Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns

meet the browns

“Meet The Browns”

I just love watching “Meet The Browns” This sitcom is done on the same lines as Tyler Perry’s play and film with the same name.  Since both of those were great you already know the TV show will be fun before you ever see it.  If you want to laugh till you cry this is the show to watch.

The main character is Leroy Brown.  After his father dies Leroy plans to sell his father’s house.  Then discovers a letter which makes him think his father, Pop Brown, wanted him to take care of the old.  The first page of the letter said “Take care of the old“.  However, on the second page which Leroy didn’t read it continued – “car in the garage“.

In an effort to “take care of the old” Leroy turns the rundown house he inherited into a retirement home known as “Brown Meadows”.

Helping Leroy with his retirement home is his daughter Cora.  (Cora is the result of a prom night fling between Leroy and Madea)  Also assisting in the home are his nephew Will and Will’s wife Sasha .Will is a doctor and provides free medical services to the residents of “Brown Meadows”.

Residents of the retirement home include a former actress, Miss Daisy, Colonel Cleophus Jackson a veteran of Vietnam, and Ms. Edna a childless widow who claims she is 35 while she is actually in her late 60s.

Madea is often referred to in various episodes, but she never makes an appearance.

Leroy Brown is an elderly gentleman who is a deacon in his church.  He makes fun of some other people (including Ms. Edna), but he is really a very kind hearted, caring person.  Leroy appears in the most outlandish outfits.  His pants with suspenders remind me of  Urkle in “Family Matters”.  For a man supposed to be somewhere around 70 Leroy sure has the dance moves of a much younger man.

Also doing her community service for a DUI by serving in the retirement home is London Sheridan a rather spoiled female from a wealthy family.

Adding to the mix are two children, brother Joaquin Ortiz age 12 and sister Brianna Janae Ortiz age 16.  Both children are products of the foster care system.  Because of their experiences they are distrustful and really just want to feel settled and loved.

“Meet the Browns” is a heartwarming show about multiple generations interacting.  Even though it is funny it is really about what happens in life and how to handle anything that might arise.

“Meet the Browns” only ran on TBS from January 2009 until November 2011.  It is available today in syndication.  If you have the opportunity I highly recommend watching.


  1. Paulette Johnson says:

    I’vd love them since thr first time I seen them @ the Sanger Theatre in New Orleans where I was working. I LOVE them it’s loke lookinh @ family i don’t want 2 c but u gotta luv them

  2. Bhrenda Drakeford says:

    Mr. Browns lounge attire is what I like and wear myself. Completely flamboyant and outrageous. Thats my kind of man. Keep me laughing please. Bhrenda.

  3. Eula Lovelace says:

    The Browns are so funny and it is always nice to get a good laugh. Leroy never stops he will keep you in stitches, Enjoy.

  4. Harold says:

    I thank Meet The Browns is one of the funniest sitcoms to have ever aired on TV. Bring back the Browns, Yeah!!!!!

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