Too Many People In Port Charles

Laura is back! She’ will make her first appearance on February 11th. It is just so wonderful to see some of the prior GH stars coming back for an encore. While I’m getting used to Tod & Starr, having not watched One Life To Live in a couple decades, it’s still hard to care a lot.

Tod is very believable (and funny!) but Starr overacts so much. A good actor can convey feeling quite well without even opening her mouth. I’m so sorry Starr’s baby and boyfriend got killed but I don’t need to hear the whole story complete with histrionics so often. We can look at Sam and know how she’s feeling immediately. She doesn’t need to tell us why. Starr could use a little restraint. Being young is her excuse I guess but she is old enough to not go off the deep end every other day!

I think there are too many people in Port Charles now and not enough time to develop story lines for all of them. From everything happening too fast to a lot being put on the back burner is getting silly. Don’t be afraid to let some characters die! We can handle it- it happens in real life too. It’s getting so I’m disappointed to find an injured person is still alive. If they didn’t have a strong story just let them go! And maybe even if they did- nobody lives forever.

Johnny has outlived his time. I can see where shooting his father’s tires out was forgivable even with the disaster it caused but coldly shooting his father down? It seems might be the crime he gets away with since not everybody knows. That’s too much even for a favorite. AJ dodging his crime by giving up Faison- that still works for AJ even though he had nothing to do with Faison’s capture? It would be good to have the bad guys go to prison, at least for awhile. Matt Hunter was very likeable but he killed someone and is paying for his crime. We miss him but he will be let go from prison someday.

I have very little respect for AJ as he got away with everything he ever did after hurting so many people. Yes, Sonny did too and I think if he’s not going to pay for his crimes he should become a good guy. I think he could do it. Even if it kills him!

Don’t bring characters back just to bring them back. It’s not fair to them or to us. It would be great to finish out their story lines but if there’s not room for them in Port Charles it’s not going to work. The writers are trying to make all the fans happy- old and new, but they are creating a confusing mess!


  1. Laura says:

    Personally, I’m getting really worried about the fate of GH. All these old characters that they’re bringing back… do you think it’s kind of a farewell tour?

    • joy meyers says:

      no i don’t think it is a Farrell tour you cant beleave everything you here on inter net GH has prought back many old character before rather they have died or moved away ectera

      • LuLu says:

        MMMM, never thought of it as a farewell tour to fans. I sure hope not!! I know sometimes the storylines are so Unrealistic and everything you can imagine that’s horrible happens in one little town upstate, and every has pretty much slept with everyone on the show, However it is wonderful, no thinking drama that I looked foward to after a tough day at work!!! Love Genie Francis, Tony Geary, the characters of Anna and Duke and Lucy Coe!! keep em coming, they remind me of my fun High Schools days of rushing home to Catch Luke and Laura’s next adventure. I was hoping LuLu and Dante would follow the same path, but they are pretty hum drum. Let’s spice up their lives now…you know maxi is going to be prego with Spinelli’s baby. I agree..they need to finish one storyline instead of jumping from one to another and back again.

    • i love all the new people coming on GH it was getting boring with only mob story line, yeah they do need to kick back on “starr’s story” it like a song you love on the radio until you’ve heard it so many times you just “hate it” !

    • Joanne says:


    • JudieI says:

      It’s GH’s 50th anniversary. That’s why all the old characters.

  2. lynn says:

    I could have written your comments about “too many people on GH ” myself…though not as well… Todd,most of the time and Starr is way too over dramatic. Please send A J back to wherever he came from!!

  3. Diane Lalumiere says:

    One story that was touched on so long ago was Spinelli and who his father was. That would be a good story. He needs that closure because look at the way he idolized Jason. Everyone has found out something about their roots. Why not Spinelle? I have been an avid fan ever since the show started and if you can let Jason go then anyone else can be considered like he was.

    • Alicia says:

      I know at one point they had hinted that Spinelli was a son that was given up by super attorney Diane…but I wonder who would be a good “parent” for Spinelli…maybe a lost Quartermaine?

  4. Riddic43 says:

    I agree with you about all the confusing actors being tossed back in to save the show but lets be real get rid of these deadbeats that break the law, kill someone and walk around free or are put in jail just to be let out again. Send Todd and johnny on their way to prison and get rid of them. Jason left and he was a good actor. Another thing Cate is out of jail because of her son and now its time to lock her silly butt up again. I really don’t like this girls acting, the other one was much better, Megan Ward bring her back and yes Starr does overplay her part most of the time but hey maybe she is trying to hang with the best of them. Never agreed with bringing another soap’s actors to GH but what do us Fans know. After all we only watch the program!

