The Yawn and the Resourceless?

Okay, picture this. In a fairly large city, there lives a wealthy old couple with two adult kids, both of whom had healthy relationships with their spouses. Only, the wealthy old couple wasn’t originally wealthy—only the old man is. The old woman was originally a stripper, but the wealthy old man loved her anyway. He loved her so much that they’d stayed together for 30 years—divorcing and remarrying every 2 years or so.

Also, it turns out their kids didn’t have very healthy relationships, either. The older wealthy daughter has a knack for getting kidnapped and raped, and in order to protect her younger wealthy brother from his secretive wife, she slept with the secretive wife’s other lover to find out if he was sleeping with the secretive wife. Later she would find secretive wife’s secret—an out-of-wedlock daughter whom she held up for adoption before getting married to the younger wealthy brother. But this only made the younger wealthy son and his secretive wife become closer, winning custody of the out-of-wedlock daughter, so older wealthy sister’s plan backfired… or did it?

Because during a party, out-of-wedlock daughter got killed in a car accident when she volunteered to drive her drunk crush home. Younger wealthy son, believing it was the drunk crush who was driving, hunted down the mother, a crazy, tormented woman. It turns out, out-of-wedlock daughter really was behind the wheel, and younger wealthy son was so distraught, he and the crazy, tormented woman ended up having a daughter. Younger wealthy son later divorced secretive wife in favor of the crazy, tormented woman, but ends up sleeping with her ex-husband younger wealthy son, anyway, and ends up pregnant herself. Oh, but she says it’s not younger wealthy son’s child, to protect his and crazy, tormented woman’s daughter, who was ill. And then, younger wealthy son got involved in a plane crash, and was dead. Only, it turned out he wasn’t, and he returned with amnesia, believing he was still married to secretive wife. He later snapped out of it and lived happily ever after with crazy, tormented woman. Kidding! He still slept with secretive wife, along with numerous other girls who seem bizarrely connected to everyone else, like crazy, tormented woman’s hot attorney sister.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know even without names that this is the plot of The Young and the Restless. Only, it seems that there are more yawns this time instead of restlessness. Even fans agree—how many switched-at-birth children can one city manage to pull off? How many divorces and remarriages can couples do before waking up and just killing each other? And how can so many people survive from apparent deaths and memory losses?

I’m not entirely sure. One thing I know is that the plot of The Young and the Restless is so ridiculous and absurd, it’s painful to watch. They seem to enjoy wallowing in their problems and mistakes over and over and over again.

But you know what? It works. The writers of The Y&R have to be good at what they do, or else that soap won’t be running for more than 30 years. That’s a big achievement when you consider that the original plot—the animosity between two families—hasn’t changed in over 3 decades.

Boring? Maybe. Fun to watch? Oh, yes. Watching a boring and drawn-out episode of The Young and the Restless is fascinating and riveting, like watching a dog chase its own tail.

What do you think? Have the storylines been getting a little “dull”?


  1. Cheryl Mains says:

    I Love The Young and the Restless……Please don’t take it off the air.

    • Kathleen says:

      I HAVE BEEN WATCHING SINCE I WAS A YOUNG GIRL. I realize other shows have quit, however this is the best show…..please rethink this idea.


      • Diane says:

        I agree with Kathleen… LOVE this show and would be heartbroken if it was taken off!!
        However, it would be good to have some HAPPY couples once in awhile. Hate what they are making Sharon out to be but sick of her jumping back & forth from Nick to Adam over & over again. Enough!
        More suspense stories would be good too…!

        • Sherry M. says:

          I agree! However with Sharon being diagnosed with being bi-polar, really hits home for alot of families. Let’s see if she follows orders and handles the meds.

          • Jeannie H says:

            I am thrilled that they brought bipolar disorder into the stories. I’ve waited a long time for this (I’m bipolar also) it is nice to see that the medium is still being used to bring current issues into the light. I love my Y&R!!! DON”T CANCEL MY SHOW!!

      • Karen says:

        I agree too! PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel Y&R !! I’ve been watching since I was little and would be devastated without it!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I love the young and the restless please don’t take it off. I’ve been watching it since it aired. I would be lost w/out it!!!

          • Sue says:

            I agree. Absolutely do not take this show off the air. I’ve been watching it for about 30 of its 40 years, and honestly, it’s my very favorite show.

      • Martha Clark says:

        Please don’t cancel Y & R. I have watched it from day one. This is the only soap opera that I watch. The caracters seem like family to me!!

      • Carol Meeker says:

        I love Y& R I have watched it for years and will counite to watch it. But I’m sick to death of Sharon and Adam and divorce and baby changing. And my man Victor needs to grow so me Balls and get his company back. And I sure hope Nickie is not going off the show.

      • natalie says:

        PLEASE dont take off Y&R i love watching it ..i guess thats it..i love the show and even love those people hate to love !!

      • Marilyn says:

        I have been watching since the inception….Love it and always will..Would hate to see it go off……

    • Rosemary says:

      Please don’t take The Y&R off the air. I record it and relax every evening as I play back the day’s episode. I know it’s a soap opera, but it beats the heck out of the reality shows that are on TV. It’s my escape from reality – LOL

      • Angel says:

        I agree – it is my escape when I can watch my DVR !!!

      • Linda says:

        AGREE, AGREE, AGREE… Do NOT remove this show.. only thing I look forward to on TV.

        • Vicki says:


          • David says:

            AHHH…HELLO! All My Children was cancelled over a year ago and was one of my favorite pasttimes for over 40 years. I do think Y&R has just about run its course as well.

      • Sonja Cooper says:

        I have been watching this show since it came on the air in 1973 ~ I was recuperating from surgery , couldn’t go up and down stairs , so I was in my bedroom with the TV ~ loved it from it’s origins and still love it ! PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT ! So many of my favorites have been taken off .

      • Anna Trotter says:

        I so agree. I have been watching Y & R for many decades and do not want it to be cancelled. I would rather watch Y & R any day than some of the other stuff on tv, especially some of the reality shows.!

        • Rita Collins says:

          please dont take Y&R off the air, this is all I have to wach other then GH.
          all of these reality shows I can not stand and the cooking show as well. sometime it gets a little bowing but it is realy life in some cases please dont tkae it off

      • Barb says:

        I so agree. I have been watching Y&R for many decades and do not want it to be cancelled. I would rather watch Soaps than the stupid reality shows!!

      • Dawn says:

        DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!!!

    • Carol lujan says:

      I love this show don’t cancel I love the drama

    • cindy bouchard says:

      i love the young and the restless there are way to meny talk shows on tv im a huge fan watched the show for about 25 or more years there would be nothing for me to watch on daytime tv if its gone please keep the show on the air

      • Gertrude Shreve says:

        This is when I eat lunch and turn on the T.V and watch Young and Restless i tape it since I have Dish Network,because the comercials are half hour as well as the story ,so I can watch it with out comercials and must say Victor and Kathern are number one then Jack,Paul and all the rest ..But with out this story my T.V wouldn’t be on through the day the story goes off the T.V goes off and I have injoyed it since 1974 Kathern was the reason I got hooked .Love her .

    • Shauna Vance says:

      Please dont cancel or take away the Y&R. I have been watching this show from day 1 when the Foster’s and the Brooks were the big names on the show. I hardly miss any shows. Please dont take this away from me and all the other devoted viewers.

      • anna laflower says:

        please dont take the young+therestles.i hve watch the show frome day one so pease keep it all the people on it. it keep you gessing all the time.

        • jada says:

          The Y&R needs a total revamp new chacters new storylines. Sharon and all her men is played out, The Newman kids feuding played out. Vicotr leaves Nicke they get back together. Hate to loose the show but can watch once ever 6 months and not miss a beat,

    • R Callie says:

      OMG Please don’t take this soap off air. I have been watching it for so many years. My Great Grandmother got me started on it.

    • Patti says:

      Please don’t take it off the air. These people are part of our lives. I call the my extended trashy family. I am devoted fan’

    • Kathy says:

      I have been watching The Young & Restless from the beginning. This is my favorite soap and has always been my number 1 show..Please don’t cancel!!!!!!! Forever fan!

    • Rose says:

      Please Please Please don’t cancel this soap too!!!! They’ve already taken away my families from Oakdale and Springfield!! But what do you mean by “OLD COUPLE”? I’m about Nikki’s age! Oh wait, you’re right!!! I’ve also watched since the beginning and Mom even let me stay home from school the day Chris and Snapper got married, and my Mom was a retired teacher, so that says alot right there! LOL! Yeah the story line gets a little boring once in awhile but so does life! It makes the exciting parts alot more interesting!!! I still can’t believe The Guiding Light was replaced by Let’s make a Deal! PLEASE SAVE THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!!!!!!!!!

    • Noooooo, dont take the show off the air, please keep it, I love watching the show and new individuals are coming in to play now with new story lines, do not give up on this show. It is like a tradition, this show was passed to my from my mother, and someday I will introduce my daughter to it, so please do not take the show away

    • Terri says:

      Please don’t take off Y&R I love it. I DVR it everyday.

    • Kim Swearingen says:

      Love this show. Lost all the others. PLEASE do not take this show off the air. I can’t wait to watch it everyday. Can’t stand to miss this. Keep it going! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • Annie says:

      Actually, Y&R only gets more fascinating with the years. And the recent changes they have made with their writers is paying off! We the fans watch the show, because we love the characters, we turn the other cheek and pretend not to notice when a character goes from being 9 years old to 23 from one episode to the next, because we know it will bring more drama and intrigue. All the characters are dysfunctional and we like it that way. Could it improve, yes always the writers need to bring fresh blood in. It does get redundant when they sleep around with the same people over and over again. The show is entertaining, it’s not brain surgery just salaciousness and intrigue. Keep it on the air, it’s silly to cancel as it gets 5 million viewers on a daily basis. Not even prime time shows are reaching this many viewers, for example 90210 gets under 2 million per episode and cost a lot more to produce. I love Y&R the good the bad and the ridiculous!!!

      • Melissa says:

        Well said..

        • Diana says:

          Please don’t cancel The Young and Restless. I have watched it from day one and it is a great break in the middle of my day. It is just as interesting now as when it started. ONLY DAYTIME SHOW ON WORTH WATCHING. Please keep it going.

      • Lillian says:

        well said Diana i agree i’ve watched Y&R from the start it make’s my day PLEASE leave it alone

    • please don’t take the ONLY soap I watch away!! been watching it for over 20 yrs!!!

    • Nancy wroblewski says:

      Please don’t take Y& R off the air, been watching it since day one. I look forward to watching it every day. I will really be pissed off. It’s the best soap thats on tv so is the bold& the beautiful. Don’t ruin this for us.

    • Lady Evelyn S. says:

      I so enjoy this soap have been looking at it from day ONE! Remember Jill and her family, her love with Mr. Chancellor before he died…I want Abbie back she is so funny and some times makes my day.
      COME BACK ABBIE!!! AND DON’T CANCEL THIS SOAP!!! My day would not be complete

    • Jennifer Wells says:

      Please don’t take this off the air. I so much want Sharon to get back to her normal self and away from Adam and back to Nick. They belong together. Phyllis and Jack can get back together and then Ronan can come back and they can have another affair.

    • Vikki Dilworth says:

      I have been watching Y&R since 1972 ish when my mom would check me out of school ( to avoid PE) and we watched together!! Great memories …It’s the only soap I still record and look forward to each day. Please don’t take away my slice of daily drama!!

    • kim crowley says:

      I have been watching Young and Restless since it started, I was a little girl and remember watching it with my mom and today I watch it with my own two daughters who have been watching since they were babies I have a picture of my oldest daughter watching Y&R right up front of the TV as soon as she heard that song she would go sit in front of the TV

    • susan says:

      I love the Young and Restless , it has been my favorite soap since i was old enough to watch soaps. Please keep the show , if you must do something with it why dont you just make some new story lines and maybe bring in some new characters to mesh with the old ones. The suspensfull story lines are good so bring in some more mystery to it. Love Young and Restless.

    • Don’t dare it’s one thing I enjoy still with my mom

    • ERDavis says:

      I agree with all of these ladies. i have watched this show since Nina and Christine were at the Second Hand Rose. I was more concerned about where Victor and Nikki’s wedding plans than I was Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s. These people dealt with the hot topics of the day and they continue to do so more than 30 years later. I would hate to see them go. They are the only reason to watch or record daytime television. I do not tune in to anything else.

    • Scott says:

      I love this show. It’s the best daytime soap on tv. The acting has always been better than the rest. Don’t take it off the air.

    • Cindy says:

      My vote is to keep this show on! Starting watching 5 yrs ago, now I don’t know what I would do without it.

    • Linda says:

      I love the young and the restless! please dont take it off! Its the onlt show i faithfully watch!

