TheFifth Element- Sci Fi Classic

the fith element

“The Fifth Element- Classic”

It isn’t really surprising since the movie is one of the freshest movies of the late 90’s. It’s definitely a science fiction classic. The fact that it features some of the most acclaimed personalities today adds to the Fifth Element’s appeal.

The Plot

The setting is mid-23rd century. The story by Luc Besson revolves around Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), an ex-Special Forces Major turned taxi driver. Willis’ character chanced upon a young girl played by Jovovich. She had an important role in saving the Earth from the Great Evil. The only way to stop this “Great Evil” – that appears every five thousand years – is to combine all four basic elements using the mysterious Fifth Element.  OK, anything said beyond this point will be a spoiler so watch the movie instead!

Special Effects

In a 1997 film, you’d expect the graphics to be below-par compared to the special effects today. Surprisingly though, it isn’t as bad as most people will expect. In fact, it’s downright convincing. The Fifth Element tried to stick close to home for most of its scenes. Visual effects were mainly done with computer-generated imagery with costumes that are more than impressive. The clothes definitely fit what most people imagine of a 23rd century setting. In fact, the visual effects for this movie were voted the 50th all time most influential visual effects by the Visual Effects Society.

The Actors

There’s really no question about this – Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Milla Jovovich played their roles perfectly. Bruce Willis may seem a little “traditional” for a futuristic movie, but he managed to pull off this role beautifully.

Awards and Honors

The Fifth Element was chosen to be an opening film for the Cannes Film Festival during the year it was released. Financially, it came out as a major box office hit, grossing more than $263 million. The movie won BAFTA Award for Best Special Visual Effects, Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Best Production Design.

What We Think

All in all, there’s really no question why The Fifth Element is considered to be a cult classic.  Considering how good it is it’s a bit baffling why the movie received some bashing after the initial release . The best thing about this movie, however, is that unlike most sci-fi films it isn’t too serious.  There’s a bit of comedy thrown in. Although it may not be expected, Bruce Willis actually works perfectly in a comedic-sci-fi setting. Add in Oldman, Jovovich, an excellent plot, good soundtrack and eye-catching costumes and you’ve got yourself a box-office winner. It’s the type of sci-fi movie everyone can sit down, watch and marvel about over and over again.  If not for the story, then definitely for the effects.


  1. Catherine says:

    when this movie came out people thought it was a dud. It’s absolutely one of the best sci-fi’s of all time. amazing in so many ways.

  2. Janet Russell says:

    This is my favorite movie of all time. It has comedy, action, color and Bruce Willis. Milla is charming and Chris Tucker is a riot as Ruby. Costumes by Gautier were perfect. This will always be a classic to me.

    • Wendy says:

      I loved Chris Tucker in this! I have seen it so many times that I have the lines memorized. Every time I see it, I try to see if I can find something new that I didn’t notice before.
      I have Milla’s autograph on my DVD cover. Thinking about getting the Blue Ray version.

  3. Richard says:

    Art deco science fiction. One of the all time best.

  4. Rappenwolf says:

    I want a moolty-pahss.

  5. Matt says:

    One of my favorite Sci Fi flicks. the ending was a bit hokey, but the atmosphere and acting was great!

  6. Hanna says:

    Does anybody wanna negotiate?
    This is definitely a classic: great special effects and costumes still. I like the story and how it takes the viewer to different times as well as places. Music is good too.

  7. Vito says:

    Funny, when people ask me what is my favorite movie of all time I say things like the Ten Commandments, Godfather, Empire Strikes Back or even Scarface. In reality though… I’ve never watched a movie more times than I did the Fifth Element, in the hundreds of times at least. I know every single word to this movie, and annoy the heck out of people that watch it with me because I recite the whole thing sometimes, I can even sing Plavalaguna’s song. So there it is, out in the open, this is my favorite movie of all time :)

  8. Jamie says:

    I love love love this movie! It had the most convincing futuristic setting I’ve ever seen. It made me want to live there so badly! You are a stronger person than I am if you can watch this movie and not find at least 5 things you’d love to have right now.
    Surprised that the article didn’t mention that At The Movies listed this as one of the movies that got ripped off by the Oscars that year. They were kind of ticked it didn’t get nominations for costume design.

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