Two Young and the Restless Men I Love!

young victor newman

“Victor Newman”

Every long-standing soap opera succeed with one main theme: very, very handsome leading men that could draw in a large following. That did not factor into the equation when I started watching Young and the Restless because it was less of a choice. I started watching the soap opera when there were only three television channels and our house had only one television. So, whenever I would come home from school – at all ages – if I wanted to watch television I had to watch what my mother watched. One of those shows happened to be Young and the Restless.

I didn’t object, I would grab my favorite afterschool snack and intensely watch the character’s drama unfold as if they were my next door neighbors. Despite the handsome choices of leading actors, I would choose my favorite based on their outlandish personalities and as I grew older it then sort of became about the looks. So, who are the two most favorite Young and the Restless men of soap opera past and present? Might not be who most think.

Number one would have to be Victor Newman – of the 80s! Victor played by Eric Braeden was able to appeal to both the young and the older audience with his mysterious and mature ways. His character was the most genuine despite all of the chaos that arose around him. The real life actor brings a mystery to him, for instance his German accent makes him standout from the rest in a good way. His voice takes mundane lines and makes the characters and audience pay close attention.

For the younger set like myself who watched him from the beginning, he represented a cool father figure and for the women he was the ideal man to marry. The character Victor had a lot of his human flaws, but overall, everything he did was with class and respect. That was the Victor I had grown up with and even though it is the same actor, his character has changed in several ways to keep up with today’s audience.

Then there is Jack Abbott, Genoa City’s other tall, dark and handsome character that brings flames to the set and is a must watch for soap opera fans. Why do we love to watch this character? I believe he brings out the

hidden want for the bad boy within every woman. The character everyone loved to hate, but still loved to watch.

Without Jack’s scheming and school-boy challenges, the series may have not been as exciting. Just as Victor’s character had once exude charm and old-world class, Jack, played by Peter Bergman, is thankfully charmed

jack abbott

“Jack Abbott”

in a different way, more like a cobra. Ever since Jack rolled on the scene he would find a way to betray every person in his path. Most of his screen time is spent creating a scandal or putting out the fires of an old one. Of course now Victor plays the field just as much even in his 70s, so I miss the old Vic.

These two characters are just the top of a whole list of handsome and interesting actors that make up the delightful series. However much the characters have changed over the decades, there have been these two strong totems that add fiery and complicated situations to the Young and the Restless series. If the series survives another 10 years, audiences are happily assured that these two characters will still be around to continue their fun revengeful plots against one another.


  1. lisa says:

    Wrong Pic of Peter Bergman..That was actor terry????



    • Carol Meeker says:

      I love Victor he is the man. And I hope when he gets back home he thros Sharon out in the street. I also Love Jack sometimes feel sorry for him. I love the way Jack and Victory bicker back and forth and of course Victor always wins. I think ERIC and PETER are both great actors. I love Y & R Carol Meeker

  3. No More Candy 4 says:

    Of those two, Peter Bergman. He’s more down to earth.

  4. Missy says:

    So I have watched Y&R since the early 70′s and though I love these two actors, there are so many men on that show to love and hate. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) for one….and Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) for another….I’ve only met Don Diamont who played Brad on Y&R for many years…..would love to meet all of them. I got started watching because of my grandmother….who used to listen to Guiding Light on the radio…many of us are waiting for a conclusion movie for that and as the world turns thank you Missy Y&R has given me great pleasure and “pain” for many years keep up the good work.

  5. Shirley Macuch says:

    Its hard to pick 2,so I’ll pick 3,victor,paul,nick,they are all good looking!!!!!!!

  6. Carol Spotts says:

    My comment or rather question I should say is “How long has the Y&R actually been on the air I’ve seen it put as early 70′s but I don’t think that is right I always thought it was put on the air around “85″ or so …this is how long I’ve been watching , please clear this up for me …<3 the Y&R

    • wanda monroe says:

      i remember i was 17, and my mom had passed before y&r , i heard the music and new which soap was on, the only black and white tv, as the world turns, the quiding lite, and then y&r jills hair dresser job, her two cute brothers, and growning up with these are memories, and of my mom, but today she would not belive how they are now making love on tv, so they are like part of your family, there problems are better, and they have money, to make me forget mine, so keep up the good work, i love them all.

  7. selda says:

    search for tomorrow not mentioned was my favorite

  8. Anna Trotter says:

    I feel that the story line for Victor should be refreshed. In most cases Victor can do NO wrong. He seems to have it in for all of his children. He has been mean to Billy and I just cringe when he calls him Billy Boy. How is that showing any kind of love for Victoria., and Nick is just out as far as Victor goes.

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