Touched By An Angel

Touched By An Angel

“Touched By An Angel”

Did you know that “Touched By An Angel was cancelled in its first season?  It was brought back because of a letter writing campaign by its fans.  The successful series then ran for nine seasons.

In fact, during its third through sixth seasons it was one of CBS’s highest rated series.

Monica is a young angel played by Roma Downey who was recently promoted from the search and rescue division to do case work.  She is supervised by an older more experienced angel named Tess portrayed by Della Reese.

Monica is charged with helping people at a crossroads in their life make a tough decision by bringing them guidance and messages from God.

During the series the pair drives around in a 1972 red Cadillac Eldorado convertible given to them as a gift.  Tess does the driving.

Starting in the second season Tess and Monica are often joined by Andrew (John Dye) an angel of death.

Much later in the series a new rookie angel named Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli) becomes a regular.  She is being trained by Monica and Tess.  Gloria is very gullible and has a very limited knowledge of people.

At the end of the series Monica is being considered for promotion to supervisor.  Her promotion depends on her handling of a serious case involving Zack, an innocent drifter accused of killing many children by causing a boiler explosion.  Even with no evidence Zack is put on trial. Monica does everything she can to assist him, but he is convicted.  The prosecutor in the case was actually Satan in disguise.

Although Monica is able to show the town citizens their mistake in believing Zack is guilty, she is not able to free him from jail.  She then promises to be his guardian angel and keep him safe in prison.  She takes no more assignments and gives up her hope for promotion to supervisor.  The next morning when she returns to visit Zack he is no longer in his cell.  The people of the town decline to look for him.  It’s later learned that the explosion was caused by Joey Machulis (one of Monica’s former assignments) when the devil convinces him to turn up the boiler to warm up some kittens.

Monica goes back to the desert where she finds Tess and Zack.  It is then revealed that Zack is actually Jesus and she was being tested.  Her willingness to give up her desire for promotion in order to help Zack earns her that promotion to supervisor.

Since Tess is going up to sit at the feet of God. Monica is given the keys to the Cadillac.  She is last seen driving off  into the desert.

Della Reese is an ordained minister in real life.

The series was nominated for eleven Primetime Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.  Della Reese did win six Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series.


  1. Connie L. Senk says:

    I LOVE this show , makes me feel like an angel .

  2. Jeanette McMaster says:

    I used to watch Touched by an Angel all of the time. Both my husband and I loved this show. I would really, really like to see this brought back. I would rather watch Touched by an Angel, than the gory movies like the werewolves etc. it is a better more healthy story line than any of the new T.V. shows. Could you please have them brought back. Thank you.

    • JO JO says:

      Jeanette, TBA comes on GMC 7&8 eastern time Mon-Fri. Just in the first season. Thought u would like to know. ;*)

  3. Cindy says:

    It would be cool to see Monica brought back as the supervisor, Gloria as the angel. All they would need is the Angel of Death since John Dye did pass away in real life.

  4. Judith stone says:

    Touch by angel is the
    Best on TVs I watch all the reruns it was so sad
    The angel of death died john Dye was lovely it so lovely to watch it looks so real about heaven Monica and tess played good parts I have got the DVD when it not on TV I do hope you will keep it going it one of the best love it thanks to the people who made it if it wasn’t for them we would never have seen it thank you so much

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