    • lisa frye says:


    • Terri says:

      Please do not stop Y&R…..I love these characters like an extended family

    • Pam Fricker says:


    • JUDY COLEY says:


    • Tonia says:

      I agree PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS ONE OFF, I have been an avid watcher for over 20 years, you’ve taken 2 others off in which I still don’t agree with but whats done is done, don’t take the best off!!!

    • Sue says:

      I agree “PLEASE DON’T TAKE Y&R OFF THE AIR. I have been watching it, since i was a young girl. I strongly agree with all the great comments made to keep it on the air. I love the Y & R!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vicki says:

      I love this show i dvr it everyday cause im not always home to see it but im running in to see what happened….and to boot if you would cancel this show i swear my mom who was a die hard fan would come and haunt someone i swear to it lol …..DONT CANCEL IT we dont need another stupid talk show or judge show on!!

    • Rita Keller says:

      please lerave iot on and give us a story line that doesnt get so dragged out like steffy and liam dcragging way to long

    • Debbie says:

      This is a great show! what else would you expect from a soap! This is the best one on TV. Has been for over 30 years.

    • Tammy says:

      Please don’t take the Y&R off the air. I have bee watching it my whole life. I HAVE never missed a show. That is when my PVR comes in handy.

    • please dont take Y&R off the on i watch as will. just they want more talk shows, or game shows really.

    • amanda says:

      I absolutely love the show!!!! Don’t cancel!!!!! I have been watching since I was little with my mom and grandma. It’s been about 23 years of watching it can’t go away!!!

    • Jane says:

      It’s not any more ridiculous as All My Children or the rest of them. Why just pick on The Young and the Restless? This. The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and the Guiding Light were the best CBS daytime ever had. Don’t take what’s left away from the thousands of us viewers that really enjoy the escape from our reality to the drama of our soaps.

    • Sherry Youmans says:

      I have watched the Y&R soap every since it came on the air. It does get boring but so does life. I love the drama. I love the stars. They are like family. Sometimes though, you want someone to be happy. I love Billy & Victoria. I wish Adam & Chelsey would fix their relationship? Sharon makes me sick! I love Nick. I hope he finds happiness someday soon? I used to watch all of channel 3 TV soaps. I was broken hearted when all of the other soaps went off. Please Keep Y&R and The Bold & The Beautiful on? I DVR everyday!

    • Sandij says:

      i have watched the show since 1st day n when i worked took lunch to watch it . please lets keep it going it is like family

    • Gina says:

      I love Y and R. It is my guilty pleasure after a long and stressful day. I have watched it from the beginning since I was a kid. Please don’t take the only good soap off TV

    • Pat says:

      Please don’t take this show off the air!!! I love this show, I look forward to it every day and I have been watching it since I was a little girl with my Mom it brings back so many memories. My daughter now watch it together we enjoy it so much. PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT OFF THE AIR !!!! .

    • larondamcneill says:

      please do not take the young and the restless off the air just spice it up a little,get creative.put Adam back with Chelsea,let Nick and Avery get married.put Sharon back in the psych word and let Nick,Adam,and Victoria together to get along and run Newman enterprises as a team and stop turning against one another.

    • Leslie Mcconkey says:

      Please don’t take this show off the air! I’ve been watching since I was a child! I would be devastated!!

    • please keep it on I love the Young & the Restless,I’ve watched it since it came on!!!!! Love it :]

    • please dont take this show, ive watched it ever since it started and its the only soap left i actually watch… guiding light was cancelled as well as as the world turns…i believe every woman needs a daytime soap to help take them away from their daily life and try to live in these characters…soaps have been a part of tv as long as i can remember…take them off and i probably wont watch tv. thanks for listening.

  2. Jeannie H says:

    I personally love the show but I believe that now that Jack has finally conquered Victor there is no where to go but down. I believe Jack’s win will be the inevitable end of the Young and the Restless unless the writers get more creative.

    • Betty says:

      I am 65 years old…have always been a Y & R fan and would hate to see the show cancelled..however, the show is getting more boring each day…the whole Winters family being hired to work at Jabot..that is because the Y & R doesn’t have any more characters to place in those positions…get real…all Lilly has done is have cancer, raise her babies and be a model…how the heck can she run a department at a business…same goes for Devon…all he’s ever done is music…now all of a sudden they know enough about the cosmetic business to run the company…same with Newman Enterprises…Sharon ruined the Company, burned down the Newman ranch and had a mental illness so bad she didn’t know if she was coming or going… now, within a matter of a couple of weeks she has recovered to the point that there is no sign of the mental illness…she was also just a model or spokes person and now she is going to replace Phyllis….not one thing of what’s happening on this show makes any sense to me anymore…the new writers have gotten rid of all the main characters except for the Newmans and Jack…once Jack looses everything I assume he will no longer be needed and will also get the boot!!!!! I do not want to spend an hour watching the trouble that teenagers get into…this, I thought, was a terrific adult show until the new writers kicked in with their storyline and got rid of everyone important enough to be on the show…I’ve said it before and I will say it again….unless something drastic happens I predict this show will slowly die and be cancelled by the end of 2013.

      • Sandi Smelko says:

        Love Y&R. Have watched it from day one. Also like B&B. CBS took 2 of my soaps off.GL and ATWT. Dont mess with these 2. I’LL REALLY BE TICKED OFF.

      • ERDavis says:

        I agree, but I think that the new blood being brought in might be a blessing. Maybe the arrival of Avery’s old love will shake the dust off of the dating scene. Maybe having Lily and Cane and Devon all at Jabot will show how inept Lily is at anything other than being pretty and a stepford wife. Maybe Cane will find a temptation and be tested. I don’t think that Cane should be unfaithful, but I do think that he should have to at least go through some real difficulty. I think that Devon needs a real life. Put his lady in the spotlight rather than have her come on and go away for another 6 months. The characters need to be front and center with REAL things happening… And somewhere in the world Phyllis needs to be held accountable for ALL of the skeletons in HER closet.

      • N Jackson says:

        I agree 100 percent. It is becoming very boring especially Victor Newman. Maybe if Victor was out of the show it would help the ratings.

      • Rita Keller says:

        i agree

  3. Dena Russell says:

    Love all of it…..Every day after day after day!!! Been a fan since 1976. Been watching it every day. If CBS has a news cast on, I wait & watch it on Soapnet. I think the writers are doing a great job. My husband & son like to watch sometimes & ask me to catch them up on what’s happening. Thank you all!!

  4. YES!!! Boring, need new writers, fresh ideas, something to keep us glued to the tv and to want to NOT miss an episode, as it is now, can watch 2 or 3 episodes a week and stay caught up.

    • Katie says:

      Oh but Deborah Grimes.. you miss out on the little subtle things the characters say and do… that give you clues as to what will more than likely happen! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR! I agree with whoever said if you have to take one off, blast The BOLD & the BEAUTIFUL! I DESPISE THAT ONE! JUST HOW MANY TIMES CAN BROOKE SLEEP WITH EVERY MAN ON THE SHOW? WHEN IS SHE GOING TO COMMIT PEDOPHELIA? GOOD LORD THAT WOMAN SLEEPS WITH HER OWN SISTERS HUSBAND WHILE SHE’S HAVING A HEART ATTACK, POST BABY DEPRESSION… HOW MANY TIMES CAN THESE PEOPLE MARRY UNTIL ONE OF THEM COMES OUT INBRED!! LOL!! But as far as my Y & R GOES…PLEASE I BEG YOU DO NOT TAKE THIS LAST REFUGE I HAVE OFF THE AIR!! I WAS SICK WHEN I SAW THIS POST ON FACEBOOK! I’m looking after my 86 tear old father, my husand,, my dog and a house.. and can’t do it all so my husband helps, but I’ve had 5 really messed up back surgeries which ended up leaving me pretty much close to a wheelchair. About 12 noon I have to go lie down and this is MY HOUR…. and if I miss it, I can catch it at 7 pm on SoapNet. You’ve already gotten rid of Springfield and Oakdale. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS SOW OFF THE AIR! All of them get a little boring sometimes. Heck, even the nightime soaps even get a little boring sometimes.. it’s inevitable to set up the next twist. I’ve been watching this show ever since it came on the air.. please please I beg you don’t take it off!! I do have ONE suggestion though.. do something with Phyllis.. she’s the one that is getting on my nerves and also do something with Sharon’s character. And let Victor leave Billy and Vicki alone!! Anyway,,, that’s my 2 cents worth for what it’s worth…

  5. Paula1949_ says:

    I have watch Young and the Restless for years! Would hate it if they took it off! I do wish they could think of a different story angle. Seems like the same thing, over & over. Get creative writers!!!!

  6. alease says:

    I like the young and the restless,please dont take it off the air…..

  7. Ann says:

    I don’t like the new writers, they’re bringing on too many new actors. They should write more storylines for the actors that have been on the show from the start. They are destroying the character of Sharon.

    • jennifer says:

      i absolutely love it do not take it off the air! i wish the writers would make sharon sane and not crazy i love her and adam together… hott!

  8. barbara mattocks says:

    Love the Y&R let it stay on. Let Victor and Adam finally have a good father and son relationship.

  9. Erin says:

    Please, please don’t take it off the air. That show is literally the only thing I have to look forward to after a grueling day at work. Sometimes it gets dull when the conversations go on for more than 2 days in a row, but then it gets juicy. If the show was cancelled, a part of my soul would die. I would mourn it like the death of a family memeber.

  10. Roseann says:

    please don’t take Y&R off. My husband and I watch it faithfully every day.

  11. Patricia Clark says:

    I have watched Y & R since 1976 and have been addicted to it ever since. Watch it every day and enjoy it.

  12. Mary says:

    I have watched y& r for years and don’t want to see it go off the air! All we have and forced to watch anymore are game shows, reality(boring) shows, and nasty sitcoms at night or during the day! So glad I can record my soaps to enjoy at night!!!!!!!

  13. Tasha Shed says:

    Love the show and the story lines have been great as always. I a Y&R fan for life

  14. Sandra Ulrey says:


  15. Cheryl says:

    I love this show. Haven’t missed an episode since day 1. Please don’t take it off….maybe you should expand on the younger characters and their struggles and triumphs, like you have been doing. Focus on more characters, instead of just a select few. I wouldn’t miss it. I used to VCR the show and now I can DVR, if I’m not here.

  16. Linda says:

    Y & R is so absurd its actually a close second to real life! please keep it on the air, I as I am sure many millions of people would be devistated if it was to go… makes my day!!

  17. Rachel says:

    I would be lost without my 2 fav soaps, Y & R, and B & B… them both, and have a hard time getting thru the weekends without them!!!

  18. Ruthie Smith says:

    I have been watching Y&R more than 25 years, I remember when Victor was a young man, Nikki was a teenager, Katherine was in her late twenties maybe, Brock was young, Paul was a teenager, Jill was in her twenties, Jack was a young man and his father was young, Ashley and Patty were teenagers.
    I grew up with these Families and even though I know it is a soap opra, I still care about them very much. Please keep this show on the air and Nick was a baby when he started, Victoria has been changed out many times, but the one they have now is my favorite.

  19. Annette says:

    Please don’t take away. I love the show even when it boring

  20. emily says:

    The young and the restless is the best show ever. I have watched it everyday for the past 6 years and will continue doing so. It has its moments where even I get frustrated or annoyed with a certain storyline but I would never turn my back on it. It always seems to turn around and go a direction you wouldn’t have expected. I find myself thinking about the next days show… and looking forward to see what will happen. Adding even more excitement. The characters are like family both on and off screen. I hope the young and the restless is around for many more years to come!!!

  21. victoria says:

    I watched the first episode,I am watching todays show,and I am not ready to see the final episode.Please don’t allow this wonderful and classy show to go the way of all the bad programs.Remember,this is an emmy winning production.Not like any other that is currently on the air!Keep going,keep going,keep going.

  22. Jody says:

    You need to get rid of all those new snot-nosed look alike kids that were imported from that other show and start writing some decent scripts. Get Eileen Davidson back and keep Michael Gradezia (sp). Get the focus off Sharon. I’m sick of her.

  23. Bobbi says:

    I’ve been watching since I was very young and rarely miss an episode. Sometimes it’s the same stuff, which can be a bit mundane but it’s so worth it. Love Y&R!

  24. Tina says:

    Love love love Y&R, just got my Hubby to watch with me and now he loves it too! Please stay…forever…

  25. Nellie Franczkowski says:

    Yeah, go ahead and gripe about the scripts . . . then you’ll be ruining it for all of us who are true loyal fans of Y&R. It’s a soap classic . . . true, Sharon is a pain in the butt but she’s one that we love to hate. I hope it’s never taken off the air because that would be a sad, sad day for me and a lot of other viewers. Keep Y&R on the air, PLEASE!!

  26. larae says:

    lay off my young and the restless been watching it since the beginning DO NOT TAKE IT OFF THE AIR

  27. Cheryl says:

    We don’t need anymore talk shows or doctor shows during the daytime. It’s full of them now. If they take Y&R off the air….then my day will be without TV, after Kelly and Michael and Let’s Make a Deal.

