Tyler Perry on Achieving Success

Tyler Perry’s inspirational background drove him forward through the 90’s to hit something great in 1998. Mr. Perry’s success is attributed to God. The background that Mr. Perry experienced seemed to cast a shadow on his life, but as God reached down into his heart. Mr. Perry found forgiveness for his father and used the experiences to write a play at the age of 28. He worked and believed in his calling. While the 90’s seemed to frustrate and act as a thorn, he never stopped believing and reaching for something better. The simple messages that he offers in each of his creative masterpieces have value in our daily lives. While this man has fought with his past, his future is brighter than ever.

Plant the Seed & Water it

On his video on his website, Mr. Perry talks about planting the seed and watering it. Many people run in many different directions at once, but it is wise to focus on that one seed. The message has been is cut out of the media. The most potent messages that falls from his study is “believe,” the solitary act that requires exercise and patience has enabled Tyler to climb out of the streets from Atlanta and into a career that he loves.

Believe in Your Dream and you will achieve

Mr. Perry is a great example of believing in your dream, while most times life distracts us from the path. We carry our own future and direction in our palms. While for many people, the act of believing is like a visit to the dentist. Tyler urges his internet family to pursue their dreams and to constantly believe and water it. The attributed life experiences of Mr. Perry shuns the value of luck, but embrace a relationship with God and commitment. What do you think?

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