Three Favorite Kojak Episodes



A good way to spend some time relaxing  was watching a “Kojak” episode.  I would sit down, prop my feet up and  enjoy a dish of ice cream while I watched the program.

Telly Savalas and his fellow cast members  always provided thought provoking entertainment.  Theo and Crocker and Capt. McNeil were  on the job to protect the citizens of New York from the criminal elements.   An episode might deal with any of the criminal acts such as murder, rape, robbery, to name a few.   The work of the detectives in the show gave some insight into actual police procedures

Anyone familiar with Kojak knows that when investigating a crime it had to be done his way.  He was a stubborn mule when he had an idea about the working of a case.  Of course, he was usually right.

Here are just three of my favorite episodes:

A Very Deadly Game, 1974

Kojak starts working on a case where an officer in his precinct has been murdered.  He begins investigating, but he is not aware the Feds are looking at the same person in connection with another important case (not a murder).  There is conflict between the Federal agents who  want to pursue their case and Kojak who wants to apprehend the person responsible for killing his officer.  Even though his bosses tell him to back off  Kojak persists.  His chase leads him to California.  He is determined to capture the offender and to have him tried for murder and not for the crime being investigated by the Feds.

Bad Dude, 1976

In this episode Rosey Grier stars as Salathiel Harris a California bounty hunter.  He comes to New York searching for a bail jumper.  Kojak is looking for the same criminal.  Harris wants to flush out his prey and so sets himself up for a hired assassin.  He wants no interference from the police and tries very hard to stop Kojak from rescuing him.

Justice For All

Kojack is offered a position as private investigator with a  large well known law firm.  He is tempted to accept the large salary and leave the New York Police Department.  While contemplating the offer he becomes involved in tracking down some contaminated heroin which has caused several drug related deaths.  What will Kojak decide to do?  Will he continue serving the citizens with the NYPD or will he accept the lucrative position offered to him?

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kojak episodes.  The Kojak series provided good entertainment for 5 seasons and later in syndication.

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