  28. Joyce says:

    Have watch the show since it first aired. Love it still. Keep it on the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. B says:

    I love this show! Can remember my mom and sister watching when I was too little to understand. Once I could understand, I was hooked and have been ever since! I hope there is no talk of taking it off the air. I would be lost for that 1 hour a day!

  30. Rosemary In Michigan says:

    This is the best soap ever..I don’t care if it’s redundant or corney ..I have been watching this soap forever ..I used to tape it now I dvr it..
    I never ever want this show to end!

    • DOT BLESSETT says:

      I very much like this show- I wish it was on the week ends as well— not much on tv on Sat/Sun unless one is a sports fan!! the only problem on Y/R seems to be that the GENE POOL is getting shallow!!! the only option seems to be inbreeding… lol ;0)

  31. Sheila says:

    Please don’t take it off. That is my favorite show. I taped it and watch it when I get in from work. It helps me get threw the day. Sometimes I can’t wait to see it. My whole family watches it. Please don’t take it off the air.

  32. NoMoreCandy4U says:

    Please leave Y&R on. What are they gonna replace it with? More Food, Talk, Reality shows, PLEASE, we hate those shows. As for Talk shows, don’t mess with THE TALK. Love Y&R, no matter how stupid or boring it can get. If u need to take a show off take Bold & Beautiful off, now that’s boring and incest driven.

    • DOT BLESSETT says:

      have you noticed even the weather channel has become NEWS show. some times it seems as if we can’t get away from the opinions of tv broadcasters… and I like the talk, they are a fun group usually…

  33. Kaye Ruskey says:

    I watch this show about 25 years ago, started watching again when it was on soapnet channel in the evening – for past 2 years or so, now its not on soapnet, so I watch it on my computer every morning before I start work. I go to work early, get my coffee and watch the show. I love Victor/Sharon/Kay/Victoria – I feel they are the best, but all the characters are interesting. I find it very entertaining! Keep up the good work!

  34. Barbara says:

    I have watched this soap since day 1. It is the only soap I still watch – have been through many of them. Jeanne Cooper was the first “reality star” by having her face lift on the show. They have tackled some serious issues and not been afraid to show how difficult relationships between family and others can be. I love the show and would be very sad if it ended.

    • DOT BLESSETT says:

      Thanks Barbara, I too enjoy this show, all my appointments are made in a time slot that allows me to be at home and in front of the tv at 1500 hrs!!! just wish Sharon would move on!!!

  35. Shirley Hadlock says:

    Startedwatching Y and the R when I was on my second maternity leave. How will I remember my son’s age if they take it off the air. Hate the ghosts though wat to out there. Victor I would at least like to see him die a horrible death before they take it off and Nicki can strip dance on his grave.

  36. Julia says:

    I have been watching this show since I was a little girl with my Grandma…all the other soaps have been taken off the air which really stinks. Y&R is the BEST for a reason and I continue to watch it daily…when I couldn’t I recorded it! Please don’t take this soap off the air…tired of stupid talk & reality shows that have taken the other soaps places…

  37. I love this show and I have watched it from the beginning. When I worked as a counselor it was taped every day so I could watch problems I didn’t have to try and solve. I am retired now and it is my little bit of pleasure each day. Please keep it coming I wane to see Jill get old and grey and see Nick take over Victor’s role although I can’t imagine anyone filling those shoes.

  38. By far the best soap ever! Please don’t take off my beloved Y&R!

  39. Denise Chambers says:

    This is a wonderful show, and I have watched it for years. However, the plots lately have been ridiculous and copied from other past episodes. The show in the past had beautiful sets, costumes, parties and locations. It was riveting and interesting. I loved the corporate intrigue and good writing. The writers need to step up their game and do some good writing or this show will certainly be replaced by some boring talk show. Please keep alive The Young and the Restless, it has so much more future potential!

  40. Duane Carter says:

    Please do not take it off the air. I have been watching it for years and I would be highly upset if you do but if you do decide to take it off the air it should be when and if Victor and Jack end their feud.

  41. SHEILA RAY says:

    i have watched this soap since day one…and recorded it faithfully for many years….its gets boring but on days like Christmas i miss these ppl ! they are like family at this point…PLEASE DONT CANCEL IT …:(

  42. belongtomatt says:

    I’ve been watching this for 20+ years and the ridiculous plots never amaze me anymore, I have sent email after email to the show telling them to stop with bringing back the dead people, and suggestions to better the dumb plots. To this day I have no idea who killed Diane–?. I think the writers are as old as Victor and Kathryn, and maybe its just getting bad because they are out of idea’s- they need a fresh start for sure– I will only DVR it, that way I can f/f through the dumb crap and just watch what I want– I really like Adam actually– that storyline has potential– everyone else is a snore fest.. sorry.

  43. belongtomatt says:

    addendum- after thought- everyone leaves and goes to The Bold and The Beautiful—what happened to Ashley? Why is the plot so DUMB between Victor and Nicki- and I am NOT watching their wedding nor care about it- Where is Genevieve? I could go on and on…

  44. Jessica Hughbanks says:

    I religiously watch Y&R everyday and have for at least 20 years. I love the show! Please keep it on!!

  45. DOT BLESSETT says:

    I do enjoy any episode with Victor and Nikki, however I have had it with the protection that surrounds Sharon- She is teflon coated obviously, Nick, Adam,Noah all have a protective shield around her, while Chelsea becomes a victim. And amazingly enough I very much like Chelsea, ESPECIALLY if her parents were not around-EVER… she should be written out of the show, just as Paul’s sister should be. Often I get too stressed to continue watching the abject stupidity of the rich GC citizens…but then I come back after my 3rd cup of coffee… :0)

  46. gloria says:

    young and the restless is one of the favorite soaps to watch. please dont take it off. I have been watching it for yrs. back in the 60′s i would watch the soaps with my mama. we would watch all the saops on the CBS station. And one by one you have been taking them off please dont do it. Thanks for listening to me and God Bless

    • Tasha J. says:

      If you’ve been watching Y&R since the 60s, then you probably remember the soap that use to come on called “Capital” it use to come on before “As the World Turns” (ATWT) began.

  47. Cindy says:

    I am completely hooked on Y&R. I love yelling at the crazy, tormented woman and the wealthy old man. Please keep it on the air!!


  49. Tasha J. says:

    I’ve been watching Y&R all my life. During high school years I had to rely on daily recaps, at that time Y&R wasn’t posted online. I feel as though Y&R lost something along the way. I don’t know if its the creativity they lost or their blatant unoriginal ideas. Every character tends to go through the same thing, if its not the parents that went through it, its the kids that go through it 20 years later. For example Phyllis, Danny, Cricket…20 years later Daniel, Daisy, (and whomever he was involved with at the time). How many times can Jack get shot and live? How many times will a character get addicted to pain killers and alcohol. How many times will Nikki become a situational alcoholic? How many times will Sharon be clueless and needy? When will someone ever prove Sharon to be an unfit mother? How many times will we have troubled teens? Several years ago it was Devon, now its Finn’s nemesis Jeremy (I think that’s his name). If Y&R is having problems with new ideas, then perhaps they should research the headlines for inspiration. I really don’t see the show going on any longer. The thing that really upsets me about the show is that they fired almost every one that was worth being on the show. The last good episode was when Paul killed Ricky…I just hate how they turned Adam into Nick i.e. he left Chelsea to be with Sharon like Nick ruined every relationship because of Sharon (as if she’s that irresistible…I don’t think so). What’s the purpose of having new writers if they are only going to regurgitate old prehistoric story lines. When Mrs. Chancellor have an argument can we (the audience) automatically assume that her argument will end up in a near death experience? If it’s not a stroke it’s a heart attack, if its not that its memory loss. She has amnesia, then Victor has amnesia…The story lines are a bit redundant.

    • Jackie says:

      I love this show and hope it doesn’t go off the air but you are so write!! I also hate how when thing are going bad the turn to sex like it’s meaningless, it’s like that there ice cream and how many people do that or the ice cream thing. I hate how they treat Adam like none of them have done terrible crazy things! Not to mention Victor and Adam are soooo… alike but they all hate Adam. Then there’s the never ending feud between Victor and Jack how many time are they going to steel those companies from each other. So dumb!! I keep watching in the hopes that they will get some new stories because I would hate to see them get cancelled!

    • Absolutely True, Tasha J…
      My opinion..Time for Y&R to go…

  50. Plz dont take Y&R off..I’ve been watching it since 1983….B&B from the start also…CBS soaps are awesome! It gives us disabled people something to look forward to……..if it does go off, plan it so Victor realizes how wrong he is and let him suffer in jail! He just doesnt understand what family is all about…or let him end up being homeless for awhile..maybe that will wake him up..$ isnt everything.

  51. Cincytive says:

    I would definitely love to see Y&R continue. I think that with all of the reality shows hitting the airwaves now, it does a soul good to see life played out in a fantasy. One thing I would like to comment on is Adam and Chelsea. I cannot believe you broke them up for dumb-dumb Sharon. Enough of HER!!!! She makes me want to throw up everytime I see her whinny self. Adam and Chelsea were on the road to a successful marriage. She made Adam want to be a better man and he was. As for Nick, good Lord please give him something to control other than all of his “baby-mama’s” and their men… and how NASTY is it that you put him with his wife’s sister? That really happened to a couple in my church and it was crushing to the wife, the parents, and children. You really could have found a different story line for them. I think the storyline with Jack and his dependency on pain killers is a good storyline that hits what is going on in the real world. You should really take him deeper into it because there is no quick fix to addiction. He is so worried that Victor is going to outwit him for the compan(ies) til he is Obsessive and doing a real fast crash and burn… I can’t wait to see his recovery portrayed. Please do something with Fen and that lack of respect to his parents. What are his consequences??? That’s all!

  52. Please don’t take off Y&R. MY husband and I watch it every day and if missed we watch it on 253 the soap channel.

  53. deb smith says:

    we all love the y&r please dont take ir off !!!

  54. Kelsey says:

    I’ve been watching Y&R for over 20 yrs now. Please don’t cancel the show! Bring back abbey, she’s one of those character’s who will speak her mind and say what she wants! She brings humor to the show! Don’t make Sharon a crazy…again! Bring back Daniel and daisy and heather! Whatever happened to that storyline? So many fans love this show and would hate to see it go! It still has so much that can be done!

  55. jackie says:

    I have been watching Y&R since its debut-love it-please do not take it off the air-it, and the one that follows it are the only ones I watch–and would not want either one of them to be taken off the air–my daughter is a fan, also–grew up watching with me after school (vhs-then dvr’d) -

  56. Susan Reed says:

    I love Y&R but I’m getting so bored with it. I think they should have a contest, let the fans submit new ideas and/or scripts for the show.

  57. amy says:

    Don’t mess with my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Sherry M. says:

    With all the bland late night soaps, and they are. It’s nice to keep up with favorite charactors that haven’t come and gone like late night charactors. I’ve watched since Y& R’s first year. They’ve become family discussions and part of our family. What would you replace it with, another talk or cooking show. I’d turn CBS off, in the day time in that case. It’s a great noon time break. I just need the story and the fantasy. Simple

  59. Love The Young & The Restless. Can’t believe they are even asking a stupid question like should they take it off the air. Of course NOT! Have been watching it from the beginning and will continue to watch it.

  60. Natalie Mann says:

    Although I have found the show has become a bit boring lately, this is by far the best soap I have ever watched. Just some new plots with more positiveness versus affairs and problems would really be uplifting; especially with what is going on in the world today. Love you all!

  61. Diane says:

    I dont think that y and r will go off until katherine or victor pass away or retire

    • susan says:

      yes i agree. thats what is happening to bold and beautiful..stephanie is gone and now the show is already showing signs of fading away..

  62. Maria says:

    This is by far the best soap ever… The writing has definitely changed, but I’d hardly call it boring, let alone the equivalent of “chasing a dog’s tail”. Watching my daily Y&R episode after a hard day’s work is my favorite way to unwind & de-stress from Monday – Friday. Some of these storylines go back for generations… Those of us who have watched it for years, even decades, appreciate the history! The idea of taking Y&R off the air makes me furious… Especially knowing it would only be replaced with another mindless & redundant talk, health, reality or cooking show. TV programming anymore has turned to total crap… Leave this oldie but goodie alone!

  63. sandra says:

    I would hate to see Y&R cancelled. Though the stories seem to mirror each other and are drawn out to tediousness. I need my Y&R fix, it is the best one hour of TV to be able to escape from the real life dramas. I think Y&R bring in the top ratings for CBS. If werent forthis show their ratings would tank and B&B would not be watched either. CBS should not do to their devoted daytime fans as ABC did to theirs. ABC’s daytime ratings have dropped bigtime as a result, and evening ratings also decline as the fans vowed not to watch their programs. CBS should not disappoint the fans of daytime, keep their ratings high with the viewers who are devoted to the programs. Happy New Year and more with Y&R!!!

