The Young and the Restless: Three Characters Fans Love to Hate

sheila carter

“Sheila Carter”

The Young and the Restless debuted on March 26, 1973. Y&R is consistently a ratings winner because it gives us memorable characters and standout villains we all love to hate.

You’d be hard pressed to find any character as evil and conniving as Sheila Carter. Arriving in Genoa City in 1990, her first act as resident psycho was drugging the very married Dr. Scott Granger, resulting in pregnancy. When she loses the baby, she switches the child born to Scott’s wife, Lauren, with a baby she acquired illegally. When her own mother threatens to expose Sheila, she is whisked away to Michigan. She kidnaps Lauren and decides to kill them by setting a fire.

Good guy, Paul Williams, arrived in time to rescue them. A body found at the scene was believed to be Sheila, but it was a meter man she killed, hoping authorities would believe it was her. Far from the fire, a newspaper sitting on a diner table caught her attention. Sheila, a former nurse, noticed an ad seeking a company nurse at prestigious fashion house, Forrester Creations, in Los Angeles. Sheila sets off. Her devilish antics were simply too delicious to contain in one soap. After 2 years of terrorizing Wisconsin, Sheila walked into the Bold and the Beautiful for a new bout of crazy in California for the next six years.

A stranger named David Kimball left scars in Genoa City. He started an affair with rich Jill Abbott. He intended to extort her for millions, but Jill ended it. Unfortunately for Nina, David pursued her relentlessly. After much persuasion, Nina marries him. Nina’s best friend, Cricket, confronted David and he threatened her. Nina finds evidence proving David intended to kill her and her son. The betrayal sends Nina over the edge and she greets him with five bullets that night. David lived. After having plastic surgery, he returns as Jim Adams, a graying southern man. “Jim” marries Flo, Nina’s mother. They convince Nina to enter a proviso to her will so Flo would receive financial support in the event of Nina’s death. During the Masquerade Ball, David plans to kill. A former lover figured out his plan and substituted wax bullets for real ones. David corned Nina, Cricket and Danny, fired, thinking he’d killed them. With Paul Williams in pursuit, David slips into a closet. Unfortunately, it was a trash compactor, where David met a gruesome end.

Who would’ve thought the son of a sweet blind woman would find himself so hated? Victor Adam Newman, Jr. returned to Genoa City after his mother, Hope, died in Kansas. Abiding the wish of his mother, he gets to know his father. Known as Adam Wilson, he takes Victor up on an offer to work at Newman Enterprises. When Victor is presumed dead, Adam reclaims the Newman name and wrests control of the business from half siblings. When Victor returns, he disowns Adam. In collusion with Jack Abbott, Victor is framed for murder. When that fails, Adam is arrested. He discovers he inherited a blindness gene in jail. After Adam agrees to terms, Victor secures his release. Adam begins to torment pregnant Ashley, causing a miscarriage. While she is out of it, he burns evidence and blackmails a doctor to convince Ashley she’s still pregnant. When Sharon Newman gives birth, Ashley believes she is in labor. Sharon is told her baby died.


As suspicion over Adam’s involvement intensifies, things fall into place and Adam is cornered. Sharon gets her baby back and Ashley learns she never gave birth. When he calls Sharon to meet, Nick, Victor and Jack arrive. Then an explosion shakes the building. A body found is declared to be Adam. Obviously alive, he follows Sharon to a cabin, where Nick left Sharon with a gun. She shot Adam, but he survived. Adam, married to his “dead” girlfriend, Skye, says he still loves Sharon, whom he follows to New Orleans. When she gives in to his declaration of love, she sleeps with him. Later, the FBI arrests Adam for the murder of Skye when blood was found in her room. Sharon sought proof to save Adam. Jack successfully proved Skye was in Hawaii, and Adam wasn’t, so he was released. Unfortunately, Skye died by falling into a volcano, and since Sharon was in Hawaii at the time, she was arrested for murder. Victor agrees to use a video he has to clear Sharon if Adam helps him in a court battle. What comes next for Adam? Only time will tell.


  1. Ally McGrew says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Y&R. I was raised on it and continue to watch into my Adulthood. My mother was so obsessed with the show that she named her three girls after characters. My only complaints are how fast the children grow up, three different Heathers, and Victoria’s hair; it looks plain sloppy! I love seeing John talking to his children, he was/is a wonderful character.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Craig Conners says:

    Love Sheila Carter great actress would love to see her resurface on either B&B or Y&R. Kimberlin Brown #1

  3. louise ward says:

    i have been virtually “hooked” on Y&R for 7 yrs now. i am disabled, and it makes me angry if i miss an episode! but thanks to DVR”s, i have it recording every day and i catch up when i get behind. i like to watch it after it’s recorded, so i can FFWD thru commercials. i told my daughter a week or so ago, i just wish there was a movie that would let everyone live happily ever after! she laughed and said, “you’d want them to make another one!” :)

  4. viola ioffredo says:

    i watch the show from day one i hated all 3 of them but that means that they did their parts well.

