perry. My all time favorite is the stage play, Madea’s Big Happy Family.

  19. Cecila Sabau says:

    I enjoy watching Tyler Perry’s movies. My favourite of them all is Meet the Browns, Mr Brown being my favourite character. I have also watched Madea’s family reunion, Madea goes to Jail, The family that preys, Diary of a mad black woman,Daddy’s little girls, I can do bad all by myself, Why did i get married 1 & 2, Good deed. In all these movies there are teachings which improves us and make us better people.

  20. rachelle says:

    there is not a bad tyler perry movie made. the man is a genius i wait patiently till i hear of another movie to be released.

  21. My favorite TYLER PERRY are DIARY of a mad black woman,daddy’s girls and most of all the family that preys together. He shows you real life with humor & and in this world we could all use a good LAUGH!

  22. We all have a madea somewhere in the family and Mr, Perry just put her out there for the world to see. Diary of a mad black woman & the family that preys together shows us we all go thru at sometimes in our lives, and daddy,s girls gave us a super hero for a daddy, someone who his girls unconditionally.

  23. Terry Cilica says:

    I would like to invite Tyler Perry to my church . Second Baptist Church in Aiken South Carolina. I used to be a Security Officer at the 14 Street Playhouse and Robert Woodruff Art Building from 1999 -2002 I would like to see if he would come and be my guest. I love all his plays and movies. I hope he will send me back a message.

  24. Terry Cilica says:

    love to hear from you . This is the first time I ever have been able to write a message to a Star.

  25. Sharon T says:

    The description for “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” is not entirely correct. The troubled kids are actually Aprils nieces/nephews who broke into Madeas house. They lived with their Grandmother(Aprils mother) who failed to come home and after breaking into Madeas house, she brought them to April. It’s one of my most favorite movies of Tyler Perry, but I love them all. :)

  26. I myself absolutly love anythinf Mr.Tyler Perrry produces especially Madea`s family reunion, Madea geta a job, But ,my most favorites are The family that prey, Good Deeds oh lord this one was so awsome. Madea`s witness [rotection is the bomb. Yes i said that the Bomb. LOL I Love Madea, She makes me laugh so hard. She brings out the best in me. I can be so depressed and watch Madea and I am out of that state of mind.So that being said, I thank you so much Mr. Tyler Perry for all of your hard work and Please keep them coming. I will buy them all.mYour Friend Truley, Dianne Reynolds

  27. Please excuse my mistakes my eyes are not at thwir best.

  28. robin bazard says:

    I have all of tyler’s movies. love him. they don’t fantasize about life, it is life. from diary of a mad black women to alex cross. even the music (i hope you dance) touches me. awesome work Tyler.

  29. Mr. Tyler Perry is an insperation with his movies, plays and ANYTHING he touches seems blessed by God. I just love this man for all that he gives us. Thank you Mr. Perry and who couldn’t love Madea?

  30. Diane Evans says:

    I Love Tyler Perry!!! I watch his movies over and over. I have laughed and cried and even felt as if i was the women he was portraying in the movie. They touch my heart. and knowing that god has his hands on you guiding you through it is the best achievement in the world. GOD BLESS YOU!!!! one of your favorite fans!!!

  31. Blossom says:

    I have all his movies and waiting for more to come out.
    Loved them all.

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