Tyler Perry as Madea, What Do We Know?

Tyler Perry is one of the most prolific and successful writers, producers, directors, songwriters and actors today.  In 2011 he was named entertainment’s highest paid man for earning $130 million between May 2010 and 2011.

Born in New Orleans Louisiana September 13, 1969 Perry was one of several children.  At birth he was named Emmitt Perry, Jr. after his father who was a carpenter.  As a child his father was abusive.  His idea of child rearing was to “beat it” out of the child.  Perry was very depressed at that time.  In fact once he attempted suicide as a way to get away from his father’s beatings.  When he was 16, in order to distance himself from his father,   Emmitt Perry, Jr. had his first name legally changed to Tyler.

Tyler Perry did not graduate from high school, but did earn his GED.

Later Perry revealed he’d been molested at age 10 by the mother of a friend and prior to this he’d been molested by three men.  He also learned his friend had been molested by his own father.

In contrast to his abusive father Perry’s mother Willie Maxine Perry was a religious woman who took her son to Church with her each week.  For most of her life Mrs. Perry worked for the New Orleans Jewish Community Center as a preschool teacher.  She passed away in December 2009 at age 64.

Watching the Oprah Winfrey Show one day when he was around 20 Perry heard someone talk about the healing effects of writing.  This person stated it helps the writer to work out his problems.  Inspired Perry started writing letters to himself as therapy.  These letters became the basis for his musical, “I Know I’ve Been Changed”.

Perry moved to Atlanta and at age 22 used all his savings to put on “I Know I’ve Been Changed” at the community theatre.  The show was a financial failure and did not receive good reviews.  Over a period of time Perry reworked and fine tuned the show until eventually it was performed at the House of Blues and Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

Tyler Perry has gone on to write, direct, produce and perform in many other films, TV shows and stage shows.  He has a large following of loyal fans.

Counted among his supporters and friends are Oprah Winfrey, Janet Jackson and Will Smith.  Tyler Perry once indicated he knows what his audience wants and studios do not know his audience.  The theme running through many of his works reflect the teachings and social behavior of the African American Church.

In 2009 Perry learned that a swim club in Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania had shunned a group of children from a Philadelphia day camp.  He sponsored a trip for all 65 of these children to Disney World.  On his website he wrote “I want them to know for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them”.

Tyler Perry purchased a 17 acre estate in Buckhead Atlanta in the Paces neighborhood in 2007.  Recently in 2010 he purchased a 58 acre estate known as Dean Gardens in a suburb of Atlanta – Johns Creek.

If you’d like to learn more about how Tyler Perry rose to the top, I’d recommend checking out The Rise of Tyler Perry by Melvin Childs

We’re huge fans and without a doubt are looking forward to enjoying his next project!

If it were up to you, where would you like to see Tyler Perry appear next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Vickey shumaker says:

    I would love to see his next project as a lawyer. Defending someone that has been accused of murder and he doesn’t beieve the person did it and has 48 hours to prove the person’s innocence…and someone is trying to stop him from proving it.

    • admin says:

      Sounds like you should be in the moving making business :)

    • susie callahan says:

      illbe great in that and the person tylers character falls for the personhes protecting he falls in love with her &tyler s character could be brian simmons and the person can stay with madea lol any suggestions tyler he can have a contest where tyler has the winner come to his studio

    • LOTTIE MARTIN says:


      • LOTTIE MARTIN says:

        no i leave that to the pros i was in a car wreck back in NOV 2011 broke alots of bones in my body someone hit me head on when i was coming home from work but i am still here by the grace of GOD HE IS MY LIFE FOREVER

    • LOTTIE MARTIN says:

      THAT does sound good he would make a good lawyer

  2. Lisa says:

    I would like to Tyler Perry in Detroit directing my sister’s play !!!!