  64. Patty says:

    Keep Young & Restless on. I agree there is nothing good on daytime tv anymore. What would you replace it with? Another talk show? UGH!

  65. Dawn R. Shuler says:

    I have watching Young and the Restless for over 20 years. It is like part of my family. Please don’t take it off the air! I think you would have many fans mourning if you did! This is our escape for the day!

  66. Lisa Fernandez says:

    I have been watching Y & R since I was a little girl and I love it! I record it daily and it is the one thing I always look forward to after my long day at work. I feel like it is my time to unwind and escape reality for an hour. I know “reality TV” is the new thing these days….. but I thoroughly enjoy my time with Y & R! I HOPE it continues to air for a long time to come! PLEASE do not take this show off of the air!

  67. Amanda says:

    Please do not cancel Y&R, I have watched since I was little & even hooked my husband on it when we met! It may seem crazy at times but I never miss an episode! My day would not be compete with a little Y&R :)

  68. mzroper says:

    I am a 70 year old female who watches Y&R faithfully and I will tell you out right—if you take this soap opera, Y&R off the air I will no longer watch ANY OF CBS PROGRAMS AGAIN. You people in charge of such things beware of many thousands of us boycotting your station. We grow to love this group of actors and look forward each day to watching all the twists and turns each actor involved is doing. Please DO NOT take Y&R off the air because this boycott of CBS and all their sponsers is very real.

  69. Carol A Lauck says:

    Please don’t take the Y & R off the air. It’s the only soap opera that has me looking forward to watching something during the day. I really Love Nick. He’s got an Awesome Smile. The rest of him isn’t bad either. Seriously, this soap opera is far, far above any of the rest of them. They haven’t been #1 so long for no reason at all right? They deserve be stay on TV.

  70. I frequently plan my days around Y&R. I am a convert from Days. Couldn’t find work, now am disabled. Get the picture? Or do I have to draw a bigger picture?

  71. Daisy Cortes says:

    I am a 52 yr old woman, and have been watching the Y & R for more than 20 yrs, I look forward on coming home to watch it. If I don’t watch it at 12:30 I watch it at 7pm on the soap channel 120, please don’t cancel the soap opera, please, a lot of people will be dissappointed if CBS cancel it. Please keep it going. Thank you

  72. Pattti says:

    I want The Young and The Restless to stay on the air. We enjoy watching it. We need new people on the show. Nick and Victor are running out of ladies to mess with. Nicki and victor need to stay together. Maybe bring the grandkids in more or send them on a new adventure. Actually the ladies have done everyone so bring in something new. Maybe Victoria and Billy could have a few lines and maybe more kids. Come on I know you can do it !!

  73. I have been watching this show for so long and I look forward to it every afternoon. There are few things on t.v. that are constant anymore that it is a pain in the a## but I can always count on this show. I am 72 years old so leave it on for a few more years.

  74. Cathy Garland says:

    I’ve watched this show from episode #1. It is part of my life! Please don’t mess it up! It is the best daytime show going!

  75. Annette Daffin says:

    I have watched the Young & The Restless since I was 12-13 yrs old. I started watching it with my great grandmother and Mom and it is still something that my Mom and I talk about during our daily conversations. Watching it after all these years gives me comfort and a way to unwind and escape from whatever problems I’m facing in my life. My 15 yr old daughter and my husband also enjoy watching the show with me. It is more than just a show on television, it’s a part of people’s lives and to take it off of the air would impact the lives of not just my family, but many others. A lot of things have changed in my life, but one true constant that has always remained the same is The Young & The Restless has been a part of my life. Please don’t cancel this show. We love it!!

    Annette Daffin & Family in Tennessee

  76. Brenda says:

    Please please please don’t take it off the air


  77. Debbie M. says:

    I have been watching the Y&R all my life. Love it!

  78. Tracie says:

    This is the only show I HAVE to see everyday. It is my guilty pleasure. I have to DVR it just so I can watch it in peace and quiet without my son or husband. I would be lost if I didn’t have this to see everyday. I wish it would be on the weekends as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE the show!!

  79. jennifer baldwin says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T TAKE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS OFF THE AIR!!! I don’t see anything wrong with the story line or plot. I absolutely, absolutely love Y&R!!!

  80. Ronda says:

    No No No!!! Please do not take off the Y&R I have watched, enjoyed, cried and feel like they are a part of my family … even my husband watches it every evening with me … I have been watching Y&R since in my 20′s and I’m now 62 .. We realize it is only a show but we have grown with the families just as we’ve grown with our own … Losing this show would devistate fans. Thank you for letting everyone give their opinion even those who do not really care for soaps … but please Do Not Take Y&R Off The Air! Thank you, Ronda & Larry

  81. Lori says:

    Seriously, stop canceling all these soaps. They are my get away during the day. Personally, I would not watch any more talk shows!! Extremely tired of all the complaining the ladies do on the Talk and other such shows. Y&R may have boring story lines at times, but I like the outcome. — usually! :)

  82. Nesha M says:

    Please, please don’t cancel the show. I to have been watching this show since I was a young girl and get very upset when I miss a show. I love being able to catch on the shows from my DVR or!! This is one of the things I look forward to doing. Watching the Young and the Restless. I even got my hubby involved in watching it with me sometimes and he knows some of the characters names! That’s big for a guy!

  83. Catrina says:

    I watch this for my Mom & Auntie who are in Heaven now, I watch it for them & me & hubby have been watching it since they “passed” in January 2000… I really enjoy the show!!!

  84. Catrina says:

    I just reread the article & it doesn’t actually say that they are taking it off, just that: “But you know what? It works. The writers of The Y&R have to be good at what they do, or else that soap won’t be running for more than 30 years. That’s a big achievement when you consider that the original plot—the animosity between two families—hasn’t changed in over 3 decades.”
    So, what does this mean? I would hate it see them take it off, I watch it for my Mom & Auntie who always watched it but they are in Heaven now so I watch it for them…

  85. Mary says:

    Pleas continue with this now retired and do not miss an episode..I started watching when it first began and I had 4 children and was a work at home Mom….children grew up and I went to work…watching the program recorded..and now enjoy it as much as always with grandchildren and great grandchildren…so please do not take off the air…thank-you.

  86. Shannon Wrroblewski says:

    Watch it everyday…. great break from reality! Please, do not take it off the air!!!

  87. sandee says:

    Please please dont cancel the Y and R!!!! I have been watching it for years! I remember when Vicki was a stripper for petes sake! I wouldnt know what to do without the show! I record it every day and watch it. Its never dull or boring. I watch Y and R and the Bold and Beautiful. Its my daily shows. I would truly miss them if they were gone.


  88. Terri says:

    Please do not cancel Y & R. I love and DVR it everyday. I’ve been watching it for years.

  89. Jean says:

    I quit all other soaps long ago – but hope that Y&R continues. I am 81 y.o. & need that hour of relaxation & intrigue!!

  90. Tammy Clay says:

    I love Young and the Restless!!!! Please don’t take it off the air!!!!

  91. Sally says:

    Please do not remove Y&R, I have watched the show religiously since the day it started. At some point in the day, someone I know, and myself are discussing it. I am watching it right now. This show has dealt with many problems that people deal with on an every day basis. I love Y&R, and all the people that make up this show! Long live Y&R!!!

  92. DARLYNN says:

    plz dont cancel the Y&R,look forward to it everyday

  93. Rachel says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could think this show is boring…..there are more talk shows that fill that bill…..Y & R continues to be a great show even after many years, and I hate when its not on…..who ever thinks its boring, can just go turn on any talk or news show, now thats excitement……yeah….right……

  94. susan says:

    I have been watching the young and restless since the first episode with my dad and mom..well my dad is gone but every night mom and i have dinner and watch the show. we complain that its gotten stale and the writers are ruining it bringing in all the non important younger characters and they are really getting over the top with the sex (mom does not like it) .thats all some of the characters are there for..but all in all if we did not have it then we would be disappointed. but please get rid of sharon so sick of her whining and illness’s and always tryng to pull the men away from the good women..and find neal and paul some decent women, that one with neil is terrible actress and why why cant paul have a good woman, not nina, not christine, someone like lauren that made him a live man…see it might only be tv but it has done its job, made viewers think they had a say in these fictional characters lives..its just fun!

  95. florine says:

    Y & R is more like 40 years old. I started watching it on the debut of its first episode when I was in college. It began with the Brooks and Foster families. I’d hate to see Y & R go off the air , but the plot could have some changes, like keeping the good guys good. Put more of real family values back in and less drama in family problems.

  96. Jayne Blakemore says:

    I have watched Y & R since day 1. Please don’t take it off the air. I love this soap!!

  97. Martha W. says:

    PLEASE do not take Y & R off! I also have watched it since the very first show – use to watch it with my Mother, now I record it daily and watch it later. It is better than the reality shows that are on! PLEASE re-think this – so tired of having so few choices to watch between: The view, price is right, and all the Dr. and Lawyer shows…….this one is relaxing, and takes me away from my problems even if for a short time…..besides it is informative with the subjects that it covers.

  98. Judi Shatzer says:

    Please don’t take this show off. I love it been watching it since my teen years. I love it. You need new people call me. Thanks.

  99. Debbie says:

    PLEASE don’t take Y&R off the air!!!! I LOVE it & so do my friends!

  100. Megan says:

    I know the show is ridiculous and it is one of the only things my husband & I fight about but i love it. i started watching it with my grandmother as a kid and will continue to watch as long as it is on. Please do not take it off the air.

  101. Teresa says:

    Please don’t take it off the air. I look so forward to watching it every evening when I get off work. It takes my own problems away for awhile

  102. Donna says:

    I have been watching Y&R since the day it first aired! Even while living overseas in Korea I had friends send be tapes so I didn’t miss an epsiode. Even my husband watches so it must be great!! Please keep Y&R on the air!!

  103. mike says:

    love the show!!!……………. A dying rich man said to his wife; when i die, please pack all my money with me on my coffin, i will be needing it. Okay!. The wife assured. After his death, as he was being buried, she put a small wooden box on his coffin with him and the grave was covered up. The wife’s friend was surprised and asked; you can’t have done that. She replied; i just did, i gathered all the money together, put it into my account at the bank and wrote him a check inside the coffin. If he can cash it, he can spend it.

  104. Ingrid says:

    I started watching Y&R in 1973 and kept up through the years until Soapnet started carrying it at night. A few years ago, my husband started getting into scenes with Victor and it has become a nightly routine. I always told him that, of all the soaps to watch, Y&R is the best, for the writing, the acting, and one of my favorite aspects — the shades of grey of the characters. I stood by as some of my other favorites faded away (especially Guiding Light), but I would be truly sad and life would be different if the powers decided to end Y&R. Several of my friends continue to watch it, too, so we are not alone. I hope CBS has the good sense to keep it going — it’s still a fantastic show with a large and loyal following!

  105. Shannon says:

    The above article by Sam criticizing The Young and The Restless is just that a critique. I,myself have been watching The Young and The Restless for YEARS….and looking at everyones comments most are fans of the show. The show has covered many topics from addiction to date rape. Granted~it is a show….but these topics do exist and can happen to anyone…it would be a terrible decision to end Y&R . Instead of cancelling the show-maybe get new writers, new perspective,new talent ..afterall it is a new year. Don’t take away something people enjoy because of how the network, or critics feel!!! Look at these responses-pay close attention to the audience, that should be your answer on wether or not the show is cancelled. For the record, I say KEEP IT ON!!!!!!

  106. Susan says:

    I started watching y&R when I was a young girl my mom watched. I am 55 and dvr it everyday and watch the next morning with a cup of joe before getting ready for work. I like the real story lines. They build the plot around real life issues like bullying,drug addiction and things like that. Please keep on keeping on, Luv you guys.

  107. Stacey says:

    I am about to turn 56 and have watched it from the beginning. I was watching As the World Turns and thought OH Well, why not another one !!! Still have the last 5 shows of it on DVR and just not ready to get rid of them, PLEASE, PLEASE do not take this off the air. At least until I die, not that many more years left (unless I have the genes of Kathrine !!) so let me have some HAPPINESS in my olden years :)

  108. denise says:

    If the ratings are great , why take it off the air ? I’ve watched it since the day it started with the Foster family, the Williams , the Abbotts , Victor and NIKKI “dancin around the pole ” at the club, Cricket , Danny Romalotti. Please don’t take the best afternoon soap. It’s the best part day of for Channel 22. Please don’t take it off the air.

  109. Judy` says:

    If you take Y&R off, I won’t have anything to watch in the daytime. Everything else sucks!!! There are lots of things about the show that I don’t like and that irritate the heck out of me, but quit watching?? NEVER!!!