  5. Tina Helton says:

    I think you need to pay attention: Johnny didn’t gun down his father, it was his grandfather. As for Sonny: it just shows you what real life is like, alot of people get away with alot in real life, alot more than what he has done in a show. As for Starr and Tod I feel like they are a great addition to GH. Since they done away with All My Children and One Life to Live they actors and actresses have to have somewhere to go so why not GH since it is the only soap opera I even watch anymore.



    • Sharon says:

      Kathy, I SO agree with everything you said. I love seeing the old cast members returning. It takes me back to the beginning and makes me feel rather young again :) I loved OLTL so I am thrilled to have some of their cast join the Port Charles crew. I hope GH never leaves the air. It’s like losing old friends when they take off my soaps!

  7. Mary says:

    I personally, think they should get rid of not only Johnny, but AJ too! I hated him the first time around and now no love is lost on him. I also believe this mess with Spinelli, Ellie, and Maxie is stupid and needs to be dealt with. It seems now that she finds out shes pregnant by spinelli, we know she will try to pass it off as the one she lost of Dante and Lulu’s! I love Sabrina, and her timid personality, but please if you intend to put her with Patrick, give her a spirit to fight Britt for his hand. Mac has gone to the back burner again and I believe he should be commissioner again. What is the deal with the Lucy/Caleb/Livvie storyline? That is just plain stupid! comeon! Yes, I am excited about the Nurses ball and believe Jason should return even if its not Steve Burton. Laura’s Back!! Awesome! I want her and Luke to rekindle their love I bet that would drive up Ratings!

    • Jeanne says:

      Seriously, Vampires???? Lucy/Caleb/Libby & now Rafe……………..this is as far fetched as when they froze PC. I still love everything else though. We know if Maxie tries to pass off Spinelli’s baby as Dante & Lulu’s…..Somewhere along the way there will be blood tests needed. I did like the connection with the “Dog/Jackel” vision.

      • Debbie says:

        Yes I agree Seriously, Vampires???? Lucy/Caleb/Libby & now Rafe……………..this is as far fetched and I hope it go’s away soon I just to stuped for a soap. It’s not a move.

  8. delia says:

    I agree with some of your points, for one yes peopel die everyday and maybe it is time Jason’s body washed ashore, let’s face it even if the body is identified through DNA their are always ways to bring him back if heSteve Burton wants to return.
    Another instance I agree is Johnny, at this point his part almost seams stupid ( I love Brandon Brash and hate to see him go ) but Johnny needs to go away for a while at least.
    AJ , him I actually Like , if the writers create a good story with him and Carly it might get interesting!!!
    Morgan,,, needs to be killed or returned … who send their son away this long!
    I love Starr but she does tend to over act and just need to relax for a bit!
    Dante & LuLu … can they get any more boring ?? NOPE! come on to young and to hot of a couple to draw them down the way they have!

    Love all the new(old Characters) but do need to be carefull not to throw them on just to do it i very much agree! Laura coming back let us make her a BITCH!! I would love that! Liz…. well poor Liz we need a hot new guy for her it is just about the time she is getting ready to want another baby!
    Conne…… enough said
    Hook up Sonny back with Claire.. have her come back to town with his little baby!!! that would have been a great story!

  9. Bonnie says:

    I agree with what you wrote except I love AJ and I am glad they bought him back I hope that it is to build the Q family back. Starr grates on my last nerve she is the worse actress I have seen in a while.She didn’t even makeme shed a tear when her kid went off the cliff. I hope she returns to Oltl

  10. joy meyers says:

    i love GH but i am real tired of the Connie Kate story line it gotten sickening this d.a.d shit it is time to bring back Kate and one minute you show Robin then the next she gone it has been almost a year sense Robin death it getting time to bring her home to Port Charles let get these two story line on the ball

  11. Dee says:

    I hate what has happened to GH since the dead have returned and the One Life actors showed up! AJ–booo–weird eyes, bad actor. I loved Johnny before he killed his grandfather and got mixed up with Connie. I don’t see how they can redeem him now. Kate was O.K. but can’t stand Connie. Connie has gone on too far. Sonny needs to age gracefully instead of putting boot-black on his hair, but he is essential to the show as far as I’m concerned. I’d like him to turn legit. Miss Jason and what the heck happens to Sam now? John–weird nose, he should become one of the mob. Love Carly, miss Jax. No chemistry between Star and Michael–send Star back where she came from. I like Ellie but not the storyline or her whinning. Love Tracy and Alexis, excellent actors. Hate this pg story with Maxie. Lulu and Dante parts stink lately, but they are both good actors. Christina–not so much. Luke can stay but needs to get back to running the bar. Spinnelli is great. Miss Robin and she needs to be back to the hospital. Duke please die for good. Lucy is nuts, lock her in a padded room for good.