  3. Dessie Foxe says:

    I would love to see Tyler doing more plays. He always find a spot where he minister to the audiences. Also I would love to see him having his own television station

  4. I would love for him to come to Fort Wayne Indiana. He is a wonderful person of many talents. He seems to flourish in diversity of all races. His message of the plays and movies have a lot of Godly advise for all. We need more and of it in this day and age. Gods word never comes back void. Tyler keep up the good that you do, Your rewards are eternal. May God Bless You Always.
    Rhonda Smith

  5. myrtle robb says:

    I have enjoy your show since the begin of time.
    You are really a blessing to the young people.
    Maybe You have touch someone out there. There is so much to learn
    from you. You have been through it!! I know there is a lot of them has had the same life style as you.. May God bless you an you continue to go on down the road with Jesus.. I love your Alex Cross movie.. It was a little different from the madea. You will have my blessing, will keep you in prayer.. Your are a truly a blessing. Thank you for your Wisdom.

  6. Jones M. Cooper says:

    I would like to see Tyler next in my home visiting my 81 year old mom who is bed-ridden with Dementia….she is a Madea/Tyler Perry fat.v.n. I moved in with her a year ago to take care of her…..the only pleasure she gets is watching t.v.

  7. Jackie says:

    He would be good playing in another Why Did I Get Married. I wanna know what happened with Patty did she get with the guy in the end or not?

  8. Tolbertetta Harmon says:

    I just love that Tyler Perry turned from victim to victor. God is just so goooood! We don’t always understand what God is doing in our lives, but if we just let him lead us He is taking us somewhere, for Jeremiah 11:22 states that His thoughts toward us are of peace and not evil but good, to give us to an expected end. And just look what He did for Mr. Tyler Perry and I thank God for all of his movies, plays, songs and t.v. shows. Thank you Lord and thank you Mr. Perry.

  9. Debra Farris says:

    Mr. Perry, I think it would be nice if you could invest in some type of educational opportunities for young children living in low income areas here in the US or in other countries, God knows there’s a need out there.

    Love to see some more of your movies with some religious or moral story to it, but real to life, like a lot of your plays and movies are.

  10. bonnie adkison says:

    i wish i could meet tyler he dose get work i never see anything about a woman dose he have any in his life he needs a good woman beside his side i hope he can he needs to be happy money cant buy love please let me know i just love you so much i am disable i just love watching all your shows you do stay busy

  11. Amber white says:

    He needs to do another part to Good Deeds were they go to Africa and get married.

  12. I would love to see Tyler Perry in a movie with him being in more actions like Alex Cross, could be made a series, I really enjoyed the movie and we would like to know were do Alex Cross go from here, now that he is raising his kids without their mother, daughter gets out of hand, Alex Cross’s job get more dangerous dealing with more crazy insane killers, Alex Cross gets kidnapped, daughter gets kidnapped, etc…just a few suggestions, MORE ACTION AND DRAMA MOVIES TYLER!!! YES!!

  13. Louise says:

    I would like to see him in more serious roles like Alex Cross, only he needs to write, produce and direct it himself. However, I thought he was awesome in Alex Cross. Looks like his new movie Temptation is going to be great also, I’ve only seen a preview and its enough to let me know I have just got to see the whole movie!!!! Tyler Perry and Madea hates bootleggers, however, it was a bootlegg movie that got me into the Tyler Perry circle. I had not even heard about Tyler Perry, but now I am a fan for life, he has so many fans and I know I’m at the top. Not sure about the next movie with Kim Kardashian, because the only way I heard about her was the bad movie she made with Ray J. and she is still going from man to man, but I’m sure Tyler knows what he’s doing. The Marriage Counselor should be interesting, I’m only going to see it because it is Tyler Perry’s movie. I wonder when he is going to use Kimberly Elise again, she is such a great actress and she was awesome in Daily of a Mad Black Woman.

