Three Classic Perry Mason Episodes


“Perry Mason And Della Street”

Perry Mason was always one of my all-time favorite television series.  Watching Perry, Della Street and Paul Drake solve their cases each week was totally enjoyable viewing.  Here is just a glimpse into three of their shows:

“The Case of the Fickle Fortune”, 1961

An honest (if not too bright) civil servant, Ralph Duncan goes to inventory the assets of a gentleman who died without a will (intestate).  He finds $153,000 in ancient greenbacks.  Duncan decides to take the money home to show his wife planning to then return the money to the estate of the deceased.

Living with Duncan and his wife is his less than honest cousin Charlie Nickles.  Charlie steals the money from Duncan’s briefcase.  He then tries to get an art dealer to fence the stolen greenbacks.  The art dealer comes up with an elaborate scheme using an old man in a nursing home.

When Duncan discovers the money is missing he consults Perry Mason about what he should do.

The art dealer turns up dead and Duncan is charged with his murder.  His wife hires Perry Mason and it’s up to Perry to prove Ralph Duncan’s innocence.

“Fickle Filly”, 1962

Jennifer Wakely has always lived a comfortable lifestyle so is shocked to learn there is very little money in the estate when her father dies.  Just about the only asset remaining is her old racehorse Tiger Lil.

Her uncle is executor of her father’s estate and he decides to sell the horse to Jennifer’s old boyfriend Brad Shelby.  Brad had dumped Jennifer in order to marry a much older, but wealthy woman.  He pays more for the horse than it is actually worth.  If he did this out of kindness to Jennifer she certainly does not see it that way.

Shelby turns up murdered and Jennifer is arrested for the crime.  It’s up to Perry Mason to solve the case and clear Jennifer.

“The Case of the Ugly Duckling”, 1964

Alice Trilling is an insecure unattractive woman.  When her father dies his Will states that in order for Alice to inherit his business, Trilling Toy Company, she must be either married or at least engaged by her next birthday.

Her uncle, Harry Trilling, is currently running the company.  For reasons of his own he convinces and pays a handsome artist to court Alice.  When Alice learns of her uncle’s deceit she confronts him.  Uncle Harry turns up murdered.  Alice is arrested and she actually thinks she may be responsible for the death because of their argument.  Perry Mason doubts Alice’s guilt. It’s up to him to defend Alice and prove she did not do the crime.

These are just three of the many Perry Mason episodes from the series which ran from 1957 to 1966.  If you have chance to watch any of the series I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Elaine Evans says:

    does anybody know the name of the Perry Mason(I have an idea it is in either the first or second series) where Perry accidently wounds himself while testing out a handgun and is then seen in court with his arm in a sling-can anyone please solve this mystery?

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