Touched By An Angel Three Classic Episodes

Touched By An Angel

“A Happy Time”

Touched By an Angel is always an uplifting show.  The angels, Monica, Tess and Andrew devote themselves to trying to help their assignments find their way.  Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

Till Death Do Us Part, 1999

Jordan Avery is about to turn 40 and his wife Molly plans a birthday party.  During her preparations she receives a phone call from her doctor’s office letting her know they suspect she has cancer.  The disease runs thru her family and both her grandmother and mother died young.

Andrew is working on the farm and advises Molly to tell Jordan, but she refuses fearing she’ll spoil the party.  As it turns out Jordan seems depressed and not happy at his own party.

Later Jordan goes into the barn.  A shot is fired and Jordan has committed suicide.

Andrew feels he has failed in his mission as an angel.  He felt Jordan was the person he’d been assigned to help.

Tess assures Andrew he’d done his best.  Andrew reveals to Molly that he is an angel and that even in tough times most people continue to hope and this is her job now.  She and her son Jimmy connect and lean on each other with hope for the days ahead.

Sins of the Father, 1996

Andrew and Tess are trying to help Valerie Dixon straighten out her misguided teenage son, Samuel…  Samuel is in a gang and also looks up to his older brother Luther as a role model.  Luther is on death row for a crime he committed.

In the cell next to Luther is a condemned killer named Willis.  Willis chimes in whenever Luther is talking with Monica who is portraying a journalist.  Willis is actually the father of both Luther and Samuel.  Willis reveals to Luther that he is his father and that a long time ago Tess advised him to mend his ways, but he did not listen.

Luther is urged to let Samuel know that he is not a good role model and he should not look up to him.

Much later Valerie turns to God to help guide her in turning Samuel’s life around to good.  Andrew escorts Samuel into Church where he and his mother connect.  Samuel turns away from his violent gang banging ways.  At least one of the boys is saved from the cycle of violence started with the sins of their father.

The Penalty Box, 2001

A star hockey player, Jeff McHenry, has dreams of going to Harvard after graduating from his fancy prep school.  He is forced to leave this prestigious school when his father goes bankrupt causing Jeff to attend the local high school.

The hockey team at this school is in the cellar.  The acting coach for the team is Monica.  She tries to get Jeff to join the team and finally he does agree to play.

The last game is between the high school and Jeff’s former prep school team. Hockey scouts are monitoring the game.  Jeff plays his hardest, but he and his team are unable to beat the prep school team.  When one of Jeff’s rivals insults him a fight breaks out between the two and both end up in penalty boxes.

Jeff feels hopeless.  Monica reveals she is an angel.  Jeff apologizes to his teammates.  They find encouragement and go on to score a couple goals against the prep school, but it’s too late in the game to win.

Andrew and Tess call the scout’s attention to Jeff.  Even though the team doesn’t win, Jess’ leadership skills are enough to be impressive and there may be a possibility of a scholarship next term.

The Touched By An Angel episodes are spiritual shows.  They point out that life’s problems can be handled with the help of a higher power. The angels are assigned here to help those in need find a pathway to a better life.

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