The Young and The Restless – Sharon Newman

What happened to the little girl from the wrong side of the tracks to make her into the woman she is today?

Sharon Newman on the outside is a very attractive person.  She’s not so attractive on the inside where it counts.

Sharon had a relationship with Nicholas who wanted to look at her as a  virgin. In truth Sharon had a relationship in high school with a young  man resulting in the birth of a daughter Colleen.  Colleen was given up for adoption.

Nicholas and Sharon had an on again off again affair resulting in a ten year marriage.

The pair sought and gained custody of Sharon’s daughter Cassie and Nicholas adopted her.  Colleen was later killed in an automobile accident.    Nicholas had a hard time accepting her death and pushed his family away,  There were  infidelities during their time together.  After Phyllis became pregnant from Nicholas he and Sharon divorced.

sharon newman

“Sharon Newman”

Next Sharon married Jack Abbott for a short period of time.  Her marriage to Jack and divorce from Nick did not stop Sharon and Nick from resuming their passion for each other resulting in their child Faith.

After Jack Sharon became involved with Adam Newman and these two were briefly  married.  It was not a good marriage and about this  time Sharon started her downward spiral.

She was accused falsely of  the murder of Skye Newman and imprisoned.  Sharon escaped from prison and was believed to have died, but was really on the run in New Mexico.  She was apprehended and finally she came back home. Eventually her name was cleared.

Sharon’s next marriages were to Nick’s father Victor Newman.  A much older man able to give Sharon the feeling of security she craved. The two married while he was in jail imprisoned for the murder of Diane Jenkins.  They divorced after a few days.  Then about a year later they married for a second time.   This time Sharon  was able to take over control of Victor’s company, Newman Enterprises, while he was away .  Victor returned only to have the marriage annulled and Sharon jailed for her misdeeds.

Over the years Sharon showed signs of being a Kleptomaniac.  She would steal things from stores and/or people.  Finally she checked into a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Sharon Newman keeps getting involved in one bizarre episode after another.  Its no wonder she has changed from just the little girl from the wrong side of the tracks she was in the beginning to the woman she has become.  No one can endure and cause so much intrigue and deceit in their life and not become affected.

What do you think about Sharon?  How do you view her?


  1. Debbie Maddux says:

    I liked it when Sharon was more of the innocent type, now Phyllis on the other hand….. but Sharon just does not fit that role she has now.

  2. janet says:

    Sharon, needs to get away,and visit Sam.
    Send time on the farm, and reconect with Sam.
    He was good for her.. She has burned all her bridges there.
    She need a new roll to play,and not leave Y&R

    • Mona says:

      I so agree with you. I dont like this new image of her. I never dreamed that the writers would put her with Victor.

  3. Donna White says:

    I DO NOT like Sharon playing another Phyllis! I know this new Sharon is probably more interesting for her but she does not have the characteristics to play the “evil role” and it does not come across well. It does not seem natural, like when was was the “innocent” Sharon. By the way….I would much rather Sharon and Nick get along, even if they can not be in a relationship with each other….although that WOULD be my preference.

  4. Mona says:

    And I definitely do not like Summer’s personality on there. I hate that Chelsea lost her baby over the selfishness of Summer.

  5. Cyndi says:

    I am wondering why they are eliminating Abby, Genevieve, & Heather. They are main characters!!

  6. SHEILA RAY says:

    i hate the way Sharon is now…..being with Victor was sick…..and sooo out of charater for her…she was devastated by Cassie’s death and Nick’s betrayal..and shes been spinning out of control since…….FIX IT ! lol

  7. Rhonda Day says:

    Why do they keep calling Cassie Colleen in this article ?

  8. Crazy Cora says:

    I dont like the person Sharon has become either. They need to write her off NOT Heather, Abby and Geneveive. I do hope that they allow Adam and Chelsea to have a baby soon and they should become the stable relationship in this series soon. Adam and Chelsea have been through enough and they need to have at least one happliy married couple and I hope it is them. The chemistry between these two actors is amazing – DONT ruin it!

  9. Adriene says:

    I agree!

  10. Rosey says:

    I believe that you have confused Colleen and Cassie. Colleen was Brad and Tracey’s daughter and she died from drowning. Cassie was the child that she had given up for adoption. She desperately wanted her back so Nick found her and they adopted Cassie. Cassie was the one that died in the car crash. That said, I am not happy with the destruction of Sharon’s character but in recent events, they have diagnosed Sharon as having bipolar disorder. I am very pleased with this as I believe that bringing mental illness into the light more people will understand how bipolar disorder affects not only the patient but also the patient’s family. Bravo to Y&R for finally doing what I’ve been hoping for.

    • Donna says:

      I agree with Rosey. Sharon has always been the decent character in the whole show-letting other getting off Scott- free. with kudos going to them as decent citizens. Hint Phyllis, the former conniver, murderer and jail resident. And, don’t forget about Nikki-the former stripper who’d went through great lengths to land the millionaire Victor. She’d gone through psychotic days, too!

  11. Sharon needs to hit rock bottom and i believe she has with everything that’s happened to her since her daughter Cassie died. She is getting the right kind of help now that Adam has stepped up to the plate and realized that she needed a professional’s intervention, when no one else noticed or even cared to notice. I hope we see a stronger, more self assured Sharon when all is said and done!!

  12. DIANE COUSOINS says:


  13. Melissa McCurry says:

    If I were Sharon Case I’d ask “WTH have you done with my character???” It’s ridiculous!! She has NO integrity! They have twisted this originally ‘good’ woman into a drama queen who needs a man to hold her hand. AND WHERE is her mother?? Loved the scene where Mom told her she was nuts, and needed to go with her, get away and renew herself. Exactly right MOM! NOT sitting in a cabin, getting ridiculous diagnosis – Bi-polar??? After ONE visit? Come on!? Sharon Case, the actress, needs to say ENOUGH! This is nonsense! Altho loved that Chelsea told her to get out! Bravo! Go whine somewhere else – grow up and be an adult!!! And, learn to say NO!! PS , Child was Cassie, not Colleen. Didn’t mention Sam while on the run. And Grace found Cassie, not Nick .. to clarify some facts..
    Love Y&R .. not sure I like the new direction the writers are taking it … please NO trashy story lines … like people dying, but not dead, (GH!), etc. Y&R has always survived due to GOOD core story lines, based around family and businesses…

  14. Kay Loftin says:

    She is a slut and needs to update her hairdo just like self righteous Christine

  15. Patricia says:

    I’ve always liked Sharon, and although I dislike the character that has been developed, I think she is doing a really great job potraying someone with bipolar disorder. Now with that said, lets get help for her and allow her to get well and have her life return back to normal, as normal as can be expected.

  16. Fran says:

    I am so sicj of Sharon

  17. Janet says:

    Sharon is too needy. She needs to go and make room for better story line.

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