The Waltons – Three Classic Epsiodes

the waltons - the carnival 1972

“The Waltons – The Carnival 1972″

The thing I liked best about “The Waltons” series was the fact that all the episodes were wholesome and family oriented.  They were shows the entire household could watch and enjoy together.

These are just a few of the shows that I particularly liked:

“The Carnival”, 1972

The children in the Walton family had been saving their pennies to be able to attend a carnival coming to town.  John Boy counts their change and lets them know they have enough for the tickets.  The children go off to get ready for the carnival.

Grandma and Olivia are working in the kitchen and somehow Grandma’s glasses get knocked off the table and they shatter.  Olivia says they will figure out some way to get the glasses, but Grandma says the Walton’s only pay cash for purchases.  Right now the family has no extra cash.

John Boy lets the other children know about the glasses and that he has decided to donate his portion of the carnival money toward glasses for Grandma.  The other children finally come to the same conclusion.  No one goes to the carnival.

Next day the town is buzzing because one of the carnival people has taken off with all the money stranding the other members of the show.  Eventually the troupe comes to the Walton household where they are fed and given assistance in locating train transportation.  The troupe to repay their kindness decides to do a private show just for the family in their garage.  Of course, the children are thrilled…

The Fastidious Wife, 1979

Cindy is pregnant and with her husband Ben away working long hours at the Mill she gets the idea she is no longer attractive to him.  Her friend tells Cindy about a book titled The Fastidious Wife.  Cindy reads the book and follows it exactly.

She is so fastidious she even goes and cleans up the Mill after Ben has finished working.  Doing all this stuff she wears herself out and puts her health and the baby’s health in danger.  As a precaution she needs bed rest for a week.

Ben confides to his father he has been afraid if he does the wrong thing he might hurt Cindy.  His father explains to him the Cindy might be feeling he doesn’t love her anymore.

The Revelation, 1978

John-Boy and Daisy are in New York when John-Boy proposes and Daisy accepts.  They plan to go to Walton Mountain for the wedding.  At just about this same time John-Boy is offered a wartime assignment in London and Daisy would not be able to go.

Daisy and her mother have been on the outs for some time and John-Boy tries to get them back together.  Daisy agrees and when she arrives at her Mom’s she sees a small girl on the doorstep.  This little girl is Melissa, a child Daisy gives birth to several years ago.  Daisy did not want to marry the baby’s father.  She wanted to put the child up for adoption, but her mother decided to raise her.

Daisy tells John-Boy about the child and they realize a marriage between them at this time is not in the cards. Daisy decides to go home and be a mother to her daughter.  John-Boy accepts the assignment in London.

Elizabeth and her friend George decide to open a lemonade stand.  Business is slow and Grandpa decides to help.  He spikes some of the lemonade with some Baldwin “recipe” advising the children to sell this lemonade only to the men.  Business does pick up.  The Baldwin sisters come along and discover the secret ingredient in the lemonade and give Grandpa the devil.

Each of the above episodes had a moral.  As with most of the Waltons episodes they showed a kinder, gentler more family focused way of life then is usually seen today.

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