  12. Buddy says:

    I totally disagree with this article!!! NO We do not have to many characters on the canvas, for one thing We have had mail in and phone in calls to get Our Laura back and with the old Phelps/Guza/Frons reign of terror not only did they refuse to do so, they also killed off or put so many Fan faves. And now the characters being brought back are familiar faves. We already know that Lucy and Kevin will only be around until the completion of the Nurse’s Ball, as will Robin, as She is pursuing her Directing Career (no longer on contract) already said by Frank and Ron, they have to work on HER schedule, and that the Nurse’s Ball. As for Mac and Felicia, We only get brief appearances, they too are on recurring status. Steven Lars will be gone soon, as Trey is. The other Steve(Jason) left of His own accord to work with his friend JFP. Maurice/Sonny just signed a new contract, stating how impressed He is with the new PTB and the use of the full canvas of characters, as well as Sonny becoming more a family man(by the way MO, I am enjoying seeing your full range of acting like back in the 90s as well). Now, Most of the returning characters, like Audrey Hardy, and many others are returning just for that reason, and they will be off the canvas again… It is possible that the ‘OLTL’ characters will be gone soon as well, IF they are among the ones Who are licensed to Prospect Park, and only loaned out to “GH.” Also, the entire thing with Lucy stabbing John (thinking he was Caleb), thinking Sam and Duke were also their “Port Charles” counterparts, was very clearly stated by Frank and Ron as “just a brief nod to that ABC SOAP.” NO, I do not think there are too many Residents of Port Charles, there are just as many leaving as staying and returning, most of all Genie Francis, Laura, You sure have been missed in this town for way too long… “GH” has become, well “GH” again, thanks to Frank, Ron, Cast, and Crew!!!

  13. Terri says:

    Star couldn’t act on OLTL don’t why they think she could on here but she is good for Micheal.Connie/Kate is the one I want gone she wasn’t a good replacement any way . Christina will be leaving again probably .They need some kind of story They need to bring Robin back get something good going again with Jerry .Don’t like this weird crap vampires and stuff its silly stupid.I don’t mind them mixing up the other soaps thats been taken off the air bring them on with there storys put some life in it if they mixed AMC,OLTL,,,and GH wow what a show the writers ain’t that smart

    • Terri says:

      I’m hoping this whole vampire thing goes away real fast…there was a reason Port Charles got cancelled. Keep twilight on the big screen and love in the afternoon on daytime. But I will still be a loyal watcher and not threaten to quit watching just because I don’t like a storyline. I’ve endured a lot of stupid storylines on GH over the last 30+ years but never left. I’m loving the integrating of characters from OLTL but it would be nice if maybe a pine valley character could pop in from time to time. Just my opinion. And obviously, other Terri, I agree with your comment

  14. Sharon says:

    My goodness this show has gotten to be a free for all! Every child under 12 dies. All the story lines are depressing. My goodness we are in January and Maxie has lost the baby, Spinelli jumped ship while his girlfriend, Ellie who is looking into her phone hoping he will wait for her gets blasted by a Connie, which in turn rear ends a car with Tre’ who should be happy in CA with Christina but is now dead due to the mess his mother created. She will never get to make things right after having abandoned him when she was raped at 16 years old. There is NO JOY EVER in this show anymore. Ellie and Spinelli were so cute together, now show is paralyzed and it looks as though Maxie will pawn hers and Spinellis baby off to LuLu and Dante? And Olivia is a breath of fresh air with Steve, but that is going to end as well. MY GOD STOP THIS MADNESS, get a few good story lines and develop them or quit ! Heather is a psycho and we do not like her. Lucy that story line is NUTS. Nothing new or original in this mish mash, LESS IS MORE works here.

    • nonna says:

      Olivia is a 45 year old acting like a 25 year old. I hope she’s the one that gets murdered on the show. The storyline about her “visions” is ridiculous. Can’t stand her.

  15. I’m keen on that they can changed Anakin not being at Palpatine’s side whole time. It’s interesting that Palpatine is *really* wielding Anakin’s sabre and so they could CG it away.