  110. Robin Nelson says:

    I have been watching Y & R since 1971. I had a young client of mine that was an intern for the show. She came back with some great stories and beautiful key chain for me. I cherish the key chain and never miss an episode. I’ve even got my boyfriend hooked. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THE SHOW!

  111. carla says:

    I love my DVR mostly for the fact that I haven’t missed an episode since I got. please don’t cancel my FAVORITE show!!! I’ been watching this show since birth!! I’m 27 now, and it remains my favorite show to this very day. Dont let those years of watching be in vein. No matter how ridiculous the plot gets sometimes, I still tune in to see what happens!

  112. Meka says:

    I have watched y&r faithfully since 1992 but the story line got so retarded that I haven’t watched since nov2012

  113. ShirleyZ says:

    I’ve been watching Y&R since the first day it aired. It’s part of my life and would be like losing a close & dear friend. I know the same story lines are used with different characters, but many of them do deal with issues such as addictions, alcohol, losses, etc.

  114. cassandra says:

    Love watching Y&R. Love watching Jack and Victor go at it like John and Victor used to do.

  115. Jennifer says:

    I have been watching the Y&R since I was a little girl. My mom watched it since day one continues to watch it whenever she can see it. Please do not cancel it. It’s the best soap on TV.

  116. heather smith says:

    I agree please don’t take away what has been the best past time to my mom & me, I have been watching since I was about 10 yrs old, and now I am sharing this show with my 2 girls, I can’t begin to say how many story lines have been similar to my life and even though it’s is a script, it still has helped me threw many hard situations in my life, it’s kinda like a bible to me lol…. I look forward to this show at the end of a very hard week, using my DVR, I save them all for Friday night, crawl in bed with my favorite food, push play and just unwind and de-stress. We women need something to look forward to just like men do on Sunday with football or Nascar or UFC. It’s nice to have something to live vicariously threw.. So please we are begging you, don’t take this off the air, it has more of an effect on your viewers then you realize……

  117. Sharon says:

    I have been watching since it first aired. Honestly not sure if i could deal with no Genoa City visit on a daily basis. Yes, I am very hooked on it. It is the best medicine there is. Great story lines, the actors are the amazing, drama and a splash of comedy all wrapped up with heartwarming gut wrenching events 5 days a week. Where else can you find all that WITHOUT RERUNS!!! Y &R is the best, and i would rather watch that anytime over anything else!

  118. Cheryl says:

    Please don’t take Y&R off the air!! It was my first ‘true’ soap for me. I was in my teens when it came on and I have watched it faithfully ever since! There is still so many twists it could take and with the younger ones coming in…. is just that much more it can say! The show does have some craziness, but hey it makes us feel normal… but more than that is deals with real issues! It deals with depression, anxiety, alcohol, teenager struggles and much more! A truly great show!

  119. Kathy says:

    Every post thus far strongly rejects the idea of cancelling this show. Please recognize that. The formula works, and since most of us have been watching for the vast majority of that 30 years, these characters are almost like family. I know I cannot even imagine not having that to wind down to 5 nights a week. It would be like a dear friend dying. There is a reason why this show is LOVED.

    PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AWAY! Can you imagine the riots? Of those 5 million viewers per episode, I believe 3 million would march on Hollywood. Right?

  120. I have been watching Y & R from conception! I love this soap and would really hate to see it leave! I dvr it everyday and watch if faithfully. Even my girls have watch it since about the age of 14 and now are grown and starting families of their own. Its a family affair!

    I love the story lines and am liking the new characters being brought in, except as some of the other viewers have stated it would be nice to see a few couples have long, happy relationships…like Cane & Lilly…please leave them alone they have had a lifetime of problems and Billy & Victoria too.

  121. Lisa says:

    Please do not cancel Y&R my mom and i never miss it we enjoy watching it…

  122. LadyBradfield says:

    Please dnt take Y&R off,thts the only reason I have my DVR. I look forward to it everyday!!!

  123. Ruthy says:

    Please don’t take Y&R away. There would be NOTHING to watch during the daytime without it. I’ve been watching it since it first started and I still love it. I also like the fact that I don’t have to watch it every day to know what’s going on. So the characters have problems… don’t we all? They change and so do the rest of us. They are presenting problems of life, not specifically anyone’s life, food for thought not a lesson plan. There are some good laughs in there too, even if it isn’t meant to be funny, it sure is sometimes. It’s nice to have something that survives, Please!!! don’t take our Y&R ‘friends’ away. There are already enough game shows and talk shows and supposed reality shows. Barf!

  124. Sandee Deanes says:

    once again, please dont get rid of the Y and R. please please please lol, i LOVE it

  125. Martha Clark says:

    Please do not take Y & R off the air. I have watched it since day one! It was always my favorite Soap Opera!! It is the only one I watch, now. Since all the rest on CBS have gone off the air…. PLEASE-PLEASE PLEASE DON’T CANCELL THIS SHOW!!!

  126. sue simpsons says:

    yes it’s the same thing over and over and over every year.

  127. Rosemary In Michigan says:

    Who ever is writing this commentary is the true dull and boring fool…while some of the story lines were drawn out to long or never finished…it is STILL THE BEST SOAP EVER!….so get off our soap and go bother someone else with your stupid commentary!

  128. Sandy Stewart says:

    I have been a loyal fan since the seventies and when I had to work I read all I could find and taped and DVR every show and now that I have retired and can watch everyday. And then there is somebody up there in don’t give a s— land that is thinking of taking this show off the air and what for so we can have another talk show or food show, there is enough of it on now. Let us retired folks enjoy Y&R for as many years as we have left.

  129. LaVonne says:

    I have watched Y&R since day one. I could not imagine Y&R not being apart of my daily routine.

  130. Lynn says:

    Please do not take the Y & R off. I have watched this since it started. I have my lunch when it is on!! I love this show. Again please DON’T TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!!!!

  131. Laurie says:

    Please, please I beg you don’t take Y&R off the air. I love that show so much. There is nothing but garbage on during the day. All those stupid take shows except Dr.Phil. of .course. Please don’t do this to us ladies that love the show so very much….PLEASE, PLEASE DON”T DO IT!!!!

  132. ANGIE YARD says:

    Please please please do not take Y&R off the air! We have enough reality tv and court shows………….there are no soaps left! I have watched this since I was a teen and I am now almost 50! I love the show and it always has surprising twists and turns. Who cares who married who 100 times and married everybody in Genoa City, that makes it fun and interesting, we wouldn’t do that in real life! Come on people, wake up! There is no daytime TV anymore! Just leave it on the air!!!!!!!

  133. Linda says:

    we have lost to many good the world turns was one of them…PLEASE DON’T TAKE Y&R OFF THE AIR

  134. Denise says:

    WTF!!!! Why would u guys wanna go off air!!!!!!! That’s the stupidest shyt I heard all year!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Cindy says:

    Please don’t cancel this one too, you got rid of the other 2 I have watched for years & don’t want to loose another one. I have gotten so used to watching all 4, Y&R, B&B, GL, ATWT, watching them was a way to relax after my day at work, was heart broken when GL & ATWT went off the air. Know they are only shows but most of the newer shows that come on at night truely suck specially all the reality shows & these were what I watched instead of that junk. Sometimes they get drug out but still love to watch them. Like someone said above they do hit on real things that happen everyday in real peoples lives like rape, illnesses, etc. & even getting married over & over again, like hollywood don’t do it. So PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS OFF THE AIR…… I even have my husband hooked on it. He reminds me when its on and what channel. Infact, sometimes we watch it twice a day to see if we missed something we shouldn’t have. LEAVE IT ON THE AIR !!!!!!!!!!

  137. I quit watching this show when they fired one of daytime’s greatest actresses, Maura West, it was aweful how they treated a two time Emmy winning actress…

  138. deb smith says:

    i love y &r been watching since 1970s

  139. Kelly says:

    I’ve been watching Y&R since the first show and LOVE it!! Okay, some times it gets a bit rediculous and I don’t want to watch anymore, but I do. I am so addicted to Y&R!! A few characters need to leave Genoa City, Sharon for one. I am really tired of her storyline.. poor Sharon, and a man always rescues her!!! PLEASE keep Y&R on!!!!!!! I have my DVR set to tape it every day, and I watch it the next morning while having my coffee before work. And PLEASE keep the original characters on!! Victor, Nikki, Katherine, etc.

  140. I have been watching since the show started ! I don’t know what I would do with out it. I feel like I grew up with them all and know them. PLEASE !!! Keep it going for all of us who will be lost if you don’t !!!!!!!

  141. Pam Fricker says:


  142. Judy Pennington says:

    You will have an awful lot of people mad if you get rid of Y&R. It’s the best soap on the air. Even though I get awfully mad at the writers sometimes, I still love to watch. I miss some of the ones that haven’t been on much lately though, Abby, Daniel, Jill, Murphy, please don’t get rid of Chelsea. She is one of the best actresses on there.

  143. Chris says:

    Do not cancel this show! I watch it religiously it is my all time favorite show and I have watched it since I was little. I love everything about Y&R !!!!

  144. Nita says:

    We record y&r EVERY day and watch it every night. My husband & I would be Devastated if the show was taken off the air.

  145. crystal carter says:

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL Y & R!!!!!! I plan my entire week around this show!!!! It hits home on sooooooooo many levels

  146. DAR says:

    Please don’t cancel. I have been watching it since it started and I was in High School back then. I can’t wait to see the saga everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Paulette A says:

    Please don’t take my soap off the air, I’ve watch it since it began and would be devastated if you canceled it. It’s the only one I watch. I know a lot of the people went from Y&R to B&B but that’s alright, the best characters are still on there. Please don’t even think about taking it off the air. They’ll just stick another talk show on in it’s place . Women like to go to other places besides reality, and talk we can do that anytime, give us our excitement of going into the lives of make believe, that what we want to get away from it all. Thanks for years of enjoyment! Victor, Catherine, Nikki, and all the others I hope for many more years to come!

  148. Robyn says:

    I have watched this show since my childhood, I would not know what to do in the afternoon if it was off the air. Please do not take it off the air. please.

  149. Nicole Jones says:

    Y&R was getting good to the point where I could not miss a an episode. Since these new writers have come in I can miss episodes and really don’t care. Bring back the old writers PLS!!!!!!

  150. Tami says:

    I am disabled with a broken neck and beg you not to take it off the air………… I have been watching for 35 years and don’t miss an episode. Even when in hospitals.

  151. zee says:

    never take it off the air, never…

  152. zee says:

    never stop the show.

  153. BigSis says:

    Please don’t take Y&R away it is the only Soap left on day time tv that I still get to watch all the others are gone I don’t have the stations needed to watch them I only have this Soap left and G.H. Please be kind and leave the show on regular tv.. I still miss the other soaps that have been taken off all they have now are talk shows that I have no interest mostly…Y&R is the one I love to watch the most and it will be pure hell to have to more talk shows…gag…too much, got to have some thing to loose myself in LOL!!! Sad I know…I have been watching this show for 30 yrs at least and GH almost 40 so please don’t take Y&R away it is my company during the day…Leave it on regular tv PLEASSSSSSSSE!!!!!

  154. glenda serpas says:

    HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR MINDS!!!!! you want ratings bad ratings take the show off you want good ratings then keep your grubby hands off and leave this show alone

  155. Maria Jones says:

    I hope Adams wife gets over her self and see’s how much he loves her and decides to stay in Genowa City with Adam. It would be nice to see Adam happy for a change. Also She had a rough up bringing maybe she could go for counciling and deal with this Running away issue she is dealing with. Plus she lost a baby!

    • I agree with you Maria. I don’t know if it’s these new Writers or not but they don’t seem to yet see that Adam is so talented & one of the best Actors ever to have been on Y&R…However they don’t use this talented man enough on the show. In my mind he would be an excellent replacement for Victor when he retires at some point. I have always watched & liked Y&R but have to agree with many of the others that some of the story lines are not going too well. Best Actors on the show are Adam, Phyllis, Lauren & Husband. Hope things improve in the future story lines & that they don’t have to take Y&R off the air.

  156. I have been watching since the very first show. Let Nikki and Victor finally be happy. Let Phyllis pay for all her wrongs. Nick and Sharon should be together forever. And all the new people have the drama that we want to see. Real life situations always make us mere mortals want to see how we act through our tv stars. I would be lost with out watching the Young and the Restless. I hope with 5 million viewers they wont stop the show for many years to come.

  157. Debbie Fletcher says:

    I am a BIG fan of The Young and the Restless and have been since the very begining, Please don’t take it off the air. I love this soap!!!!!!!!!

  158. Tammy Marks says:

    Oh please don’t cancel i have been watchin this show since i was 10 and now i am 45 so please please leave it on Thank’s from the bottom of my heart

  159. Fran says:

    We all deserve a “guilty pleasure”, and Y&R is mine. PLEASE do not take it away. So what that is is so far from reality, that is what makes it interesting. How many times do we say “Only in a soap!?” There are SOoooooooo..MANY reality t.v. shows on, and even they are becoming scripted. They are nearing soap opera land. Nevertheless, I need my guilty pleasure. I cannot take another talk show or cooking show or court crap! I LOVE the actors/actresses on Y&R. Keep them employed and keep us entertained.