  5. sherry mothershead says:

    I’ve watched the show since September 1973. I have loved all the charactors. I love watching them grow. It deals with older people in relationships, which is refreshing in such a youthful society. Love the bad guys, I’ve met people like them. So they really are true to life charactors. Keep up the good work Y&R. 2014? Please keep it going longer!

  6. Janie Swigert says:

    Love Y&R and have been a fan for many decades. With that being said, i hope they aren’t going the route of Bold & Beautiful where everyone keeps matting each other, even the kids & parents. I trust the current story line will work itself out for the better. Seeing Victor & Sharon kiss is icky.

  7. SHEILA RAY says:

    i too have watched it since day one….and Sheila Carter is and always will be the best villian ever…i hate whats going on with Sharon and Victor …but im glad Phylis is finally gonna get whats coming to her. and like the lady said…,,please brush Victoria’s hair !

  8. Angela C. says:

    I grew up watching Y & R with my mom, I still watch it now! I love that I can go years without watching & just pick it right back up!

  9. Karen Patterson says:

    I loved Heather Tom, who played Victoria, I wish they would bring her back. I love how John Abbott shows up to talk to his children, and I really hate Cricket, I wish they would kill her off or something, I hate that holy than thou attitude she has. I do love the Young and the Restless, I faithfully watch it everyday, I have since 1990.

  10. Eleanor McMillan says:

    I grew up watching Y&R…still watch it everyday….hey that what DVR’s are for!I remember the havoc that was Shelia Carter…and then her crazy sister and Those crazy kids of hers…Daisey turned out just like Shelia…her mother would have been VERY PROUD!!!

  11. Melissa McCurry says:

    Hello – love Y&R too!! Watched for decades. Strength is core characters, based around family and business. Some whacky storylines lately … Victor & Sharon – bleck! But we know he always has motives … like WHY wouldn’t they stay in Vegas for a few days after getting married? VS him rushing back to disrupt Nikki’s wedding, and of course puppet Sharon says nothing when she finds him there ….???!!! Also .. big inconsistencies in the aging of all the “kids” … very fast tracked with Abby .. from preteen to drinking age? Kyle should’ve been oldest first (when Diane was alive), also Reed / Delia need to be more correct when together, And how about Lily’s twin’s who haven’t aged much at all?? Speaking of Lily, glad to see her ovarian cancer “just went away” … as we know in real life, that doesn’t happen.. (sadly lost mom, and two sisters to breast & ovarian cancer). Love Neil and Harmony together .. thank you for casting talented actress Debbie Morgan! …altho disliked her Tucker interaction … guess it was ‘out’ for Ashley ..recast? Like Jack & Nikki .. keeper? No more Victor please! Like the Adam / Chelsea pair up. Hmm ..Phyllis .. how will they undo this? or is actress out? Lastly … bad choice on Paul killing Ricky storyline. Could / should have picked up phone vs gun. May have facilitated other storylines, but BOO hiss to vigilante justice. No shooting.. esp own son …
    Think I covered it all! Love the show. Please keep it on forever. Keep the characters fresh, seems everyone has been with everyone … oh, and wardrobe appropriate to midwest climate please ….(phyllis esp lol)
    Melissa in Pasadena, CA 8-)

  12. Lisa says:

    Love Y&R been watching for many years really tired of Victor for condemning Nicki on her choices has he looked in mirror lately. Oh how I wish Adam & Chelsea could keep the home fires burning same with Billy & Victoria (know that’s not even possible) love that Chelsea & Victoria had honest chat shows what a strong woman Chelsea is lovin Adam these days as for Phyliss just wish she would open up to Nick & Avery they could help her much
    more than she can & poor Daniel he’s caught in middle of all bad stuff but sleeping with Heathers no good she’s older & too tall for him (can’t stand that) plus Eden still loves & needs him but last kids are growing way too fast

  13. Sandra Ulrey says:

    Thank you so much. I read every word !

  14. George says:

    I think Phyllis should be up there in place of David kimball everything illegal she has done she’s gotten away with it from trying to kill Paul and Christine to helping Damon and she was responsible for drucillas death in my opinion

  15. Genevieve says:

    Victor, Jack, Adam and one more should be added Tucker!

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