  16. Sal Piscioneri says:

    I totally DISAGREE with this article…………I would rather see the tribe part time then to see the same people everday like before…….That to me was over kill. A taste of the past makes me happy.. I love seeing them all. Heck, no one has a life that is fun filled and exciting daily. Let the over worked cast have some needed time off. Anyway, sometimes you need some new extra people to tell a story. I am not worried but exuberant as GH is now can’t miss TV which has not happened for me during the Guza era………..Thanks to all the cast as crew for making my favorite show my favorite show….

  17. Sharon Williams says:

    The vampire thing has to go! Seriously! It is so stupid!!!!

  18. Angela says:

    The reason GH is bringing back all the old people is because it is their 50th anniversary year. They are not doing it to save the show. I think they will all just be visiting for a while. I am thrilled with the story lines. The ony one I’m not crazy about is AJ. He looks like he is stuffed with his barrel chest. He is so chesty (muscular) that he looks strange, like he can hardly move around. He should stop lifting weights. Won’t miss him when he’s gone. I love the OLTL people because that use to be my favorite soap before they started cancelling them. Still can’t believe what they did. Can’t wait for the online show to begin. I hope it will be worth watching.

  19. Marlynn says:

    I agree with alot of what everyone is saying. Star and Michael, no chemisrty. Connie story, boring, need to resolve the d.i.d thing. Don’t like Spinnelli with Ellie, go back to Maxie. Do not like the new Kristina, horrible actress. Sonny needs a new woman, kick Connie/Kate tot he curb! Love Alexis and her acting, need to see more Diane teamed up with her tho. This Olivia seeing things, gotta go, to stupid. Patrick needs to be with Robin, bring her back if only part time!!! Anna needs to be with Duke and Luke needs to find someone to go on his adventures with.I have watched pretty much since day 1 and am very glad Laura is coming back, always liked her, hope she gets a good story line. Should have never let Steve burton get away, bad mistake. Liz needs to get a life, doesn’t seem to spend alot of ti me with her boys. Can’t wait for the nurse’s ball!!

  20. Liz says:

    Bring Robin with Jason back! AJ is back and he should have a relationship with his son. I loved Carly and Jax together but she ruined that relationship by not thinking and just going too far. Love Sabrina and she would make a great friend for Patrick and Robin but nothing more. Britt has some evil in her and would love to see Robin kick the hell out of her. Spinelli and Ellie works but hate it if Maxis baby is really his. It looks like the vampire story line is going to happen and it is a soap opera and anything can happen and mix if it is mixed in lightly. GH had that story line with Max and Robin and the alien Max for a short while. All in all I love GH and no matter where they take the characters as long as they stay on the air.

  21. Lisa says:

    I agree there are way too many characters now. They need to get back to the Robin storyline and quit adding storylines about vampires. That’s just plain out stupid!! I love Todd and Starr and I guess I’ve accepted John McBain, but this Lucy character is way too much! And now this mysterious woman and her son… where did they come from? And she thinks that John is a vampire too. Yes, I enjoyed the Twilight Saga, but let’s leave it there, not in daytime soaps. It’s ridiculous!!!
    I would also love to see Sabrina stand her ground with Britt. It needs to be done!!! That woman gets on my last nerve especially the way she talked to Emma. I mean, Emma’s just a child, grow up!!! And MAXIE… I love her, but if she doesn’t come clean pretty soon about Dante and Lulu’s baby, she will be one of my least fav. Come on writers, stop the lies at least just this once. Spinelli deserves to know he’s gonna be a dad. And D & L deserve to know the truth too before the baby is born. Ok well that’s my opinion, just wish it would make a difference.

  22. VCH_Carole says:

    Those of you who think that Starr is over-acting have apparently never lost a child. I have. It isn’t something that you just “get over!” I have watched that actress on OLTL since she was a small child and I think that she has developed into a good actress.

    I agree that the vampire business is nuts & hope we don’t have much more of that. And Heather Webber — I wish she would go away and stay gone. It is amazing how one can develop a love or hate relationship with the characters on GH. I loved Jason & I hate Heather. I love Sonny but the Kate/Connie storyline is getting very tedious.

  23. nonna says:

    I am sick of all the “old” characters coming back and the stupid storylines. If you don’t have a good storyline for them – DON’T BRING THEM BACK!!!! The show has too many things started and never finished – like Robin being alive. And too many unbelievable storylines like Faison wearing a mask and copying Duke’s voice. Really???

    Other things are too predictable like Maxie passing off Spinelli’s baby as Dante and Lulu’s. And … We all know that Sabrina will look like a hot chick at the nurse’s ball. The writers are horrible and need to be more imaginative.