  14. Janet Smith says:

    I would like to see Tryle Perry in a moive being a School treacher help out kids who have learning problems plus being picked on teach them how to work it out and make their life a little better I think it would be awesome to see Him as a school Teacher just a thought

  15. haneefah taufeeq says:

    why dont you design a line of madea wigs and hair pieces

  16. Stephanie Richmond says:

    I would like to see a movie about Madea Goes on Vacation! When she comes thru airport security, she would hit the personnel with her purse over the head when they are trying to take her items that don’t meet the 3.5 oz requirement and gives the casinos a hard time in Vegas when the roulette wheel doesn’t land on her number, etc.

  17. Carol Ware says:

    I would LOVE… absolutely LOVE.. to see Tyler come and preforme a play here in Oklahoma.. say in OKC. If he did, I would do whatever it took to be there!!!!

  18. I would like to see Mr. Perry do a movie about his own life and how God has blessed him. I think it would encourage people to accept their lives and let God work through the problems like he has. I love Tyler Perry. I will support any project he is in.

  19. barbara jessie says:

    I just love him just the way he is.he’s so funny he seems like a good person who loves everybody I would like a picture of him for myself signedby him. My address is 2974 eastmoreland.Dr. Columbus Ohio 43209

  20. Vincent Jackson says:

    To TP I think you are truly A child of God I think your bless and in God’s favor I have watch all your plays and movies. Greatest I have been told that I am just like your character that you madea I believe in education I believe in Support of a child and family I foster children and Adopt them when no one else wants them I have so much love to give to them and I wish you would make another movie or play about children in foster care to be adopted and a child that has been adopted and how their life in Past present future with the good the bad and the ugly Thank you TP

  21. lois leblanc says:

    I also am from New Orleans and relocated to Atlanta at the age of thirty. I would LOVE to see one of Tyler Perry’s plays at the Fox. I absolutely love the theater and what a better place to see one of his creations.

  22. Well i will like to see him right in front of me, so I could give him the biggest hug ever… I truly enjoy all his movies and shows, he is so special!!, I always want to read all that comes out of his head, even when he plays Madea!! he always have something very positive and true to say.. He is my idol..

  23. LindaB says:

    Mr Perry I don’t know if you will ever see this, but as I read your story, and saw some of the comments this came to my mind. I think it would be awesome for you to investigate and do a story on a kid named Matthew Turner. He is a black kid from LA who was according to his father’s investigation was set up and charged with a murder he did not commit. Including changing photo’s and a whole bunch of things. His Father has a ministry in LA called bekingdomready.com he offers hope to gang members, addicts, and former incarcerated who wants to get back into society. No one seems to want to give a second look at the leper’s of our society today. All I know is God does not throw anyone away. thank you. I think the evangelist name is Wayne Turner.

  24. Debra Farris says:

    Would like to see Tyler Perry directing a movie with Janet Jackson showing some of the problems of women living in places such as Africa (or other areas) where women have less human rights than here in the US. This might call attention to the problems that need to be addressed and women’s education is the place to start. (see the book , “Half the Sky”.

  25. wyvette stansbury says:

    Tyler you are so awesome. Your life story sound like mines . God bless you .And keep on doing what you do . God got your back and so do I.

  26. Patricia Duckworth says:

    I just love each and every thing you have done but I would really love to see Madea in her own sitcom the way you portray a character the wisdom and the laugh really gives hope and wisdom to those who need it. I pray we would meet one day and just talk. A conversation with you would bw so awesome.I would love toto say I know you and you are my friend but I know that is the impossible keep doing what you’re doing you have reached out and touched so many lives.you really have no idea. Lord bless youand keep you and may His face always shine upon you

  27. Jeanette Roman says:

    Your life story sounds like mine as well and I’m sure many others. I would love to see a biography of your life made into a movie like they put on life time or maybe OWN. I’m sure there are so many children young adults that are struggling with similar issues and feel that there is no hope. You are a great inspiration Tyler Perry.

  28. jami says:

    Why doesn’t he do a movie on how Madea grew up, even sliding on that stripper pole watching the old men drizzle because they sure hell cant make it rain lol!! Tyler can do anything he is such a talented man. He is one of my favorite people, he shows in his movies there are good and bad in all races. keep up the great work Tyler xo

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