Tom Waits And The Impure Sound

When asked by his children why he doesn’t get a regular job like all dads do, Tom Waits told them a little story about a crooked tree that endured and a straight tree that was cut down by the loggers. While there are different interpretations and meanings to this story, I’d like to talk for a bit about the apology made for the twisted and the rejected. In my opinion, it is a story about all those that the society hasn’t found a meaning for.

In one of his many interviews, Tom Waits also addresses the subject of the noise, or at least the subject of what the masses perceive as noises. As he suggests it in the interview, it isn’t the many that should dictate when it comes to art, but it is the few. In time, the general public will eventually become more elevated and will accept the new “norm”.

He also said something very peculiar for a singer and songwriter: he said that his favorite sound is the one that bacon makes when it is fried. In his words, the peculiar sounds give you the opportunity of incorporating your own voice into them.

Furthermore, he also said that a man will always search for the perfect mutation, for something that will set him or her apart from the rest. This is also the case of the sounds. If the musicians only used the perfect notes a musical instrument makes, then we wouldn’t have such a diversity of musical genres.

Returning to the small story about the tree, I can say that it doesn’t matter how crooked you are in the eyes of the others. All you need to do is stick to your principles. Be who you are and search for the better you.

Quite a few philosophers said that a human isn’t just a state of being, as if you are born one. Quite the contrary, a human is constant becoming, being human means making choices. In my opinion, it is these choices that make us unique.

In the same way, I can say that the first thing you will like about Tom Waits is his gruffy voice and only afterwards it is the lyrics. It is the completely extra-ordinary sound of his voice that will pummel the lines into your mind and heart.

So is it all that peculiar that he likes the sound of bacon? Is it all that peculiar that he is the crooked tree? Just look at how unique/beautiful he is!

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