    Agree with all of you about Starr. She constantly overacts and the producers and director should do something about it.

    The vampire thing????? Get real – that ship has sailed when Port Charles was cancelled and to revisit it now with the old characters is just putting another nail in GH’s coffin.

  24. Jamie says:

    I was wondering the same thing myself, all these characters are coming back, GH is hitting it’s 50th year, maybe the writers know something their not telling us. I can just picture everyone back, then something happens that kills ALL the characters and there goes GH.

  25. Felicia Emanuele Schwab says:

    Personally, I like the vampire storyline. Years ago, there was an alien on GH, now, Olivia has visions, so what is the problem? It brings some comedy to the show.I do not like Todd, he can leave anytime. I have liked John McBain, way back when he was on “Days of Our Lives” as Tanner, Eugene’s younger brother. Sam and John are great together, as they were on “Port Charles”, as Caleb and Livvy! Laura coming back is a great addition! Tracy is a wonderful actress!! Way to go, GH!!

  26. Peggy Sue says:

    Port Charles is getting toooooo many characters from other soaps that have been taken off the air, its NOT FAIR TO THE CHARACTERS that have been on GH a long time, they need to go away, vanpirs are out of the question, get them off especially Lucy Coo~~get back to Robin, Jason bring him back and Emma~~

  27. Kathy Glagowski says:

    I agree! Too many characters are on the canvas and it makes the stories disjointed. We see them and get invested like Robert. We saw him get stabbed and then for weeks we didn’t hear anything while other story played out!! Yes people die. I wish the McBain character would die or go back to Liam!! This vampire “nod” is getting to be more than a nod. It’s getting more attention than Jasons’ death!That’s because RC/FV have wanted Sam and McBain together ever since they took over the reins. They are trying to get viewers from OLTL and the old PC soaps. Caleb and Livvie were a thing on that show. They never wanted Sam and Jason because they were the baby of Jill Farren Phelps. She got Burton now and they are trying to fill holes with retuning vets. I like that but younger viewers have no idea who they are!! They don’t measure the 60 and over group for ratings. I don’t think the show is in danger
    of cancellation,just boredom. The only scenes I truly like are Sam and Danny without john McBain!

  28. I hate the part that the story line about John McBain being a vampire. Seem like you are trying to bring back Dark Shadows back but bringing it to GH. Its enough weird things happening in the world without all this scrap being aired on a daytime soap.
    Please that that part of the scrip out of GH. It is enough killing on there without having a vampire kill more.
    Hate Sonny with Connie. Too many characters.

  29. rose says:

    Love all the ‘old’ ones coming back….love Starr, she is a young kid that has not matured yet and plays the part very well….get rid of AJ, he’s creepy. Kind of like Connie, she has fire that Kate lacked..never get rid of Sonny, wouldn’t mind him going legit tho’…Diane, can not stand her, needs to go…Maxie needs to grow up..send McBain back to oltl, don’t like him with Sam..Like Olivia with Steve…Heather been around way to long..needs to go ! as far as the vampire crud, GET RID OF IT, it’s stupid ! Brit, not a good actress and her part is stupid..keep Sabrina, like her, as far as Liz, well what can I say,, she has tried to get everyone else’s man all her life, just a slut ! I have watch GH since the very first and am pretty bored with it now !

  30. Wanda says:

    I love all the old and new characters coming back!!!!

  31. Magda Cruz says:

    I hope that bringing all those old characters is only because of the 50th anniversary, but people, bringing back AJ, Duke, Heather is a little too much. The people from OLTL are okay with me, love John, Todd, Starr so keep them on.

  32. Lina says:

    I like some of these people coming back but they are being brought back for the 50th Anniversary. What is going to happen after the anniversary passed? They will all be gone again and the other stories are being put in the back burner and on hold. They have been talking about the Nurses Ball for weeks, yet it’s not going anywhere. Stick with the stories that are out there. Don’t just bring these people back just to have them on and no storyline.

  33. joanne says:

    With the exception of the whole Jason thing I happen like the way things are going.

  34. We could lose some people on this show like Ellie, Britt, Steve, especially Sabrina. Kristina, Heather, Johnny can go too, and Kate or Connie, but the one thing that I wish would happen is that they would keep Frisco, he would be a great asset to this show.. He has a storyline that he could fit right into. He would work well at Gh. Anna could use him on the PCPD to help solve cases. He and Felecia could be together and give Maxie support through her pregnancy and help deal with her being a single Mother. GH doesn’t need those newbies, that can’t act…

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