To Relish the Pickle-Lila Secret

PickleLilaELQ Enterprises is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Port Charles and owned by the wealthy Quartermaine family on General Hospital.  Although some mistakenly believe it stands for Edward and Lila Quartermaine, ELQ stands for Edward Louis Quartermaine.

The business of ELQ has not been precisely revealed, except that it participates in company takeovers, the purchase of one company (the target) by another (the acquirer, or bidder).  There were also stories of ELQ’s possible involvement surrounding faulty wiring that caused the Port Charles Hotel to the ground in 2004, and lawsuits for producing faulty condoms which caused the pregnancies of Elizabeth Webber by Edward’s grandson, Jason Morgan, and Luke’s daughter, Lulu Spencer, by Dillon, in 2006.  And of course, the story of Lila Quartermaine’s relish invention of Pickle-Lila, back in 1986, which brought ELQ back from bankruptcy.

Edward Quartermaine died last year, leaving shares of the ELQ stock distributed amongst the Quartermaine heirs, but for his daughter, Tracy, he left nothing but a jar of Pickle-Lila.  Tracy and her nephew, AJ, both want control of ELQ, but the family voting support for each of them is a tie.  In an act of selfish defiance, Tracy single handedly tanked the company to prevent her nephew, AJ, from becoming CEO.

Now that the company is bankrupt (again), Tracy decided to get it back.  Inspired by the tasty jar of relish, she’s convinced that reviving Pickle-Lila will save ELQ, but AJ got the same idea.  The race to the relish is on!  But who will be the first to find the secret Pickle-Lila recipe?  The stakes are high for both AJ and Tracy, as they both want control of ELQ, along with the title: CEO.

But relish aside, there may be one other heir to help break the tie for the majority vote needed for Tracy or AJ to be elected CEO.  Franco was also a Quartermaine, son of Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore, and he was Jason Morgan’s fraternal twin.  His daughter, Lauren Frank, may indeed be the tie breaker, but if she does exist, whose side will she take?  She probably does not even know who Tracy or AJ are.

On another note, Heather Webber sang with glee, “I know something the Quartermaine’s don’t,” over and over again, when she found some secret in Edward’s Will after he died.  So this mystery heir along with whatever it is that Heather knows remains to be seen.

Will the Pickle-Lila relish revive ELQ?  Who will find the secret recipe?  Does Lauren Frank exist?  What secret is Heather keeping about Edward’s Will, and, is Heather even alive after being strangled and thrown into the water by Caleb?  Viewers may relish the fact that they’ve mustard the strength to even try to ketchup to this plot.

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