Through the Camera Lens with Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood a worldwide known actor has been directing films and producing shows as early as Rawhide. What would it be like to look through the camera lens for one day as Clint Eastwood? This one shot and cut styled director has directed at least 20 films and appeared in 55 of them as well. “Over the years when I was an actor, I became interested in working with actors and found distinctive atmospheres that I liked with different directors who made acting more compatible” Clint Eastwood to Indiewire Interview. We may not be able to live as Clint Eastwood, but we can learn what it was like to grow as a director?

Learning the Classics

“The things that impress you, you remember and use yourself,” he has said, “and the things that do not impress you; you discard” from Mr. Eastwood studied directors on the show Rawhide and used some and discarded junk that did not work for him. Sergio Leone was one of the biggest influences on Clint Eastwood the director. Don Siegel, one of the best veteran action directors educated the younger Eastwood on the art form. Eastwood started to develop theories over time, incorporated his experiences into them, and tested them. He took them and used them to create some blockbusters, such as Unforgiven and Gran Torino.

Freedom to Act and to Direct

Clint accredits his style to Don Siegel’s quickness. “His influence on me was being decisive in what you want to do and what your program is for the film” from There is one singular trait that all of his films share and it is in the unforced naturalism that can bend or break with realism and with generic conventions. A straight-faced effort unarms the audience without providing the general warning or explanation. Clint offers his actors complete freedom to handle the roles that they handle. Sometimes the first shot is the only shot who will work, due to that some actors try to overcompensate on their character.

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