  160. Donna says:

    Love this show, been watching it since I was 11yrs old. you get tried of the Victor bs but all the story plots and people that play on the show are great. Miss a few of the “dead” people, wish they could come back like victor always has in the past. PLEASE dont CANCEL this show. All the other soaps are boring and slow.

  161. Barb mc says:

    I have been watching this show over 32 years!! Please do not cancel it I would not know what to do with my afternoons!!PLease KEPP ON THE AIR!! it i the best Soap Opera EVER!! Tahnks Barbara J.McC. Columbia South Carolina

  162. Donelle DeWitt says:

    I too have watched and enjoyed Y&R since the beginning. It is the best soap ever. Yes there has been repetition and some extremely unlikely situations but if was exactly like “real life” it wouldn’t be the wonderful diversion I know and love. I hope the writers keep challenging themselves and that the show stays on the air for years to come.

  163. Leanne says:

    I DVR this every day…& then can’t wait to get home to watch!! Please don’t take Y&R away!! They are like part of my family!!! :) I’ve been watching since I was a teenager.

  164. Cheryl says:

    Y&R is a CBS staple…Anyone can not put up with the irony Les Moonves giving his wife two shows (she exceeds at niether) and talking about cancelling Y&R. The buck stops with him. As time does change so must Y&R…hire better writers if the story is not compelling – but fix it not write it off. I have watched this unfold since the early 70′s and am dependent on my daily Victor fix. SUPPORT KEEPING Y&R!

  165. Scarlette says:

    It’s the only soap on CBS left unless you count the sickening and incestuous Bold and the Beautiful which hasn’t had a story line change for 30 years. You want to remove another soap…go after the Bold and the Beautiful!

  166. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Don’t cancel Y&R!!! I don’t know what I would do without it. I’m a stuck at home disabled women in a wheelchair and can’t get out and do much besides go to doctors appointments. Y&R gives me something to look forward to every day. I absolutely love it and would just be devastated if it was no longer on the air. I can’t even stand the weekends when its not on and can’t wait till Monday to come back around so I can watch. I’ve been watching Y&R since I was a young girl, its become a part of my daily routine and I just can’t imagine my life without it.

  167. Vicki says:

    Please dont take this show away. I have watched it since the beginning and would really miss it so much

  168. Robyn says:

    Are you kidding me? NO there is NOTHING dull about this show! I have been watching for 35 years! You take Y&R Off and I will NEVER watch CBS again!!!

  169. janet bailey says:

    I have watched this for years and so tired of some of the people like Victor, his whisper voice his control, does he make the show? NO Lauren does she even have a part, no not most of the time. I hate to see Soap Operas leave but really wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

  170. Marnie says:

    When they hired JFP that means the beginning of the end for Y&R. Hopefully she will be FIRED before too much damage is done and Y&R will have a future.

    JFP = Jill Farren Phelps

  171. Becky says:

    This isn’t CBS this is a fan page. Perhaps it would help if you all wrote CBS asking them to keep Y&R. I don’t think venting on this page is going to help.

  172. sheryl mccain says:

    NO….Please do not EVER cancel Young And The Restless..I have been watching it from day one and LOVE it….one of the best things on tv nowdays…

  173. theresa sandone says:

    please eep y&r on tv, lve been watching this soap since the begining & l would be lost at my dialysis treatments if l didnt have y&r toke my mind off of the treatments! love y&r.

  174. Catina says:

    My mother and father have been watching this show ever since I can remember and I am turning 40 years old! That is a long time and my parents still tune in every day. Please do not cancel this show. It has been a part of so many lives and it helps so many get through hard times in their lives as they have something to look forward to every day of the week. This show is the best and would be greatly missed if it were taken away from us. Please keep this show on air. There is something about Victor Newman and Nicki and the rest of the cast that keeps us glued to the screen! We love this show! Guiding Light was another favorite. We miss it as well.

  175. Denise says:

    please dont take young and the restless off the air, I started watching this (recorded) with my grandma back in the mid 80s, she would record it and on fridays I would go over there and we would watch it together!That was a fun time with her! then I started watching it on my own as I got older, now I work from home and Im with 12 daycare children 13 hrs aday, and at naptime, I eat lunch with all of the gang! its makes my day!— YES need some new people and story line, but I love it! and cried when ms Chancelor gets sick! and love her new hubby! bring him on more!

  176. Mo says:

    I’ve been watching the show about 20 years now. Yes, some of the story lines have been silly but it’s been on 30 years. There are no other soaps on and with shows being canceled on the regular, having Y&R being on the chopping block would be the end of an era:( #saveyoungandtherestless

  177. Scarlette says:

    Leave Young and the Restless. If you want to pull a show off the air go after The Old and Incestuous (The Bold and the Beautiful) ~ that show is disgusting not to mention a giant yawn.

  178. Martha Kelley says:

    i have watched from day one , please do not take off

  179. gari offet says:

    I have been watching Y&R since I was a small child and I started watching with my grandmother. I never miss an episode. I plan my appointments so I am home when its on. Please keep this show on!! Don’t let it go the way of As the World Turns and Guiding Light. I miss them.

  180. Cindy Gregory says:

    I’ve been watching this since day one as well,and still love it.Sure it has some boring moments,and bad story lines here and there,BUT you can’t be perfect all the time,and us devoted fans will always watch,no matter what!!!! PLEASE keep this show on!!!!!

  181. Jessica Zarate says:

    Don’t cancel Y&R. I’ve been watching since I was a child. I record it daily!

  182. Kimberly R. Nelson Eldridge says:


  183. Sheri Daniels says:

    Please Listen to all these people, Please Dont remove Young and the Restless! They may not all be young and they might not all be restless, but they make my World go-round! Been watching since 1985 and cant not get my ‘fix’ after all these years. To all the ‘characters’ I wish to Thank You for giving me and everyone else something to look forward to Every Single Day! ;)

  184. Benny Sue says:

    I really enjoy and feel like I missed out if I was unable to watch. I have watch it forever, grew up thinking I could have been Nicki, find someone to take care of me. Haha. When As the World Turns was cancel, that was hard because I grew up with a crush on Dr. Bob Oh what a sad life I must have, But I enjoy my SHOW!!!

  185. Laura Schultz says:

    I too have been watching it since it started. Just get better story lines. The love triangle between Nick/Avery/Mack could be goods but I was kind of enjoying Nick/Avery, but then the writers can nowt be happy but a day or two. Definitely tired of Sharon, time for her to go.

  186. Donna Findley says:

    I have been watching this show over half of my life. My great aunt got me started back in the 70′s and have been it ever since. I record it on my dvr every day then in the evening I chill out when its quiet and set and watch them. Daytime shows are nothing but all talk shows and game shows which are not interesting to me. Please don’t take this soap off the air. I have faithfully watched cbs soaps for ever. Then my 3 favorite was y&r and as the world turns and the guilding light. They took 2 of the 3 off the air. We the soap fans are begging you PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS OFF THE AIR?

  187. Jackie says:

    I have watched this show since I was a child. You can’t take this show off the air……I work during the day so I set it to record on my DVR as well as The Bold and the Beautiful and I look forward to watching them EVERY afternoon!!!!

  188. Lisa says:

    Y & R is the first soap I ever watched in the 70s as a middle school child. This is one of my favorite soaps. Please do not take it off the air. I worked all my life and recently retired. I DVR’ed it and I now get to watch it. But I’ve pretty much never missed a day of Y&R.

  189. Linda says:

    Young and Restless is a good soap and has alot of loyal followers.
    Now the Bold and Beautiful thats a different story the same ole stories
    have been repeated over and over again for years

  190. Juanita Wiggins says:

    Please do not take Y&R off the air. I have enjoyed it since day 1, and now that I am a stay-at-home disabled grandmother, I don’t miss an episode. I DVR it and watch it a second time in the evening, and even my 2 1/2 year old grandson likes to watch with me! I also enjoy B&B, and was sorely disappointed when GL & ASTWT were taken off. Please don’t take the only thing worth watching during daytime off.

  191. Lee says:

    Oh My Gosh — Now I am worried — I watched this show since the beginning and after my hubby retired he got involved too.. This is the ONLY show I will not miss! They certainly have enough advertising during the 1 hour episode— Please — get behind this and write write write!! Do NOT take The Young and Restless away!!

  192. sharon Owens says:

    Please don’t take the Young and the Restless off the air . I have Been watching it since the very beginning . I record and watch everyday. I’m scared they will take it off the air and put yet another Talk show on when there are enough of them on now.
    My mom got me hooked on the show when I was a child . PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT OFF THE AIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Mary M. Miles says:

    PLEASE DO NOT LET THE YOUNG AND RESTLESS END !!!!It is a great soap and I enjoy it very much…

  194. Gerard says:

    Shoot the whole lot of them and end it

  195. Ryann says:

    Please don’t end Y&R!!! I’ve watched this show since I was a tween!! I loved it then and I love it now!! Being a SAHM, it’s nice to have an hour to just escape a little! It would be so sad for Y&R to be cancelled!! Please don’t do that to the fans!!!

  196. I enjoy this soap opera very much..don’t take it off the air..If you do you will lose a devoted watcher…they always ruin a good thing….what will they put in its place here comes honey booboo ugh

  197. Wayne Smith says:

    I look forward to Y&R and have for many years. Please do not end a show that so many people count on day in and day out. It is a classic, don’t mes with a reliable friend.

  198. Janet says:

    Need to live Y&R on the air. So what are you going to put in its place, another talk show, reality show, doctor show……….. leave things as they are

  199. karla says:

    Please don’t take y&r off the air. Tv sucks anymore with all of this reality,talk shows and game shows. They wonder what’s wrong with the world: try looking at tv and what kinds of things our children will grow up sad

  200. Janet Lampe says:

    Please Keep YnR on I been watching it for over 40 yrs I be lost with out it

  201. Jeanne Zinda says:

    I have been watching Young and The restless since I was 7 yrs old.I ery much enjoy watching it.
    Yea,some of the story lines could be better,I’m watching it and loving it.
    I would like seeing Victor,make a change in how he is though.


  202. KatieRose says:

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT TAKE Y&R OFF THE AIR! It’s the only soap left! I watch it sometimes (momst of the time) twice a day! once at 12:30est and then at 7pm on SoapNet just in case I missed anything! Please.. if you HAVE to get rid of another show, can that stupid Bold and the Beautiful! Geeze how many times can your father marry his daughter in laws! Let me up! Just please please.. it’s the only thing worth watching since they started removing the other CBS shows! IT has class, intrigue, yes.. sometimes some storylines can get a little long and drawn out, but hey, it’s a soap! Come on.. please.. do us all that are HOME BOUND a favor and don’t take off the best soap ever on television!! Are you with me ladies and gents? and I say gents beause my husband loves it too!!!! and Janet is right.. what are you going to put in it’s place? ANOTHER stupid talk show? puke!! how many can we stand!! Just leave well enough alone! I’ll even watch that stupid Bold and Beautiful if you’ll leave Y&R on the air!!

  203. Sue Wilson says:

    NOTHING makes my day like watching episodes of Y&R. The new Dallas is good, The Following is excellent. But The Young and The Restless is my all-time favorite staple!! I don’t care if Victor and Nikki get married four MORE times, and I don’t care if I sometimes don’t care for ole Vic or any of the other characters. In the end, I still LOVE them all, and wouldn’t know what to do with a day without Y&R. Handsome leading men, beautiful women, multiple plot-lines. I’m lovin’ it!!!

  204. Caryn says:

    Been watching since 1985. Please don’t ever take this show off the air. My daughter and I (who herself has been watching for about 5 or 6 years; she’s 21 now) love to watch it together. What would we do without out Genoa City fix. It is and has been the best daytime drama since it hit the airwaves!

  205. Please don’t take it off,ive watched it since it aired.I really do love it. Keep it on Please!!

  206. Lona Lee says:

    This is all I watch on TV and have for 30 years…if you take it off I won’t turn on my tV all day and I wold be very sad too!

  207. Sue says:

    I, too, have been watching the Young and The Restless from day one. PLEASE don’t take it away from me!!! They are like a part of my family. I used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful, but that just got too stupid for me to continue. Yes, there are days when Y&R is a little boring, but it is still the best on daytime!!!

  208. bb says:

    I have watched it since a little girl with my grandma, I remember her talking about the major players in the show like she knew them. I once asks my mom who Victor was related to in the family. I have had to DVR the show and watch each of them. it is great that they are brining in new people to freshen up the show and to use the show for current events and diseases that we face in normal life. love to see them expand the show.

