Three Of Our Favorite General Hospital Couples

luke and laura

‘Luke & Laura”

The TV soap opera, General Hospital, has long set the standard for multiple season running relationships of its characters. Some have spanned years while others mere days. However, a couple of them stand out not only for the amount of audience attention they gained, but also how the writers continued to string along the storyline for every ounce of ratings.

Luke and Laura

The relationship of Luke and Laura set the standard for soap opera long-running relationships. Granted, when one first looks at Luke when he was in the height of the storyline romance, it does raise a question why Laura would be attracted to the character, particularly with the 1970s-style hair. However, the story kept the audience going, saying a lot about how looks aren’t everything. In fact, when the two finally got married in 1981, it measured the highest ratings every for soap opera episode being watched.

Happiness didn’t last forever, however. The couple got divorced, cursed, lost memory in one spin, and in a later bit Laura was in a coma. Unfortunately, despite all the challenges, their love wasn’t meant to be. Laura and Luke went their separate ways and now in the story live in separate continents as well.

Jason and Elizabeth

From the files of denied first love, Elizabeth someone how was set up with Jason as he recovered from physical injuries hanging out in her studio. Not quite what one would


“Jason & Elizabeth”

describe as a first date, but these two pushed the tension button episode after episode, with audiences wanting them to connect. Unfortunately, the writers decided it was better to have Elizabeth and Jason hanging out there like a sugar-covered carrot rather than a full-course meal. Despite audience demand to see a relationship blossom, it has been stymied either by other existing relationships, one or the other had too dangerous of a life at the moment, or the two missed each other by moments. Talk about teasing an audience.

Sonny and Brenda

For fireworks and downright physical contact, Sonny and Brenda take the gold. These two repeatedly raised the temperature in episodes when the writers needed to kick things up. Ironically, Brenda was trying to get Sonny arrested when they were first crossing paths in the soap opera storyline. With legal matters continuing to get in the way, the writers had fun with these two, always raising one obstacle or another to their permanent connection. It only made their brief moments of contact even more interesting for the audience.

sonny and brenda wedding

“Sonny & Brenda”

And then the writers inserted a third character, Jax, to really cause tension. Soon enough there was a three-way fight going on. The rollercoaster went up and down, with Brenda even being left at the altar at one point when she was supposed to get married to Sonny. Jax swooped in for the rescue. The audiences thought it was finally over when Brenda had a mishap with a cliff, except she didn’t die after all. That’s soap operas for you. A final meetup came back into the storyline in 2010 but it fizzled. The writing wasn’t the same and the audiences were put off.


General Hospital had plenty of more hookups and couples that keep the show exciting, which is why it has lasted for decades. That said, the above three couples did help define the storyline for years on end, creating fan clubs within fan clubs for the soap opera. The show’s producers didn’t mind either; the ratings paid off with lucrative advertising contracts as well.


  1. Beth says:

    Who ever wrote this, didn’t use spell check. Sad…

    • Lisa says:

      hahaha… I’m glad you said it because I was going to, I’ll just add to your comment~ Way to go! Yes, article writer, please use spell check you make us rethink the article as we read “your” mistakes~! hahaha still laughing, hahaha!

  2. Bonnie Shackleford-Black says:

    Luke and laura

  3. Peggy Jordan says:

    I have been watching General Hospital since it was in Black & White. The best soap opera on TV. Lu
    luke and Laura were always my favorite especially there wedding.. Till this day i enjoy watching GH from the past.

  4. Nae41 says:

    Jason and Elizabeth….BOO! Jason and Sam :)

  5. Bessie Hollie says:

    Loved Luke and Laura as a couple on GH. Do not like Sonny and Brenda, thought Sonny and Carly was my next favorite couple. Then there was Felica and Jones guy , forgot his name. Then there was Anna and Scorpeo as a couple. Then going way back with Josie some doctor at the time. This soap is my favorite and I hope they do not take it off the channels I watch. I would like to see something serious develop with Michael and Starr.

    • Sandra says:

      Felicia & Frisco Jones ,Anna & Robert Scorpio i liked them as well…i still want Ja-sam back together i also want to keep Dante & lulu together …sonny and Kate i don’t care for as i didn’t like him with Brenda now sonny and Carly were perfect together & what on earth did they do to Kristina they could of left her just a little bit younger than what she is. She looks as old if not older than Sam & this Trey guy are you serious …ughhh is the word for that

  6. Kathy Benn says:

    I love the whole cast it’s really hard for me to pick my favorites, I love them all Luke & Laura, but Sonny & Brenda are the sprinkles on the cake.

  7. Nancy C says:

    Jason & Sam are the best couple

    • Sherry says:


    • JULIE says:

      Jason and Elizabeth will always be the best couple Sam is to stuck up to be with Jason

      • annette spaulding says:

        Elizabeth is a slut and too needy. how many babies by how many men? and how many times did she try to pass them off as someone elses?

