Three Golden Girls Fun Episodes

Watching an episode of the Golden Girls is always enjoyable.  These four gals have great outlooks on life.  Here are just three of the many shows I’ve really liked.

The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo, 1988

This episode shows something of Sophia’s life outside the house and her three roommates.  One morning eighty two year old Sophia announces she is going to the market to buy a nectarine.  This is something she does most days.  She sets out for her bus ride and a day of enjoyment.

Dorothy, Rose and Blanche worry Sophia is too old to enjoy life and too old to be going out by herself.  The three “girls” are sitting around the house trying to decide what they should do themselves to pass the time that day.

Sophia arrives at the market and there has an argument with the store management. She then organizes the other shoppers to protest against the store’s return policies.  Later Sophia volunteers at a hospital and leads a group of old people in a charity jazz band.

Sophia has a full and enjoyable day while the other three are sitting at home being bored.  Just goes to show enjoying life is not limited by age.

We’re Outta Here, 1989

This was a two part episode.  Returning home after a play the other three, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose, discover Sophia negotiating to sell the house.  Somehow a For Sale sign was placed on the lawn and an offer has been made.

Of course, Sophia does not own the house.  Blanche is the owner.  When she learns the amount of the offer from Mr. Yakamora Blanche considers whether or not to sell.  She asks her roommates for their advice.  This set off a series of tales of other times the women have given each other advice and the humorous pitfalls they encountered from this advice.

Their stories are interrupted by a phone call from the prospective buyer who retracts his offer.  He explains he can no longer afford to buy the house because of other investments he has made.  The girls are all relieved and pester Blanche to tell the decision she had reached.  Finally Blanche announces that yes, she would have sold.

Yokel Hero, 1988

Rose as a native of St. Olaf is nominated for their Woman of the Year Award.  When she finds out she needs to list her accomplishments she is disheartened since she feels even her biggest accomplishments are not of any real importance.

To boast her ego and unbeknown to Rose, Blanche and Dorothy enhance Rose’s list of accomplishments.  This results in a visit from the Woman of the Year Blue Ribbon panel.  Rose cannot quite recall some of the accomplishments for which the panel congratulates her.

The girls set out for the awards in St. Olaf and Blanche and Dorothy are less than impressed with the modes of transportation.  Blanche and Dorothy feel guilty about embellishing Rose’s accomplishments to the committee and confess to her.  Rose refuses to continue with the charade and they all return home.

When the mail that has been collected during their absence is delivered to them on top is the St. Olaf Woman of the Year trophy.  It seems that Rose won the award for her honesty.

A lot of the Golden Girl episodes had a moral message while still being highly entertaining programs.  They are still popular on TV today.


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