  209. I’ll be very disappointed if this Soap goes off the air. All TV is anymore is either Talk Shows or Reality Shows. THis is the only Soap I watch. I hope THE PEOPLE will be LISTENED to, instead of the network doing what THEY WANT. Like so many other shows I’ve gotten interested in before…they leave too soon.

  210. Carol says:

    Young and Restless was the first soap I ever watched. It was exciting and interesting. I have to admit that over the years the repeat scenarios have been somewhat boring but this is still the one soap that I watch. My disgust with the Victor/Nikki breakups has often caused me to consider not watching. I think, as a person who has been married for over 40 yrs., they would be the perfect couple to show that marriage CAN work.
    They have taken so many of the ‘worth watching’ shows off tv (Guiding Light for instance) and replaced them with talk shows and reality shows. I hate reality shows! I have almost decided that paying so much for satellite is not worth it.
    Please don’t take Y & R away! But hopefully change up the storyline a bit! Life is depressing enough! Let’s see some happy stuff!!

  211. Shirley King says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE!! Do NOT take this show off the air…I hate seeing anyone leave the show but after all some are getting up in age…just replace them with other great actors and let the show go on….PLEASE!!!

  212. Kelie says:

    I have been watching this show for 33 years…well I’m only 36 but my family watched and I knew who all of the characters even at a young age!!! This is the one thing I so before I go to sleep each night…play my DVR’d Y&R. I cannot imagine it not being on!!! Please don’t take it off!!!!

  213. Laurie earls says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE Do not cancel The Young and the Restless. I have been watching that show for years. I look forward to that show every morning. My day would not be complete without it. You have already cancelled so many so far but The Young and the Restless is my favorite. Would you please reconsider. I would be so lost if I didn’t have that show. PLEASE,PLEASE rethink this whole matter. Think of all the housewives that would be lost and lonely without it. Thank you for hearing my plead. I surly hope you will listen to us and keep it on the air. Thanks so much…Lauire

  214. JohnJ says:

    Highly Enjoy watching the Young and Restless for the Last many many Years. Hope it’s Not going to be Cancelled.

  215. Terria says:

    That would suck; if you took the show goes off the air I started watching it about maybe around 3 or 4 years now. So, I am a fan!! and you just brought on Steve Burton on the show.. I really enjoy watching the “Young and Restless”. I really look forwarding to see what next to come (with Victor& Nikki and Micheal & Lauren).

  216. Loretta(Feburary 16-2013) says:

    Young & The Restless, has been one of the longest running Soaps on the air, with so many people who are interested in this show, why would they even think of taking it off. I remember watching this show when I was just 8/9 year’s old,with my mom, who by the way,also loves this show,she is now 83years old,lives alone since my dad passed in 2000, & she tells me this show is what keeps her company every day like clock work, & she has many friends her age, & even older, who also watchs this show. I have two daughter’s, & they also havebeen watching this show,first with me,when they were about 8/9,as well, & they still do to this day.If one of us miss an episode, we would call the one who did see it,to get an update,if we had no way to record it at the time. this show,is alway’s writting into their storyline, everyday things that people like us,*YOUR Faithfull Viewer’s have to deal with. For example, the latest is the Bi-Polar storyline, many of this show’s FAITHFULL VIEWER’S,also have to live with the same Issue. We have seen, show’s that have also shown many other healt issues, that every day people have to deal with. Like,Alcoholism,Depression,Cancer(Which I have had to deal with in my own life, & also memeber’s of my family, & close friends, & neighbour’s.We have seen marriage’s fall apart on this popular & Informative soap. There has been death, & the grievment process, then there is the MS,you recently wrote in,The well known talk show host,Montel Williams, is having to deal with as well.You have shown us deep love in this show as well, how that great Love can be lost & found again. & alway’s brought together eventually,we’ve seen betrayal by friend’s & even family,cruelity & kindness,the loss of a child, & the gift given back to that same person,by her being able to have another child, when she thought all hope was lost,we were able to watch the process of a person having a facelift,& the healing time.We’ve seen Great Longterm friends,lose that friendship, but eventually find it again, then there is the topic of having to give up a child at a young age,for whatever reason, & see first hand, the Joy & Shock of that child & mother being reunited many year’s later.Women finding out they also have other grandchildren, & helping us watch that process unfold,& being brought together. I know I can go on & on, about the important issues your talented writter’s have brought to the screen in this well known,long lasting Soap. To us it is more then another soap operah, it’s also a show that is informing us,of health issue’s or other important moment’s, that us,your faithfull viewer’s,also deal with in their own lives,or know someone who is. Please do not & I would like to repeat, please do not,take of a show that means so much,to so many people. We are seeing to many talk show,reality shows, & game shows, many of which we are not interested in for a moment.There are many advertisment’s shown during this show, & we all know it’s these advertisments that helps keep this imformative show on the air. Many of us have no desire in watching a reality show about young people being pregnant,or of rich people getting richer,or even the shows of very young children,having their childhood taken from them,just to be in some beauty pagent,to please their mom’s,We’ve even seen reality shows lately, of people having to find things in the dark, & say what it is they find, to hopefully go on & win some money. There is nothing,interesting,or informative about this kind of shows,we like show’s that remind us of our every day life, or even of people we know. so please keep this show on the air. without it, I believe many many people,wouldn’t even turn their tv’s on. Thank you.

  217. Elaine K says:

    Please do not take it off the air. It is a great show and has become part of my daily life. The story line is so relatable and real.

  218. Flo says:

    Been watching 31 years. Loved it then, love it now. Realize stars are growing old with me but if it were to go, what would I do 7: to 8: every night. This is the only soap I watch. Even hubby watches it. Part of our day. Keep it on please!

  219. Lorraine says:


  220. Lesley says:

    I read this and I could not believe it would even be considered taken off the air!!! :( I find comfort in the opening (theme song) every day and I love my show… this is the one hour where I can do something for myself…. as a mommy, I don’t get to do many things for myself, but while watching my Y&R, I get things done… like folding laundry (worst chore ever) and relax in my own element…. in one sense, growing up I always watched Y&R and would play with my barbies and make them all fall in love with the one guy… lol… Y&R is my show and I love the characters…. there is way too many reality shows and this is the show that they would consider cancelling??? WHY???? PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS OFF THE AIR… I LOVE THIS SHOW AND BELIEVE THERE ARE OTHER SHOWS THAT SHOULD NEVER HAD MADE THE AIR…. THIS ONE HAS BEEN ALIVE FOR 30 YRS….. WHY KILL IT OFF??? I LOVE MY Y&R!!!

  221. robert says:

    my wife and I love this show – I call it the young and thae stunn! It has great actors and actresses and the story plot can very infrequently – changling but it is the same stuunn characters who get messed up and the young are actually the older ones they are great – we love victor,the chancellor house hold especially Katherine!

    Michael is a great actor character but very complex life situations are resolved to easily and people are inplace that the real world never allow you to be at!

    I say at this late time in my life give it another five and lets see hwta happens!

  222. Stephanie says:

    I am a stay at home mom of 4 kiddies and this is the only show that I make the time to watch in my busy day so I would be extremely disappointed if it was canceled.I LOVE The Young & The Restless so please PLEASE don’t CANCEL IT!!!!Thank you

  223. Wanda M says:

    Please don’t cancel this show… would totally ruin my day! I do not think it is boring!

  224. Debbie says:

    Please don’t take off Y & R, I have watched this program from the get go, if I wasn’t home to watch it I taped it, and now I record it DVR—–But I do not miss a show, I watch Bold & the Beautiful, but to me it’s not as interesting, besides the actors are better on Y & R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep the show……..

  225. Deb says:

    Please do not cancel. I too have watched since the beginning.

  226. Tiffany says:

    Please do not take Y&R off the air. I have been watching this show since I was a kid. I am still anticipating the day that Drucilla comes back. Am praying that all the new blood on the show does not cause for the old to be let go. Wishing the storyline were better, but if the writers won’t listen, we are kind of stuck with it. This show is a classic and daytime television. Would not be the same without it. Take The Bold and the Beautiful off the air if need be, that show makes me want to hurl!

  227. pam watson says:

    totally love Young and Restless….DVR it everyday and watch when i get home from work…..

  228. Dee says:

    No, please don’t cancel this show, I have watched it from day one!!!! It has changed so much thur the years, but itis still good. Please don’t cancel Y & R I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  229. Bonnie Likens says:

    Please don’t take it off. I have been watching for years. It’s the only soap opera I watch besides The bold and Beautiful. Again Please don’t take it off!!

  230. Melissa says:

    Don’t take Y&R off the air!! ATWT already went and it really sucks!! I love these shows!!

  231. Frances Roberts says:

    I have been watching this wonderful show for years. I tape it if I’m not able to watch it at the time its on. I enjoy all the characters. Even my daughter would be heartbroken if it was taken off the air. It is a breath of fresh air over the every news stories and other things that are on TV these days. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL Y&R! Leave the show on another 30 years (please).

  232. Deborah Lingerfelt says:

    Love Y&R …. PLEASE don’t cancel it. Just put Phyllis and Nick back together (real chemistry). It’s sick having her “little” sister with Nick. Love talk shows but there are too many! Leave Y&R alone.

  233. Please don’t take my special show off ,I tape this and BB everyday I have watched them as long as it has been on. My favorite one is Victor.He is my hero.My day wouldn’t be right if i didn’t have this soap to watch.Thank You

  234. Sharon McAllister says:

    Yes, it might be a ridiculous plot sometimes but it is far better than all those darn reality shows. That stupid little girl and her family…rednecks. duck hunters….Where is the imagination. Have already lost two of three of the long time running soaps and should not lose another. How many cooking shows does one want to watch…..Keep Young & Restless.

  235. Francina Belton says:

    I have been watching Y&R since day one. Yes, they do get ridiculous at times but i still love it. Please don’t cancel the show.

  236. Pat Batson says:

    Please No More TALK Shows!!!!!!!!!! I have never missed an episode of Y & R!!! Please leave the one thing I enjoy to do alone!! The cast are family!!! I don’t want to lose anymore family!!! I really don’t think you can be that heartless!!!

  237. rc says:

    Please keep Y&R on. Don’t force yet another reality, cooking, medical, or talk show down our throats. I don’t want to know about my crazy neighbors and their redneck, incest, whose the daddy drama. I do want to watch how with grace Nikki deals with her newly diagnosed MS. I do want to watch Jack finally make his family proud. I do want to see if Victor and Adam ever mend their relationship. Please…. keep The Young and the Restless on air.

  238. hope says:


  239. Diane Cowley says:

    I Still Miss All My Children; I Would DVR This And The Young And The Restless Everyday. We Have Lost So Much Of What I Consider ‘Traditional’ Television, Please Don’t Take Away Y&R.

  240. Ellen Wright says:

    I LOVE the Young and the Restless. It is the best soap ever, and I would be so disappointed and sad if you ever decided to take it off the air. PLEASE keep this soap on the air for a long time to come. Thank you!

  241. Diana says:

    PLEASE don’t cancel Y&R !! Its the best soap opera on TV !! I Love the Young and Restless

  242. Irene says:


  243. Kathy Brewer says:

    I love this show! Please don’t take it off the air. I have been watching this show since ’75 and it is the only one out of the 3 that I have watched for a long time that I still am devoted to, The other ones were DAYS and GH (which I stopped watching a long time ago). I would perfer to watch this anyday over ALL the reality shows out there. They are SOOOOO annoying. Can’t turn a channel without running into one. I don’t want to give up my Jack Abbott and Phyllis fix and Michael and Loren, Kevin and Chloe, Victoria and Billy, Paul and Christine(so glad to see her back), Sharon (she needs to get back with Nick) and Nick, Victor (even though he has turned into a mean guy) and Nikki. Just wish they would bring back Drew. Please writers stay on top of things and don’t let Y&R vanish. I love, love , love it!

  244. Yvonne says:

    This has been a huge family spending time moment since i was a little girl. My mother, grandmother and i, we the three of us would all sit down and watch it together. Well things have changed a little now my bf and i watch it everyday and its now our family time. My three autistic children all watch it too. They know the show before i even say anything. So please keep on the air it has big family moments and still more to come :)

  245. Fran says:

    No!!!NO it can’t go. Been watching forever it can’t go. Well maybe they could stop having Sharon marrying all the male Newman’s. It would be nice for Niki and Victor to remain happy for a while. New story line looks like it’s headed that way. Keep on keepin’ on Y&R forever.

  246. Do NOT cancel another great show! ABC…bring back the shows!

  247. karen darden says:

    NO NO NO, PLEASE DON’T CANCEL Young and the Restless…I would really like to see Sharon on her own and see Chelsea finally tell Adam she’s having his baby and her and Adam get back together.

  248. Steph says:

    Do not cancell this show. I watch this and the Bold and the Beautiful. CBS already cancelled Guiding light and As the World turns. We do not need another cancelled.