      • Lizzie says:

        Who ever put jason and Liz as favorite couples. They most have been their favorite because they never went over with the fans. And who wrote this have them with brenda and Sonny Luke and Laura. Jiz have never been that couple. i have NO ideal with you keep pimping a couple that never was. What about Liz and Lucky. that was the couple. Jason and Sam were the hot couple and the couple everyone loved. The obly thing Liz ever had after Lucky left was her running after Jason. liz hav ehad many pairing and she just don’t know have to have chemistry with anyone including Jason. The idiot who placed Jason and Liz together with Luke and Laura and Sonny and Brenda is the same idiot who kept making Liz #1 actress and Jiz#1 couple. ITS only in their mind and unfortunately they write. So what will LIZ do know?Go to Y&R, good ideal, maybe she can stand on her own 2 feet now and she can take her butt monkeys with her.

    • annette spaulding says:

      totally agree!

  8. ileana says:

    luke and laura

  9. Sherry says:

    Jason and Sam are my favorite couple. Can’t stand Liz. Brenda couldn’t act and neither can the new Kristin! Crazy about Jason/Sam-give them their baby back!

  10. linda says:

    I think the funnies couple was Alexa and Rick before Rick had an affair with Sam —-loved Rick n Alexa they were a great couple the fuuniest was when their car broke down and I believe Sonny had to find them Rick n Alexa had chemisrty together

  11. TheMom says:

    Luke & Laura. The other two couples have a history of like 2 seconds in comparison and neither have had the lasting impact on the show that L&L have/had/will. It really SUCKS that GH let Genie Francis go to Y&R where they created a character especially for her…something GH could have done with the character of Laura.

    • Kathryn H says:

      @The Mom . According to what , Mrs Francis say’s , is this she did not want to keep playing a “victim role” , she want to play a woman of strength and substance . So what happened , was ABC-General Hospital released her to CBS(s) Y&R , where they creating a very strong role for her to play , that showed she can play a “strong woman’s role” , And yes it sucked royally to you and i , however its never personal its business , and money . So in the end , hurray to Mrs. Genie Francis and her family . And to the rest of us , that say it sucks , well we can always , get the remote control and turn the local channel , that carries The Young And Restless .

      TheMom <3

  12. Louise says:

    Love Jason and Sam their is no other couple that closes except Luke and Laura.

    • Maddi says:

      I agree about Jason and Sam being the best couple ever since Luke and Laura. I have watched other soaps, so I would choose Cruz and Eden from Santa Barbara. The role Jason won’t be the same without Steve Burton!!!

  13. Louise says:

    Jason and Liz their is no chemistry at all between the two them, Jason is more like a big brother than a lover, Sam is his soulmate now and forever even if RC break them up.

  14. michelle says:

    jasam like right now also believe it or not dig this Robert and holly also of course robin and patrick lulu and dante ! and of course no 1 JASON AND SONNY LOL :)

  15. Kris says:

    Jason and Sam are and will always be my favorite couple. I do love Luke and Laura as they have great history. Jason and Sam have amazing chemistry as not only a couple, but also as partners in crime. I love them and feel that they deserved to be here as a favorite best couple instead of Liz and Jason. Which in my opinion Liz and Jason were never really a couple. They tried that in 2000 never worked. Tried again in 2007 and all it ended up being was a one night stand turned into a baby and some more sex. That’s all. There’s no romantic chemistry between them two whatsoever. Jason and Sam all the way in my opinion. :-)

  16. Sharon says:

    Felicia & Frisco!! Loved them together

  17. Marcie Rotter says:

    Been watching G.H. Since 1963,and if I should miss it,which happens hardly ever,I feel like a part of my day is missing,or I forgot to dress completely! While in college,my classes were scheduled AROUND 3:00.Doctor and dentist appointments……morning appointments…………….. I feel as though I know everyone!!!!! THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jill says:

    I love my Luke and Laura.

  19. Anna says:

    I would love to know how they came up with these 3 as fan favs. How can Jason and Sam not be included?! There is no way that you can have Jason & Liz as a fan fav, there us NO chemistry!

  20. Kathryn H says:

    In the future i would love , for the writers , producers , directors and the cast , to do a classic episode of General Hospital . And the viewer ship would get vote , witch classic episode , they do . Or for that matter bring back on of the , classic actor’s and actresses , that played doctors and nurses , back in the day on General Hospital in Port Charles . Now that would be something very special , and i would definitely watch that special General Hospital . Awesome !

    P.S . Those classic actors and actresses , that played those first doctors and nurses , made General Hospital , what General Hospital is today , Impeccable !

  21. Kia says:

    Sonny & Brenda Definitely!!! I waited TOO MANY YEARS for that wedding and I just have to say that was the WORST MARRIAGE in soap opera HISTORY!!! I hate what Robert Guza has done to my beloved couple! GOOD RIDDANCE to him! How dare he write Brenda to be such a broken woman that one minute FINALLY chooses to accept Sonny and his lifestyle and forgive him for their past and then turn around and act like she can’t handle his life! WTH would they give her son off camera! Ok so it would be hard to understand that she went so many years without kids but that was a terrible way they added her kid, as a way to break them up. They had a strong foundation and for them to break up and divorce so fast in what felt like a month was just upsetting and TERRIBLY Disappointing! JASON AND LIZ ARE TOTALLY MY 2ND FAVE! I am soooo PISSED OFF that GH has never given my JaLiz a full chance at a relationship and now to keep the ratings and the show alive they are working like hell to tease us again with the possibility of them finally getting a chance and now Steve is leaving the show OMGGGG!!!! Jason and Sam are my 3rd Fave! I wanted them to be together so bad but I can’t help it, they kept teasing us with Jason and Liz and the fact that Jason wanted to marry Liz, I just haven’t ever been able to let that one go! 4th, I loved Luke and Laura growing up and I have to say I hated the way their story ended so much they are in 4th!

  22. cat Lee says:

    I agree that Luke and Laura were probably the greatest couple fandom wise.
    I have to say that Sonny and Brenda or Sonny and Carly should be number two, however Jason and Elizabeth no way. I know there is a small contingency out there for that couple and I use that term loosely, but Jason and Sam not only have the chemistry that explodes every time they are in the room together, they also mesh as there characters are written in every way. When they are together you don’t want to see anyone else’s story and when they are apart you ache for them. Liz needs Lucky that is her shining moment and the couple that the bulk of GH fans know Liz for. They are also a very strong couple that would be in a top 10 list. How many times have we been forced to watch the church scene where they repeat vows to one another when they were teens and the foursome of Nicholas, Emily, Liz and Lucky. When she isn’t sleeping with or carrying just about every mans baby on the show. Lucky is her guy and to try to shoe horn the Jaliz thing is ridiculous.

  23. cat Lee says:

    Just one more thing. Watching todays episode where Liz goes to Jason to tell him of her love was painful to watched. She came across as needy in the worst possible way.

  24. Valerie says:

    Luke and Laura, Robert and Holly, and Duke and Anna foe me! Sonny is bearable with Brenda. But Jason and Elizabeth? No way. Elizabeth should be with Lucky.

  25. Barbara Tatusko says:

    Luke and Laura,,,,,yes Jason and Liz…….Never Jason and Sam……Oh Yes
    Sonny and Brenda…No Sonny and Carly…….Yes

  26. heather harbaugh says:

    I love Jason and Sam, but then there is also Felicia and Frisco, but no one can forget Robin and Stone. I do like Robin and Patrick together now.

  27. Alyson says:

    Luke&Laura I like ;)
    The other two…NOT so much! Sonny&Brenda make me puke, they are SO BORING together and Brenda is the most annoying and whiny character EVER, can’t stand her! She so overrated! She makes Sonny boring and even if I’m a Sonny fan, I actually skipped his scenes during the period she was on, puke on Brenda. There’s only ONE woman who can handle Sonny’s lifestyle, Carly Corinthos Jacks! Carly&Sonny are each others soulmates!
    Jason&Liz I actually liked once…then I found them quite boring and are now a BIG Jason&Sam fan and Liz&Lucky fan ;)

  28. tammy jordan says:


  29. keisha says:

    i agree with one couple luke and laura. but i also le luke and tracy. jason and elizebeth do
    not go good together now jason and sam was made for each other. and sonny and carly.

  30. Dorothy says:

    I loved Luke & Laura, and Sonny & Brenda back in the day, but Sam & Jason have been my favorite for quite sometime. I don’t know why they didn’t include their picture as one of the favorite couples above. Jason and Liz never seemed like a couple to me because there was nothing special about that pairing in my opinion. I found them to be dull and boring for the most part!

  31. where is Robin,and Jason?

  32. Cindy says:

    Jason and Sam back together. Best couple.

  33. Bonnie says:

    Bring back Robin. If the show is going to end at least get Jason for an episode!

  34. Nancy Torgie says:

    I love Luke and Laura together, I’m not a Scotty and Laura fan at all. They don’t work well together.

  35. Sandy Hummel says:

    I want to know where the original Lu Lu went. No offense to the replacement Lu Lu, but I loved the old one. What happened? Where did she go? Is she coming back? Does anyone have any answers?

  36. Alex says:

    My top 3 are
    1.Jason and Sam
    2.Luke and Laura
    3.Sonny and Brenda

  37. Laura says:

    I agree with two of the choices. My all time favorite is Jason Morgan and Sam McCall, with Steve Burton in the role. Luke and Laura are my close second, and Sonny and Brenda would be third. I don’t care for Sonny anymore, Brenda is the only one who makes him tolerable for me. I also loved Robert and Anna, and Alan and Monica.

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