  249. connie parker says:

    Grant you sometime Y @ R gets a little wacky,but that’s what soaps do.I have watched on and off for years.This is the last great one left.The station replaced the others with crap.

  250. Becky Brown says:

    I have watched Y&R my whole life, and while it may get so frustrating and silly at times, honestly – watching an hour of the mayhem and every other adjective that could be added to these storylines, this hour takes us all away from the hum-drum, every day frustrations and (at times) silliness of our own drama-laden lives! Just saying…

  251. Ruthie Smith says:

    I have been watching The Young & Restless since the 70′s, Victor was young, Katherine was young, Nikki was just a teenager, Jack was in his 20′s or late teens and Jill was in her late teens or early 20′s, They are a part of my Family, Please don’t take them off the air. I know that Victor wanted to leave the show and retire a year or two ago and he signed another five year contract. This show is the Best Show ob CBS and I record every show just in case I miss it, so please do not cancel it.

  252. kym says:

    If you take away Y&R, you’ll be taking away the best daytime soap ever. I friggin love these people. Boring, predictable, sleezy, sordid, whiny or bad…They rock! I’ve been watching for 30 of my 38 years alive. I think all of the true fans would be lost without the show. Keep Y&R. CBS wouldn’t be the same without it!!

  253. Sharon Sokoloski says:

    Have been watching for a long time! Please do not cancel Y&R!!

  254. Lisa Butts says:

    TY ;o)

  255. Cathy says:

    I love the show and have been a loyal fan for many many years and will continue to be a loyal fan. Having said that, I would love to see new and refreshing story lines instead of reinventing the same old story lines . I know this is possible because they are very talented, so I’m pulling for ya!!!!! I would hate to see soaps die away :(

    Sincerely, Cathy Hammonds

  256. Please do not take this show off the air!!!!!! Just don’t drag on the story lines and please end them and don’t leave them hanging. get rid of the stinky writers!!!!Make some of the city happy!Save this show!!!!!!

  257. linda roberts says:

    LOVE THIS SOAP! I have watched since th beginning and will watch till the end whenevr that may be. I would hate to see it go even if it seems the stories get redundant or senseless. I record this one to watch when i can as i used to plan my day as not to miss it.

  258. Mary says:

    Please keep my show on. I love all the characters, it is a very big part of my life and have been watching it since it came on. Victor is my love and all the good acting. Please keep this on, without this so many people would be sad, it is not time for it to end.

  259. Carolyn Blowers says:

    Y & R is my favorite and is the only thing I look forward to each daytime. Story is a little off track lately, but its not like its the first time. New writers? Life is frustrating, and this show reflects what we feel now and then in life, except its a little more dramatic than life. The producers will do what they want with the show regardless of what us fans say, but I am still supporting keeping it going.

  260. Steph says:

    Young & The Restless is THE BEST soap that ever was! My grandma watched it, my mom and I still watch it! I’m 29 and have always had Y&R in my life! It has GOT TO STAY ON AIR! XO

  261. NO! PLEASE DONT GO! This is the only soap I have watched from the beginning and Im still watching. I LOVE it. Please dont take it away!

  262. Joan Terry says:

    Please keep it on the air. Great show , great story lines, and great charactors. I’ve been watching since I was 12 . Love the show. What else can I say. Thanks in advance.

  263. TJA says:


  264. Elizabeth Sullivan says:

    I love this show, have been watching it for over 20 years, I can’t wait to
    get home from work and see the show every weekday. Please don’t take
    it off the air.

  265. Lana Frank says:

    I have watched Y&R since going on air. Gotta admit, Victor marrying umpteen times and at least four of them to Nicky is rediculous. They keep rewriting the same crap over and over. After 40 yrs time to move on to something fresh than Old Victor Old Nikki and Old Kathrine.. Its called YOUNG and the Restless.. remember????

  266. Glenda Moretz says:

    Please don’t take Young and Restless off. It would be a shame. If you need to take something away take the game shows away or the reality shows.

  267. Tawni Carter says:

    Stop taking soaps away! :( Its completely heart breaking.

  268. Please don’t take it off the air. My husband and I watch it…..I remember my Mom & Dad watching it together and talking about what’s Victor up to today. Kinda feels like tradition now. We enjoy it and would hate to see yet another soap go for a dumb reality or talk show.

  269. Vickey Cox says:

    Please do NOT get rid of Y&R. I love that show and B&B too. They are my life. I don’t know what I would do with out them. I have been a fan for the entire 40 years, since the beginning of the show. I watch daily, and sometime 2 times, once on cbs and once on soapnet. It is just that good of a show! PLEASE KEEP Y & R! ThANK YOU

  270. CBS you better not mess with The Y&R! You really pissed me off when you took away As the World Turns and The Guiding Light. I’ve watched these shows since I was a kid, I used to fake being sick so i could stay home from school to watch them, I’m 42. I have no life, the soaps are all i look forward to everyday.

  271. Judith Webb says:

    Please do not take Y&R off the air. I have watched and/or kept up with the show since it came on.

  272. Amber Gilleylen says:

    PLEASE don’t take y&r off the air! It’s my only break from the real world! I was recently in a BAD car accident and was in the hospital for over 3 weeks and as soon as I finally made it home the first thing I did was try to get caught up on the episodes I’ve missed. I LOVE this show! I’ve been a LOYAL viewer since I was 12 years old! I’m going to be 32 this year and i would be just heart broken if you took this show away!

  273. KatieRose says:

    You sure are going back a long way to start this story line off.. YOU must be living under a rock. at THAT time, there was a writers strike.. REMEMBER??? Now that the writers are back, I LOVE the story line!! I’ve been watching it for the whole 40 years! And it’s hard to keep my attention for an hour much less 40 years! And if it’s such a horrid show, why has it just been named the BEST SOAP ON TELEVISION??? I LOVE everything about the show.. even the stupid Phyllis and the stupid Sharon.. they all have their stories that would make the show a real bore if not for them. I would like to see Dylan stick around and maybe meet up with Chelsea.. but now that Adam took a bullet for Victor, I dunno..hopefully he’ll change and do right by her.. if she’d just tell him he is the “baby daddy”.. geeze girl.. You? Afraid of SHARON? come on! gimme a break! Its’ time you had a life! and a RICH one .. Sharon can go crawl under a rock or hey, I got it.. go back to the country and start living with the Veterinarian she was living with when she skipped town!! What ever happened to that character anyway? I liked him. oh yeah, he was a good guy.. they can’t stick around. Its’ time for Nick to stop thinking he owns every woman he’s ever been in bed with! sheesh! and Phyllis.. get a life.. and I hate to tell them that MS does not work on people that quickly!! so the fainting and BS that’s going on with Nikki right now is a bit unbelievable.. but then it’s like when the kids grow up.. like Fen.. ond dweek he was going to kindergarten,the next,he was wanting in Summer’s pants.. and that’s another one that’s gonna wind up bein a whore!! That last shot of her with that purple lace bra on and showing those hooters to poor little Kyle, was really “classsy” wasn’t it! NOT! My goodness girl.. get a life.. you’re a senior in HIGH SCHOOL! What makes you think this good looking MAN would want you anyway? You lie and scheme and almost get a good little guy to kill himself .. you and your little friend Fen.. and Lauren.. come on.. you gottta be kiddin me! The bartender from Jersey?? the goon?? Let me UP! go back to Michael and tell him the truth and he’ll blame himself as he always does and take you back with open arms. which makes me wanna puke just thinking about it. He needs to bust your chops bad, lady! But he won’t. He needs some psychiatric care .. Michael Michael Michael.. wake up darlin.. you KNOW she’s cheatin on you! You just don’t want to see it. Now.. enough of my speculation about the storyline. I just know that I can’t take another blow right now. I’m an invalid right now and I look SO forward to this show that I watch it TWICE a day. at 12:30est and at 7p est on Soapnet.. That’s a real avid and I suppose crazy, fan!!

  274. KatieRose says:

    Oh and One other thing.. if you take Y&R off, what are you going to put in it’s place? Another talk show? or a reality show? Just how many do you think we can stomach? All they are are shows that make women feel bad about themselves or try every home remedy on the face of the earth or anything that anyone can make up and yes I’m talking about Dr Oz. I know, he’s not on CBS. but ..still. what else is there!! Long gone are the days of an afternoon of wonderful soaps that we could escape from the reality of our mundane worlds with. Would you take the last one we have left away from us? Are you THAT CRUEL??? I would hope not.. Please. Leave it alone.. you have so so many people that ADORE THIS SHOW! and the ratings are wonderful! Just PLEASE KEEP IT ON THE AIR FOR US THAT HAVE TO BE HOME AND CAN’T BE OUT THERE IN THE WORLD WITH THE EVERYONE ELSE. Thanks!!

  275. Sharon says:

    Love the show and has for many years. Take the sister show off Bold and The Stupid

  276. Roxanne Meadus says:

    Please keep the show on:( it’s the best daytime soap in history! I have been watching since I was a little girl over 30 years ago……. I love all the actors/ actress ……. There is gonna bea lot of very sad ppl if this goes off the air. Please please please keep it on!

    • lucygirl says:

      I have been a fan since 1976. I’ve watched it with my parents. And love it. I love the famlies on the show. I laugh/cry with them all. Splz I ask of you PLEASE DON’T TAKE OFF Y AND R

  277. Nancy Kwak says:

    Please don’t take The Young & the Restlless off the air. I really upset wher The Guiding Light was taken off the air ~~ my mother, my youngest sister & I listened to it when it was on radio for 15min ~~ & we were so excited when this soap debut on TV to see what the actors

  278. Kay says:


  279. tanya says:

    Please leave Y&R alone. I’ve already lost guiding light & as the world turns.

  280. Rita Collins says:

    why would you mwant to take tis show off the air all of the reality i hate
    please dont take Y&R off please take off the reality shows

  281. Fran says:

    It has been a little repetitive. But it goes through phases like real life. That was pretty good making us think everybody was going to get blown up. I liked Billy ending up a hero for once. I like Adam hope he doesn’t leave the show. He has been a hero several times and never got credit for it. Please no more Niki/Victor Weddings. Not so hot on the Jack/Phyllis hook up. No don’t let it go off the air please!!!

  282. Karen says:

    I love the Young And Restless. I have been a fan for 40 years. These people feel like family to me. I have cried, laughed with all of them. My whole family knows about The Young And Restless, because I am your #1 fan. It would break my heart if the show was canceled.

  283. I love Y&R. Watch it every day. I remember the first episode featuring Snapper (Jill’s brother) and a girl named Sally. It has been my favorite soap since then. I was 27 years old. When working, I recorded it. Of course it’s plots are sometimes ludicrous but it’s escapism and helps me forget my problems for an hour. Please, please don’t take it off.

  284. June says:

    Please don’t cancelled the show, I have watched this since day one. I plan my day around it. I know sometimes it gets in a rut, then somethings really get to going and can’t wait till the next day. It really is the highlight of my day and I love all the characters. Keep the stories coming!!!!

  285. TonyaTrefz says:

    Please, Please dont take Y&R off the air. Ive been Watching it since it first aired. You took off atwt and gl you cant do this to us. I live to watch Y&R, take off some of the game shows, talk shows or reality shows. Those are the ones you should be considering. So please leave Y&R alone we’ll all be lost without it dont we account for something. I about died when you took off GL because I love it so much also I dont think I could handle the loss of Y & R. I suffer from depression and bipoler. And I love watching this soap because of it bringing in real life things that people are going through so PLEASE, PLEASE LEAVE IT ON!!!!

  286. Angela says:

    I have watched Y&R since it was conceived! All soaps are families. Yes, family members die, some family sides die out, and family members are born. This show is like real families as well as total fantasy world families (Remember DALLAS?) Yes, DALLAS eventually left us, but then came back; it’s not time for Y&R to retire yet. We all love to watch their daily ordeals and daily “unreals” happening…that’s what makes us watch. Yes, all soaps have characters that die and come back, have characters lose their memory, etc…..and that’s another reason we watch…it’s so predictable and yet unpredictable at the same time. The older I get, the more I just have to watch my Y&R….my mom, my sisters, and I always discuss the events when we get together by phone, email, and face-to-face. What would we talk about if we didn’t have this great show as a connection? Please keep it coming.

  287. Alicia says:

    Don t cancel program I ve watched this show my whole life Like many of your viewers keep the story line going – I watch every day also and when i miss it feels like a smack in the gut ——–Love the cast…..

  288. Lisa Butts says:


  289. Diane Clukey says:

    I love that show been watching for 40 years it has been on…best soap opera I have ever watched. Please do not take it off the air!!!!

  290. Leann Gau says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Y&R!!! If they want to cancel something it should be The Bold and the Beautiful! I was upset when Guiding Light and As The World Turns were cancelled yet B&B remains on. If Y&R is cancelled I have no doubt there will be a lot of upset people!!!

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